tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14p

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14p


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14p: Back to Egypt Part 16

A Paul and Jenny story.

Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved.

All events and characters are fictitious. No resemblance to anybody alive or dead is intended.

* * * * *


I turned over in bed with difficulty. Either Paul had grown an extra set of arms and legs during the night or we were not alone.

I turned my head to one side and opened one eye. I could see the back of Linda's head with it's covering of dark red hair.

I couldn't feel my legs. I looked down the bed. Michelle was lying across the foot of the bed, partly on my legs and Paul's.

I looked at Paul. He did look drained.

I had intended to keep him too myself all night and really give him something to remember our visit to Egypt by. Both Linda and Michelle had flirted outrageously with him throughout the evening meal. Michelle had run into Jerez at our hotel where he was arranging for our bags to be packed and delivered to his house and she had managed to get herself an invite to spend the night with us.

Michelle moved and I took the opportunity to pull my feet out from under her. I was now on my back with my knees bent as if I was expecting to be taken by a lover.

I looked back at Paul then down to his prick.

Poor thing. It did look sore.

When Michelle and Linda had followed us into our bed room after dinner I suppose I should have asked them to leave, after all, they would still have had each other, but Linda's hands were on my body and her lips pressed hard against mine before the thought had occurred to me. By the time we broke our kiss Michelle had had Paul's shirt from him and was working on his belt buckle.

I opened my legs and scratched the lips of my fanny as the memories started to flood back. Linda undressing me and laying me on my back then Michelle leading Paul by the prick between my thighs. I must have looked much as I did now. I slowly spread open my fanny lips with the index and middle finger of my right hand. That felt nice. I ran the tip of my finger along the length of my slip, between my lips. That felt nicer. I did it again. This time stopping when I reached the, oh so sensitive, bud of my clit. It felt hot, throbbing. I had to rub it.

Both Linda and Michelle had held me open as they guided Paul inside me. How good his filling me had felt. How good this felt. I lifted my hips from the bed as I had to meet his thrusts. I rubbed my clit, then the area beside it, then rubbed it again.

Whilst Paul was moving in and out of me Michelle had visited the toilet. When she returned she was holding our jar of Vaseline. Paul had lifted his head and looked down into my eyes as we both heard the popping sound of the lid to the jar being removed. Paul stopped moving and I saw a pained look spread across his face then he smiled and started moving again. I felt my own orgasm building, was that then or now. He'd quickened his movements, my own finger was moving faster. He was there. I could feel him coming inside me even now. I was there. A warm glow spread from beneath my navel, filling my whole body.

I closed my legs, leaned over and kissed him. A smile flickered around the corners of his mouth.

I straddled his body then stood up by the side of the bed. I looked down at the jumble of arms and legs. Linda had turned onto her back. Paul had had her next then Michelle. Linda had licked me while he was doing it then she had made way for Michelle. Between my gasps and the blurring of vision that comes with the receipt of pleasure I saw Linda sucking Paul's prick back to hardness. When she was satisfied she'd had Paul kneel behind Michelle up-raised backside and had taken the jar of Vaseline. The looks of surprise, pain and wonder had followed each other in quick succession across Michelle's face as Linda guided Paul into her anus.

I thought she was going to scream.

She did moan and grunt and gasp. Linda knelt beside Paul with one hand behind his back the other rubbing his chest and balls and stomach. She kept licking his ear. Sucking his ear lobe. Paul's hand was between her legs, first up the back, then at the front then back to the back.

Everybody had been breathing heavily. Linda had left Paul's balls to reach forward between Michelle's legs to rub her clit. I don't know in which order we came. I just know I did.

I realised there was a huge smile on my face as I made my way to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. That was better.

I wiped myself, flushed the bowl then stood under the shower.

That felt good.

Linda had been kneeling over my face and was sucking and licking on her clit for all I was worth when I'd felt the bed springs moving. I knew Paul had been having Michelle at the time but this movement was different to what their shagging had been creating. Linda had leaned forward, burying her face in my fanny, lifting her own fanny from my mouth. I'd seen Paul and Michelle moving into position behind her raised buttocks. They both had wicked looking smiles on their faces. Michelle was holding the jar of Vaseline, some of which she applied to Linda's anus. Taking Paul's already glistening prick she'd worked back and forth his foreskin to keep him hard the placed its tip against Linda's tightest hole. I lifted myself up using Linda's ass cheeks for support and kissed Paul's balls as her slowly slid inside her. I heard Linda cry out once then gasp, then moan as Paul moved in and out of her. I'd never seen anybody taken like this from this angle before. I could hear the slurping sounds Paul's prick was making as he pistoned in and out. I wondered if I made the same noises when he was using me.

Then it was my turn to gasp as Linda returned her tongue to my fanny and clit. I'd sunk back onto the bed allowing the waves of pleasure to wash over me as I began building towards my next orgasm. I watched Paul's balls banging against the backs of Linda's thighs. I closed my eyes for a second. When I'd reopened them Michelle's finger was rubbing Linda's clit I could feel myself coming and lifted my hips from the bed in an attempt to get more of my clit inside Linda's mouth. I could see Paul's balls tightening. Heard him gasp as he came. I watched his balls lifting and falling as he pumped his come into Linda's ass. I closed my eyes again as I came. I heard Linda's come, a sound I knew so well.

I opened my eyes as Paul was pulling out. Why was anal sex so messy? He could go and wash that before it came anywhere near me again.

I stepped from the shower and picked up a towel to dry myself with. I cleaned my teeth then wondered what time it was and went back into the bedroom to look at Paul's wristwatch. The atmosphere in the bedroom heavy with the smells of sex so I opened the door to the covered walkway outside to let in some fresh air. I looked each way to make sure there was nobody about then walked back to the bed and picking up Paul's wrist looked at his watch. It was seven fifteen. Full daylight at this latitude.

I opened one of my suitcases and took out a clean set of underwear and a skirt and blouse. No more dressing to conform to local customs for me. I was going home.

There were stirrings from the bed behind me. I quickly dressed then took out a set of clothes for Paul to wear. Something knocked against my ear and I turned my head to look into the little hole at the end of Paul's prick. Where had it been last? I tried to remember, gave it up and kissed it good morning.

I stood up and let him put his arms around me. He kissed me on the lips. I could smell the beer and Brandy he'd had the night before. "Shower, shave and clean your teeth before breakfast." I ordered, pointing him in the direction of the bathroom.

I could hear voices outside and stepped out of the room closing the door behind me with a bang.

Lee-Anne was walking towards me with a man I think I recognised from the party of Americans the previous morning. Had it only been that long ago?

"Good morning Jenny." Lee-Anne said stopping before me. "This is Dave. He's come to take Michelle to catch her plane."

"She's in my room talking." I said loudly.

I opened the door and peeked inside. Michelle was coming towards me fastening the zip on her dress, Linda sat on the end of the bed fully clothed. I opened the door wide. "They've come for you I'm afraid." I said to Michelle.

Just then Paul came out of the bathroom, naked.


I hate goodbyes. Always have.

Everybody stayed outside while I dressed. All I had wanted was a towel. There had been laughter and shrieks. I couldn't think why. It wasn't as if any of the woman had not seen my prick before.

I came out dressed and we all kissed Michelle goodbye. I wondered if I'd ever see her again. Then it was our turn to leave. We said goodbye to Lee-Anne at the house and Linda and Jerez at the Airport. We were rushed through the departure lounge and onto the plane a good fifteen minutes before any of the other passengers boarded. Jenny bagged the window seat and I had the inside one.

I don't know how or why Jerez had arranged it but we were in first class. This was better than tourist class. The seats were firm yet gave in all the right places and you actually had some room for your legs. There were proper magazines in the back of the seat in front. I could get used to this.

The plane began to fill. The other passengers taking their seats gave us some funny looks. Probably wondering whom we were to get such treatment.

Let them wonder.

I closed my eyes as we taxied to the end of the runway and held Jenny's hand as we took off.

The drinks trolley was wheeled out almost before the 'no smoking' and 'fasten your seat belt' signs had been switched off. I didn't want a drink, neither did Jenny.

Part of me was hoping that Jenny would want to visit the toilets with me but another part, my prick, was almost begging her not to. It was sore. Three woman in one night. More than once each. And Jenny allowing it to happen. More than allowing it. Joining in. I gave her hand a squeeze. She responded by squeezing my hand back.

I closed my eyes again and lost myself for half an hour in thoughts of the previous night.

I must have nodded off for Jenny was shaking me awake as the main meal was brought around. No plastic trays here. Proper plates and glasses. We both had a glass of wine with our meal and coffee to follow. A visit to the toilet for us both. Separately. Then some more sleep with my arm around Jenny and her head on my shoulder.

The drinks trolley was wheeled around again but I waved it away. I was comfortable and happy. I didn't want disturbing. I held Jenny's hand and counted the fingers. A single ring on one finger. My eyes snapped open.

"Jenny." I whispered in her ear. "Jenny."

"Hmm." She sighed.

"Will you marry me?"


Had she heard?

"Jenny. Will you marry me?"

"Yes." She breathed her reply.



- The End -

Paul and Jenny will return in 'Another June wedding.'

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