tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18k

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18k


(Copyright 2003. All rights reserved).

All characters are fictitious.

Part 11.


If Louise's pubic mound were pressed any more closely to my prick I would be inside her.

The music was slow and the lights were dim on the dance floor. It must have been for the benefit of the board members that they had had a cabaret act on this evening. The political jokes from the comedian had passed over my head but I had laughed out loud at his rude ones.

They also had a singer and the usual five-piece band.

The band was playing now. I couldn't see Heather. In fact I'd hardly spoken to her all evening. I had meet Louise in the foyer when she arrived and had helped her with her coat. She had smelled lovely. Subtle yet explicit would be the best way to describe it. And her dress, what there was of it, was hardly designed for New York in December.

I ran my hand down her side as we swayed together. I couldn't feel any elastic beneath her dress. Wasn't she wearing any knickers? I could feel my prick growing. She gave a satisfied sigh so she must be able to feel it to.

There were ten to a table in the large dinning room and Louise and I had sat on the table hosted by the Vice President in charge of Finance. Harve seemed keen that I meet him. He, in turn, wanted to know all that I knew about my father's accountancy firm and then about myself. I kept finding Louise's knee touching my beneath the table and once her hand rested on my thigh. It had been becoming harder to follow the talk around the table and I had been glad when the time came to dance.

I wasn't so sure now. I did like Louise. She was a beautiful woman. A wonderful tasting fanny. She was a natural blonde as I recalled. I moved my hand up onto the bare skin of her back. She rested her head on my shoulder.

My prick was throbbing.

"That feels nice." She whispered.

I wasn't sure to what she was referring so I danced on.

I could see Heather and Howie dancing a few couples away. They seemed very friendly.

"I want to come with you." Louise was talking into my ear.

I dragged my eyes from Howie's hand as it moved slowly towards Heather's ass cheeks.


"South America."

"You can't. What for?"

"I am an investigative reporter. There is a story there that needs reporting." "What story?"

"Rubies and rebellions."

I didn't know what to say. I certainly didn't want her to come. I was going to have my hands full with Heather.

"I could go on my own." She continued.

"I'm flying in on Tuesday and out on Thursday." Everything was weakening except my prick. "You might not be able to get on the plane. The hotel might be full."

"I'll phone my night editor. Come on."

She turned, and taking my hand led me back to our table where she collected her handbag and then from the dinning room into the foyer. Walking to one of the telephone hoods in a corner she picked up the receiver and dialled.

"Have you any change?" She asked.

She had nowhere to carry any. I could see that. Even her handbag was more for show than anything.

I fished out the loose change from my trouser pocket and found some dimes and quarters. She took some and feed the machine.

"Hi Mike." She spoke into the phone. "It's Louise."

I wandered away, looking at the pictures on the walls and the glass display cabinets. There were some newspapers on one of the tables the low-backed sofas in front of the reception desk. I picked one up and scanned the headlines. Nothing about South America on there. I turned the page. There was something. The rebel advance had stalled and the government was sending more troops to the south of the country.

I studied the little map that went with the article. It was a little simplistic but if I were the rebel leader I would entice the government troops through the gap between the two mountain ranges then close the gap behind them.

"Where's Louise?" Howie asked.

I looked up from the newspaper and looked around.

"On the phone." I pointed. "Where's Heather?"

"Toilets." Howie replied. "Who's she phoning at this hour?"

I yawned. The clock above reception showed it to be eleven-thirty. That would be three-thirty at home.

"Her night editor." I said, remembering Howie's question. "She wants to come with me."

"Does she now? I can see Pa having something to say about that."

He hurried over to where Louise was talking.


I turned at the sound of Heather's voice.

"Hello." I replied. "Are you enjoying it?"

"It's been fun." She closed her eyes for a second. "But I think it's time I was in bed."

"I'll have to see what Louise wants."

"It's alright. Howie will see me to my room."

Why didn't I like the sound of that?

Howie and Louise were walking towards us.

"Let's get my coat." Louise said. "It's going to be a busy day tomorrow."

I held out Louise's coat for her to slide her arms into the sleeves.

"I'll tell Pa." Howie said looking Heather up and down. "It'll be ok for me to skip the afternoon session."

I was lost.

"Your taxi, Miss Wolfenstein." The doorman said.

"Come on, Paul." She said, taking my hand. "See me home."

I looked at Heather but she was looking at Howie and laughing at something he had whispered into her ear.

"I see you in the morning, Paul." Heather finally said.

"Oh. Ok. I'll see you then."

I walked with Louise out into the night air. It was crisp, to say the least. I wish I had brought my coat. Three steps down and the doorman was holding open the door to the taxi. I followed Louise inside. The door clunked behind me and we were off.

"You don't mind leaving now? Do you?" Louise asked.

"We didn't say goodbye."

"Howie will do that."

"Do you mind?" She continued.

"No." I stifled a yawn. "I am a bit tired."


She sounded disappointed.

"What was Howie on about?"

"He's coming with us."


"I know Pa will kick up a fuss when he hears but if Howie tells him he is going too then it will be ok."

She placed her hand on mine and gave it a squeeze and leaned her head against my shoulder.

"I can handle Daddy."

I was sure she could.

The cab pulled up outside a tall block of buildings and we climbed out. I reached into my hip pocket for my wallet but Louise placed her hand on my arm.

"It's on the hotel account."

She smiled at me and took a small bunch of keys from her handbag. She tapped a set of numbers into a keypad by the door and turned a key in the lock. The heavy oak door opened on well-oiled hinges and we stepped inside. I looked for the taxi as I closed the door behind us and saw it start to pull away.

She pressed the button for the lift and the doors opened with a hiss. I followed her inside. Neither of us spoke during the fifteen seconds or so of the ride. Another hiss and the doors opened. There were four doors in the corridor we stepped out into. We crossed to the far side and she opened the door on the left.

She unlocked two locks and pushed the door open. Followed her inside. My heart was beating faster. I helped her from her coat and hung it on a hook. There was a door on either side of us then the apartment opened up into a large living room with two doors at one end and windows everywhere else.

She pressed a switch and the lights came on, brightly at first then less so as she adjusted a dial.

Another click of a switch and curtains slid across in front of the windows.

"Would you like a drink?" She asked.

"I should be getting back."

"Just a coffee."

"Alright." There could be no harm in that. "A coffee would be nice. Thank you."

"Make yourself at home." She said indicating the large sofa.

I remained standing while she busied herself in the kitchen. I felt safer. There was also the distinct possibility that if I did sit down I would fall straight asleep.

I walked to the far end of the room. There were two doors. Bedrooms? I placed my hand on the handle of the first. Should I? I looked around. She wasn't back yet. I opened the door and looked inside. It was a bedroom. The bed was big. Bright white coverings.

I closed the door and stepped away. What was I expecting to find? It was a bedroom that was all.

"That's my office." Louise said as I moved towards the second door, she placed a tray with a coffeepot and some cups and saucers and things onto the table in front of the sofa.

"Sorry." I stammered. "I wasn't prying."

Well I was, but you always say you're not.

"That's alright." She smiled, sitting down and patting the sofa beside her. I'd show you everything later."

"I really must be going."

"You can't leave now." She smiled again and poured some coffee into the two cups she had brought. "Sugar, milk? It's snowing."

I looked at the curtains.

"There's a window in the kitchen."

I sat down beside her and took the offered coffee cup.

"Just a little milk please." I told her.

She had lovely hands. Long slender fingers.

She sipped at her own coffee. I watched her throat move as she swallowed. I could feel my prick growing again.

I turned my head away. This was no good. Something was going to happen unless I left.

"Unzip me."

Louise was turning on the sofa, offering her back to me.

"I always have trouble with that little hook and eye."

I knew how she felt. Automatically my finger fumbled for it finally succeeding in undoing it and pulling down her short zip.

"I must go." I almost pleaded.

"You don't have to." She was turning to face me. "You know I've always liked you."

"Yes. No." I did but didn't.

"I'm better now."

She slid her arm through the strap of her dress. Then her other arm.

"I'm all grown up."

She let the front of her dress fall forward exposing her breasts. I could faintly see the marks made by the knife of Rogers after he and his sons had tied her to a bed and he had raped her.

"Don't you like them?"

She lifted each one as if offering me the nipples.

"They're lovely."

They were. I wished my prick would go down.

"Perhaps you'd rather have something else?" She asked, standing up and letting her dress fall to the floor.

She was a natural blonde.

My hands moved to her hips. I pulled her towards me a nuzzled her pubic hairs with my nose. I drank in the smell of woman. Her fingers ran through my hair as I licked at her clit with the tip of my tongue. She opened her legs and swivelled her hips opening herself. I sucked on the lips of her fanny then returned to her clit.

She gasped, moaned then gasped again as I flicked it from side to side. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to place a fingertip against her anus.

She whimpered then started to grind her fanny against my mouth. Her breathing was quickening. Her anus squeezed tight against my finger then relaxed and she cried out as my finger entered her. Then she cried out again as she came.

I pulled my finger from her ass and without thinking held it to my nose.

"Paul!" She admonished.


"Come to bed."

I stood up determined to be strong but I could smell her and taste her.

"I..." I started, but she had turned her back and was walking towards her bedroom.

Her buttocks were tight and high. Moving up and down as she walked. She stopped at the door and turned her head to look at me over one shoulder. My feet were moving but it wasn't away from her.

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