tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18f

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18f


(Copyright 2003. All rights reserved).


I felt lovely and warm lying there in my bed. Paul was looking down at me with that self-satisfied smile he always wore after he had me. He was going to have me again. I could feel him moving in and out of me. Opening me, allowing me to close then opening me again. It felt so good. My clit was throbbing. I could feel it building inside me. Paul was moving in and out. Smiling down on me. Coming, coming.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Jenny." Mary called softly. "Are you awake?"

I left my finger resting against my clit and opened my eyes.

"Hello." I replied softly.

The door opened a little and Mary's head appeared around the edge.

"I was wondering if you were coming to church with me this morning?" She asked.

I moved my finger slightly against my clit. A little wave of pleasure rippled over me.

"Hmm." I sighed out loud. "Of course I will."

We weren't great Church goers normally but Mary liked us to go with her whenever we were down. David usually had an important game of golf to play or would be up in his aeroplane.

I flicked my clit from side to side and lifted my backside from the bed momentarily.

"What would you like for breakfast?"

Solitude, I thought.

"Just some cereals." I stretched one handed, not wanting to loose contact with my clit.

It needed rubbing.

"I'll be down in a moment." I continued.

"Alright." She started to close the door. "I'll just see if David wants anything, then I'll be down."

"I'll probably have a quick shower first."

Give myself some time.

"Yes." She said thoughtfully.

She closed the door and I kicked back the covers. That was better. I could bend my knees and let my legs flop open. I moved my finger from my clit to my slit and pulled open my lips. I slid my fingertip slowly inside pulled it out then pushed it in as far as it would go. That felt good. I swirled it around. That felt really good. I wondered if there was any of Paul's come still inside me. He had left enough in there yesterday. I closed my eyes. This felt good. I continued my search for Paul's come. Not that I could tell if the moistness was his or mine.

I pulled my finger out and lifted it to my face. I opened my eyes and examined from close range. There was certainly something there.

I held it beneath my nose and sniffed at it. It smelled like me. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. It tasted like me. I sucked it into my mouth as if it were Paul's cock. It tasted like it did after he had come inside me.

This was no good, I admonished myself. I have things to do today. Church. I wonder if that nice young Curate will be there? Ron Watkins. He was nice. I didn't like his wife. Very possessive woman.

I placed my fingertip against the side of my clit again and started to rub.

What would it be like to take him?

I closed my eyes conjuring a picture of Ron's face in my mind's eye. He would be gentle, I was certain of that. He was a member of the clergy after all. Would he smell musty? I'm sure he would feel good.

This was feeling good. I could feel myself building. I rubbed faster. Oh yes.

I sighed out loud again as I came.

Best go to the shower. I didn't want Mary coming back for me.

I took off my nightdress and put on my dressing gown, picking up my wash-bag I opened the bedroom door. I wonder if Mary had gone downstairs already.


I heard David say as I passed the door to their bedroom.

"Go on."

"Shush." Mary hissed. "Jenny might hear."

"So." There was more than a hint of frustration in David's voice. "She will be doing the same for Paul."

"Don't say that."

I heard the bed creak as Mary continued.

"They wouldn't."

"Why not. After finding that bottle of olive oil in the bedroom in the apartment that time I think they do most things."

"David." Mary sounded shocked. "Paul wouldn't do it that way."

"Only I would, do you mean?"

The bed squeaked again.

"You liked it anyway." David continued.

"I know." Mary voice became suddenly muffled. "That's different."

I couldn't resist and dropped to my knees to look through the keyhole.

The foot of the bed was perhaps twelve feet from the door. Mary was kneeling on the bed beside David pulling her nightdress over her head. She still had a nice body. Big breasts, which David were feeling and wide hips, but her stomach was flat and her backside not too big. She was quite hairy above her fanny. For some reason I had always thought she wouldn't be.

She lifted herself up as David's hand disappeared from view between her thighs. I could imagine what she must be feeling as he pulled her lips open and pushed a finger inside her hole.

She reached down and pulled David's prick out from the hole in the front of his pyjama bottoms. It wasn't a very long one but it was quite thick. Mary stroked it for a few seconds then moved down the bed and straddled his hips. They were obviously used to doing this for they had it inside her in seconds. She sank down taking it all and paused. I knew what she would be feeling. The sudden opening and filling. That few seconds to adjust. Then she lifted herself, rising and falling on his prick. I could see it as she rose. Glistening with her juices.

Juices. My own were flowing again and without my telling it to my finger was again rubbing against my clit. I breathed deeply.

David's hands were on Mary's ass cheeks. Holding them open as she lifted and fell. It might have been done for my benefit. I could see her anus, tight and brown. Then the pinkness of her slit and the wetness of David's prick.

I rubbed faster.

Mary gave a strangled cry and fell forward onto David's chest. David's hips rose and fell as he continued pumping in and out of her.

I rubbed faster.

David grunted and pulled Mary down hard onto his prick. Mary squealed and I came.

I placed my hand on the doorknob to steady myself as I rose to my feet. I felt it turn beneath my hand and the door start to move open. I let it go as if my hand had touched a hot surface and tiptoed to the bathroom.

"Is that you? Jenny?" I heard Mary call.

I closed the bathroom door behind myself and leaned back against it my heart beating heavily.

I could hear Mary's voice in the corridor and locking the door behind me flushed the toilet and stepped into the shower. I turned it on as I heard a hand on the door.

"Hello." I called. "I'm in here."

"Sorry Jenny." Mary's voice came back. "Did you want something just then?"

"When?" I replied. "I've been here nearly ten minutes."

"Oh." Mary sounded puzzled. "We just thought. Never mind. I'll set up the things for breakfast."



I awoke with a hard on and turned onto my side to slide in behind Jenny. Only it wasn't Jenny. The tip of my cock touched the crack of her ass and I felt her pull away slightly. I pulled back myself and rolled onto my back.

Heather turned to face me and, supporting her head on her hand looked down at me. I could dimly make out her features and lifted my hand from beneath the bedclothes to look at my wristwatch. Her own hand slid beneath the bedclothes and her fingers closed around my prick. I closed my eyes as she began to stroke me then opened them again and looked at my watch. Nine-fifteen. We didn't have to be at the airport until one this afternoon. What to do until then?

I reached beneath the bedcovers and squeezed her pubic mound. She lifted her top leg for me to reach her slit so I worked a finger inside her.

"That's nice." She murmured, laying her head against my shoulder.

"So is that." I breathed out heavily.

She kissed my cheek.

"Come up here." I said, pulling my finger from her hole and guiding her on top of my body.

She lifted her hips up and reached down between her thighs, picking up my prick to guide it into her fanny.

"Not yet." I said.

I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and applied gentle pressure to them.

"Come up here." I repeated.

She gasped slightly, then walked up the bed on her knees. She stopped with one knee either side of my head. What light there had been in the room was cut off. All I could do was feel the heat from her thighs and smell her. The musty, fishy smell of a woman.

With my hands on her ass cheeks I pulled her fanny down my mouth, first sucking on each lip in turn then pushing my tongue up in between them.

I heard her moan out loud and felt her thighs twitch against my cheeks. I pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and licked towards the bottom of her slit. She moved slightly so I could reach the soft, sensitive area between her two holes. I licked as close to her anus as I could reach then stopped. She moved again, this time stopping with her anus directly over my mouth. I poked out my tongue and licked it. She lifted at my first touch then seemed to relax back against my mouth.

She could make some noise. A steady stream of oh's and ah's were coming from her mouth. She had moaned a bit when I had fucked her the night before but nothing like this. I was glad we were alone in the apartment. I licked faster. The oh's and ah's were becoming louder. She was rubbing her fanny against my nose and forehead.

She suddenly pushed down hard against my face. My nose penetrated her fanny and my tongue her anus.

Two more ah's, louder than the others and she relaxed.

"Wow." She said as she climbed from my face. "I've never done that before."

There was a touch of wonder in her voice. It gave me a glow.

She lay down by my side and placed her hand on my balls.

"Have you ever done it that way?" She suddenly asked.

"Not for a long time." I confessed.

I hadn't either. Christmas the year before. No, it must be the Christmas before that. In Egypt. Things had got out of hand and our final night had ended as an orgy with Jenny and I with Lynda and the American Michelle. I'd fucked both Lynda and Michelle up the ass that night. But not Jenny. Thinking about it, had I fucked her ass since Tommy had rammed his cock into it the year before?

I couldn't remember.


Heather had said something very low.

"Does it hurt?" She repeated.

If an Egyptian prison guard shoves his non-lubricated cock up you it does. I could have told her that.

"Not if it's done right." I said instead.

She was silent. Did she want to? Should I ask or let her bring up the subject again?

"You'd stop." She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. "If I told you to?"

"Of course." I assured her.

"I've always wondered what it was like."

"I think you would like it."

"You would say that."

"Would you like to try it?"

The silence was complete for perhaps twenty seconds.

"Do you want to?"

Up to me then was it?

"I would love to."

Another period of silence.

"If you want to." She said softly.

"Don't go anywhere." I said, getting out of the bed and walking into the main lounge.

Lubricant. What could I use? Jenny and I had used Olive Oil once when we were staying in the apartment. Kitchen.

I opened the door to the kitchen. Folded neatly on the small table were Heather's clothes from the night before. Including the ones she had dropped on the floor of the hall outside. She must have got up in the night and collected them. I opened the cupboards above the work surface and found the small bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Appropriate name for what I was about to use it for.

I hurried back into the bedroom. Heather lay on her front. I closed the door behind me, knelt by her side and switched on one of the reading lights on the wall above the bed.

He kept her head turned away from me as I slowly pulled the bedclothes away to reveal her body. My prick leapt to full hardness as I looked down upon her. She had a lovely back and two ass cheeks to die for. I didn't have to die. They were mine for the taking.

"Would you kneel down?" I asked softly.

Without looking at me or replying she brought her legs up beneath her. Her head was still on the pillow facing away from me. Her ass was pointing towards the ceiling. I moved myself and knelt behind her. I could just see her little tight anus. I gently rubbed it. She sighed.

"Don't hurt me."

"I wont." I promised.

I screwed off the cap on the bottle and up-ended it against a fingertip. I rubbed her anus again, then repeated the operation. I applied some pressure to her hole and felt her sphincter tighten beneath my touch. I applied more lubricant by placing the bottle against the top of ass cheeks crevice and letting some run slowing down them stopping it with my finger when it reach her hole. She gave a shiver.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Getting you ready." I applied some Olive Oil to my prick, coating it liberally then place the bottle on the nearest bedside table.

I edged forward and saw her ass cheeks clench tight.

"I won't hurt you." I told her placing a hand on either cheek and pulling open. "Open your knees a little more."

She did as I asked. That was better. When I released her ass cheeks her anus remained in full view. I rubbed it again. Pushing my finger against it feeling her resist then open. I worked it in and out until it was fully in.

"Ok?" I asked.

"Hmm." She murmured in reply. "It takes a bit of getting used to."

"There's more to come."

I removed my finger and placed the tip of my prick against her anus. I pushed. She grunted. I pushed again and she cried out loud but I was in. Pulling nearly out I pushed again and again, each time penetrating her more deeply. She moaned. I moved faster. Faster. She was so tight. Faster still.


She lifted her head from the pillow.

I couldn't have stopped if she had asked. Two more thrusts. I jerked inside her, feeling my balls lift and fall with each load I let her have.

I breathed in deeply as I continued to move slowly in and out enjoying the sensations from the end of my prick. I was done. I pulled out completely and sat back on my heels. Her anus almost seemed to slam shut behind me. It didn't look big enough to take me like that.

I needed a towel. So did she.

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