tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16m

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16m


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16m: Spanish Honeymoon Part 13

(Copyright 2002 by PAUL C. All rights reserved).

All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *


"Wave good-bye to your boyfriend." Rogers sneered at me as we watched Paul climbing into the plane. "You won't see him again."

"You bastard." I shouted. "What do you mean?"

I struggled against Juan's grip.

"You don't honestly think they are going to let either of you go, do you?" Rogers stepped closer.

I could smell stale beer on his breath and it didn't look as if he had washed or shaved in a couple of days.

I heard the engine running and turned towards the sound. I wanted Paul. I could see him looking at me. Then he turned his head towards his passenger. The plane was starting to move.

"Let's get out of here." Rogers said.

Suddenly his hands were on my body and I was lifted and thrown across his shoulder driving the air from my body. We were moving between the trees that flanked the trail to the top of the hill. I couldn't see the plane. I could hear the sound it's engine getting further away then suddenly it was louder. I tried to look up but Rogers' hand on my buttocks held me in place on his shoulder and kept me from seeing it.

I wanted to cry. What had he meant when he said that I wouldn't see Paul again? I hadn't been thinking clearly. Why had we come here this morning? We should have just left. We would have been half-way to Madrid by now.

I looked back down the track. I could see Victoria following us. Juan was dropping back then stopped, waiting for her to catch up. I could see them talking.

"Fancy a fuck, mates." Rogers asked his friends when we reached the top of the hill and started down towards the ruined convent. "When we get back to the caves."

His fingers were trying to push between my buttocks. I clenched them tightly closed.

"Yeah." He said, pushing harder. "Fight it. I've nearly fucked you twice. This time there is nobody to stop me."

"Hey." One of the other men said. "Nobody said anything about this."

"She's going to die anyway."

"Nobody said anything about that either." The third man spoke.

"They can't let them go." Rogers was using both hands to pull at my thighs.

I thumped him on his lower back with my clenched fists and kicked out with my legs. One of his hands slid between them. I couldn't close them and he didn't seem to have felt my punches.

"Leave me alone." I shouted, finally getting enough air into my lungs to make a noise.

The continual bumping up and down on his shoulder, driving the breath from my body, had made any form words difficult.

I could feel his fingers pushing hard against my fanny. Trying to push my skirt and knickers up inside me.

"Stop it." I cried.

"We're nearly there." Rogers gloated.

He was panting. I could feel him sweating. The smell of stale beer was increasing.

"Help me." I called back to Victoria.

We were passing behind the ruins of the old church. Moving towards the caves.

"Let's get her inside." Rogers said dropping me to my feet but still holding me by the wrist.

I kicked him. He slapped me. Hard. My head was spinning. They were moving some bushes and I was sliding down a slope on my backside. Rogers followed me down, grabbing me before I had the wit to do anything. Although what could I do? There were four men and Victoria.

Rogers put his arm around my waist and lifted me from the ground, carrying me against one hip towards where a mattress had been laid on some packing cases. Rogers threw me onto my back on top of it and held me down with a hand between my breasts as he pulled at my skirt and knickers with the other.

I kicked out with my legs and feet. I used my fingernails to rake down the arm that held me. Even in the dim light inside the cave I could see I'd drawn blood.

"You fucking bitch." He cried out. "Give me a hand to hold the cow still, you bastards."

"Leave her alone." I heard Victoria shout.

Rogers grip relaxed slightly as he turned his head towards her.

"Fuck off." He snapped at her. "I've waited a long time for this. The bitch is mine."

"No." Victoria snapped back.

"What's it to you?" Rogers' fingers closed around one of my breasts and squeezed hard. "You're going to kill her anyway."

"No. I said."

"Fuck off."

Rogers turned back to me. I kicked out at him.

He clenched a fist and held it in front of my face.

"We can do it the easy way or the hard way." He said, pulling his fist back.

I clenched my eyelids tightly closed and raised my hands before my face.

There was a loud bang and a sudden flash of light that even penetrated my closed eyelids. Something whined around the cave striking three times.

There was a rumbling deep inside the hill.

"I said no."

Victoria stood silhouetted against the light that came in through the cave entrance. She was holding something in her hand that was smoking.

"Leave." She ordered. "Now."

The low rumbling inside the hill had stopped.

"You don't want to use one of those in here." Rogers said, I could hear his voice trembling.

"We're off." One of Rogers' friends said moving towards the cave entrance.

"Hey wait, mates." Rogers pleaded with them.

"We have to live in this country." The other man said. "We have nowhere else to go."

"Neither do you." Victoria said, pointing a small revolver I could now make out, at Rogers' head.

"We play for high steaks." Victoria continued. "You have been very useful. But there are many others like you."

Rogers' friends were scrambling up the slope at the entrance to the cave.

Rogers released my breast that I think we had both forgotten he was holding. I could have cried out as the blood started flowing back into it.

Rogers walked towards the entrance. He stopped for a moment beside Juan and Victoria.

"I'll see you again." He said slowly.

I could hear a car engine starting outside.

"You had best hurry." Victoria said standing aside. "It's a long walk to Malaga."

Rogers muttered something I couldn't hear, then scrambled up the slope outside.

I lay on the bed listening to the sounds of the car moving off into the distance. Juan was switching on a torch that he shone at me. I looked down. I was showing a lot of thigh and a little bit of my knickers. I pulled my skirt about my legs to cover myself up.

Victoria said something in Spanish to Juan and he switched the torch off. They turned to face each other and kissed. I saw one of his hands cup one of her buttocks. She said something else to him as they broke their kiss. Juan seemed to move reluctantly to the cave entrance and climbed up.

Victoria picked up a bottle of what looked like fruit squash and sat on the edge of the mattress facing me.

"You'll be thirsty." She said, handing me the bottle.

I was and drank eagerly. It was good. I drank again.

"That's enough." Victoria said, taking the bottle from me.

"What did he mean when he said you were going to kill us?" I asked. "You don't want to hurt Paul. You love Juan. What if something happened to him?"

I was burbling. Trying to convince her. I wanted to cry. Something was tying my insides up in knots.

Then I was starting to relax. My limbs felt heavy.

"We will give you our word not to tell anybody about flying that man out." I stretched. "We don't even know who is his."

She mentioned a name. It took me a few seconds to recognise it.

"Yes, but we won't tell anybody." I promised.

"If that were all we could have let you go."

I wanted to close my eyes.

"But what about Paul?" I asked.

"It would seem better if you were both lost in a flying accident far out to sea. They will never find the plane even if they were to look for it."

"I don't understand."

I didn't. My brain didn't want to work. Victoria was looking into my eyes. She seemed on the verge of tears herself.

"There will be a momentous day for both our countries next week. I am sorry it has to be this way."

Victoria was adjusting my skirt as she spoke. I looked down. I could see my knickers. She had her fingers in the top and was easing the elastic away from my skin.

"The leaders of both our countries will meet in your villa."

Her hands were fully inside my knickers. Her fingers felt soft against my buttocks and thighs.

"We have explosives. In here." She looked around the room whilst easing down my knickers. "They will be placed beneath the meeting room. We shall have a new leader. And Izabella will be his wife."

"Then you don't have to harm us." I found myself lifting my backside from the bed as she eased my knickers down. "You will be in charge."

"We would not stay in charge for long if it were found out that we were involved."

"No." Even saying that word was an effort.

My knickers were around my knees.

"I only want to be nice to you." There was a tear running down her cheek. "Victoria told me you liked this."

She was lifting my feet, one by one.

I looked down at my pubic mound and it's not over thick covering of pubic hairs. I looked up. Victoria was staring down at it as well.

"You do?" She asked, running her fingers through my hairs. "Don't you?"

All I could do was moan.

I could see the smile on her face as she loomed above me in the gloom.

"I am not going to hurt you." She murmured, lowering her mouth to mine.

I could feel her breath, warm against my face, before her lips touched mine. I found myself lifting my face towards hers. Parting my lips as her tongue touched them. Pushing against it with my own as it entered my mouth. Exploring it as it explored mine.

She lifted her head and I felt her fingers at the buttons of my blouse. She undid two then kissed me again. Her fingers moved again. The air was cool against my skin. She was reaching behind me, feeling for the clasp of my bra. Then she was lifting it free of my breasts and lowering her lips to one of my nipples.

I closed my eyes and sighed.

This was wrong, I told myself. I should be worried about Paul, trying to get away. But all I could do was let wave after wave of pleasure wash over me.

She was sitting up. Massaging my breasts with both hands. The firm, yet gentle touch of a woman. It felt so much like when Linda would do it to me.

Her fingers were sliding down my ribcage. Over my stomach. Tracing the outline of the scar from the operation to remove one of my ovaries.

Her hands were on my hips. Releasing the fastenings of my skirt. Pulling it wide open.

I opened my eyes and looked down. I could see her eyes twinkling. Looking down at me. With both hands she massaged my pubic mound. I gasped out loud.

She was moving down the mattress. Opening my legs to kneel between them. Lifting them. Bending my knees. Lowering her mouth to my hole.

She licked my lips from top to bottom then pushed her tongue between them. I tried to lift my backside from the mattress. Tried to speak, but no sound came. I could feel my clit throbbing as it had the night before when Izabella had done the same to me. Izabella had used her fingers as well, pushing two in and out of me. Victoria only used her mouth. Licking inside me then sucking on my lips, her hands on the backs of my thighs, holding me in place.

Again she drove her tongue inside me. I cried out loud. It felt so good. She was so gentle then so firm. Her lips were on my clit, sucking it out. Her tongue licking it. Then sucking again. I came but she didn't stop. Her lips and tongue were sucking and licking on it again. Lifting me higher. I was there again and again.

Somebody was crying. Sobbing with pleasure. It was me.

I could hear the sound of clothing being removed.

Victoria's face was above me. Her lips were against mine. I opened them eagerly. I could taste myself. She moved, presenting one of her nipples to my mouth. I sucked upon it greedily. Feeling it stiffen inside my mouth.

She was moving again. Kneeling with her thighs on either side of my head. Lowering her fanny to my mouth.

Automatically I lick her. She was very hairy. Paul liked a good bush. Said he liked to take his flask and sandwiches and go exploring. Paul. Where was he? My hands were feeling lighter. I could move them. I licked hard. I was feeling better.

I should make her come. Get her on her back. Keep her coming until I could think of a way to get away.

Her thighs were tightening around my head. I heard the noises coming from her throat, felt the increase in her lubrication on my tongue. I moved my hands, placing them on her ass cheeks. Pulling them apart, feeling for her anus with a fingertip. Rubbing it gently then pushing it hard against it. Feeling it open. Hearing her gasp as it entered her.

She stiffened again, gripping my head with her thighs, grinding herself against my face.

She climbed off and stood looking down at me.

"Time you had another drink, I think." She said.

"Thanks for the show."

Rogers' voice came from the entrance to the cave.

His friends were scrambling down behind him.

Victoria had turned to face him. One arm across her breasts and a hand on her pubic mound.

"Get out of here." She ordered.

I saw Rogers' friends backing out towards the cave entrance.

"We didn't come for this."

One of them said.

"You said she'd be alone." The other joined in.

"All the more to go around." Rogers said.

Suddenly Victoria reached down to where her clothes lay in a pile on the floor. Rogers was too quick for her. He was a big, strong man. He caught Victoria around the waist with one arm and threw her bodily across the cave. She fell against the packing case and sat on the floor looking up at Rogers as he stood over her.

He reached down and pulled her to her feet. Victoria struck out at him. He blocked some of her blows but some landed. Then he punched her, hard, in the stomach. Victoria seemed to double up. He slapped her across the face twice. She cried out. I curled myself up into a little ball. I knew I should help her. But I couldn't.

Rogers had her on her back on top the packing case. I could see him unfastening his trousers. Taking his, already hard, prick out.

"Don't let him." Victoria cried out.

Then she gasped out loud.

Rogers' backside was rocking back and forth. He was leaning forward, over Victoria, with his hands holding her down. She was crying.

"Hey." One of the others said. "We didn't..."

"You're in it now." Rogers snarled back before he could finish. "You take your turn."

Rogers lifted his head and quickened his strokes. Victoria was kicking out with her legs. He slapped her. Then he straightened, pulling her hard against him by her hips. Then he stepped back, pulling out of her and pushed her from the top of the packing case as he reached down for his trousers.

Victoria was crying as she lay on the floor.

The two men by the door were looking at one another. Rogers was walking towards me. Holding his trousers up with one hand. His prick was sticking out. It was shiny and wet. And it was still hard.

Everything seemed to happen so quickly.

Victoria had stood up with her skirt in one hand. Rogers turned to face her as she drew her revolver from one pocket. He reached out and caught her wrist. The revolver went off. Victoria staggered back towards the cave entrance holding her stomach. As she collapsed onto the ground the other two men turned and scrambled from the cave. I heard one of them call back something.

Rogers stood still for a moment looking down at the smoking revolver he held in his hand. Then he looked down at Victoria. He placed the revolver on the top of the packing case and turned towards me.

"Now there is nobody to stop me." He said as he came nearer.

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