tagGroup SexThe Pastor's Wife Ch. 02

The Pastor's Wife Ch. 02


Just to recap, I have been screwing my neighbor, who happens to be the wife of a Pastor. He has sex with her infrequently, and when he does, he never satisfies her. His name is Tom and is 50 years old, and she is Donna, a native of Honduras but raised in America, who at 33 years of age has been brought out of her shell by me. Donna came to me with the arrangement of being friends with benefits. She loves to swallow my cum and is now a pro at sucking cock. She also enjoys taking it in the ass, and sometimes demands it. I think I've created a slut!

It's been almost 6 months now since Donna and I first got together and it's been a blast! She obeyed my demands that she shave her pussy, manicure her nails and wear sexy underwear. Donna and I spend a lot of time together fucking and having fun. A couple of days ago she came to me with a fantasy that she never would have thought of a half a year ago.

After we had sex the other afternoon, Donna said that she wondered what it would be like to fuck two guys at the same time. She said that she really enjoys fucking me, but would like to experiment a little further. I told her that I would be happy to oblige her request and did she have anyone in mind that she wanted to fuck? Donna said that she would leave the details up to me as she trusts my judgment.

A few days went by and I tried to think of a guy that Donna would enjoy, and who would also be discreet. I finally settled on Curt, a pal of mine from college. Curt is 40, 5'11" with salt and pepper hair. I remember from our dorm days and swapping coeds, that he wouldn't disappoint Donna with his 10 inch cock. I gave Curt a call that afternoon and told him about Donna and her fantasy. Curt was more than happy to help and we set a date for the following weekend. I didn't tell Donna about Curt until the day before she was to meet him and fuck both of us. I instructed her to make sure that her pussy was extra smooth and that her manicure and pedicure were flawless. I wanted her to look very special for Curt.

Donna squealed upon hearing all this and she kissed me deeply. Her kisses always send a jolt to my cock and I instantly got hard. I had to fuck my little slut right then and there. With an animal lust in my eyes, I pushed Donna over the back of the chair in my den and pulled up her skirt. I undid my jeans and pushed then down to my ankles along with my underwear. I pulled Donnas skimpy thong to one side and pushed my cock into her hot pussy. Donna was already wet from hearing that her fantasy was about to become reality, and I slid in easily. I fucked my slut's pussy hard and fast, our bodies slapping against one another. Donna reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as I continued my assault on her cunt. After a few minutes Donna yelled that she was going to cum and her pussy clamped down on my cock. She shuddered and groaned as the first intense waves of her orgasm hit her. I felt warm liquid seep from her pussy and I was able to resume fucking her. I looked down and saw the sheen running down both of her legs and I lost it. My balls tensed and my own orgasm was upon me. I launched 4 or 5 heavy jets of my cum into her cunt. I was breathing heavily from all the rapid fucking and I collapsed onto the floor. My cock was spent, and I looked up at Donna who had her hand rubbing the cum that was oozing out of her pussy into her swollen mound.

Tonight was the night. We planned to meet Curt at a local bar at 7 in order to get aquainted. It was 5 o'clock and I hadn't seen Donna all day, and I knew it was because she was getting herself ready for him. I called her cell and said that I would be at her house at 6:30. I pulled into her driveway and a second later she emerged from the front door. When I saw her, my jaw dropped. In front of me was the total opposite woman I met and fucked months earlier. Gone was the understated clothing and the plain hair do. Walking to my car was a really hot, sensuous woman, and by the determined look on her face, she was ready to fuck!

Donna was wearing tight black skirt which showed off her firm athletic legs. She had on a deep red silk blouse which was cut extremely low and showed a lot of tit. She had matching 4 inch heels which showed off her well manicured red toes. Donna had been wearing her nails in a french manicure style lately, and this change of color to both her fingers and toes was very sexy.

Donna got into my car and kissed me. Her makeup was flawless and so was her hair, which fell to her shoulders in a loose curl. Her perfume was a pleasant floral scent, that had been applied to the point of being sexy and not offensive. She looked fantastic and I told her so. She told me that she had the manicurist put an extra topcoat on her nails so they would really shine. She also said that she went and had her pussy waxed in order to comply with my request to be extra smooth. Donna told me that it was her first waxing and the technician's fingers and the slight sting caused her to quietly orgasm on the table. She said she would be going back regularly.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of Donna during the entire ride to the bar. She looked at me salivating over her and smiled, showing off her white teeth. She placed her left hand on the bulge in my pants and squeezed, saying she couldn't wait to feel me inside of her.

Donna was nervously excited when we finally pulled into the parking lot of the bar. I opened the door for her and she stepped inside the bar ahead of me. I looked at the other dozen or so patrons in the establishment, and every eye was on her. Curt was sitting at a booth in a dimly lit corner and his eyes widened when he first saw Donna. His eyes traveled up and down her gorgeous body and he told how beautiful she was. He stood as I introduced them to each other, Donna kissed him lightly on his lips and slid into the seat that Curt once occupied. Curt sat next to Donna, and I sat across from them.

Curt and Donna began to chat and I got up to get us some drinks. Upon my return a few minutes later, Curt and Donna were laughing like old friends. Donna even had her hand on Curt's thigh. I passed out the drinks and took to my seat. Donna took a big swig of her margarita, and I warned her about drinking it too fast since she was not used to alcohol. She told me not to worry and said she was going to be fully alert for the nights festivities. It was at that point I knew she approved of my choice in Curt.

After getting to know each other over a couple of drinks, I suggested that we go to my home to continue the party. Curt said he lived about a coulpe of miles away and suggested we go to his place. We all agreed and we got into my car for the 5 minute ride. I was surprised that Donna got into the back seat with Curt for the ride. Curt gave me the simple directions to his place and pulled out of the parking lot. I looked in my mirror after driving a couple of blocks and saw Donna french kissing my pal. His hand was on her tit squeezing the firm flesh through her bra and blouse. I was glad that it was a short drive as I was having a hard time concentrating on the road. I pulled into the lot of Curt's building, and quickly found a spot close to the door.

We entered the building and got right into the elevator for the ride to the 4th floor. Donna smiled and whispered "thank you, he's perfect." into my ear.

It was a long uncomfortable walk to apartment 422, due the hard on pulsating in my pants. Once inside, Curt said to make ourselves comfortable and went to pour us some wine. With Curt out of the room, Donna sat on my lap and kissed me hard. She had a fiery look of lust in her brown eyes and she said that she couldn't wait to fuck me.

Cut returned a couple of minutes later and gave each of us our glass. Donna drank her wine in two gulps. She put her glass down on the table and then stood in front of Curt and me. Donna began to slowly undress. She used her sexy red capped fingers to unbutton and remove her blouse. Her tits were straining against her red lace bra, just the hint of nipple poking through the thin material. Donna unzipped her skirt and slowly let it fall to the floor. She had on a matching red thong which was visibly wet from being against her pussy. The red looked great next to her bronze skin. Curt told her to leave her heels on, and Donna smiled in agreement.

Donna walked past me and went up to Curt. She asked him to stand, and after he did, she put her arms around him and kissed him deeply. Curt's hands wrapped around Donna and went straight to her ass. He squeezed her cheeks, his fingers digging into her firm flesh. Donna broke off the kiss and her hands went down to Curt's belt. She effortlessly undid the buckle and tore open the button and zipper. She pulled his shirt from his pants and yanked it over his head. Donna kissed her way down Curts muscular chest and abs. He kicked off his shoes and Donna pushed his underwear and pants down to the floor as she knelt before him. Curt stepped out of his pants and his hard cock bobbed in front of Donnas face.

Donna cupped Curt's balls in her left hand, feeling their heft. She took the base of his thick cock in her other hand and brought her lips to the bulbous head. Donna kissed the head a couple of times and then slid her tongue all over it. Curt's cock glistened with her saliva and Donna opened wide to take him into her warm mouth. Curt's eyes closed as Donna sucked in his manhood. Her cocksucking skills have come a very long way from our first encounter, and I would put her up against any of the women I have been with.

Donna slowly took more and more of Curt into her throat. She was used to my 8 inches, but now she had to accomodate 2 more. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth as her chin rested against his balls. Her mouth was stretched around the thick base of his prick and Curt grabbed the back of her head and gently throat fucked her. Donna gagged a little but she hung in there. She sucked on his cock for several minutes and Curt's breathing got faster. Both Donna and I knew he was close to cumming. I told Curt that she loves the taste of cum and to unload in her mouth. Curt started to grunt, and he held Donna's head still. He unloaded a huge amount of his seed into her mouth which was evident by Donna swallowing multiple times throughout his orgasm. She pumped his cock with her hand to squeeze out every drop. Donna didn't let any cum escape from her lips and she stood and kissed Curt so he could know that she had nothing left in her mouth.

My cock was throbbing after I watched Donna blow my friend. She came over to me and kissed me, and I could faintly taste Curt's cum in her mouth. Donna unbuttoned my shirt and attached her lips to my nipple. She pushed the shirt down my arms then went for my pants. She maneuvered her fingers and undid them while still sucking my nipple. I kicked off my shoes and my pants. Donna said she wanted me to fuck her and she got on the floor lying on her back.

I spread Donna's legs and pushed my cock into her sodden pussy. Donna's cunt was on fire and she demanded I fuck her hard. I was slamming my meat into her and I looked up to see Curt pushing his limp cock back into Donna's mouth. Curt was hard again in no time and he said he wanted some pussy. Curt and I switched places and I watched him ease himself into her cunt. He buried his dick into her and she was sucking on my cock. Donna was going to swallow her second load of cum and I was really close. Curt was fucking her slowly and her hips were gyrating to his thrusts. Donna was moaning louder while she sucked on me and I knew she was on the edge. My orgasm was imminent and I felt the surge of cum shoot from my balls and up the shaft of my cock. I pumped several powerful spurts of jizz into Donna's mouth just as she orgasmed on Curt's prick. As expected, she swallowed it all.

Curt pulled his huge cock out of Donna and slipped his tongue into her pussy. Donna had just cum, but she was still a bitch in heat. She pulled Curt into her by his ears. I heard Curt slurping up her sweet juices and all Donna did was moan. I rested a while as I watched Donna be pleasured by Curt's obviously expert tongue.

After about 10 minutes Donna was demanding she be filled with cock. Curt was now on his back and Donna climbed on top of him. She lowered herself down onto his aching cock and he started to pump into her pussy again. Donna leaned forward and I dove between her ass cheeks and licked at her dark hole. I slid a finger inside and then another. I fingered her ass for a few minutes with one hand and tweaked her nipple with the other.

Donna's eyes were closed and in between her labored breaths, she pleaded with me to fuck her ass. I stood in front of Donna and she knowingly sucked my cock into her mouth to coat it with her saliva. I knelt between both of their legs and pushed my prick into her ass. As I slipped inside her tight anus, I could feel Curt's cock fucking her pussy through the skin that separated her two holes. When I pushed into her ass, Curt would pull out of her cunt. Donna was on a different planet. She was muttering gibberish, lost in her excitement and delight. Donna started to make sense when she said that she was going to cum, and cum she did! It was loud and it was heartstopping! The girl must have cum for a solid 2 minutes. I don't know about Curt, but I felt her convulsions ripple through her colon. Her ass pulled and squeezed at my cock.

Curt and I never let up on her. We fucked her through her orgasm and a few minutes later I busted a nut deep into her bowels. I could feel my cum shoot from the tip of my cock and splash her rectal walls. Curt couldn't hold out any longer either, and a few seconds later he filled Donna's cunt with his sperm. All three of us were exhausted and we collapsed onto the bed.

After I cought my breath I saw Donna's red raw pussy and ass oozing Curt's and my cum and it gave me an idea. With rubber legs, I somehow made it back to the living room and got Donna's empty wine glass. I returned and I asked Donna to squat over the glass. I held the wine glass up against her pussy and told to to push out Curt's cum. It dribbled from her pussy and into the glass. I couldn't believe the amount of cum that Curt shot into her pussy! It had to be at least a quarter of a cup, and that was from his second orgasm! Now I understood why Donna swallowed several times when he exploded in her mouth. When she was done emptying her cunt, she did the same with her ass. I didn't cum as much as Curt, but there was still a decent amount that she expelled. When Donna finished pushing, I set the glass on the night stand.

During our rest, I asked Donna where Tom was tonight, and if she would be missed at home. She told me that Tom was once again out of town for the night at a seminar on the subject of relationship counseling. How ironic. He wouldn't be home until late the next afternoon.

It was only about 45 minutes or so and Donna was wanting more. I have no idea where her sexual energy comes from, but who am I to disappoint her? Donna knelt in front of both of Curt and me. She alternately sucked on one of us then the other. Curt and I were hard in minutes and Donna said she wanted to be stuffed full of cock again.

This time Donna got on top of me and slid down my pole, and Curt pushed his way into her ass. Curt and I changed the way we were going to pleasure Donna, and we got into the rhythm of slamming into Donna at the same time. Donna's tits were bouncing in front of my face and I sucked and bit on her taught, dark nipples. Curt had one of his hands in Donna's hair and was pulling it as he fucked her anus. Donna's head was being pulled back hard but I didn't think she minded. In fact, she was rather enjoying the slight pain.

Donna was yelling for us to stop being nice and to fuck her harder! Curt and I didn't let her down and we unmercifully jammed our cocks into her fuck holes. We were all sweating and breathing heavily. We must have been slamming into Donna for at least a half an hour. Curt muttered that he was going to cum again and with a long loud grunt, unloaded his sperm into her ass. When he finished he plopped out of her ass and fell back onto a pillow, panting and visibly spent. Donna and I were still going at it good and hard. Donna had turned toward Curt and took his dick into her mouth and cleaned his limp cock.

Donna was fucking me back and grinding her clit onto the base of my prick. Her pussy was wet and hot and I told Donna that I was close to cumming. She said that she was too and a few seconds later we came together. Donna was screaming loudly and I hoped that the walls to Curt's apartment were thick. It sounded like she was being murdered. Her pussy squeezed my spasming cock and it felt wonderful.

After Donna climbed off of me, I got the whe wine glass again and she expelled all the jizz from her well fucked and abused holes. Again, Curt's load was huge. I don't know how he does it. By now the glass was a third full of combind cum. Donna took her manicured finger and mixed the cum, so it would be a consistant texture and temperature. She had a huge smile on her face as she put the glass to her lips and let the warm contents flow into her mouth. She let it linger for a moment and then swallowed hard. She cleaned what was left on the sides of the glass with her finger and sucked her digit clean.

Donna's ass and pussy were raw and red. Her ass was stretched wide from Curt's thick cock and you could easily peer inside. Donna's pussy lips were swollen and she said she was very sore. She slowly made her way to Curt's bathroom where I ran her a hot bath to let her soak her wounds. I helped her towel off and get dressed and I noticed it was 2am. Before we left, Donna gave Curt a long lingering kiss and thanked him for his help in fulfilling her fantasy. Curt said that she was the best fuck he ever had and that he wanted to get together with us again soon. As I drove Donna home, she layed her head in my lap and I stroked her hair and she fell asleep. I didn't want to wake her when we arrived, so I just took her to my place instead. I carried my slut into my house, undressed her, and put her in bed. I can't wait to see what her next fantasy will be.

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