tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17d

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17d


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17d: The Batting Order Ch. 04

As with all my stories all events and characters are fictitious.

Part 3.


I pulled up on the gravel drive in front of my grandfather's cottage next to my father's Jaguar.

The front door was open and Millie, my old Labrador bitch bounded out to meet me. I made a fuss of her, rubbing behind her ears, pushing her away then letting her come back to me.

"Oh Paul." My mother said from the doorway. "Why do you always leave everything to the last moment?"

"Leave what?" I protested.

"There are five of you staying here and nothing in the house to eat or drink. Today, of all days. You know I have so much to do."

There was a cellar full of wine and I was sure I could have found some bottles of beer. Still, we had to think of the girls I supposed.

"Thank you for thinking about that."

"Somebody has to." She looked at me and adjusted the collar on my shirt. "You need a haircut."

"I'm only down to play cricket." I had visions of her ordering me to the barbers.

"Ah Paul." My father came out of the house and placed his arm about my mother's waist. "I've put some fresh sheets on the beds for you. Are you coming down to the nets?"

"When the other's arrive." I replied, rubbing Millie beneath her ear.

"I'm glad you have brought all the girls with you." Mother said taking my fathers hand from her hip and walking with it in her own towards their car. "We could do with a hand with the teas. Mrs Clarks gout has flared up and Jill and Janet are away on holiday still."

She made it sound as if it were a crime to holiday in August. I wasn't sure of the girls' reaction to being volunteered for making sandwiches and teas in the old pavilion and the marquee. Yes I was.

There was always a good crowd when we played East Chipstable. A rivalry in cricket that went back to Victorian times. The local good causes would have tents set up selling cakes and flowers and nick-nacks. The pony club would bring some mounts and give rides. There would be a fire engine for the children to clamber all over. The pub would set up a small bar in one corner of the main tent. It was going to be a fun day.

I watched my parents as they drove away then walked into the house with Millie getting under my feet. I loved this building. It had once been the site of a much larger house of which only the cellars and the underground passage to the walled garden remained. I hoped it would be mine one day. Grandfather hadn't been well since the death of my grandmother. Jenny said he was dying of a broken heart. He was only seventy-four, I told her, and he would have at least another ten years. She became quite upset and burst into tears. Women are strange.

He was in Spain. He went three times most years. I think he would have moved out permanently if grandmother had still been with us.

Millie was growling at the back door so I went and look out of the kitchen window. Two people were moving quickly towards the entrance to the walled garden. I recognised Len immediately and that looked like Stephanie, the pub landlord's daughter. Hmm. This needed investigating. I turned the key in the lock of the door that led down to the cellar and went down the flight of stone steps. I switched on the lights and walked to the old oak door at one end of the passage and slipped the bolts top and bottom.

The floor of the tunnel which led to the walled garden was paved with flag stone and the walls and curved ceiling made of brick which had been plastered at some time. It could do with re-doing. My father had installed some lighting for my old scoutmasters wedding two years before and I clicked the switch to turn it on. There were six sockets at approximately ten-yard intervals. One of them wasn't working. I must remember to change the bulb.

I hurried along the passage. It was always cold down here. At the far end there was a flight of steps leading up to another old oak door. I slid back the bolts and stepped out into the gardeners shed in a corner of the walled garden. I told Millie to be quiet and crept to the window. Once the garden would have supplied a lot of the fresh fruit and vegetables for the house but now it was mostly covered in lawn with flower beds around the sides and fruiting shrubs and trees trained against three of the walls. My grandparents had acquired two oak park-benches and they stood facing each other across the lawn.

Len and Steph were sitting on one of the benches. They were about fifteen yards away and sideways on to me. Len had his arm around her shoulders and she was holding his other hand between her own. They were talking and Steph was looking up at Len. She looked as if she was going to cry. She was crying. Len lowered his face to hers and they were kissing. I could see one of Len's huge hands close around one of her breasts. She let it remain there for a few seconds then pushed it away and, breaking their kiss, looked about them.

I stepped back from the window into the shadows at the rear of the shed.

Millie whimpered and I hissed at her to be quiet.

Len was talking. I heard something about there being nobody about and his hand was back on her breast. She turned away from me to face him and they kissed.

Steph's arms were around Len's neck as they kissed and I saw his hand leave her breast and travel down her back to rest upon her hip. He was feeling her thigh. Pulling at the hem of her short black skirt. She must be serving behind the bar today. Her knees parted and his hand disappeared between them. Then she was pushing him away and standing up. He was holding her in front of him with a hand on either hip. She looked around again. Then she reached behind her back and undid her skirt. Len helped guide it to the floor. He was saying something about grass stains. Steph was wearing white knickers. Len was pulling them down over her hips and ass while she was unbuttoning her white blouse.

Steph's fanny looked hairier then it did the last time I had seen it. When Len had been having her on the floor of the Pubs stockroom and Steve and I had gone investigating strange noises on my stag night. I was struck with a twinge of conscience for a second. It passed. I convinced myself that Len would probably watch if it were Jenny and I. Millie was whining again.

"Shut up." I hissed at her.

She probably wanted to go out and do something. She'd have to wait. If I interrupted them now they might not get another chance to have it today. I had to think of Len's wellbeing.

Steph was naked and was turning around in front of Len showing herself to him. He stood up and four hands were busy at the waistband of his cricket whites. It wouldn't matter if they were grass-stained. They would be covered in them by the end of the match.

They were lying down together and his hand was on her breast almost before her back had touched the grass. He was looking down into her eyes as he massaged it. They were talking. Her hand was on his prick. Stroking his foreskin up and down. He was feeling her stomach. They were laughing at something he said. Her legs were opening and I could see the pink of her fanny. His hand was on her pubic mound. His fingers brushing her pubic hairs away from her slit. Her eyes were closed and she had her head thrown back against his supporting arm. His middle finger was moving up and down her slit. She had one knee bent, the flat of her foot on the grass and was lifting her hips. Her mouth opened wide as his finger entered her. I could see her smiling. She was opening her eyes. Looking up at him.

He was saying something to her. Ah. He was moving around between her legs. His cricket whites and underpants around his ankles. Her hand was still on his cock. I could just see her other hand holding open the lips of her fanny. Len pushed. Then again. He was inside her. She must have some space up there for although Len might not be up to Howie Wolfensteins dimensions he was quite well equipped.

He pulled back and thrust again. Steph's knees were bent and her feet firmly planted flat on the ground. She was being lifted from the ground by the force of Lens movements. Her thighs were gripping his hips. Len was moving faster.

Millie whined.

"Shut up, you silly dog." I almost shouted my whisper.

She was scratching at the door to the passage. I patted her on the head.

"Good girl." I said.

Len was on the fast strokes. Steph had her arms and legs wrapped around him.

"What are you doing?" Jenny asked from the doorway to the passage. "All the doors are open."

I thought my heart was going to stop.

"Don't sneak up on people like that." I said, facing her and trying to keep my body between her and the window. "Just letting Millie out."

"Okay." She said, moving past me and taking the spare key from the nail beside the door opened the door and let Millie out.

"Don't." I said, pulling her back from following.

"I like this secret tunnel." Lynda said from behind me. "What's going on out there?"


Shirley was following Lynda into the shed and I could see Ian behind her. Jenny was pulling away from me. The others were crowding in. I released Jenny and she stumbled out of the door to fall on her knees. Lynda and I both tried to follow her at the same time getting wedged in the doorway.

I could hear voices.

I blinked in the bright sunlight as we left the hut. Millie was playing with Len and Steph. She was trying to cover everything up while Len was trying to reach her clothes with his own around his ankles and Millie joining in the fun.

They were fighting over a bra. I didn't realise they could stretch that far. Steph had turned her back on us and was struggling into her skirt. She had a nice back.

"Get inside." Jenny was ordering me. "Stop looking."

I noticed that Lynda was looking, first at Len's prick then at Steph's back. She's know all about Len's prick having gone out with him for six months. Then I was back inside and Jenny was calling to Millie to drop it. Shirley looked disgusted and Ian was laughing.

"I think we had best go back to the house." I suggested.

"Don't worry." I heard Jenny saying. "We only just got here."

I heard Steph scream. It sounded like the scream she had used when she had noticed Steve and I watching her being shagged on my stag night.

I led the way along the tunnel.


I heard Jenny calling.

"I want to talk to you."


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