tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18e

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18e


(Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictitious).


"Yes." I replied, nodding my head in agreement to what Heather had just said.

It was nice here. The Restaurant was nearly full but yet quiet. It was as if everybody had a secret that could be spoken of in more than a whisper.

Heather was nice. She had a very pretty face. Her lipstick was just a shade above natural. I watched her lips move as she spoke.

"Thank you for dinner." She smiled at me.

"It was a pleasure."

It was as well. It had been excellent.

"What shall we do next?" She asked.

"I'm for bed."

"Paul." She sounded shocked. "It's our first time out together. You should build up to it. Not spring it upon me like that."

"I'm sorry." I stuttered. "I didn't mean us, together."

"You couldn't have meant us, alone."

"No." I was getting flustered. "I meant we have a long day tomorrow."

"And a long night in bed would set you up for it?"

"Yes. No. I didn't mean that. I'm a married man."

"Shush." She placed a finger against her lips. "Just teasing."

Phew. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"It could be fun though." She continued, looking at me through lowered eyelids over the rim of her coffee cup.

I looked at my watch. It was ten-thirty. Not too late for a Saturday night in London. What would I be doing if Jenny were with me? We would go back to the apartment and open another bottle of wine. She would squeeze onto the piano stool next to me while I played for her. Her fingers unbuttoning my shirt and undoing the top of my trousers. I would continue to play one handed, my other around her waist, a feel of her ass then a squeeze of her breast.

"We'll go back if you are tired." Heather spoke, gathering her things together.

I think I must have upset her.

"We can stay and have another drink if you want to."

"No thank you."

She seemed a little short.

She was standing up. I rose to my feet.

"Are you going to see to the bill?" She asked. "I need the ladies."

"Of course." Sitting down and motioning to Leonardo that I wanted the bill I tried to watch Heather's ass as she weaved her way through the other tables to the toilets. She stopped for a moment and spoke to a man in his forties who was dining alone then she disappeared into the ladies.

Leonardo presented me with our bill on a small, round silver tray and left me while I sorted out my money. I did a quick sum to work out ten percent to leave as a tip, added that to the bill and placed enough notes on the tray to cover it.

"Was everything to your satisfaction, sir?" Leonardo asked, picking up the tray.

"It was very good. Thank you." I assured him. "Keep the change."

Heather was coming out of the ladies by the time I had reached the hooks by the front door where we had hung our coats. I found hers and held it out for her to place her arms in the holes. Three-quarters length, light grey. Heavily padded. Made her look a little like a Michelin Man. She looked great in it.

I put my own coat on and held the door open for her.

It had stopped raining and the wind had dropped. The traffic was still quite heavy on the main road in front of us and I made to turn down the side of the Restaurant to the apartment block.

"Let's go and see the river." She suddenly suggested.

"Ok." I agreed.

Why not? It wasn't that late. She linked her arm through mine as we waited for the traffic lights to change to red.

"I enjoyed tonight." She suddenly said, looking up at me.

"So did I."

Yes, I had.

We hurried across the road and straight on past the block of shops and house to the river. There was a string of old-fashion looking streetlights that lit the path beside the river. We crossed the road and walked slowly towards the centre of London. For a few minutes the traffic stopped and it were as if we were the only people in the city. I stopped to turn to re-trace our steps and as I faced her she kissed me.

Gently at first. Her lips just touching mine as if asking the question. Then pressing closer, opening, as mine did in response. Our tongues touched, fencing gently.

"No." I said pulling back. "Please."

She moved forward, pressing herself against me. I was sure she must be able to feel the hardness of my prick even through our coats.

"Come on." She urged. "Don't play hard to get."

I was hard. That much was true. Her hand slipped between our bodies and stroked the outline of my prick through my trousers.

Suddenly the path seemed full of people so I pulled her close against me hoping nobody would see.

"Don't." I gasped as she squeezed more tightly on my prick. "Please."

"Let's go to bed." She said, stepping back and releasing my prick.

I couldn't say anything. How was I going to get out of this? Did I want to get out of it? What was happening? Why had I agreed she could come with me to South America? How was I going to explain her away to my Grandfather?

I couldn't think straight as we hurried back to the apartments. I was conscious of her body next to mine every step of the way. The foyer was empty as we entered the apartment block. Hudson's door was closed and the lights were dimmed. I pressed the button for the lift and heard the machinery beneath our feet clunk into life.

Her arms were about my neck and her lips against mine as soon as the doors closed behind us. Her coat hung open and I felt her breasts hard against my chest. She broke our kiss and stepped back, her eyes seemed to be on fire. I'd never known such rampant wantoness in a woman.

She was breathing heavily behind me as I turned the key in the lock of my apartment door. I should stop this now. Tell her I wasn't going any further.

"Look Heather," I said, turning to face her in the doorway, "this isn't right."

"What isn't?" She dropped her coat and handbag to the floor and reached behind her back.

"I can't."

I wished my prick would go down.

She slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing white knickers and a white suspender belt that held up her skin coloured stockings. I could see the bulge of her pubic mound.

Go down prick.

"Don't you want me?"

She stepped closer. Her perfume filled my head. I reached out and held her breasts. Lifting them and feeling the nipples harden against the palms of my hands. She unzipped my coat and I let it fall to the ground. My jacket followed. She pushed me back into the hallway kicking the door closed behind us.

"Our clothes." I managed to utter between kisses.

"We don't need any." She replied huskily, dropping my shirt and tie to the floor.

"I didn't mean." I started to say but my mouth was covered by hers.

Her fingers were pulling at the top of my trousers so I pulled my hand out of the back of her knickers where I suddenly found them fondling her ass cheeks and helped her to undo them. I kicked off my shoes and hopped from one foot to the other as I removed the last of my clothing. I looked at Heather. She was holding her knickers in one hand. She smiled at me as she dropped them onto the top of my pile of clothing.

Her mound was bushy. Black in contrast to the whiteness of her white suspender straps.

I dragged my eyes from it as she took my hand and led me to the bedroom door.

It was raining again. The wind rattled the window-panes and the rain peppered them.

Heather lay on her back on the bed and bent her knees. I knelt between them and leaned forward letting her guide my prick into her fanny. She cried out as I entered her and came on my third stroke. I moved in and out bringing her off again and again. I quickened up. She was gasping beneath me, gripping me with her thighs.

She was so wet and yet so tight. I could feel every inch of my prick as it moved in and out of her. She was coming again. Tightening around me so much I could hardly move then relaxing just enough.

I came. Three, four, five times my prick jerked inside her.

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back by her side.

"Thank you." She whispered moving closer and taking my prick in her hand. "It had been a long time."

I couldn't answer. What had I done? It was only twelve hours before that I had come inside Jenny's mouth. Now another pair of lips were encircling my prick.

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