tagLoving WivesThe Pastor's Wife

The Pastor's Wife


I met Donna last year at a party given by our neighbor, when she and her husband moved onto the block. She is 35 years old, 5'6" tall, with an average build and 36C breasts. She has brown hair and eyes and has a fantastic ass. She was born in Honduras but moved here when she was 5 years old. She is married to Tom, the pastor of a Christian church located a couple of towns over. He is 15 years older than she is and very straightlaced, which isn't hard to believe since he is a man of the cloth. Talking to them both that evening, you would think that they're a happy couple enjoying life.

I live a few doors down from Donna and Tom, and I have spoken to them and visited their home on numerous occasions. Donna is a quiet woman and doesn't show much of her body. Her clothing is very understated, but a few times she has worn outfits that suggest that she has a great body. I am 40 years old, 5'10", with brown hair and eyes and an average build. I have been divorced for 3 years.

About a month ago I went to their home to drop off a letter that was delivered to my home by mistake. I rang the door bell and Donna answered inviting me in. I gave her the letter and she asked me to sit and have some iced tea. I asked where Tom was, and she told me that he was away on a religious retreat. She also said that his pastoral duties keep him away from home a lot, and it was nice to have someone visit and to talk with. I live alone and I was also happy to have someone to chat with.

During our hour long conversation, I looked at Donna and took in her beauty. She wore a warm up suit which she had zipped up almost to her neck. I was able to check out her ass a couple of times, as she walked to and from the kitchen. When she became a little warm, she instinctively lowered the zipper to her jacket. She had on a tight white tank top which showed off her round breasts and a little cleavage. I couldn't help but stare at her chest. Combine that, her ass and her beautiful white smile, I started to feel a stirring in my jeans. A couple of minutes later, I excused myself and told her I had to return home. She thanked me again for the letter and I attempted to hide my semi hard on as I left.

The next afternoon there was a knock at my door. When I answered it I was surprised that it was Donna. I was even more surprised when I saw her wearing a nice pair of jeans and a blouse that was only buttoned to the top of her breasts. I invited her in and once again I stared. Donna was visibly nervous and she fidgeted as she tried to tell me why she was there. I listened as she explained that she saw me staring at her breasts the day before. I quickly apologized, but she said that none was necessary. She further explained that she also noticed my apparent discomfort as I left. Donna confided in me that my staring, and my growing erection caused her to become a little excited. She told me that Tom never looks at her as I did, and until yesterday, she had not felt like a woman that was desired.

We sat and talked and Donna opened up. She got very graphic and told me that she and Tom rarely have sex, and when they do, it's always in the missionary position and void of warmth. She said that Tom says that sex is only for procreation and not to be used for fun. Donna also told me that Tom doesn't last very long when they do have sex and he doesn't satisfy her. When I asked her why she was telling me all of this, she got nervous again. She quietly said that she found me attractive and that seeing me get excited yesterday, started her to think.

Donna's voice cracked when she asked me to be her lover, a friend with benefits. She wanted a discreet relationship and had no desire to leave Tom as it might destroy him as a pastor. I was surprised at her request and it took me a minute to fully comprehend her offer. Donna seeing the shock on my face became worried that she had revealed too much. She got up off of the couch and quickly walked to the door feeling ashamed.

I ran to her as she put her hand on the door knob, and pulled her towards me. I kissed her and told her I wanted to be her lover. She smiled at me and fell into my arms. She kissed me hard and said that she desired to be bad, very bad.

I took her by the hand and we went to my bedroom. I sat on my king size bed and told her to undress as I watched. Donna kicked off her shoes and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She removed her jeans and stood before my clad in her plain white bra and panties which looked stark against her bronze skin. I stood, and walked behind her. I unclasped her bra and tossed it on the floor. I slid her panties down her athletic legs and she stepped out of them. I tossed those next to her bra. I told her that from now on she was to wear only sexy bras and thongs. I turned Donna towards me and I got my first look at my new lover. Her tits were firm and full and had dark nipples. Her stomach was flat with an "innie" bellybutton, and she had a full dark bush covering her pussy.

I took Donna to my master bathroom and put her in the tub. She looked a bit confused and I asked her if she really wanted to be bad? She replied that she did, and I pointed to her bush and said that I needed to make an adjustment. I told her to lie down and I started the warm water flowing. I lathered her pubic hair with my shaving cream and with a brand new razor, I began to shave her pussy. The razor glided over her mound with ease, and I left a patch of well trimmed hair above her now naked pussy. I told Donna that she was to now keep her pussy groomed for me and she agreed. I rinsed her off and toweled her dry.

Back in my bedroom, I had Donna lie on the bed. I got between her legs and inspected my work. Donna started to get wet as I pulled on her hairless labia and I let my finger glide over her clit. My tongue flicked across it and she let out a gasp. I slipped my tongue inside of her and she tasted sweet. I replaced my tongue with my right index finger and found her g-spot as I licked and sucked on her swollen clit. Donna was breathing heavily and her fingers were in my hair. I sucked harder on her little nub and my finger rubbed the spongy area on the roof of her warm, wet cunt. It only took a few minutes for her to come, and she arched her back and pulled my face into her pussy as she convulsed. I drank her cum, and as she was coming down from her orgasm, she told me that Tom never ate her pussy before. I told her that all changed when she became my fuck buddy.

I kissed Donna and slid my tongue past her lips, letting her taste herself for the first time. I stood and began to undress in front of her. When I removed my boxer-briefs, Donna just stared at my erect 8 inches. She never took her eyes off of it as she rose from the bed and knelt in front of me. She put her small hand around my veined shaft and she lightly squeezed and inspected her new toy. Donna mentioned how thick and hard it was and I told her that she could taste it. She looked up at me and kissed the purple head of my cock. She slipped her lips over the head and got about 4 inches into her mouth. She sucked and licked at my manhood like a novice. I gave her explicit directions on what to do, and a few minutes later she had me in her throat. She gagged a little, but over all she was getting the hang of it.

Donna was sucking on my cock and lightly squeezing my balls. Her mouth was warm and she was making slurping noises as she worked on my cock. I was getting close to my orgasm and I told Donna I was going to cum soon. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or pull out? Donna kept sucking on my cock without saying a word, so I guess I got my answer. A minute later I was blasting jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth. Donna swallowed what she could and the excess dribbled out of the corners of her lips. She let my cock slip from between her lips and I wiped the cum from the corners of her mouth with my finger and gave it to her to lick clean.

I asked Donna if she enjoyed the taste of my cum, and she said that it was much better than she expected. I told her that since she liked it, she was to swallow my seed whenever I wanted her to. Donna agreed.

As we rested, I noticed Donna's hand rubbing her pussy. She saw me looking, and she said that she couldn't help it now that it was shaven smooth. She liked how sexy the bare, smooth skin felt. I took her other hand and placed it on my softened cock. Donna pulled and squeezed and my cock grew hard in her manipulative hand. I watched her stroking my shaft and noticed that her fingernails were trimmed. I told her that starting tomorrow, she was to get regular manicures and pedicures and that I wanted her fingernails to be long and sexy. She could choose any color polish or style she liked and her toes had to match. Again, Donna agreed.

My cock was rock hard again, and Donna's rubbing got her pussy slick with her juices. I told her to get on top of me and fuck me. Tom only did her missionary style and I didn't want our first encounter to be with me on top. Donna climbed above me and slowly positioned the head of my throbbing cock at the entrance of her slick hairless pussy. She hesitated for a moment and confessed that she didn't think I would fit, as Tom is smaller than I am in both thickness and length. I told Donna to go slow and at her own pace.

As the head of my cock touched the opening to her pussy, I felt how hot she was. Donna wriggled the head inside and she suddenly stopped. She told me that she was getting used to my size A few seconds later she was lowering herself down my aching shaft, her ass finally resting on my balls. Damn was she tight! Donna began to slowly slide her pussy up and down on my cock. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were intertwined in the hairs of my chest. She started to grind her clit on the base of my cock and I knew she was going to cum soon.

I asked Donna to slide off of my cock and get on her hands and knees. I positioned her at the end of the bed and I stood behind her. I pressed the head of my dick into her pussy and my hands went to either side of her waist to steady her. I pushed the rest of my cock into her depths in a single hard stroke. I looked down and admired her ass, which was perfectly shaped and firm. I started out slowly and gradually began to thrust into her pussy harder and faster. Donna was moaning and pulling on the sheets. She was pushing back on my cock on each thrust into her pussy, enjoying the sensations. Donna's moans got louder and her pussy tightened around my cock as she orgasmed for the second time. I fucked her through her orgasm and her pussy became even more slippery than before.

I pulled my cock from Donna's slick pussy and pushed her over onto her back. I crawled between her legs and pushed my dick back into her stretched cunt. Donna wrapped her legs around my waist and I pounded into her hard,my balls slapping against her firm ass. Our fucking rocked the bed, and slippery squishing noises came from her well lubed cunt. I grabbed onto her tits as we fucked and I pulled and pinched her dark stiff nipples. Sweat was dripping from my brow and Donna told me she liked being bad. Hearing this put me over the edge. My balls tensed, and I shot ribbons of cum deep into her pussy. When my orgasm subsided, I slipped out of Donna's well fucked pussy. Donna licked my cock clean and smacked her lips when the job was done. Her pussy was damaged. My cum dribbled out of the gaping hole and down the crack of her ass. That gave me an idea.

I started to lick and suck on Donna's firm tits. I lightly bit and nibbled on each nipple and my hand went to her sopping pussy. I coated two of my fingers with our combined cum and slid them lower. I massaged the slippery liquid around her tight, virgin sphincter. Donna moaned in enjoyment and a smile came to my face. I stopped licking her nipples long enough to ask her how bad she wanted to be. She replied that she wanted to be VERY bad. My cock was still somewhat hard and I told Donna to suck on it until she got it stiff.

I pulled Donna on top of me in a 69 and she took me into her warm mouth. She worked her magic on my cock as I licked her tight puckerd ass. This was all new to Donna, and she paused to let what I was doing register in her brain. She moaned with my cock in her throat and I knew she was enjoying what I was doing to her ass. She stopped sucking my cock when she thought I was hard, and again I told her to get on her hands and knees. I slid my cock into her drenched pussy and stroked in and out a few times, coating it with our juices. I pulled my slick cock from her cunt and aimed the head at the entrance to her virgin ass.

Donna gasped and said that she had never done this before. I said that she was the one who wanted to be really bad and that she should take a deep breath and relax. Donna breathed in deep and exhaled. I pushed past her tight ass ring, and Donna screamed as my cock pierced her. She told me that it hurt, and I said that the pain would soon pass as she got used to having my cock in her gorgeous ass. I pulled out of her ass and dipped it inside her cunt to get it slick again. The head of my cock went into her ass a little easier this time and I continued to push in slowly. My hands spread Donna's ass cheeks and I admired the contrast of our different skin colors. It took a few minutes, but I finally buried myself in Donnas tight ass. Donna's fingers were rubbing her cum laden cunt and I started to slide my cock in and out of her twitching rectum.

Donna's fingering of her pussy got faster, and so did my thrusts. I spit on the shaft of my cock to add a little more lube and continued my assault on her ass. After a few minutes of fucking her this way, I pulled out of her and I layed on my back. I told Donna to face away from me and to climb on top. I was surprised when she took my cock into her mouth. She tasted her ass for the first time and seeing her do this turned me on and my cock swelled even more.

Donna slid her pussy down onto my cock to get it slick just as I did earlier. She squatted over my cock and pushed her ass onto the swollen head of my dick. I was amazed that she took me into her ass without hesitation. Donna fucked me now, and I watched my dick disappear then reappear from her rectum. Donna slid up and down on me faster and faster. Her body tensed again and her ass tightened around my cock as well. Donna screamed loudly as she came with my cock buried in her ass. I felt our warm combined cum ooze out of her cunt and down my balls. Donna contined fucking my cock and soon I exploded into the depths of her bowels, my hot cum coating her colon. Donna collapsed off of me and whimpered into the pillow.

I felt amazing. I filled this neglected woman's pussy, belly and rectum with my seed. Her pussy and ass were red and gaping, with my cum oozing from both areas. Donna's back was to me and I saw her hand reach back and touch her sore pussy and ass. She slipped two fingers in her pussy and coated them with my cum. She brought them around and I heard her slurp the sticky goo from them. Donna reached aroud again and stuck the same two fingers into her ass. She sucked the cum from them as well. Donna turned towards me and saw the smile on my face. She glanced down to my sticky semi hard dick and moved her head down towards it. Once again she took my cock into her mouth and cleaned my cum and her ass off of it. As I watched her, I thought to myself. I just turned this good girl bad and I was excited at the thought of fucking her on a regular basis. There is nothing more satisfying then watching a newborn slut sucking on your cock with your cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.

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I don't know why it was such an obsession to have to shave her pubic hair. A hairy woman "down there" is beautiful. Who wants a childish-looking woman? I have had a couple of pastors' wives, and they hadmore...

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