tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17a

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17a


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17a: The Batting Order Ch. 01

A Paul and Jenny Story.

(As in all my stories all events and characters are fictitious and no similarity with any person, alive or dead is intended).

Part 1.

I awoke with a hard on and turned over onto my side to face Jenny's side of the bed. I could see the back of her head with its short light brown hair. Hear her gentle breathing.

I lifted the single sheet that we used a cover in the summer and looked down. I saw the two thin straps of her short, white with small pink flowers, cotton night-dress. Short, but just long enough to cover her ass cheeks. I held up the sheet with one hand and reached down and pulled it up over her hip. That was better. I could see both cheeks and the crack between them. I liked them. I liked being between them. I edged forward, just touching her crack with the tip of my prick. She felt warm. I lifted her top cheek and pushed my prick forward. I lowered her ass cheek and the tip of my prick was lost between them. I rocked back of forth slightly. It felt good.

We had been back from our honeymoon in Spain for eight weeks. Jenny's arm, where the bullet that had hit Rogers, had also struck her had healed. There would always be a scar, but that was a small price to pay for her life.

I still kept thinking that I should have done more to help Rogers and Victoria. I knew that I had been drugged and that Jenny had been hurt but I hadn't been thinking straight. There had been ample time to go back into the cave and remove the bomb that had been placed in my plane and I had brought with me but dropped. Ample time. But I hadn't. All I could think of was getting Jenny to help. That and falling asleep.

Then to fly over the cave and be almost blown out of the sky when the bomb I had dropped had gone off. Setting off the other explosives that were being stored in the cave. Stored in preparation for a terrorist attack on our villa when the talks had started there the following week.

I heard Jenny sigh. I stopped moving. She settled again. I waited for a few seconds then pushed forward again. I could feel the tip of my prick against something. Something that gave slightly as I pushed against it.

"Owe." She breathed out, clenching her ass cheeks tightly together and pulling away from me a little.

"Sorry." I said into her hair, dropping the sheet and placing my had around her and holding one of her breasts through her night-dress.

"Hmm." She said sleepily, placing a hand on top of mine. "That's nice."

"I didn't mean to wake you." I said, feeling her nipple hardening as I gently massaged her breast.

"As long as we don't wake Shirley."

She turned her head towards me and I kissed her cheek. No, we didn't want to wake Shirley. Not just yet anyway.

I didn't remember being consulted about Shirley moving into our spare bedroom for her and Jenny's extra year at University while they completed their Masters. Jenny told me I had been and that I was all for it. I didn't mind it really I supposed. Shirley had a body worth dying for and she seemed to leave more and more of it exposed each day.

The previous evening we had sat in the living room watching TV with both her and Jenny in night-dresses and robes. Shirley's had only been lightly fastened at the front and I was enjoying the way it fell open each time she reached down to pick up her mug of Horlicks. I know I had seen her near naked before, when she and Melissa had been seeing how much of an empty wine bottle they could fit up inside each other and Melissa's sister. But this time it was different. A flash of white breast and the occasional glimpse of light brown nipple. It was exciting not knowing when the next show would come.

Jenny had sat on my lap, rubbing her ass cheeks against my hard on. As she was doing now. Perhaps she wanted something?

I took my hand from her breast and reached down to hold her ass. Sliding down the bed a little I guided my prick against her fanny. She lifted her leg and reached between them. I could feel her fingers feeling for my prick, leading it to her fanny lips. I pushed forward and heard her grunt slightly.

She was leaning away from me, adjusting the angle of her fanny. I pushed again. I felt it giving, opening a little and I was inside her. I pulled back and pushed again. I was further inside. She gasped out loud. She was tight this morning. I pushed again, not stopping this time until my pubic hairs were pressed tight against her ass cheeks. She lowered her leg and I placed my hand upon her hip to hold her still as I started to thrust in and out of her.

Yes. Shirley certainly had a body. I was certain I caught a flash of her pubic mound once as she had stood up to change the channel on the TV set.

Jenny was moaning. I moved my hand to her breast then back to her hip. I quickened my strokes. The bed was starting to squeak. Not a noise I had noticed before when we had lived in the house alone but now ever noise in our bedroom was something that made Jenny embarrassed. I slowed and the noise stopped. I was sure Shirley didn't mind. Steve had told me over a few beers that she was a very willing bed partner. I knew she would be from the time I had watched him have her when we had visited Northern Ireland on a Scout camp. She hadn't brought a man back to her room in the two weeks since she had moved in after staying with her parents for part of the holidays. Jenny had told her it would be alright for a friend to stay over. Just nobody staying permanently.

I had expected Steve to visit but he hadn't. Shirley did go down to my parent's house to stay some weekends so that must be when she was seeing him.

I could feel my prick growing. I quickened again.

"Shush." Jenny whispered. "Shirley will hear."

"Don't care." I panted.

The bed was starting to squeak again. I didn't care. I was getting close to coming. I moved faster. Faster still. My balls were lifting. Getting tighter. I thrust as deep inside her as I could as they emptied.

I lay sill, breathing heavily for a few seconds then worked the last of my come from my balls by slowly moving in and out of Jenny's fanny. Then I pulled out and lay on my back. Jenny turned to face me and lay her head on my shoulder.

"We will have to get a new bed." She said, lifting her head and looking down at me.

"This is only two years old." I protested. "It just needs oiling here and there."

"Well you had better get some oil then." She leaned forward and planted her lips on top of mine.

I could feel her pubic hairs against the outside of my thigh. My prick twitched. I lifted the sheet and looked down. I knew Jenny's eyes were following mine.

My prick twitched again.

Jenny placed her hand on my balls. Holding each in turn between her fingers and thumb. I took a deep breath. She lifted her head and looked at my face.

"Aren't you empty?" She asked.

"I'm never empty with you." I assured her.

She picked up my prick and started stroking it.

"But we mustn't wake Shirley."

Fuck Shirley, I thought, but said aloud.

"Let's try it a different way."

"How?" She asked.

"How about across the bed." I suggested. "Perhaps it won't squeak that way."


My prick was fully hard. I threw back the sheet and knelt on the edge of the bed. Jenny turned her body until her fanny was facing me, covered by her night-dress. I lifted its hem and looked at her slit. The lips were still open and puffy from our fuck. It needed kissing so I lowered my mouth to it and gently sucked on each lip. I lifted my head and looked again. Her lips were spread wide and I could see the moist, pink flesh inside her. I brushed her pubic hairs aside and saw the little pea of her clitoris protruding from beneath its cover. I lowered my mouth to it and licked.

Jenny bent her knees and, placing her heels flat on the bed, lifted her fanny towards me. I licked harder and faster. I could hear her sighing then groan. I pushed first one then a second finger inside her. Working them in and out. Feeling her lubricant increasing. Feeling her fingers in my hair. Behind my head. Pulling me towards her. I kept licking and fingering her. Did I hear her swear? The bed was creaking again. Should I stop? I lifted my head and looked up at her face. Her eyes were wide open. So was her mouth. Better not stop. I licked her again. Knocking her clit from side to side. Feeling for her anus with the third finger of my hand. Hearing her gasp as I found it.

She was lifting her hips from the bed. Moving them from side to side as if trying to evade my tongue and, at the same time pulling my face hard against her. I felt her thighs tighten about my head. Head her take short, sharp breaths. Then she tensed and sighed.

I lifted my head and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling.

I moved up her body, stopping when I felt the tip of my prick was against her opening. I pushed it inside her. She opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around my back as I moved in and out. She turned her head to one side so I put my tongue in her ear. She shuddered. I licked inside the hole then sucked upon her lobe. She threw back her head and sighed.

The bed was creaking again.

I quickened my strokes. She held me tighter, moving her legs until the heels of her feet were against my ass cheeks. Her fanny was tightening about my prick. Holding it like a hand. She was coming. Squeezing me tightly. I tried to hold back. To make it last longer but it was no good. I came and came and came. Collapsing forward on top of her.

We lay joined for a minute. Neither one moving. Neither one saying anything. Then I lifted my head and kissed her.

I heard the flushing of the toilet as Shirley used the bathroom.

"I'm glad you are both coming." I told her pulling my, by now, soft prick from her hole.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Jenny assured me holding out her hand for me to help her up as I stood on my feet.

I caught a glimpse of her slit before she closed her legs to stand. It glistened and there was come seeping out the bottom. My come. I suddenly felt quite proud of myself.

"What are you smiling at?" She asked, standing in front of me.

"Just happy." I replied, reaching behind her and cupping her ass cheeks.

I could feel her nipples hard against my chest. My prick twitched. She pulled back and looked down.

"Paul. Jenny." There was a knock on the door and I could hear Shirley's voice. "The bathrooms free. I'll put the kettle on."

I looked at my wristwatch as Jenny called back.

"Be down in a minute."

It was a quarter to eight. There was plenty of time. We didn't have to leave until ten.

"We must hurry." Jenny said, pulling my hands from her ass cheeks.

"We have plenty of time." I complained, trying to put them back.

"We have to get ready yet."

"You're only going to watch a cricket match."

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