tagLesbian SexThe Path Not Chosen: Big Thanks

The Path Not Chosen: Big Thanks


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~Big Thanks~

It was that time of the month. No, the other time. I must have been right at ovulation. Not in a creative mood, I fell back to the new, plastic equivalent of my old usual: jeans and a polo shirt, today evergreen with white stripes. A few accessories, a little lipstick, and it looked like I'd made an effort. I went to class.

But I couldn't concentrate. My body had a different agenda. I was horny. I battled to control the pressing hunger between my legs. Instead I focused on the lecture. Lessee, what the heck was he talking about? Facts rolled into my brain, one by one, but as I collated, they were joined by images of Alyssa's exhilarating anatomy, which immediately took center stage. My brainpower was exhausted on conjuring her to me right there in the classroom. It was hopeless.

After what seemed like an eternity, class let out. I was in serious danger of losing control. I might have marched right back to the dorm and poured all my energy out on Alyssa, but she would be in class for another hour, and we'd managed to be good for most of the semester. I didn't want to ruin that. So instead I took a long route to my next class which had me walking briskly and got me there just on time. A little exercise gave me a little distraction, some relief. I moved from my usual spot in class to the back of the room.

Not long into the lecture, the aching desire returned. I must have been sloppy wet, because when I adjusted in my seat, I could feel the liquid soaking the lips inside my thong. Every subtle movement rubbed the liquid sex into my every crevice. And the plastic only heightened the exhilaration. I'd gotten used to it, so on normal days it felt simply soft and comfortable.

But now that I was aroused, those same sensations soothed my entire body like a lover's kiss. Every time I moved it dragged and pulled, and I realized I was adjusting in my chair more than I probably should have been. I froze, stopped myself from looking around the room. I hoped that no one was tuning in to my sexual spiral.

I wanted to grind my pussy into that chair. If only my anatomy was just a little different, or if I had something I could discreetly saddle. Oh, sweet covert bliss! I realized my knees were just slightly pumping together and apart at the thought, seeking some kind of modest stimulation. I stopped, again in terror that I was discovered.

I wished that I could stand up and request a masturbation time out. "Sorry, folks. Nature's calling," I'd say. I would sit back down and thrust my hand viciously between my legs for a few minutes - if that long - and bring myself to a very vocal climax, then take a minute to collect myself. "That'll do it, then. Apologies for the interruption. Please continue!" But who was I kidding? On a day like today, I'd finish the first, and be back at it in five minutes. Today's itch would require a very thorough scratch.

If I was going to stay in class, I had to placate my body, satisfy it in some little way that wouldn't be noticed. I allowed myself one more shift in my seat moving to one side and placing my arm back and my leg out, just below my hand. I centered my gaze on the lecture again, if not my attention, and let my forefinger drop to the top of my thigh and just touch. It sent a tiny tremor echoing throughout my body like the ping from a submarine. My finger dragged inwards, the ultimate forbidden goal just inches away. I knew I couldn't do it. It was a tease. But I had no idea how powerful a tease it was, and I was not prepared for the reaction. Like nails on a chalkboard, the sensation resonated in my pussy, amplified a hundredfold, causing me to stiffen in my chair. I knew I had to stop that finger, but the stimulation took hold of me. Hypnotic. My eyes closed. My finger advanced. I felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead. Another centimeter. I ceased to breath seamlessly.

At the last moment I retook control of myself and retracted my hand. My heart was racing. My breath was still somewhere between normal and that's girl's got something going on over there. I took a quick look around me. I caught no one staring at me, no one gaping at me shocked.

But that was it. If I stayed, I was bound to teach the class my own lesson in self-satisfaction.

I filled my backpack and left. Not trusting myself anywhere, I made a quick stop in the bathroom, only partially successful at cleaning myself without stimulating. Hold it together!

Then I went for a walk, a much longer walk. I went downtown and did some window shopping, got a coffee.

Sometimes coffee helped me on days like this. And then I returned to the dorm.

When I arrived at our door, I was all edgy. I wanted to be chaste, yet I burned for Alyssa like a mammoth raging forest fire.

I knew I couldn't trust myself, and that I should probably find somewhere far away to hide, but I turned door knob anyway. I entered and threw my pack down on the floor next to my bed.

Alyssa was sitting at her desk as usual, looking dazzling. No, she looked sublimely sexy. She sported a skimpy red top tied behind her back and neck that gently cupped her ample breasts. I managed to resist flying across the room and ravaging her, realizing I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer.

She looked up and smiled, "Hi, there," in an especially sultry manner. I had to leave, but couldn't.

"Hey," raising my eyebrows like I was trying to pick her up at a bar, the next line being your place or mine. Stupid, don't make it worse!

I flopped on my bed, covering my face with my arm. I did my best to ignore the tingling that teased my whole body, ringing like a car alarm that demanded attending to.

"Feeling in the mood?" she asked. There was no hiding it.

I peered at Alyssa from the cover of my arm. "I'm going crazy. I want you so badly I'm gonna pass out." Her sympathetic and longing gaze didn't help matters. I covered my eyes again.

"I may have to take off."

"No, don't, please." I looked at her again. "I was going to ask you if you would take a holiday from church today. We've been good, haven't we?" She gave me a pleading look. "I have something for you." A mischievous tone colored her demeanor.

"I wanted to do something to thank you for joining my weave free lifestyle. It means a lot to me. I thought about what to get you...," She put her finger in her mouth as if she'd done something naughty and stood up. "and I finally found something that I think you're going to like."

And I did. Protruding from her pelvis was a dildo, mounted on some kind of harness with straps around her waist. The appendage itself was clear and hung downward, semi-limp from her mound. She stood there silently in a hip-tilted pose while I admired it. I'd never seen anything like it before. What a marvelous invention! I thought.

The first thing I did was strip off my clothes and discard them on the bed. I strolled up to her, both of us grinning at each other.

Standing just out of contact, I laid my arms on her shoulders and looked her directly in her eyes.

"One holiday is just what I need. I've been so goddamn horny; I thought I was going to catch fire! Your timing is perfect!"

"I know," she replied. Huh? How could she know? "We've been living together for almost the whole school year now. Our cycles are in sync."

It hadn't occurred to me, but maybe she was right. And it followed that if it were true, odds were, she was just as horny as I was. That idea sent me through the roof.

I slammed my body against hers, kissing furiously, the dildo pressed into my thigh. Our hands groped, adjusted, searching for the perfect position to hold each other together. I wanted her so badly. The aching radiated through every part of my body. Her warm, smooth skin felt so incredibly good. My hands slid down from her shoulders tenderly, gracefully into the small of her back, lingered there, caressed, then further down to cup her bottom, squeeze it, work it. I held her firmly, and pressed my hips into hers. But when I did, I discovered something amazing. At our height difference, me just a little taller, the base of the dildo struck me right on my clit - and my clit cried, More! Holding her by the hips and she me by the waist, I began to grind on her tool.

I raised one hand to her back and pulled her chest to mine, ear to ear. Her hair blanketed my face. I felt my own hot breath on my cheek. The dildo brushed between my legs as I rotated back and forth, and it occurred to me that maybe I could do better.

I stopped, gave Alyssa a kiss and separated. I reached down and took the tool in my hand. It was neither warm, nor cold, felt soft like gel or rubber. I gave it a few strokes, as if Alyssa could have felt it. I then took it in my hand and placed the tip on my mound. As I looked down at it, the appendage bridged our bodies, I couldn't help thinking that it appeared as nature (well, almost) intended. I brought my feet together, thighs touching. I rolled the dildo tip back and forth over my mound a few moments and then guided it to the tip of my slit where it slid in eagerly, lubricated by my abundant juices. I lifted a hand to cover Alyssa's, already on my breast, messaging it in gentle circles. I took a step forward and leaned in to Alyssa, the dildo forcing its way along my vulva, parting sensitive flesh. I took my time, indulging in the metaphor of the penetration to come later. I felt Alyssa's tool cross my anus and emerge behind me. Pulling her tight against me, I pressed the base against my clit once again.

That was the ticket. Now, my whole crotch burned.

"Wow, that's so hot. Fuck me, sweetie," whispered Alyssa.

She held me around the waist with one hand, the other hand in my neck.

My pelvis ground on the rubber device trapped sweetly between my legs. "Oh, yeah," I let out. My hand slid down from my waist down my ass to meet the rubber tip behind. I played with it, pulled it, shoved what little was sticking out further up my crevice. I rocked my hips forward, then back, slowly, then as I got the rhythm, faster and faster. Each time I came forward, I got a bonus jolt from my clit. More than a few times, I smashed it a little too hard, and it hurt, but I didn't slow at all. I was so close now. I realized I was moaning, eyes tightly closed. My hips flew back and forth, faster and faster. I peaked. I gave my hips a few more clumsy pumps, held still a few seconds more and took a step to open my legs and let the dildo drop. I pulled Alyssa into me and kissed her with all the passion seething through my veins.

I leaned down to suck on her left nipple, rolling it between my tongue and lip until it hardened. But my pussy demanded attention too. I slid my hand down over my swollen, hypersensitive lips, clasping in circles. I continued this, but returned my attention to Alyssa's breast. I finished her nipple with a gentle bite. She took a breath and looked down at me, saying nothing. I took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could, sucking and releasing slowly. I then moved to her right breast and repeated my routine.

But I couldn't wait any longer. I gave her a kiss, turned to the bed and leaned over it, legs straight, presenting my ass in a clear appeal.

She smiled, strolled up behind me and gave me a firm slap from behind that surprised me. "So you ready, then, sweetie?"

Are you kidding? I'd never wanted anything so much in my life.

Every cell in my body was crying out for it. I yearned to feel her fill me up, explore my inner recesses, press the entirety of her appendage into me until her hips hugged my cheeks. What was she waiting for?

She slapped my ass again, hands on either side, gripped my cheeks. This was a side of her I hadn't seen before, taking control. She was totally teasing me, and I could hardly stand it.

My ass gyrated, around and then further out at her, repeating my previous demand. Penetration - now - please! I must have been dripping everywhere back there. Instead of heeding my request, she ran her finger up and down, parting my lips. I let out a huge groan, half from the sheer stimulation and half in frustration of her denial. I could hear the wet, sticky sounds of her finger fondling me. She slid high and passed inside. I let out another groan, all pleasure. She pushed in and out several times and then stopped, holding deep inside, probing. I winced, all consciousness centered on that roving finger.

I heard her adjust, felt the finger rotate, and then was struck with a wet sensation on my clit that could only have been her tongue. She drew its whole length upon me, evoking ripples in my torso and more groaning. The tip of her tongue probed to the point where her finger sank into me, then licked back down and over my clit. She repeated this over and over and began to work her finger again. I cried out, "Oh!" She was going to bring me to orgasm a second time before even using the dildo. Naughty, so naughty! I felt that wonderful sensation burst from my genitals like an explosion. My midsection stiffened and the heavenly contractions took over all perception.

When I regained my senses, I was subdued and Alyssa was kissing one of my cheeks and softly rubbing my wetness with her hand, not letting me come down far. Just a little more of her treatment warmed me up again. I peered around behind me to watch her. Her brown eyes focused down at her work. After a moment she acknowledged me watching, smiled, gave me a huge, tingling lick and stood up.

I felt the tip part my labia, but again she teased me. Up and down it went, hole to clit, clit to hole. She kept doing this, and it was bringing be back to crazy. Suddenly, the magic moment came. The intoxicating instant of entry burst through me, and Alyssa pushed further in, then thrusting, at first softly, then with rhythm. The cock slid in and out, more than sufficiently lubricated. As I tuned in to Alyssa's motions, I began to rock against her to accentuate the penetration. She responded by taking my hips in her hands and giving me a series of forceful, deep thrusts. Each sent a magnificent sonic boom of pleasure echoing through every limb to the tips of my fingers and toes, none complete before the next one hit. She was all the way in me now, filled me up completely. Every inch of my vagina sang to her friction. My toes curled. "Oh, God," I fought to get the words out. "That's so good." I gripped the sheets in my hand, trying to hold on to my acumen. I wanted it to last all day, but the sensation crept up on me. Not yet, I thought, resisting. But I was not in control, and the orgasm drowned me like a flash flood.

I couldn't hold back anymore. With a weak cry I buckled in her grip, hips dropped, puckering my ass. My faced tensed up with every muscle, just barely audibly allowing my uncensored thought to escape my lips. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..." The contractions were relentless this time.

Alyssa stroked me, then as I continued to orgasm, she exclaimed, "Oh, baby, that's beautiful!"

She leaned over from behind and began to rub my stomach and tits. I was coming down now, but still catching my breath. I caressed her leg for a minute, but I had to taste her. I twisted my torso to face her and she met my lips. My tongue invaded her mouth savagely, and hers mine, jockeying for position. She's now inside me twice, I thought. I reached behind her and slid my hand down her back. I wanted to grab her ass, but in this position I could only get so far. I gripped the top of her cheek, which caused her to give me a "hm" at least acknowledging the effort.

I had to feel that woman behind me. I planted my face in the sheets, freeing my hands to reach behind and grasp her hips, the harness strap bound snugly into her flesh. I could almost grip her ass now, but I had to walk my fingers into her cheeks, imagined the strap pulled tightly over her crotch. It had the side effect of pulling her fast against and inside me.

"Aw, sweetie, that's so sexy. You want some more?"

A single, vicious bounce thrust rippled through my torso.

Then she put her hand on my back, pulling to the side. "Here you go. Lie down on the bed." We moved the short distance together as one, keeping the dildo mostly inside, but following her guidance, I rotated onto my side. Alyssa lifted my top leg and placed it against her shoulder, then sat on my other leg. She slowly slid up my leg to achieve full penetration once again. I groaned.

Alyssa sat triumphantly on my leg, my other leg against her face, her appendage completely disappeared inside me.

I reached out to grip her breast, pinch her nipple. "You're so damned gorgeous. I'm so turned on right now. Do me!"

She gave me another single teasing thrust, then looked me in the eye, caressing my thigh.

"You look turned on." She peered down, taunting. "Look at that red, swollen pussy." She gave it a nasty slap, and I jumped.

I had no idea I was so sensitive.


"You like that, huh?" She slapped me again.

"Dammit." I didn't know whether to tell her to stop or do it again.

Then she began to give it little pats over and over. So much stimulation rocketed my brain it almost hurt. I realized my pelvis was bucking under her involuntarily, but she had me pinned down well enough that it wasn't going anywhere. She kept slapping and now rocked back and forth, giving me a whole new source of stimulation.

"Uh!" I groaned like an invalid.

"Come on, sweetie," she coaxed.

But I didn't want it to end so quickly. I resisted again, tried to think of something else. It helped only a little. Burning titillation radiated from my pussy as if it were a blinding sun between my legs. She laid into me now, rocking my body furiously back and forth on the bed like a tiny boat on stormy sea waves.

"Don't you want to come?"

She sped up. I twisted my shoulders face away from Alyssa, to brace myself, grip the sheets with my fists, wanting to take the brunt directly. I fought the climax overtaking me, trying to focus on anything, nothing. Then sound invaded my mind of the cock working inside, a sloppy wet noise after each thrust and that sent me over the edge, plunging me off a precipice of unfathomable pleasure.

"Huh-uh!" I felt a release of liquid. My torso buckled under Alyssa, and my leg came down, nearly pushing her off the bed entirely. She retreated, standing up. I laid down, straightened up on my back, quivering from the ongoing orgasm. Alyssa lay down beside me, put her arm over me.

"Oh, my God, that's fantastic," she said. "Look at you. You have the most amazing orgasms."

I tilted my head to meet her smile, but that was the most reaction I could produce. I looked down too see my body still shaking from my torso down nearly to my feet. I'd never had an orgasm like that in my life before. I could feel a puddle of fluid under my bottom and legs where Alyssa had sat on me. The pleasure was surreal. She lay down next to me as the shudders continued to echo. Minutes passed and my jaw began to chatter, just because, naked and largely wet all over from the sweat and sex, I was getting really cold.

Alyssa watched me, astonished. "I never seen anyone orgasm like that."

I still couldn't respond.

"You're turning me on." She leaned over, put her head between my legs and gave me a huge lick. "Ah!" I leapt off the bed a full few inches.

I shook my head at her. Holding my breath, I squeezed out, "Way too sensitive!" I put my hands between my legs to avoid another incident and laid back down, finally in peace and relaxation. She returned to her place at my side.

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