tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 04

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 04


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 04: The Further Adventures of Paul & Jenny

Chapter 1

I awoke. I slowly look around. Everything was very bright. I was hungry. Then slowly I realised I was in pain. A dull throbbing from my left leg a sharper, more defined pain from my left wrist, my right shoulder ached.

I couldn't see out of my left eye. I panicked, then realised it was covered by a bandage. I lifted my right hand to my right eye. I could see my fingers protruding from light gauze dressing. I wriggled my fingers. They moved. I felt happy. I turned my head and looked into Jenny's eyes.

"Oh Paul, you're alright." She said, concern on her face, relief in her voice.

I felt so happy all I could do was smile. I made to reach for her.

"They say you're not to move. Just lie still. If there's anything you want I'll get it for you. I must tell Mary and Margaret."

Mary and Margaret. I'd heard those names before.

I heard Jenny calling 'Nurse' then she was replaced by a girl in a light blue dress with a white apron.

A lady in a Dark Blue uniform appeared followed by a man in a long white coat.

"How do you feel? Don't worry, you're going to be all right. Can you move this, can you move that. Relax."

I did relax. Deeply.

I could smell its breath against my face. I raised my arms to protect myself. I heard the splintering of the bones in my arm as it bit down. It was off me. I heard the screaming of the girls. The shotgun was by my side. I picked it up held it at arms length and squeezed the trigger. I felt the recoil jerking my arm almost out of its socket. I had to sleep. I thought I heard another shot, I could smell burning. I had to sleep. Where was Jenny?

I awoke. I was very hungry. Jenny was by my side. Behind her stood my father, behind him my Grandfather. At the foot of the bed were a man and women I had never seen before. With difficulty I turned my head to the left. My mothers face, my Grandmothers face. Everybody looked sad. I tried to smile.

"I'm hungry." I said.

All the females started crying.

"Oh Paul. You're going to get better." Jenny felt my arm.

Had I been ill?

Chapter 2

Slowly it all came back. The Rapist, the panther, the burning down of the barn.

Jenny leaving in search of help.

Sitting by my side she told me of her fight with the Rapist.

How the police car had picked her up on the main road dressed only in her blouse. She wouldn't tell me about that.

The flames from the Barn that could be seen for miles now that the rain clouds had passed.

The mini bus sticking out of the ditch had hampered the rescue services until the fire engine knocked it completely from the lane. I had been unconscious from after shooting the panther.

Jenny could only tell me from what Jo and Carole had told her. After it had been distracted from me by Jo and Carole throwing plates and cups at it. It had cornered them under the stairs. My first shot had hit it in the buttock and leg. It had turned towards me and I had fires the second barrel, catching it full in the chest. It died instantly. Small, the Rapist had tried to climb into the farmhouse through the window after the panther had died but had been meet by Jo and Carole wielding a large saucepan and skillet. She told me of how they'd hit him and hit him forcing him out and away. Sirens were sounding in the distance and he ran. Higher onto the moors. The police were still looking for him.

Within a couple of days I was sitting up and as soon as I was able I was moved back to Somerset, to a small private hospital just outside Taunton. Jenny stayed at my parents and visited me every day.

At first I had had only my face and hands bathed but as I grew stronger more and more of my body was bathed. Even so I could notice the smell of my body so it wasn't too much of a surprise when two of the nurses brought some large towels, flannels and a bowl of water to my room on a trolley. I had heard horror stories of bed baths. How the water was cold, the flannels rough and the staff non-to gentle either.

Samantha (known as Sammy) and Jane were two of the younger nurses. Sammy was newly qualified, 19 years of age, whilst Jane was a staff nurse aged 23. Both were tall, Sammy almost gangly and Jane with the fuller figure.

"How are we today, Paul." Jane said approaching the bed. "Time for your bed bath."

"Be gentle Nurse." I replied. "It's my first time."

"I bet you weren't." Sammy said.

"He was." Jenny said, standing in the doorway.

"What are you going to do to him?"

"We're going to take all his clothes off and wash him." Jane replied.

"Can I help?" Jenny asked. "I shall be doing it for him when he goes home." I didn't know that. My prick jumped.

"We can't let you help I'm afraid. It's against the rules, but as you're his fiancée you can stay and watch what we do."

That said they sat me up and removed my pyjama top. The left sleeve had been cut off at mid arm to allow easy passage over the plaster on my left forearm and hand. My left trouser leg had been removed mid thigh to allow removal over the plaster cast, which covered me from knee to foot. Jane undid the cord of my pyjama bottoms. They each put a hand on a buttock, lifted slightly and pulled my trousers down and then off. My first reaction was to cover my prick with my hand . I didn't want them looking at me. Especially in front of Jenny.

"Don't be silly. I'm sure Jenny's seen it before and we've seen hundreds between us."

"Come on Paul. You're not normally this shy."

Jenny seemed to be enjoying herself. I removed my hand reluctantly.

Sammy looked down. "Hmm. Not bad. You're a lucky girl."

I felt embarrassed being discussed like a piece of meat.

They sat me up. Soap was applied to flannels and Jane started on my face whilst

Sammy my shoulders and back. Rinsing and drying my face Jane began on my chest, applying first soap then water to rinse. She held my left arm up whilst Sammy did my armpit. I lifted my right arm myself. My back was dried and I was laid on my back. Jane continued down my chest whilst Sammy started on my right foot. Between the toes slowly up the leg. Soaping, rinsing and drying.

Jane had reached my pubic hairs. She changed her flannel and rubbed the soap into them. She picked up my balls and held them away from my body. Jane had come to stand at the foot of the bed.

"I can see I will have to take particular care when I do that." She said. Her voice husky. "He's very easily aroused."

Jane coughed, clearing her throat. "Oh yes. But you must get into all his little nooks and crannies."

She rinsed around and under my balls.

She picked up my prick. It was growing.

"You must control yourself." Jane looked at Jenny then pulling my foreskin back lathered the length of my prick.

"I've told him that." Said Jenny. Her voice even deeper.

"You'll just have to take him in hand."

"I would do, but what if somebody came."

"It'll be alright as long as he doesn't make too much noise. We'll put the 'patient asleep' sign up when we leave if you like. Nobody will come in till lunch."

Jane pulled my foreskin backwards and forwards working the soap underneath it.

Then the rinse. I was fully erect.

"Mmm, quite a nice one." Said Jane. She seemed pleased with her handiwork. "Onto your side now."

They gently pulled me onto my left side. Placing a towel on my plaster they bent my right leg. They changed the water in the bowl and brought a fresh flannel from the bottom of their trolley. Jane pulled my ass cheeks apart and Sammy soaped between them paying particular attention to my anus. She soaped her finger and massaged my ring, her fingertip just slipping inside me.

More water, the drying of the towel and I was turned onto my back. My prick lay hard against my abdomen.

"We will be back in an hour with lunch. You wont be disturbed till then." Jane said as they cleared up and left. When outside they closed the curtain covering the observation porthole in the door. We could hear the sound of footsteps and trolley receding down the corridor.

Jenny sat on the bed by my side. I was still naked. She leant forward and kissed me. Gently at first then with more urgency her tongue licking my lips, forcing it's way into my mouth.

"You don't know how I've missed this." She looked down at me.

She placed both hands on my chest, squeezing, massaging. Then continued down across my ribs, my stomach, and my navel. She reached the top of my prick and picked it up. Stroking it she said.

"Are you sure you're up to this?"

"Oh yes please." You must be polite.

"It's a pity I can't." She sounded disappointed.

"What's wrong?" Had she been injured? Nobody had told me.

"You're are a silly frog. It happens every month. It's called a period. It's just nature's way of telling me I'm not pregnant. Now relax. I have to see if I can remember how to do this."

She leaned across the tops of my thighs and licked her lips. Her hair fell forward obscuring my view as she took me into her mouth. I brushed it away so I could see myself moving in and out of her mouth. She lifted her head and smiled at me whilst continuing to stroke my prick.

" How are you doing?"

"Fine." I replied.

She slowed her stroking. I tried to move my hips but her weight and my plaster cast wouldn't allow it.

I reached down and felt her breast, through her blouse and bra. It was firm and warm.

She lowered her head and continued sucking and kissing my prick. I felt myself coming and squeezed her breast. I heard her yelp but she continued moving her mouth. Up and down, up and down. I was there. Shooting into her mouth I came and came. My come ran down my prick, mixed with her saliva. She slowly worked the last drops from me and lifted her face towards me. She licked her lips and swallowed.

Moving up the bed she took my good hand between hers. She looked at me.

"You didn't find that too taxing, did you?" She asked, coyly.

"I think you had better wipe your chin." Her tongue had missed some of my come.

She drew her fingers across her chin and looked. Then down at my prick. Wet with come and saliva.

"There was so much this time." She sounded amazed.

"I wanted you." Was all I could say.

She got up and washed her face and hands in my sink. She wet a paper towel under the running water and returned to the bed.

"Now. I've got to be careful but do all your nooks and crannies." She picked up my prick and pulling back my foreskin cleaned it with the wet towel. She went back to the sink, dropping the wet towel in the waste bin she returned with some dry towels. Picking up my prick again she dabbed it dry.

Returning to the sink she placed the towels in the bin and came back to sit on my bed.

I placed my hand on her knee. She stiffened.

"Paul please don't. I've told you I can't do it."

"Just let me touch you."

"I can't. It would be embarrassing. I'm wearing something."

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about."

I moved my hand up her thigh. She turned her head away but didn't stop me. I reach the elastic of her knickers. I could feel the pad between her legs. Moving my hand onto her pubic mound I squeezed it. She sighed. I slipped my fingers into the top of her knickers and pulled gently. They moved down slightly. Beneath them I could feel another piece of elastic, very thin, stretching across her body just above her pubic hairs a further piece leading down through her pubic hair.

"Lift your skirt up and help me take your panties off." I said my voice low.

She didn't say a word. She stood up and slipped her knickers off, lifting her short skirt up at the back above her ass cheeks she sat down, her naked buttocks against the bedclothes. She still didn't look at me. I lifted her skirt at the front and looked. A narrow G-string encircled her waist and between her legs holding a thin pad in place. It was white and pink in colour. I pushed her legs apart gently. The pad extended from her clitoris to her anus. I pulled it gently to one side at the top.

"Don't be worried. You look wonderful." I reassured her.

"I've never let anybody see me like this before. Even in the changing rooms I'd go into the cubicles to fit it."

"I'll stop if you want me to.'

"No. Don't."

I let my finger tip run through her pubic hairs, beneath the top of the pad searching for her clitoris. Jenny gasped as I touched it. Closing her eyes she leg out a deep breath.

"Oh Paul, Paul. I've missed this so much."

I gently rubbed her clitoris. Her breathing became deeper and heavier. I quickened the pace. She gasped, her breaths coming shorter and faster. Her breath seemed to catch at the back of her throat as she held my finger against her clitoris as she squeezed her thighs together. She almost screamed. A high pitched sound. Her thighs opened and I continued rubbing. She was moving her hips with my finger, my wrist held between her hands. Throwing back her head she let out a cry and threw herself forward onto my chest. Lips searching for and finding mine. We kissed with our lips not using our tongues. She lifted from me and laid her head on my chest.

"Oh Paul, Paul. I never thought it could be like this."

"You're wonderful." I said, a self-satisfied grin upon my face.

She looked down on me and smiled. Turning from me I felt her pick up my prick, pulling back my foreskin. She lowered her lips to the tip and gently sucked on it. She moved her head taking more of me inside her mouth. Looking down I could see the back of her head moving up and down. Her shoulders moving in time. Her back, bra straps showing through her thin blouse. Her skirt rucked up around her waist, her naked backside. I reached for and held one of her ass cheeks, fingers searching her crack, seeking her anus. Spreading her ass cheeks with my fingers I looked at it. The white skin of her ass cheeks contrasting with the browns of her anus and its surrounding area. I put my finger into my mouth and wet it.

"Help me in." Jenny stopped sucking my prick and reaching behind pulled her ass cheeks apart. I wet her hole, rubbing my saliva around it. I put my finger into my mouth, collecting more saliva; I could taste the bitterness of her asshole.

Returning my finger to her ass I pushed gently but firmly against her hole. At first her ring contracted, fighting against me, then it relaxed allowing my entry. Removing my finger I re-wet it, the taste of bitterness increasing. Again I pushed my finger against her hole. Her anus relaxed fully and I was in. Further and further in. My remaining knuckles pressing against the soft warm skin of her ass crack.

I moved my finger in and out. Jenny released her ass cheek and returned to sucking my prick. Hand and mouth working together as my finger moved in and out of her ass.

"Jenny, I'm there." My come spurting into her mouth.

She waited until my prick subsided in her mouth before sitting up. I removed my finger. I lifted it to my nose and smelt it.

She looked shocked.

"It's lovely." I said quickly.

She took my hand and sniffed at my finger.

"You mean you like that." She said pushing it away.

"Only because it's yours."

"Oh Paul. Why do I listen to you?"

She kissed my forehead, sucked my nose and kissed my lips.

Sitting me up she helped me into my pyjama jacket. I lay down and she pulled on my trousers. She stood up and put her knickers back on giving me a final glimpse of her pubic hair and sanitary towel.

Pulling a chair to the head of my bed she sat and held my hand until lunch as we planned a dozen futures for ourselves. Looking over her shoulder I was sure I saw the curtain twitch.

Chapter Three

It was very dark when I awoke. I felt very happy. Light headed even. A bright light shone into my eyes from above my bed. Hands were on my back sitting me up.

"It's alright, Paul. It's only Jenny."

I must be dreaming I thought.

"Paul I need some money. You will give me some, wont you?"

"Of course." I sounded drunk. "How much."

My chequebook was on the small table in front of me.

"Not much. Two hundred pounds. Make it 'Pay cash to Jennifer Fletcher'."

Ah. It wasn't much. Two hundred pounds. I thought that was a lot but if Jenny said it wasn't, well it couldn't be.

My hand was a little unsteady as I wrote and signed the cheque.

"Now write this little note. 'To the manager. Westcountry Bank. Fore street. Taunton. Please cash this cheque for Jennifer Fletcher as I am unable to visit you in person.' Sign it. There that's a good boy. Now lie back and Jenny will give you a reward."

I lay back the light bright in my eyes and thought I felt somebody undoing my trousers. What a dream, everything felt real but I knew Jenny couldn't be here at this time. Hands were on my prick and balls. Moving up and down. I felt my prick growing, expanding and I came.

My clothing was adjusted and the light went off. A pair of lips brushed my forehead. I could smell a light flowery perfume.

Chapter Four

I was awakened by the night nurse, Mandy. Early forties. A hard exterior but had always seemed pleasant enough to me.

"Time for a quick wash before Breakfast." She said.

I didn't want to wake up. My eyes felt so heavy. She sat me upright. Placing a bowl of water on the table before me she removed my pyjama jacket and washed my face neck and hand. Drying me she pushed the table away and felt the bedding where my bottom had lain.

"What have you been doing to yourself." She said disapprovingly.

I looked down. The front of my pyjama bottoms was stiff with dried come. I could smell the bittersweet smell of dried sperm. I couldn't remember wanking.

"I think the sooner you're home with your young lady the better."

I felt a little better after the wash but still so tired. Mandy disappeared with her washing bowl and returned with a smock with short strings at the back.

"We can't cut up every pair of pyjamas in the Hospital so you can wear one of these from now on." She removed my pyjama bottoms and got me into the smock, tying the top three strings at the back.

"Do you want to open your bowels."

I shook my head.

"I'll get them to do something to help you later." It sounded ominous.

Mandy returned later with my breakfast, cornflakes, orange juice, bacon, eggs and baked beans and a cup of tea.

She helped cut it up for me, then left to see to other patients.

I finished eating. It had tasted like cardboard. I drank my tea, pushed the tray away and slid slowly down the bed. I was asleep within seconds. I awoke to feel a hand on my prick. I opened my eyes. Jenny was sitting by the side of my bed, one hand under the blankets. She slowly wanked me.

"How are you today?" She asked.

"Tired. I had a funny dream. Can't remember much about it. You were in it. Got into trouble. Made a mess in my pyjama bottoms."

"Yes I know. The night nurse told Staff Nurse Jane what you had done and she suggested I have half an alone with you."

Mandy came in carrying some pyjamas from the laundry and started fussing at the dresser putting them in drawers.

Jenny removed her hand and went into my bathroom. I could hear the high pitched hissing of her piss.

The toilet flushed and Jenny returned.

"Working late for night shift, aren't you?" Jenny asked.

"We're a little short staffed this morning so I'm staying on for a bit." Mandy replied. "That's me done now. I'll see you tonight, Paul. Goodbye." Mandy finished whatever she was doing and left. Jenny pulled the bedding down to my knees and lifted my smock. Taking my prick in her hand she stroked me gently at first then with increasing speed and force.

My breath caught in the back of my throat. She stopped moving her hand and lowered her mouth, licking her lips. It felt so good inside her. The softness of her lips, the warmth of her breath. She moved her head up and down. I grew bigger and bigger. She slowed, holding me back from coming, then increasing her pace until I was there. Coming, coming , coming, into her mouth. When I had finished she raised her head letting me slip from her mouth. She got up, went to the sink and returned with some paper towels. She cleaned my prick, pulled down my smock and pulled up my bedding.

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