tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16b

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16b


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16b: Spanish Honeymoon Part 2

We landed at Malaga International Airport from Gatwick Airport at three in the afternoon.

It had hardly turned out to be the fun filled first night of married bliss I'd hoped for.

First the manager had arrived in response to somebody reporting a naked man in the corridor. Then the police arrived and wanted statements concerning the intruder and then, to end a perfect night Howie arrived drunk as a skunk. Carol went straight to their room and Jenny had followed her. Howie wanted me to stay up and drink with him. I reminded him it was my wedding night and he made a big show of checking our bedroom for Jenny. Of course, she wasn't there but he did find the Vaseline.

The policeman who had taken my statement, such as it was, looked at it, then at me.

What could I say? Anything but what we had intended to use it for. That would have been illegal.

Finally, Jenny returned and we managed to get rid of both Howie and the policeman. Howie left clutching the remains of our bottle of Champagne and, so I discovered later, the Vaseline.

The temperature in England had been a pleasant twenty-two degrees when we left. It was at least ten degrees more when we landed.

I waved to Carlos, who had been in charge of the Villa north of Malaga for as long as I could remember. I still didn't know exactly what my Grandfather had done to deserve the gift of the building on the death of Rodrego's parents but it seemed to suit a lot of people. I loved it there.

Some of my summers had been lonely if I examined them too carefully but all that came to mind were the good times and there had been plenty of those.

"Hallo, Sir." Carlos said pumping my hand with his own. "It has been too long a time."

"How long?" I suddenly couldn't remember my last visit.

"Nearly four years, Sir."

I hadn't been to Spain since before I met Jenny. It had been to long.

Speaking of Jenny.

"Carlos." I felt I should be very formal. "May I introduce my wife, Jennifer."

"Call me Jenny." She said taking his hand and smiling at him. I think she won a fan.

"Let me take your case." Carlos said, taking her bag and leading her to the big silver Mercedes illegally parked by the entrance to the airport terminal building.

I followed behind carrying my own bag.

"This is Herto." Carlos said as a large man climbed from the front of the car and opened the passenger doors and boot.

"Hallo Herto." Jenny said smiling at him.

Herto's eyes widened a little then he turned away and placed our bags in the boot.

I looked over my shoulder as I followed Jenny into the rear of the car. I'd had this feeling of being followed ever since I'd left the flat in London this morning.

Jenny hadn't noticed anything. I'd asked her.

We had had dinner the evening before in the flat of the Admiral and his wife. They had hired in a chef for the evening and a pretty young girl to serve the meal.

Later, in our own flat, full of food and wine and a glass of Brandy I had shared the piano stool with Jenny and played one handed, with my other hand around her waist.

The night was warm and Jenny had rested her head on my shoulder. We talked a little and planned our futures together. Then she fell silent.

I had to shake her awake and she made me carry her to the bedroom. I helped her undress and climbed naked into bed beside her. She lay her head on my shoulder and I felt one of her ass cheeks. She had snuggled closer as I had probed for her anus.

"This is nice." She had said.

I'd rubbed her anus and she had sighed. I switched the light off and closed my eyes for a second.

It was the sounds of Hudson in the flat the next morning, preparing for the arrival of the Wolfensteins that had awoken me. I looked towards the foot of the bed and saw Jenny with a just out of the shower look. She was wearing panties and hooking up her bra.

"Come on sleepy head." She'd said. "Time to get up."

I pushed back the bedclothes to show her that my prick already was.

"No time for that." She'd said. "Make it go down and have a shower. You know Hudson has a lot to do today. He wants to take us to the airport in half an hour."

I'd stretched, held up my prick for her to see.

"No." She'd finished dressing and was walking towards the door. "I'm going to make some tea."

So it had been tea and toast after a quick shower. Then the drive to the airport and this feeling somebody was watching me

We drove away from the airport and started to climb up into the hills above Malaga. I look down on the town as we swept through turn after turn and pointed out various landmarks to Jenny. The clear blue waters of the bay and harbour. The old stone jetty.

We turned onto a minor road and passed through a village with a cobbled square on which was set out tables and chairs in front of the cafe. It was late afternoon and a number of the tables were occupied by, it seemed, mostly middle-aged men drinking wine.

"This must be the village where your grandmother and father and Alistair were caught and your grandfather had to drive a lorry into a crowd of men to rescue them." Jenny said as we passed out of the square continued along the road.

She was beginning to know more of my family history than I did.

My mother once said that she didn't want them filling my head with stories from before I was born. Afraid I might follow in their footsteps I think.

Well, things had certainly happened to me, but only since I'd known Jenny. Perhaps it wasn't me after all? Perhaps it was she?

I took her hand and squeezed it gently. She squeezed my hand back and lay her head against my shoulder.

There was nothing to worry about. I, no we, were on our honeymoon.

A further two miles and we were in the village at the foot of the road leading up to the villa.

The area was starting to become developed. When I was young ours was the only villa of any size in the area. Now we passed four others as we drove into the village and I could see more on the hillside on the far side of it.

"A lot of people are starting to live here." I observed to the two men in the front of the car.

"More and more each year." Carlos replied. "Most are welcome."

"And some are not?" Jenny prompted.

"We do not have an extradition treaty with you country and some find this a good place to live for that reason."

"Are there any living around here?" Jenny asked nervously squeezing my hand.

"No." Carlos reassured her. "I do not think so."

The gates to the Villa were standing open as we arrived. Herto walked back to close them as Carlos helped us with our luggage.

Jenny was introduced to Maria, the cook, who, with Carlos, had been at the Villa for as long as I could remember. Contria, her niece, was in the village that evening but would be back in the morning. She did the cleaning and the beds. The name rang a bell but I couldn't place her face.

"What happened to Carmen?" I asked.

She had done the cleaning for as long as I could remember.

"She has moved down into the village and helps her brother in the cafe now that his wife has died." Carlos replied as we placed our cases on the top of the bed in the main bedroom.

"You will be hungry." Carlos stated rather than asked. "Marie has prepared a meal for you on the balcony."

He opened the French windows and we stepped outside. A table with two chairs had been laid out for us and there was a bottle of wine in an ice bucket. There was a platter of cold meats and cheeses and bread in hunks.

"You will wish to be alone until morning." Another statement from Carlos.

He seemed to be trying to give me a knowing look as he held Jenny's chair for her as she sat down. He smiled at me in a knowing way as he made his way back through the French windows and pulled them closed before switching on the veranda lights.

"Happy?" I asked as Jenny placed some slices of meat and cheese on my plate.

"Who wouldn't be. With all this." She replied, waving her hand about her.

"It's very quiet here." I said, using the tongs to pick up some salad. "I'm a little worried you'll get bored."

"I'm sure I can think of something to do to keep me occupied."

"I could help."

"I intend that you do."

I felt my prick growing.

"It is warm here." She remarked unbuttoning a button on her blouse and slipping her hand inside to adjust her bra straps.

"Carlos was acting a little strange." I said watching the first swellings of her breasts appear and disappear.

"I can't comment." Jenny hefted one of her breasts inside the cup of her bra.

I could do that for her.

"In what way is he acting strange?" She asked, removing her hand but leaving the button undone as she saw to her own plate.

"He was giving me funny looks."

Jenny thought for a moment, then smiled.

"What's funny?" I asked, pouring a glass of wine each.

"Why are we here?"

"We're on our honeymoon."

"And what normally happens on the first night of a honeymoon."

I must have looked blank.

"Think." She urged, then continued. "Over here on the first night of a honeymoon the virgin bride is deflowered."

"But you're not a virgin."

"Nowhere. Thanks to you. But don't shout it out loud. We don't want everyone to know."

"But. They can't think that you."

I stopped myself before I dug a large hole to fall into.

"Careful. I just think that that is what would be happening if I hadn't given myself so easily to you."

"Does it bother you?"

"Not really. It's just that it would have been nice to have had something for the first time."

"I'm not really that hungry." She continued, moving her food around her plate.

Not only do I sometimes say the right thing but I can also take a hint. If it's fairly obvious.

Jenny picked up her glass and, standing up, walked to the front of the balcony. I took a mouthful of food, chewed quickly, swallowed, and then followed her. Standing close behind her I placed my arms around her waist and pulled her back against me.

She took a sip of wine then passed her glass back to my lips. I drank a little then we stood and watched the lights in the town and harbour in the distance.

It was fully dark. The insects were being attracted by the lights. Something small and black flew across in front of us.

"Bat." I said.

"You never told me there were bats here."

"Famous for them."

"Let's go to bed."

Jenny led me towards the French windows.

"What about the food?" She asked with her hand on the handle.

"They'll clear it away in a minute." I assured her. "When they realise we have finished."

"How will they know?"

"Oh, they'll know."

"I suppose they are listening out for my cries as you deflower me."

"It didn't hurt that much the first time we did it."

"You weren't on the receiving end."

I closed the doors, switched of the balcony lights and lowered the blinds.

"I need a shower." Jenny said, opening her suitcase and taking out her nightdress. "Where is the bathroom?"

"Through that door." I said pointing then unbuttoning my shirt. "I'll come with you."

"Give me a couple of minutes."

"Why?" I asked walking towards the bathroom door. "We are married."

"You know why."

I stopped to pull off my trousers. My underpants followed. I didn't say anything.

"You really want to?" She asked.

"Not if would rather I didn't."

"You know I don't feel comfortable."

"I won't then."

"You can, if you really want to."

"Not if it makes you unhappy."

"It would but you can."

She entered the bathroom and I heard her lift the toilet cover through the open door. She did say I could. I walked to the open door and stopped. I could hear her going. All I had to do was walk through the door.

"Well?" She asked.

"Another time, perhaps." I mumbled.


I heard the rustle of paper and the flush of the toilet. The bang of the lid of the toilet.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I wish you would make up your mind."

With that she closed the door on me and I heard the lock turn.

Now what had I done?

I sat on the edge of the bed listening to the sound of water running in the shower.

The water stopped running and I imagined Jenny drying herself. Furiously rubbing her hair, then her shoulders and back. I pictured her lifting each breast in turn to ensure they were dry underneath as well as on top. Not that she had alot to lift. Still, they filled my hands and she had lovely little nipples. Nipples that would grow and harden to my touch, becoming just right for sucking. I love sucking her nipples. Had she reached her fanny and ass yet? Standing on one leg with her other foot on the toilet seat as she dried her lips, then reaching behind, rubbing between the cheeks of her ass concentrating on the tight folds of skin that formed her anus,

My prick was hard,

I stroked it. Twice,

There was movement in the bathroom and the door opened, Jenny came back in wearing her nightdress still rubbing at her hair with a towel.

She didn't say a word. She just sat on the opposite side of the bed with her back towards me. I stood up and holding my dirty clothes in front of my prick hurried into the bathroom. Dropping my clothes into the soiled laundry basket I stepped into the shower and turned on the tap. I shuddered as the jet of lukewarm water hit me. I'd forgotten that it always took a short period for the water to return to hot after a shower. I kept moving, trying to keep warm.

I switched off the shower and looked around for a towel. She'd used them all. I had noticed one inside the laundry basket so I fished it out. It was damp but not what you would call wet. I held it to my nose. Did I imagine it or could I smell Jenny upon it. Something was certainly making my prick grow. I smelt it again. Had this part been used on her armpits? Perhaps this part had rubbed her breasts? Then that would leave this part for between her legs, front and back.

My prick was fully hard again but I resisted the temptation to stroke it as I knew what would happen if I did. Instead I quickly towelled down my body, and dropping the towel back into the laundry basket, switched off the light and stepped into the bedroom.

The lights were out and the only light came from between the slats of the blinds that were fitted to the doors to the balcony and covered the windows to either side.

I made my way to the bed. Jenny was on her side facing away from me. I lifted the sheet and bed cover and got in behind her. For a moment it did occur to me that it wasn't even eight o'clock and that I could go downstairs and watch some TV or have a beer with Carlos. No. If she was going to be silly then so was I.

I lay on my back and stared at the ceiling listing to the sounds of her breathing, wishing my prick would go down.

I must have fallen asleep. The luminous dial on my watch showed that it was nearly midnight. The door handle on the balcony rattled and I could hear a scratching sound.


I swung my legs from the bed and stood up. I heard Jenny turning over in the bed as I walked to the doors. The scratching sounds ceased. I stopped and opened two slats of the blinds with my fingers. I was staring into somebody's face. One of us shouted in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Jenny asked from the bed.

"There's somebody outside." I replied, fumbling with the door catch.

At last it turned as Jenny switched on her bedside light. Its light made the night appear even darker as I opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony. I heard a thud on the other side of the low wall and the sounds of somebody running away. I hurried to the spot and saw a figure running towards the gates. They were open. Normally they were locked and closed during the hours of darkness.

I thought briefly of jumping down and giving chase but, realising I was still naked, I gave up that idea. The figure had disappeared through the gates and I heard the sound of a car engine starting and saw its lights as it pulled past the gates and down towards the village. The front door opened below and Carlos and Herto stood below in the light that shone from it.

"Yes, Mr Paul?" Carlos looked up at me. "We thought we heard somebody."

"You did." I confirmed. "Somebody was trying the door to our room. They ran through the gates and drove off."

The two men looked at each other, then up at me. For a second time I was conscious of my nakedness. I covered my prick and balls with my hands.

"I'm sorry." I said. "For being like this."

"And how else should a man be on a night like this." Carlos replied. "We will stay up tonight and make sure you are not disturbed again."

There was a movement by my side and Jenny, in her almost sheer nightdress and dressing gown was handing me my towelling bathrobe. I slipped my arms into its sleeves and pulled it close. The night air was suddenly chilly.

"Do you want anything before you go back to bed?" Carlos asked.

"A drink would be nice." Jenny replied. "Anything. Anything at all."

"I will bring you some fruit juice."

Carlos and Herto talked in low tones for a few seconds. Then Herto made his way to the gates and I saw him close and lock them while Carlos disappeared from view below.

We back into our bedroom, closing and locking the doors behind us. I heard the sounds of clicking outside and looked out through the slats with Jenny's head close beside my own. The full set of perimeter lights had been switched on. They were normally only used when the Villa was used for important meetings, which wasn't when I was staying there.

We sat on the bed side by side. I looked at Jenny and she at me then she turned her head away.

"I'm sorry." I said.

She turned her face towards me.

"It was me." She sniffed. "I'm the one who should say sorry."

I placed my arm around her back with my hand resting on her hip. The fingers of my other hand I ran down the side of her cheek. She smiled weakly and leaned her head against my shoulder. I lowered my mouth to kiss her.

Knock. Knock. As our lips touched there came a knock on the door.

"Just one moment, Carlos." She replied to the knock, running her fingers through my hair before standing up and smoothing down the front of her dressing gown.

She looked down at me.

"Better cover Mr Willie up before I open the door." She suggested.

I looked down. The tip of my hardening prick was sticking out of the front of my bathrobe. I covered it up as she walked to the door and opened it.

Carlos stepped into the bedroom carrying a tray, a jug of orange, some fruit, biscuits and a bottle of red wine. There were also two wineglasses and a corkscrew. He set the tray down on the dressing table. He opened the corkscrew and started twisting the end into the cork.

"Just in case." He said, pulling the cork from the bottle with a flourish.

"Thank you." Jenny said. "How did he get through the gates, do you think?"

"All of the keys are accounted for except the one that Contira has." Carlos poured two glasses of wine and handed them to us. "She will be back at seven in the morning. We will speak to her then."

"Where is she tonight?" I asked, taking a sip of my wine. It was nice.

"She has. What do you say? A date. With her boyfriend from England."

"He husband died two years ago. He was a fisherman. Her family comes from here. There is this Englishman who lives along the coast. They have been friendly for a year or more. Ever since he arrived. She came here to work shortly after that. I think she persuaded Carmen to go and help her brother and, of course, it was only right that a relation of Carmen takes her place here. That is the way."

"What is the Englishman like?" Jenny asked.

"He is about fifty years of age." Carlos walked to the windows and checked them and the doors leading onto the balcony. "I am told the women find him good looking. He writes for magazines and newspapers, and I think he has written a book. He is seen sometimes with the ones we would rather not have living here."

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