tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Path to Power Pt. 01

The Path to Power Pt. 01


Fong, McElvin and Baugh, she breathed a sigh of relief, that bitch Middleton wasn't on the list, this might be possible, no she looked at the list again, this would be easy. Valerie McKenzie was pleased, this bunch of tin pot, pencil twiddling, academic cretins wouldn't stand in the way of her march to power, it might not be entirely how she would like to do things, but she knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it, and god help anyone who dared to stand in her way.

Valerie had been at university for four year now and was ready to take her natural, god given place in the world of work, indeed Baughton, Masters and Schofield - a firm of elite economic advisers and corporate powerbrokers had offered her a role as junior consultant conditional on her obtaining an upper second class degree. True, it was probably a rather fetching and tight fitting blouse that had earned her the place, plus a little flashing of stocking tops, and perhaps panties too when she had, oh so accidently, had to bend down to pick up a dropped badge during her interview, but she knew she was worth it, that and so much more.

For a woman whose friends said she would make Lucretia Borgia seem like the Singing Nun, this had sent her into overdrive. Academically, she was unexceptional, but when it came to realpolitik she was brilliant, bordering on terrifying, however, an upper second was way beyond her grasp, this would require some serious work. The course was split into two, half coursework, half exams; the first part would be easy, charm then threaten one of the witless geeks in her class, be they male or female, she really didn't care, but the exams would take more work.

It didn't take her long to find her target, a week or so or studying the geeks on the front row in every lecture, she zoned in on Brendan Norris, to his friends Brendan was a kind, gentle and brilliant individual, who was almost the quintessential geek. Tallish, slim, bordering on thin, with short cropped hair and a manner of speaking that was awkward at best, at worst almost impeded, but Brendan knew his subject and he loved it.

The same could not be said for Valerie, she was tall, with shoulder length curly blonde hair and a figure to die for, 34C breasts and a truly magnificent ass, she was the fantasy of everyone in the faculty, more so, the whole town. She was more than aware that she struck lust into the hearts or men and fear and awe into those of women, and took great delight in exercising this, sometimes for practical purposes, sometimes for pure spiteful enjoyment.

After lectures one afternoon she honed in, shyly approaching Brendan and asking for his help and advice on their latest essay, " No problem Val, anytime", Val! god she detested being called that, but put on her most charming smile, "Maybe I could come to your room this evening then Bren?" she replied. For Brendan the stimulation was incredible and his brain almost fused, a strained "Sure" being the best he could manage in reply.

She would have to be careful now, Norris had probably never seen a woman naked outside a computer screen, move too quick and he could humiliatingly blow his load before she could get him inside her, then there would be no semen, no proof and no ability to blackmail. Worst still, the feckless idiot would probably top himself afterward and she'd have to start all over again, an ungrateful bunch his type were.

For her charm offensive she picked her outfit carefully, a white tight fitting blouse, short black skirt and deep red satin underwear, with matching stockings and suspenders, a bottle of wine would be required to keep him from ignition until the critical point. She knocked on his door and Brendan answered visibly gulping when he saw her, "Come in Val, you look ... great". Val, he had called her that again, oh he would pay, "Hi Bren" she charmed, leaning across to kiss him on the cheek and making sure he got a good eyeful of her cleavage.

Valerie was able to feign interest into the finer points of the theories of Keynes for about half an hour before going on the attack, "blimey it's hot in here" she said, daintily unbuttoning one then two buttons on her blouse. "Would you like me to o-o-open the window" Brendan stammered. Valerie stepped up close to him, her chest making contact with his, and staring into his eyes she muttered in a sultry voice "Would you like to see some more". Brendan was well past the ability to speak and his anxious nodding led to the rest of the blouse being opened.

"Put your hands on them, please" implored Valerie, Brendan did as he was told, and she swivelled in his grasp, now with her back to him, his hands still clasped to her breasts. Swiftly, Valerie unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor and bending over pushing her ass into Brendan's crotch. "Put your hand between my legs" she ordered and he did so without question, rubbing hard and fast. To her shock, Valerie's excitement rose, she had her choice of men or women, whoever was most suited to her needs and ends at any one time, but it had been a while since she had felt the need and there was no question that she wanted something now.

"Pull down my panties" she half ordered half begged, and they were gone in a fraction of a second, followed by her skirt. Valerie spread her legs and bent over the table in Brendan's hovel of a room, but now it was he who was taking control of her. His fingers slipped inside of her pussy with ease as his other hand reached beneath her and grabbed her tits, twisting first one nipple then the other, causing Valerie to gasp, she wasn't used to this, control had slipped from her grasp to his.

For Brendan years of frustration were suddenly bubbling to the surface, this was the bitch who had taken the boyfriend of one of his best friends just to show she could, dumping him days later and destroying a relationship that had lasted for years. This was his chance to take revenge on this cold, callous bitch and make her suffer the way she had so many others.

Brendan inserted a third finger into her, and Valerie yelped, trying to wriggle free, but Brendan was a man possessed now, grasping her blonde hair with his fist and forcing her face into the table, "Beg for it you fucking bitch" he yelled, "Beg!". " Fuck me!" she half whimpered, receiving a massive, stinging, slap on the ass in response, in went a fourth finger. Valerie screamed out loud as her pussy clamped hard around it, being stretched brutally now she began to beg "Fuck me, fuck my tight wet cunt, split me in two, please Brendan, oh god please".

"More, you bad little bitch!" he roared at her, pinching and twisting each nipple in turn, "Fuck me, fuck me like the worthless cheap whore I am, get your massive fucking dick inside my hot wet cunt, and make me your bitch" Despite the brutality of it, Valerie's body had its own needs, her breath coming in hot ragged spasms now as her swollen, wet pussy tightened on Brendan's invading hand.

"Take it you worthless slut" Brendan yelled, belting her ass again and again and again, his hand flying in and out of her like a piston. "Please" Valerie pleaded, though she no longer knew whether she wanted him to stop or continue. An agonising twist of her left nipple forced her to try to pivot upwards, only for her to be driven back down with the command "Down you whore"

"Oh God!" she cried, "Ahhhh", she straightened her back and drove back her on to the intruding hand, her nipples dragging over the rough wooden desk driving her onwards, "Jam it in my cunt!" she begged and pleaded, Brendan pulled back her hair almost snapping her in two and forcing his hand all the way in her sodden pussy. Valerie screamed out her orgasm, her whole body twitching as she collapsed, exhausted on the desk.

She lay there, stunned, before silently putting on her clothes as best she could and staggering back to her room. "Bastard" she yelled into empty space "Fucking bastard" followed by a deranged tirade of threats ,promises and obscenities. She had been supposed to fuck him, not vice versa, she would have her revenge she swore.

To be continued ...

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by Anonymous06/25/16

Great series

Please do continue I found the third part first but put together this is a well crafted premise.

5 stars make her suffer :)

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