tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 15a

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 15a


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 15a: Another June Wedding Part 1

A Paul and Jenny story.
Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved.
All events and Characters are fictitious.


I awoke to feel the tip of Paul's hard on just starting to worm its way between the cheeks of my ass. The dear. He was trying not to wake me.

I'd finished my finals yesterday but Paul still had two more days of exams to go. I knew he was very nervous although he tried not to show it. My course had all hit the pub in the evening but Paul didn't want to come. Last minute studying. It wasn't the same without him. I drank some wine and fought off the hands of the males present who felt any woman's body was fair game and left to come home at ten.

I'd dropped Shirley at her flat. Her suggestion that she move into our spare room while we stayed on for our Masters had seemed sensible last night. I could appreciate she didn't want to have to find new flat mates and live through the seemingly never ending stream of parties that always seemed to be held in the Girl's flats. It would be better for her and we would be help and support to each other on the course. And it would be fun.

I wondered when the best time to ask Paul would be?

I lifted my uppermost leg slightly and allowed his prick to rub against my anus. That felt nice. If he would just leave it there without trying to push it inside me. He must have read my thoughts. He was moving slightly. Not enough to penetrate me but just enough to make it feel wonderful. He hand reached around and cupped one of my breasts. That was nice. I felt so warm and safe. The pressures of exams were over and I was getting married on Saturday. Five days to go. Only five. A shudder of excitement ran through my body. My fanny was in flood. I lifted my leg and, reaching down, guided the tip of Paul's prick against my hole. He pushed, then again.

"Ah," I gasped as he slipped inside me.

I lowered my leg as he moved slowly in and out of me. This was very nice.

I looked at my alarm clock. He hadn't come to bed until three in the morning and it was only just after seven. His next exam was at nine thirty. Then the last one tomorrow. Then off to Somerset on Thursday. I was to stay with his parents while he stayed with his Grandfather. My mother was coming down from Gloucester by train on Friday morning to help with any last minute arrangements. I wasn't sure how she would get on with Paul's mother. It was supposed to be my parents who made all the arrangements but somehow, as soon as we told them, Paul's mother took charge.

We wanted a quick registry office wedding in Gloucester but it was now to be a full-blown affair in Paul's grandfather's village with a marquee on the lawn of the walled garden and a band until one a.m. It did occur to me that Paul's mother's insistence on organising his former Scoutmasters wedding had been a rehearsal for this moment.

Paul was speeding up but his prick didn't feel very hard. There was something I had to ask him. Ah, yes. Shirley.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Yes." He panted in reply. "Good morning."

I turned my head so he could kiss my cheek.

He did so, stopping moving in and out.

"I want to ask you something."

I couldn't quite feel his prick as I could when he started. It was growing soft.

He stopped moving and I felt him slip out of me. I quickly turned to face him.

"What's wrong?" I asked, reaching down and holding his prick. It was slippery with my juices but soft.

"I just don't feel like it this morning." He said turning his head away.

"You did just now."

"I know. It's just that I have a lot on my mind. You don't mind too much, do you?"

I did a bit as I had just started to feel the first stirrings of my own orgasm. But something was bothering him.

I dragged his arm around my back and lay my head on his shoulder. Normally his finger would automatically seek out my anus for a little gentle rubbing. But not this time. I picked up his prick and stroked it. He placed his hand on mine.

"It's alright, really." He said taking my hand away.

I lifted my head and looked down into his eyes. I could see the lines of worry around his eyes. It had been my idea he come to University with me rather then join his father's accountancy firm and take professional qualifications.

"What's wrong?" I asked, kissing his nose.

"Nothing." He insisted, turning his head away. "I'll be alright."

"Hmm." I said turning away myself and climbing out of bed. "You had better be. I'm getting married on Saturday."

"So am I." He replied.

"Hmm." I said in reply and spent the next few minutes pottering around the room naked sorting out clothes for us both to wear. Conscious of his eyes following me, I took every opportunity I could find to bend from the waist with my backside towards him to give him a flash of my holes.

"I'm having a shower then I'll get you some breakfast. I don't want you feeling faint during your exam today."

"I don't really feel like eating." He said.

Didn't he?

I left the bedroom, took a towel from the airing cupboard above the water boiler and went into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet, wiped myself when I'd finished and flushed it. I stepped into the bath and pulled the shower curtains around me. I gasped as the water hit me. I must remind Shirley when she moved in that the first few seconds of water were always cold until the heater cut in. That was better. I picked up Paul's 'soap on a rope' and worked up a lather with my hands.

I heard the door open and Paul on the toilet. The rustling of tissue then the flush followed by the sound of water running into the hand basin.

I stepped out of the shower and slowly dried myself with a large bath towel while he shaved and cleaned his teeth. I was conscious of his watching me in the mirror so I made a great show of drying my bum hole, fanny and pubic hairs.

I pushed back just enough as he passed me into the shower for his prick to rub across the cheeks of my ass. I quickly stood up and moved away as I felt his hands reaching for my waist.

Not yet.

I slipped out of the bathroom leaving him with one foot in the bath and went downstairs to the kitchen. There I put the kettle on for tea, I hoped somebody had given us a kettle with an automatic cut-off in it, and placed some eggs on to boil. Two for Paul and one for me. I looked out of the kitchen window down the side of the outside toilet and utility room which housed our washing machine and tumble dryer and over our little garden. It might only be fifteen yards long but it was ours. I loved living in this house.

I also loved him.

I could hear him walking back to the bedroom to dress. The kettle was boiling so I made a pot of tea. The first toast popped out of the toaster so I placed then on a plate and put two more slices of bread in the machine. I quickly laid the table with cups, saucers, plates, butter and jam and sat on a chair wrapped in my towel waiting for him.

I heard him coming down the stairs. I loosened my towel. He came into the kitchen, kissed me and sat down.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"Don't worry about it." I reassured him. "It's just exam nerves."

"I didn't think it would be like this."

"Nobody ever does." I agreed. "Everybody thinks you just have to turn up, spend three years partying and they hand you your degree when you leave. It's hard work."

He smiled weakly at me. This wasn't going to do. He was going to sit this exam with a smile on his face.

The eggs were bubbling in the saucepan and the toaster had popped again. I stood up, letting my towel fall away from me and went to the work surface. I knew he was watching me so I scratched one of my ass cheeks, pulling them apart slightly. Not enough for him to see my anus but enough to let him know there was one there. I'd forgotten the egg cups so I had to reach up into one of the cupboards for them.

I grunted as if it had been an effort as I settled back onto my heels. I turned back to the table giving him a full frontal for a second then turned away again and collected the teapot.

"Milk." I said.

Turning away from the table again I bent from the waist with my legs apart as I opened the fridge door so that both my holes were on display. I maintained my position as I heard the chair scrape on the floor. Two hands were on my hips pulling my ass cheeks back against his crotch. I could feel the hardness of his prick through his trousers. One of his hands left my hips and I felt the back of it brush the crack between my ass cheeks as he unfastened his trousers and pulled down his zip.

I gasped out loud as the tip of his prick touch my fanny lips. I reached down between my legs to hold them open and pushed back to meet his thrust. I felt the tip of his prick between my fingers then it was gone as he pulled back to push again.

He was really entering me this time. I could feel my vagina stretching to accommodate him. My juices flowing to lubricate him. I released my fanny lips and placed both of my hands on top of the fridge. The cold air from the open door wafted over the front of my body in contrast to the heat being generated at the rear. I heard him gasping, I felt him growing inside me. I felt his pubic hairs against my ass and his balls against the top of my thighs. Don't come yet. I wanted to scream as I felt the familiar glow started to build inside me. He was coming. The feel of his come inside me sent me over the top. My legs felt weak and I'm sure I would have fallen to the ground had he not been holding me tight around the waist as he shot inside me.

He moved in and out slowly a couple of time, 'to make sure he'd given me everything' as he would say the pulled back out of me. I turned to face him and looked him up and down.

"What do you look like?" I asked.

Pants and trousers around his ankles with his shirt held under his chin and his prick glistening as it slowly shrank.

"Happy?" He replied.

To Be Continued...

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