tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17e

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17e


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17e: The Batting Order Ch. 05

As with all my stories all events and characters are fictitious.


Oh no. I daren't let him out of my sight.

I hoped I had persuaded Len and Steph that we had only just arrived and nobody had seen them actually doing anything. She did look upset when Len had left to take her back to the Pub.

Paul was making a cup of tea in the kitchen when I got there.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." Ian was laughing.

"I don't think it was that funny." Shirley said. "That was a private moment."

"Well, we didn't see a lot." Lynda joined it, a note of regret in her voice I fancied.

She had seen a lot of Len so was she disappointed she hadn't seen more of Stephanie? I felt jealous for a moment. There was no need to be, I knew that. Stephanie wasn't going to be here over the weekend. But Lynda was. But Steph did have a better body than me. She had fuller breasts and a flatter stomach. The ass cheeks I saw as I fell out of the shed were rounder and fuller as well. Lynda was right about Len's prick. I'd only ever seen one bigger than it, Howie's.

Paul was very quiet. He carried the teapot to the large kitchen table where he had already placed some cups, saucers, milk and sugar. I wanted to have a word with him.

He was pouring the tea.

"I can't stay long." He said handing the cups around. "I have to go to the nets."

"We can come down later." I said. "When's the kick off again?"

"We start at one." He replied huffily. "Toss up a quarter to."

I could always wind him up by pretending not to take any of his hobbies seriously.

"I have to go up and change." He continued sipping at his tea.

"Let's get our cases from the car." I suggested. "Whilst the tea cools."

"What are you doing at the nets?" Ian asked as we stepped into the main hall and outside.

"Just loosening up and a quick practice. Get the skipper to give us our prep talk." Paul replied. "Fancy coming?"

"Never played the game in my life." Ian stated.

"The pavilion bar opens at twelve for members and their guests." Paul offered.

He seemed to be in a hurry. He took our suitcase from his car and passed Shirley hers. I knew from previous times I'd watched him play he could be into his whites and ready in a matter of minutes, when he wasn't trying to get me out of my clothes.

Shirley had unlocked my car and was flicking the catch on the bonnet. Ian had his large suitcase in one hand and had the other cases under the other arm and hand. Paul almost bounded up the stairs and I hurried after him with Millie between us.

In the main bedroom the bed had been stripped back to its mattress and there was a small pile of bed linen next to the pillows.

"My fathers idea of putting clean sheets on the bed." He remarked, kicking off his shoes and unfastening his trousers.

If he thought he was having me again that day after watching Len and Steph making love in the walled garden he had another think coming.

"Jenny." Shirley called through the bedroom door. "Can I use the phone?"

"Of course." I answered, and, before I could stop myself asked. "Who are you ringing?"

"Home." She replied after a few seconds.

I looked at the second receiver that stood on the table by the bed.

Paul was down to his underpants and socks. Despite already having made love twice that morning and having been masturbated by Lynda I could feel myself becoming wet. No. I was going to be strong this time. He wasn't having me again.

"I'll come with you, mon." Ian's thick Scottish accent came through the bedroom door.

"Fine." Paul answered. "I'll be down in two minutes."

Two minutes. He better take longer than that.

He had his cricket whites on and was buttoning a clean white shirt.

"About today." I sat on the bed with my legs open and scratched at the lips of my fanny through my jeans.

He didn't even look.

"Can we talk about it later." He said, patting me on the shoulder then playing with Millie's ears.

She was getting more attention than I was.

"Jenny." Shirley called through the door. "Can I borrow your car? I want to go to the shops."

"What do you need?" I asked.

Wait a minute. If she's going to the shops and Ian's going with Paul that would leave me and Lynda alone in the house.

"Of course you can." I continued before she could reply.

Suddenly I was as keen for Paul to leave as he seemed to be to go. I stood up and kissed him on the check.

"Enjoy yourself," I said, "and we will be down for the kick off."

"Hmm." He mumbled.

He wasn't telling me something. I didn't have the time to find it out. It couldn't be important.

He kissed my lips and hurried from the room. I followed more slowly. By the time I reached the top of the stairs he was by the front door waiting for Ian to come from the kitchen.

"I'll leave you the keys." He said, dropping them onto the hall table then with a final wave he, Millie and Ian had left, closing the door behind them.

Before I had the chance to turn around two hands were clamped to my breasts. I leaned back against her body as she gently massaged them and felt her own hard nipples against my back. I reached back to feel her hips and ass and felt her naked skin. She hadn't wasted any time. Nor was she now. Her tongue was searching for my ear through my hair. I felt my knees go weak at its first touch.

Her fingers were on the buttons of my blouse, working from the top down. I helped her by slipping my arms through its sleeves when she had finished, letting it fall to the floor. She unfastened my bra and we both watched as it slid down the front of my body. Our hands reached for the top of my jeans and I took hold of her wrists and guided her hands back to my breasts while I completed undressing.

I leaned back against her again. Feeling the warmth from her body against my back. The hardness of her erect nipples against my shoulder blades. The softness of her Pubic hairs against my ass cheeks.

We stayed like that. Her fingers massaging my breasts. Feeling her pressing against me.

"Come on." She said, finally releasing my breasts. "We haven't got all day."

"Shirley won't be back for at least an hour." I said allowing her to take my hand and lead me into the main bedroom.

"Are you sure?" She asked, picking up the sheets and pillowcases.

I walked to the far side of the bed and caught the edge of the sheet she threw to me.

"Yes." I confirmed. "She isn't going to the shops."

"No?" Lynda stopped making her side of the bed for a second, her round face with it's mass of red hair tilted to one side as she studied me.

"She's meeting somebody." I tucked in the sheet at the foot of the bed.

Lynda moved to join me and placed her hand on my ass cheek.

"Tell me."

Her finger was searching between my ass cheeks for my anus. I whimpered slightly as she found it and gently rubbed it.

"Come on." She continued, pulling me towards her so that our breasts mashed together. "Who is it?"

"David." I said as we kissed, her tongue forcing its way between my lips.

We were both breathing heavily as we pulled apart.

"David?" She asked. "David who?"

I moved up the side of the bed and lay down, sliding across to the middle as she took her place beside me.

"Paul's father." I wrapped my arms around her back as loomed over m, one hand feeling for my breast.

"Hmm." She said.

I couldn't tell whether from the information I had given her or the feel of my breast in her hand.

We kissed again, tongues fencing first inside my mouth, then inside hers. Her hand was still working my breast. My nipple was starting to throb. There was an itch building up between my legs.

She lifted her head and looked down at me.

"How long has it been going on?" She asked, looking up and down my body.

"I noticed it at my wedding. Caught them holding each other."

She lowered her head again, this time closing her lips around my nipple.

"I'm not sure how long before that. Ah"

It was getting difficult to speak. She changed nipples, swirling her tongue around this one before sucking it into her mouth. Her hand was moving down my body. Flat against my stomach. It reached my Pubic hairs and she scratched at them with her fingernails.

"It must be my turn to shave you." She said lifting her head and smiling at me.

"Not now." I replied, running my fingers through her hair.

"No." She agreed. "There won't be enough time for everything today."

"We have tomorrow as well." I said as she moved on the bed so that we were in a sixty-nine position.

I turned onto my side to face her and lifted my top leg as she was doing for me. Her smell hit me. Warm and musty. I placed my arms around her thighs and pulled open the lips of her fanny as I felt her doing to me. The wonderful, wonderful smell increased. It was a hot day and we had been travelling. We were aroused, hot and wet. I licked at the inside of her fanny lips. First one side then the other. Her own lips had gone straight to my clit and I had to stop as a wave of pleasure washed over me. I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could before I had to stop again. The sensations I was feeling through my clit were sensational. She was sucking it hard. Harder than she had my nipples. It was incredible. I tried to do something for her but she was driving me wild. There was a finger at my anus. Pushing hard. It hurt but the pleasure from my clit didn't allow me to complain. She moved her finger, pushing it inside my fanny, moving it in and out all the time she was sucking on my clit as if it were a cock.

I was coming. I cried out but she didn't stop. Her finger, now lubricated with my juices was at my anus. I felt it resist then open. It was inside me. Right up inside me.

I found her clit with my own lips and sucked hard upon it. She released mine and I heard her gasp out loud. Her thighs closed tight about my head and she gave a cry. Her finger was still inside my ass as her tongue flicked against my clit. I was going to come again. I licked hard against her clit as my orgasm built and built. Her thighs were twitching against the sides of my head. I squeezed her ass cheeks hard and pulled them wide apart. She had a finger in my fanny and up my ass. I was coming. She was coming.

"Paul? Jenny?"

I heard the sound of Paul's mother from outside the bedroom door.

"Are you in there?" She asked.

We sprang apart as the bedroom door opened.

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