tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16d

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16d


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16d: Spanish Honeymoon Part 4

After breakfast of boiled eggs and hard bread with seeds on top we took the keys of the keys to the little van that Carlos used to drive into Malaga for items we couldn't get locally and I drove through the gates and down towards the village.

I stopped outside the cafe when I saw Carmen tending tables and introduced her to Jenny after she had embarrassed me by throwing her arms around me and hugging me. Then she started to cry and her brother came out to find out what was happening. He hugged me as well and shook Jenny's hand. We had to resist their offers of wine and cake and finally, after promising to return soon, were allowed on our way.

"What nice people." Jenny observed as I turned right at the junction with the major road that would eventually take us to Madrid. "They like you a lot."

"They have known me since I was a baby and my family before that."

A car beeped its horn as I forgot for a moment that I was driving on the right instead of the left.

"Don't ask me to drive." Jenny sounded worried that I might.

"You'll have to learn how to drive on the right if we intend coming here a lot in the future."

"Do we intend coming here in the future?" She asked.

"The family do own it."

"It's a wonderful place."

"It was Rodrigo's parents before the Spanish Government gave it to us after the Second World War."

"They must have done something special to deserve that."

"I don't really know." I replied, slowing and turning off the main road and taking what was little more that a dirt track up into the hills.

The road turned to the left and at the head of the valley in front of us stood the ruins of the old convent.

"Is this where the Nuns lived?" Jenny asked as I pulled up by the large wooden gates.

"Not during the actual civil war, I'm told." The small pedestrian access gate set in one of the tall main doors hung on one hinge. The religious buildings were all closed and the Nuns and Priests made to work in the local communities. They local Nuns somehow managed to keep their school going throughout the war until Malaga fell to Franco's forces."

"I always thought of Franco as a good guy."

"I think they were all as good and as bad as each other in those days. It was all a bit of a mess. German saw Britain and France's reluctance to become involved as a sign of weakness and in all probability it helped lead to the Second World War."

"There were gangs of bandits roaming these hills in those days." I continued leading the way towards where the altar would have once stood. The Nuns from here went back into their habits as soon as they could. Probably too soon. The fighting moved back and forth to the west of here."

"So this wasn't caused by the fighting?" Jenny asked looking around her.

"No." I shook my head. "I think that most of this was caused by my father and great uncle Alistair."

"But how?"

"There had been some talks about German troops coming through Spain and attacking Gibraltar. If that had happened and they could have won the war in North Africa then they would have sown up the whole of he Mediterranean."

"The passengers in the plane had a signed agreement for this to happen but the plane was shot down and it crashed here."

I looked up at where the roof had been. I suddenly felt very proud.

"What about the Nuns?" Jenny moved a piece of wood and a mouse scurried across the floor towards the far wall. "What happened to them?"

"There was a fire and most of their living accommodation and the school was destroyed."

"I don't see how they got the Villa for doing that."

"There was more to it, obviously."

I didn't know all the details. I knew there was also something about the Germans wanting to take Rodrigo's father back to South America and reinstalling him as President of his country. I didn't know if this was part of that or something else.

The wall behind the altar had fallen down in one place and I led the way to it. Jenny followed I caught her looking up at the masonry that still stood on either side. I had to admit it did look as if it could all come down at any moment.

"Do you think it's safe." She stopped and asked.

"If we don't make too much noise." I replied and crept forward as quietly as I could.

I could hear Jenny following.

There was fluttering of bird's wings and some dust fell onto us from above.

"I want to go back." Jenny said from close behind.

We were at the top of the pile of rubble.

"It will take as long to go back as it will to go on." I said, turning and reaching out for her hand.

She scrambled up by my side. More debris fell from above. She shook her head to clear some of the dust from her hair.

"Is this your idea of a good time?" She asked, as we started down the mound of rubble, towards the burnt out remains of a close collection of buildings.

Nothing would have been more than two stories high so as not to compete with the convent church next door. Anything salvageable had been taken long ago but I could still imagine the young girls at their lessons or in their beds or somewhere in between.

The rubble under foot seemed looser than I remembered on this side and we finished sliding the last few feet in a shower of broken bricks and plaster and a cloud of dust.

We stood side by side for a few seconds coughing to clear our lungs then I tried to brush Jenny's clothes free of dust, which started us both off coughing again.

"Leave it. Please." She said through her coughs.

"But." I spluttered.

"Just leave it."

She limped ahead of me. She was wearing a wrap around skirt that came to her knees and was bear legged below. The small, neat sandals she wore were suited for the town or beach. There were red marks on her legs and feet. Perhaps this was the wrong type of exploring?

"What would you like to do now?" I asked.

"Go home."

"We've only just come out." I protested.

"I'm hot, dirty and thirsty." Jenny looked at the ruins as if to say I've done that then looked at me. "My legs hurt and I want to go home."

I didn't see myself winning this one. I looked at my watch. When we got back, after a light lunch it would be siesta time. That could be fun.

I took her hand and we walked behind what had been the rear of the Convent church and along the side furthest from the van and nearest the side of the valley.

"That's strange." I said to Jenny, stopping and pointing to some tyre tracks that could be seen in the dust and which appeared to lead to one of the cave entrances that honeycombed the hillside.

"So." She replied with complete lack of interest.

"I just wondered what a car or whatever would be doing over there."

I nodded towards the cave entrance.

"I'm not going into any caves." She said, continuing on and almost dragging me behind her. "I almost died in the last one you made me go into."

"I almost died as well." I reminded her.


I didn't quite know what she meant by that. Obviously she didn't want to go exploring in caves.

We reached the van and I unlocked the door for her. She lifted her skirt to climb in, giving me a flash of her white thighs, and sat down on the passenger seat. I walked around to the driver's side and unlocked the door and climbed behind the wheel.

"You've not enjoyed this morning. Have you?" I asked turning the key in the ignition and preparing to drive off.

"I thought you were going to take me to see some interesting old buildings." She complained.

"That was an interesting old building." I retorted, adding "once."

"I'm sure it was, once."

I didn't reply, concentrating on steering the van back to the main road.

"We could go into Malaga tomorrow and see the fish market and the old castle. " I tried to sound enthusiastic. "You'll like that."

"We could go to a beach and paddle in the sea." She suggested. "It said in the guide book you showed me that we could go on a yacht and explore the coast."

"We could." I replied.

"And we could drive into Gibraltar."

"We could." I repeated.

"We could eat in the open air cafe's in Malaga. Further up the coast there are some Disco's and the larger hotels have night clubs."

I think she knew how she wanted to spend her time here.

"We can do all those things if you want to."

"Good." She squeezed my thigh. "I think we will enjoy this."

I slowed the van and crossed line of oncoming vehicles into the first village. We passed through the square and drove on into our village. I pulled up outside the cafe and Carmen was there almost before I opened the van door.

"You said you were thirsty." I answered Jenny's unspoken question before she did ask it.

We sat a table underneath a tree and Carmen brought us glasses of cool water, cups of coffee and small round cakes.

She sat with us for ten minutes and asked about my family. She had been saddened to hear about the death of my grandmother. I almost said that I'd forgotten about it. That would have been almost true. But now I remembered. Only too well. Jenny on her hands and knees while Tommy tried to fit his prick inside her unlubricated ass hole. Her cries of pain. My beating of Tommy until my father had pulled me from him. Then looking down into my grandfather's face as I held Tommy from the branch of the old oak tree. He and his cousins had been responsible for the death of my grandmother, whom we had buried the day before. I had let him drop. He had fallen onto the branch of the tree that had crashed down a few minutes earlier. Released of his weight my own branch had flown up, splintered, then broke. I remembered the look in Tommy's eyes as the branch, then me, had landed on top of him. But most of all I remembered the cries of Jenny in pain. And the look in my grandfather's eyes.

"Master Paul." Carmen was speaking.

I mentally shook myself and looked at her.

"This is the Contessa." She continued.

I looked then stood up and took the offered hand.

"Please. Call me Izabella."

I'd call her anything she wanted, especially for another look at that ass.

She was gorgeous. Perhaps twenty-five or six. Obviously Spanish but with class. Everything screamed style and breading. She joined us at our table and Carmen brought her a coffee.

She spoke in Spanish at first but when I started to translate into English for Jenny she changed to that.

"My husband bought that villa last year." She told us. " It is far too hot in Madrid during the summer months, but, quite pleasant here."

"Jenny and I have just gotten married." I started to explain.

"So I believe. And your villa was a gift from the Spanish government. No, I cannot read your mind. My staff, I think, knows all about you. Now we have met we must be friends. My husband will only be down to see me for the weekends. It is a lovely area but better with company."

"Of course." I took the hint. "We would love that you visit us whenever you wish."

She smiled at me. I thought about her ass leaving the swimming pool that morning. The something dark that I had seen when she had bent over to pick up her towel.

"Would you like to come for a glass of wine this evening? Or perhaps dinner?"

"You are too kind." Isabella smiled. "I have a dinner engagement this evening but perhaps tomorrow?"

Jenny cleared her throat.

"We really must be going now." Jenny sounded a little cold. "We are expected back for lunch."

I didn't know that.

"Now that is a pity." Izabella look genuinely disappointed. "I was about to offer the same to you."

I was about to accept on the spot but Jenny squeezed my hand under the table.

Isabella smiled at me. Her tanned face and sparkling white teeth. I could feel my prick growing.

"They always prepare too much for one." She looked at Jenny then back to me.

"I hurt my foot this morning." Jenny lifted her leg from underneath the table and showed her scratches and bruises.

"You poor thing." Isabella said reaching out and holding Jenny's leg and examining it closely. "I will look after you. You must come with me."

I had the feeling that she not going to release Jenny's leg until she had our agreement to come.

"We'd love to come." I said.

Isabella ran a finger along her bottom lip. It was incredibly erotic. Was she inviting me in?

"Come now." Isabella said, dropping Jenny's leg and standing up. "Oh. I forgot. I walked to the village today."

"We have our van." I offered.

It suddenly seemed inadequate. It was fine for Jenny and I. And somebody would have to sit in the back where the supplies Carlos used the van to collect would go.

I led the way to the van and opened the front passenger door for Isabella. I then opened the rear doors and offered to help Jenny climb inside. She didn't look happy about something. Perhaps her foot was playing her up. She seemed to be protesting about something as I closed the doors on her and went to the front of the van.

Carmen was standing there. She refused my offer of payment. I smiled my thanks and climbed behind the steering wheel.

It was only a three-minute drive to Izabella's villa. The front gates were opened for us by a good looking man dressed in black trousers and a white shirt.

I pulled up beside a large black Daimler and climbed out. Isabella had opened the passenger door herself and was swinging her legs out of the van by the time I reached her door. Her skirt had ridden up to above mid thigh, a little more and I could have seen her knickers. She opened her legs slightly and I could almost see them. Then she was standing by my side smoothing down her skirt.

"Don't forget me." Jenny called from inside the back of the van.

I smiled at Izabella and received one in return then hurried to the rear doors of the van. Jenny didn't take my offered hand to help her climb down. I could hear Isabella talking to somebody in Spanish, ordering coffee and fruit squash.

We followed her into the villa. Jenny reluctantly.

"What's wrong?" I whispered.

I could tell something was bothering her.

"Let's just go home." She whispered back. "Please."

"We can't just leave like that." Some people. "We've only just got here."

"Would you like to come with me?" Isabella asked Jenny in the entrance hall. "Coffee will be here shortly if you would like to make yourself comfortable. Miguel will get you anything you wish. Just pull the bell cord."

I watched her ass cheeks moving beneath her skirt as she led Jenny through a doorway. Jenny looked over her shoulder at me, so I smiled back at her.

She didn't smile in return.

I stepped through the archway that led into what must be their main reception room. Everything screamed taste and money.

I walked to the large open fireplace with its ornate wrought metal and linen screen. Above it, on the mantle, was a set of porcelain figurines. I wanted to touch but knew I daren't.

In the corner, out of the direct sunlight stood a piano. Not quite a concert grand, but getting on that way. I walked over to it and sat on the stool. I played a scale. Then 'chopsticks.'

A man entered, dressed in black trousers and a white shirt as the man who had opened the gates had been. He carried a tray of coffeepot and cups.

"Hallo." I said, suddenly feeling guilty at being caught at the piano without permission.

"Please." He said in English. "Would you like anything else?"

"No thank you." I replied and before I could start up a conversation with him he was gone.

I didn't really want anymore coffee. I would have preferred a nice cool beer. Carlos had some beer.

I sat down at the piano again and picked out the notes of a piece by Brahms. My left hand joined in without any conscious effort on my part. My left wrist had recovered well from being inside the mouth of a Black Panther. My fingers still felt a little stiff. But all in all I had been very lucky. It was nearly three years ago now.

I started an uncomplicated piece. Nothing too difficult but which flowed.

I must have been engrossed for it took a movement to my side to draw my attention to the fact that Jenny and Izabella had returned.

I stood up.

"Please don't stop." Isabella said. "You play very well."

"I'm sorry." I replied. I could feel my face going red. "I shouldn't be playing your piano."

"I don't mind. I like to see it played properly."

Jenny had a proud, that's my man, look upon her face. I looked down at her ankles.

"You must come back and play for me properly one day."

"I'd love to." I replied.

Now why did I say that? I would normally only play in front of other people if I had had a number of beers.

"We would love to." Jenny said. "Only not on Friday."

"Why not Friday?" Isabella had moved to the coffee table and was pouring from the pot.

"It's Paul's birthday." Jenny explained. "He'll be twenty-two."

I didn't see why she needed to add the age.

"You are a man."

She smiled at me and ran her finger along her bottom lip. I could feel my prick growing.

I followed close behind Jenny as she walked to one of the large settee's hoping my prick wouldn't show me up. IU sat down quickly and accepted a cup of coffee. Isabella smiled at me. It wasn't helping my prick.

I looked down at Jenny's feet. Anywhere but between the slightly open thighs of Izabella as she sat on the settee opposite.

Both of her ankles and feet were swathed in white bandages.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"Fine thanks."

"We washed them and I have applied some antiseptic cream." Izabella smiled at me and did her thighs open slightly wider? "She should keep them covered for a few days. There are many, what do you say? Bugs. Around these parts. It is better to be safe."

The man in the white shirt returned and, after I had made a quick visit to the nearest bathroom for quick piss and a wash, we followed him into a small dining room. An oblong table stood in the middle of the floor with settings for three.

We took our seats and we were presented with a steaming tureen full of white fish flakes, rice, tomatoes and various other highly coloured vegetables. It was delicious. Washed down with a large glass of cold white wine.

We ate and chatted, and chatted and ate. By the end of the meal you would have thought Jenny and Isabella had know each other for years.

It ended with my having to almost drag her away. But not before Jenny had promised that we return the following morning for a couple of hours sunbathing by the pool.

It was really hot outside. I looked at my watch. It read one-fifteen. Siesta would be over before we got into bed by this rate.

I revved up the engine and drove swiftly through the gates and up the hill to our own villa. The gates were open, as they usually were during the day, and I pulled up beside the large Mercedes.

Carlos was arranging some flowers on a table in the entrance hall.

"Ah." He said seeing us enter. "You are here. Are you hungry? You are hurt?"

The last question was directed towards Jenny when he caught sight of her bandaged feet and ankles.

"I am fine. Thank you." Jenny replied. "I scratched them climbing over some rubble at the old convent. The contessa saw to me."

"The contessa." Carlos repeated.

I thought he was going to spit.

"Yes. Jenny continued. "She was very kind and gave us lunch."

"I thought it best we come home for a little lie down." I put in. "We don't want to be doing too much so early in our stay."

"Wise." Carlos said.

I had the feeling he didn't like the contessa.

"Well." I said, taking Jenny by the hand and leading her to the staircase. "We'll see you later. We won't be going out again today."

I could really do with a fuck. I closed our bedroom door and turned the key in the lock. I pulled Jenny towards me and placed my hands on her ass cheeks. I kissed her and wormed my tongue between her lips.

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