tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 05

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 05


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 05: Paul & Jenny's Caribbean Cruise

I sat looking out of the window as the December evening closed in. A fine grey drizzle was falling. Jenny would be home soon from University. She had my car, as I was not allowed to drive yet. I wished I had an automatic gear change on my car.

My Grandparents, with whom I was staying, were out and I was alone in the house with the exception of my Black Labrador Bitch, Millie.

I hoped she wouldn't be long. The more I knew her the more I missed her when she wasn't there.

My injuries had nearly healed. A slight stiffness in the wrist which might stay with me for the rest of my life. The bone in my ankle had knitted well and I should have no further problems with it. However my tendons still needed a little time to completely mend so I wore a support bandage and rested whenever possible, walking with the aid of a stick when necessary.

On the back of my left hand and forearm were the scars of the Panthers teeth.

They would fade with time but would never completely disappear. We had discussed plastic surgery. Perhaps one day.

The court appearances had ended.

Mandy had received a prison sentence, May a shorter one, suspended, due to the fact she had discovered she was pregnant, possibly by her own father. At the end of the sixties, when this took place, it wasn't possible to determine the parent of a child in the womb so she had decided to run full term, as there were other possible fathers. My plea of self-defence had been accepted.

The newspapers kept trying to get us to give interviews but we had all decided to keep quiet about the details of the rapes that had taken place in the farmhouse. With Small's death that case would not now come to court.

We had both to go to London the following week for the presentation of our Duke of Edinburgh awards. We had met completing them in Northern Ireland in the summer.

I saw the lights of my car, or as Jenny says, her car, roll through the gates and up the short gravel drive to the front of the cottage.

Three bedrooms, low oak beamed ceilings, big fireplaces. The downstairs study had been converted into a bedroom for me whilst convalescing. Handy whilst Jenny was there. She could sneak down from her bedroom upstairs when my Grandparents were in bed and spend most of the night with me.

I saw Jenny get out of the car and went to the front door to greet her. Millie leaping up and down by my side.

"Good girl, Millie. Down girl." Millie eventually calmed down and trotted to her basket in the kitchen.

"Hallo." She said, kissing me. "Miss me?"

"Why? Where have you been?"


I followed her into the kitchen where she put the kettle on for tea.

She stood looking out of the window.

"What a dismal day. Still I know something that's going to cheer you up."

I came close behind her and reaching around her took a breast in either hand. She pushed her ass back into my groin. I gently rotated my hips rubbing myself against her. She pushed further backwards.

"Hmm. That's not what I had in mind."

"I'd better stop then."

"You'd better not."

She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and turned her face upwards to me.

I tried to meet her lips with mine.

"Turn around." I whispered.

She turned to face me and we kissed. Tongues touching, probing.

My hands felt for her ass cheeks. Squeezing and pulling them.

"What about your Grandparents?"

"We've got an hour."

"Funny how they always seem to be out at this time on a Friday afternoon. Shall we try to make it to the bed this time?"

"I'll get something to wear." I said, turning to go back to my room.

"Wait a minute. This is one of the things I wanted to tell you."

"Well. We haven't got that much time." She can always frustrate me.

"You'll like this."

"Please hurry." I rubbed myself through my trousers to relieve the pressure.

"Naughty. I hope you haven't been doing that to yourself whilst I have not been here."

"I've had enough." I said. Stepping forward I pulled her to me. Kissing her hard I reached behind her for the clasp and zip of her skirt.

She tried to move her head to protest but I kept my lips glued to hers.

Her skirt fell to the ground and I put my hands inside her tights and knickers feeling her ass cheeks.

"Oh Paul, Paul." She said. Her hands went to the top of my trousers, fumbling with the belt, clasp and zip.

I knelt on one knee, pulling her tights and knickers with me. I kissed her thighs and stood up.

Millie looked up from her basket with a ' Oh, not again' look on her face.

"Turn around." I said pulling her by the hips until she was facing the table.

"Bend over." She leaned forward, forearms on the table. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and gazed at her holes. I never get tired of looking at them.

Pushing my trousers and underpants down I rubbed my, by now, erect prick up and down her fanny lips. Pulling back to place it against her anus, then back to her fanny.

"Put it in Paul. Stop teasing me." She was breathing heavily.

I pushed against her. It was like pushing against a wall. I pushed again. No entry. Jenny bent her knee and placed a foot on a chair. Reaching between her legs she pulled her fanny lips apart. I pushed again. I was in. One inch, two inches. I pulled out to the entrance and pushed again. Jenny groaned, then yelped. I was right in. Moving backwards and forwards I grabbed her hips to pull her with me. Four nights without her were too much and I soon came, shooting my first load inside her as I pulled out and spraying the remainder of my come over her ass, some running down her crack over her anus.

"Sorry about that." I said.

"It's what I was trying to tell you." She turned to face me and put her arms around my neck. "I was going to save this till Christmas but I had better tell you now. I don't want you worrying until my next period. I saw the University Doctor and I went on the pill. You have to wait for at least one full cycle before your considered safe. Mine finished on Wednesday."

"You could have told me."

"You'd have only got excited and you were still recuperating."

"Let's go to bed and see if they work."

Bending she picked up her skirt and tights. I took off my trousers and underpants. Carrying our clothes we went into my bedroom.

"Stay and guard." I called. Millie grunted and went to sleep.

In my bedroom we placed the clothes we were carrying on a small armchair and quickly removed our others.

We faced each other, naked, by the side of the bed.

Not touching with my hands I leant forward and kissed her on the lips, they parted allowing my tongue entry. I moved close touching her body with mine. I put my arms around her waist, hands feeling for her buttocks. Jenny put her hands on my shoulder blades and pressed against me.

Moving her hands to my chest she pushed me gently away. Without saying anything she turned and pulled back the bedclothes. She lay on the bed, head on the pillow and held her arms out to me. I lay by her side and put one arm behind her neck. I placed my lips against hers and probed with my tongue. Her lips parted and her tongue rose to meet mine. Tips touching, exploring. I circled hers with mine. She licked the underside of my tongue as I pushed further inside I licked the back of her teeth and gums. Pulling my tongue back I ran it along the front of her teeth pushing into the gaps between them.

Jenny pulled her lips away and turned her head away. I licked and kissed her cheek, along her jaw line until I reached her ear. I sucked gently on its lobe, pulling it into my mouth then releasing it. I licked the flap of skin guarding her hole then lightly touched the hairs behind it. Jenny moaned. I moved to the top of her ear sucking and licking that then reversing my route went back to her lobe. She sighed. I kissed her neck. Resisting the temptation to leave a love bite I moved down to her collarbone then to her breasts. Her nipples were standing proud. I sucked one into my mouth. Gently massaging it with my lips. Jenny pushed down on my shoulders. I released her nipple and looked into her eyes. There were so many emotions in them.

She smiled up at me. She could have asked me for the world at that moment and I would have given it to her.

I licked her navel. She arched her back. Pushing harder on my shoulders. I resisted the pressure, a feeling of power and control swept over me.

"Please, please." Jenny, through clenched teeth.

I nuzzled her pubic hair. Jenny bent her knees, feet on the bed, ankles touching her bum. I pushed her pubic hairs away exposing her erect clitoris. I sucked it gently. Her back arched again as if she had received an electric shock. I licked her clitoris slowly, then faster, then very fast. Jenny's breath came in gasps. With her hands pulling on the back of my head her hips raised pushing her fanny against me she cried out, loud, as she came.

Pulling away from me she reached for my pick with her hands, then her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, the ring formed by her lips pulling my foreskin with it. She stopped and straddled me. There was urgency about her that more than matched my own earlier. Guiding my prick to her entrance she sank down on me. It felt so warm, so tight. She moved herself up and down. Hands going to her own breasts. I caught her wrists, pulling her down to me, kissing her. Pulling away she snorted and sank down on me hard, almost painfully, her fanny contracting and relaxing with her orgasm.

She leant forwards onto my chest kissing my neck.

"That was lovely." She sighed.

"It's not over yet." I said.

She gasped as I pulled my still hard prick from her fanny and wormed out from underneath her. Laying her onto her side facing away from her I bent her knees and spread her thighs. I moved closer behind her and placed the tip of my prick against her fanny. I pushed forward. She was so wet, so open, that I slipped inside with hardly any resistance. I lowered her thigh and started moving holding her hip with one hand. I placed my other hand between her shoulder blades and pushed, bending her at the waist.

I moved faster, harder, my balls hitting the back of her thighs. I felt myself swelling. I pulled and pushed against her hip and I was there jerking inside her, my come shooting into her. I moved slowly, milking the last drops from my balls, then pulled from her my prick subsiding. Jenny turned and snuggled against me.

"I think we both needed that." She smiled. It lit up her face and my day.

"Oh. I forgot to tell you." She continued. "Your parents have arranged for us to go on a cruise."

I could here the sound of a car pulling up in the drive.

"My grandparents. Get dressed quickly." I said as we both leapt from the bed.

"Where's my knickers." Jenny asked as the front door opened.

The Cruise of Paul and Jenny. By Paul. Part two.

Chapter One.

After tea we all decided to go to the local pub for a drink.

Leaving through the French windows at the rear of the cottage we crossed the paved patio area, down three broad steps, skirted the swimming pool, down three further steps to the lawns. Nearly 100 yards in length continuing up either side of the cottage. Flower borders and bramble hedges on one side with the tees of the woods behind. On the other side a walled garden separated my Grandparents property from their nearest neighbourghs. At the foot of the lawns were formal rose gardens with a three-seater wooden bench facing back up towards the house. A stream, shallow, fast flowing, six feet wide with steep sides ran along the bottom of the gardens. My Grandfather had had a small footbridge erected over the stream to allow access to the public footpath on the other side, which ran downhill into the village and uphill through the woods onto the heath above. Upon reaching the pub we hung our coats on the hooks by the door and took a table in a corner. Grandfather went to get the drinks. Jenny and I sat on an old Church pew with our backs to the wall while Grandmother sat on one of the high, wheel-backed chair facing us. Jenny held my hand under the table.

"I've written down the details of the cruise somewhere." Grandmother said. "I have it in my bag somewhere."

She opened her handbag, a small ball of material rested on top.

"Oh, you'd better have these back."

She quickly passed Jenny's knickers across the table.

Our faces must have looked a picture as she quickly said.

"Don't worry. I've probably left mine in more embarrassing places.

"Grandmother, I'm shocked to here you say that." And I was.

"I'm not." Jenny said looking straight into Grandmother's eyes. "Boy's just don't understand."

"You haven't just invented the wheel, Paul." Grandmother said with a twinkle in her eye. "It's been around a long time. Although I did have to tell Roland that they were wet because Millie must have found them and carried them around in her mouth."

"I never heard how you met Paul's Grandfather. Please tell us."

"It was a long time ago now. 1918. Your Grandfather was twenty, flying aeroplanes in the Great War. He had put off going to University to join your county Regiment. He had served in the trenches then transferred to the Royal Flying Corps in 1917. He had been shot down and wounded and been taken to the Hospital just outside Paris where I, like many others of my age, was working as a voluntary nurse. He remained in my Hospital for about eight weeks before being allowed back to England for recuperation. I was one of the nurses that accompanied his draft of returning wounded officers to London. I had some leave due and he invited me to come and stay with him and his parents in Somerset." Grandfather returned with the drinks.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"You." Grandmother replied. "Jenny wanted to know how we met."

"Don't. It's so long ago now."

Grandmother ignored him.

"Where was I, oh yes. He returned to flying in France in time to be shot down in France a couple of months before the Armistice. He was collecting Steve's Grandfather, Jeremy, who had been working behind the German lines. Jeremy had information that had to be got back to our lines so he left your Grandfather, who had a broken ankle, with a young girl who had found them and given them shelter in an old barn. A band of deserting German soldiers killed her. Jeremy persuaded one of Roland's fellow Officers to drop him back over the lines a few days later but when he got to the Barn it had been burnt down. In the ashes were two bodies, one man one woman. Nearby the man's body were the remains of Roland's identity papers and his flying orders. It was necessary to carry them in case of false landing, if caught you could be shot as a spy.

Grandmother sipped her Gin and tonic.

"We were told in England that he was dead. The Armistice came. One of the officers I'd nursed came to see me and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Jeremy remained in France helping to interrogate suspected spies and deserters when he heard of a man claiming to be a British pilot due to be executed by the French for killing a French Officer. Jeremy managed to get there just in time to prevent the execution and had the case reopened. This time Roland's plea of self defence was accepted."

Grandmother drank again.

"Roland returned to England, I was to be married in a week. He stole me away. We left to live in South America for two years, I worked for a local Doctor, and Roland trained the pilots of the local air force and we were involved in starting an interior air mail and passenger air service. I fell pregnant with your father, there was a revolution and we were lucky to get out alive. We stole an aeroplane and flew out with the Presidents family and a lot of money. We were very well paid. We had forgotten to get married in all the excitement so you can imagine the uproar when we returned. Still that's another story."

She finished her drink. She picked up the empty glass and studied it closely.

I took it to the bar for a refill. Grandfather and I had a second pint of beer while Jenny had a second glass of wine. After we had finished we left to walk home.

Two men in their early twenties passed us as we crossed the car park to the footpath. I nodded to them.

"Do you know them." Jenny asked.

"Tommy's cousins, Phil and Terry." I replied.

"Tommy lives on his father's farm in the valley. They're tenants of Lord Locktrell." I explained. "Phil and Terry help out there when they're not in prison."

"They've been coming up to the village quite a bit recently, I've seen Tommy a couple of times as well." Grandfather said. "I don't trust them. They're normally up to no good."

I felt Jenny shiver by my side. I put my arm around her.

We walked on by the light of the small torches Grandfather and I carried. As we crossed the bridge into the garden I could hear Millie barking.

We hurried to the house and unlocked the French windows. Millie shot out before I could grad her collar and ran to the bottom of the garden. Crossing the bridge she ran, nose down, uphill and down, sniffing the ground.

I called her to come back. On the third go she did.

Trotting up the side of the lawn by the walled garden she went to the font of the building and stood growling at my car.

"There's nobody there, you stupid dog." I said.

"She obviously heard something." Said Grandfather. "Better take your distributor cap off if somebody is sneaking around after your car."

I opened the driver's door and popped the bonnet. Grandfather lifted it up and removed the distributor cap then slammed it shut.

"Let's go inside." He said. "It's going to rain."

Chapter Two.

After a snack and some cocoa we had all gone to bed by eleven. I was just dropping off when I heard my doorknob turning. I watched as the door slowly opened and a figure with long hair made it's way towards me in the dim light. My bedclothes were pulled slowly back and the lump of ice called Jenny slipped in beside me.

"You're cold." I shivered.

"Warm me up then." She replied.

I rubbed her for a time through her dressing gown and nightdress. When I felt she was warm enough I began to undress her. Undoing the cord around her waist I slipped the dressing gown over her shoulders and pulling it for underneath her dropped it to the floor. Kneeling between her legs I pushed up her nightdress, Jenny lifted her hips to assist me. She sat up to help me pull it over her head and I dropped to the floor on top of her dressing gown. Sinking back onto the pillow she pulled my head to hers and kissed me, mouth open, tongue flicking. I caught her tongue between my lips and sucked it into my mouth whilst my prick nudged at her opening.

Releasing her tongue I kissed her bottom lip then, with licks and nibbles made my way along her jawbone to her ear.

I sucked gently on her lobe, then probed her opening with my tongue.

Jenny tried to move down the bed to take my prick inside her but I lowered myself on top of her, pinning her to the bed with my weight.

I kissed the side of her neck then moved down to her collarbone. Shifting my weight I took first one nipple, then the other into my mouth, sucking slowly and carefully. She placed both hands on my shoulders and tried to push me towards her fanny. I resisted, revelling in the feeling of power I suddenly had.

"Please Paul. Don't tease me." She whispered low, she was having trouble controlling her breathing.

I reluctantly let her nipple slip from my lips and kissed my way to her navel. She arched her back and moved her hips, pressing her pubic mound against my chest. Again her hands were on my shoulders trying to force me down. This time I went with the pressure.

With one of her feet on each of my shoulders and her thighs spread wide I smoothed away the pubic hairs covering her fanny lips and kissed them, sucking each one in turn into my mouth. Releasing them I spread them with my thumbs and buried my tongue as far inside her as it would go swirling it around against the sides of her fanny. I could hear her moaning as she placed her hands on the back of my head and tried to pull me further inside. Catching her wrists I held her arms by her side and continued licking. Her fanny lips were closing around my tongue so I made my way to her clitoris and sucked it, pulling it from its hood. Jenny suddenly clamped her thighs tightly around my head and came, letting out a strangled cry.

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