tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18l

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18l


Part 12.


I awoke with a hard on and turned over onto my side to face Jenny. The tip of my prick touched the crack of her ass and I pushed gently between her cheeks. She gave a moan, clenched her cheeks and pulled away.

I opened my eyes.

This wasn't Jenny.

It was a few seconds before remembrance returned.

Louise. She was still asleep. I turned over onto my back and tried to piece together the events of the previous night.

Dinner, dancing, licking her fanny. That much was clear. Then we had gone to bed.

I could remember her helping me undress and our standing naked by the side of the bed kissing. Then she had to go somewhere and I had climbed into it.

Then what had happened?

Nothing. My mind was a blank.

Louise moved on the bed, turning to face me. Her eyes were open.

"Hello." I said.

"Hello." She replied.

I couldn't tell much in her tone. Was she angry? Should I fuck her? My prick was still hard.

"I think I must have fallen asleep." I confessed.

"Yes, you did."

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok." She moved closer on the bed, her hand moving beneath the covers to land on my balls. "I'll forgive you. This time."

That felt nice. Her fingers massaging my balls. Then they moved, picking up my prick and stroking its length. I lifted the bed covers and we both looked down watching as the head of my prick appeared and disappeared from view. I also looked at her fanny. Blond hairs. Not too bushy. I moved my hand down to it and squeezed it. It felt springy.

Her face was moving towards mine so I turned my head and kissed her.

I could feel her clit. She lifted her top leg. That was better. I rubbed it. She gasped. I released the bed covers and felt for her breasts. Her nipples were hard. I had to have her. I turned onto my side and moved towards her looking into her eyes. They told me what I wanted to know as much as her turning onto her back and opening her legs. I moved above her. The tip of my prick against her slit. I pushed. Then again. I could feel her opening.

The phone on the bedside table started to ring.

She moved beneath me. I tried to push my prick inside her. It missed.

"Wait a minute." She said. "I'm expecting my editor to ring me. What time is it?"

I looked at my wristwatch.

"Eight-thirty." I told her.

I pushed again with my prick. She was opening. I could feel it.

"Wait." She hissed, half-turning away from beneath me and picking up the phone.

"Hello." She said into the mouthpiece.

Her other hand she was sliding down between us. Was she going to help me in? Not judging by the way she pushed my prick away and clamped her hand tight over her hole.

There was a man's voice at the other end of the line.

My prick was going down. She was trying to say something but the man at the other end wouldn't let her get a word in. I moved onto my side of the bed and played with her breasts while she talked. Her nipples were still hard.

"Daddy don't."

It was Harve was it?

I moved my hand down onto her stomach. Then further down. I slid my hand beneath hers and felt for her clit. I could almost feel it throb.

"Oh." She groaned, whether because of something that was being said or the movement of my finger I wasn't sure.

I rubbed harder.

She lifted her hips from the bed.

"I must." She gasped into the phone. "Please don't."

Her fingers closed about my hand. I kept moving. She was gasping. Moaning. The phone had fallen from her grasp. Suddenly her entire body tensed and her thighs closed tight.

I pulled my hand away from beneath hers and stroked my prick to restore it to full hardness. I moved, preparing to get on top of her again.

"No." She almost screamed, pulling away and falling from the bed. "We can't. You can't. You have to go."

I knelt on the bed, my prick standing up hard. She was looking at it.

"My father's on his way. He'll be here in five minutes. You have to go. I must get dressed. I'm sorry, Paul."

"Where are my clothes?" I asked, standing on the floor. Her eyes hadn't left my prick. I smiled at her and helped her to stand feeling her breasts.

"He mustn't find you here." She warned, licking her lips.

"Ok." I said, reaching for where my clothes lay on the back of a chair. "I'll go."

I dressed as quickly as I could whilst watching Louise do the same. Bra, panties, slip and dress. I carried my bow tie and cummerbund with me to the door. She was running a brush through her hair.

"If I don't see you before I'll see you at the airport." I said hurrying to the front door of the apartment.

It wasn't my most gallant goodbye. I wasn't even sure I would see her again if her father had anything to do with it.

I closed the door to the apartment behind me and walked to stand in front of the lift. I didn't have to press for it; it was already on its way.

Realisation suddenly hit me as the lift stopped. Harve. I ran to the stairs at the end of the corridor as the lift doors opened. The doors to the stairs closed behind me and I leaned with my back against the wall my heart thumping. Had he seen me? What would I do if he had and he told Martha? Then she told Carole and she told Jenny. Would it matter? Harve would probably kill me if he thought I had been fucking his daughter.

I hurried down the stairs. Should I take the lift? What if it hadn't been Harve? What if he was waiting downstairs for the lift to come back down?

I continued down the stairs.

I hadn't paid much attention to how many floors there were in the building the night before. I knew exactly how many there were by the time I reached the ground floor.

I pushed open the doors and peered out. There was a doorman/receptionist behind a counter. I would have to brazen it out and walk past him.

I took a deep breath and stepped out into the corridor.

He looked up at me.

"I was staying the night with a friend. After a late party." I blurted out an explanation even though it hadn't been asked for.

"Can I get you a cab?" He asked.


He led the way to the door and hailed a cab. I took two one-dollar bills from my wallet and offered it to him. A good tip is important to buy silence.

He looked at the notes and pocketed them without a word. A yellow cab pulled up and I stepped through the slushy sidewalk to it and climbed into the back.

"Where to Buddy?" The cabby asked.

I gave him the name of the hotel. The cab pulled out past a large black limo that was parked in front of us. It looked like it had been Harve in the lift.

That had been close. On both counts. Fucking Louise and getting caught by her father. It had been a hard job getting it inside her. She was fighting it as I had pushed. Her legs had been open but her fanny had been shut. I could tell she had wanted it. I didn't understand. She wasn't a virgin. I knew that. The traffic was heavy. But then it is in most cities on a Monday morning. The sky, such as I could see was heavy with grey clouds. I was glad I didn't have to walk. I suddenly knew where we were and looked at the meter. Two minutes to go. I took out my wallet and counted out enough notes to cover the cost of the ride. I didn't have much left. I would have to see Harve and get him to let the hotel cash me a cheque. I would have to pay the bill by cheque as it was. It had all been such a rush on Saturday.

The cab pulled to a halt outside the main entrance to the hotel. I should have asked him to go to the side one. I should also have finished dressing, that way I might have passed unnoticed through the foyer as a number of staff wore evening dress all day.

I would have to brazen it out again. And it was snowing.

I paid for the fare and took the steps to the front doors in twos. The doorman held it open for me.

"Good morning, Sir." He said, a smile on the corners of his mouth.

I mumbled a response and hurried across the foyer to the desk.

"May I have my key. Please?" I asked the pretty receptionist.

"Certainly Sir." She smiled, handing it to me with two slips of paper.

I read the messages as I walked to the lift. My mother had rung. I was to ring back. Jenny had rung. No message.

The doors opened and I waited for the descending passengers to step from the lift before stepping inside. I gave the attendant my floor number. I flexed my knees as the floor lifted beneath me and again as the lift stopped at my floor.

I walked quickly to the door of my room and turned the key. I heard the door of another room open and turned to see Heather hurrying towards me. She followed me into my room and I pushed the door closed.

"Where have you been?" She asked angrily. "I've been waiting for you for hours."

"I stayed at Louise's." I replied. Taking off my coat and dropping it on the chair in front of the dressing table.

"You stayed the night with her?"

Her bottom lip was trembling.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"I went to sleep. That was all."

"She's a beautiful woman."

"I know. I've known her for years."

"And you didn't? With her?"

She was standing directly in front of me. She looked sad so I placed my arms around her and held her tight.

"No I didn't."

She lifted her head and I looked down into her eyes. She smiled. Then reached up and pulled my mouth down to her own. Our lips touched. I opened mine and pushed my tongue against hers. They opened in response.

My prick was getting hard. I pushed it against her. She pushed back. I moved my hands down to her ass cheeks and felt them through her short dress. We kissed again, tongues fencing. I pulled up the bottom of her dress and slid my hands inside her tights and knickers. It was warm in there. She shivered.

"Your hands are cold." She mumbled with my tongue still inside her mouth.

I pulled my head back breaking our kiss.

"It's cold outside." I confirmed.

"I'm warm."

"I can feel that."

I pulled her ass cheeks apart and slipped a finger between them, her anus contracted as I touched it.

"Do you want to feel something else?"

"If you like."

You mustn't be too forward.

She moved back half a pace, my hands sliding onto her hips, still inside her underwear.

She looked down at the bulge my prick was making inside my trousers and placed her hand upon it. I felt it jump. She smiled, running her fingertips back and forth along its length.

I felt her hip bones and the top of the outsides of her thighs then moved one hand slowly across the front of her body until I felt her pubic mound. She moved closer her mouth already open for my tongue. She sucked my tongue into her mouth, holding its tip with her front teeth for a second then releasing it to push against it with her own.

I moved my hand from her hip back onto her ass cheek while seeking her slit with the middle finger of my other hand. She rose up onto her toes slightly as I wormed my finger inside her. With the middle finger of my other hand I found her anus and rubbed her tight folds of skin. She moved her head to rest it against my chest and sighed.

"That's nice."

It was but I wanted more. I pulled both hands free of her holes and her clothing.

"Oh." She sounded disappointed.

"Can I do it?" I asked, hesitantly.

She smiled and pulling up the hem of her dress pushed down her tights and knickers. I dropped to one knee before and helped her lift her feet free of them. I lifted the hem of her dress to look at her fanny for a second and to breathe in her smell then I stood up.

"Would you kneel for me?" I asked.

She didn't say a word but turning her back on me climbed onto the bed and knelt with her head resting on a pillow and her ass in the air. I climbed on the bed myself and knelt behind her, lifting her dress to expose her holes. Her anus looked so tight whilst her fanny lips were already showing. I unfastened my trousers and pushed them and my underpants down. Then I removed my shirt and threw it across to the other bed. I edged forward on the bed, spreading her ass cheeks as I did so. The tip of my prick touched her anus and she gave a little jump.

"It's alright." I reassured her, pushing my prick down from that hole until it touched her fanny slit.

With my thumbs I pulled her fanny lips open and pushed the tip of my prick between them. I sank inside her. There was none of the resistance I had felt that morning with Louise. I pulled back, almost out and pushed fully inside with one thrust. She lifted her head from the pillow and gasped then settled down again as I started moving in and out of her.

I kept up a steady pace for about fifteen seconds then I felt my balls tighten and the tip of my prick become increasingly sensitive. Five more seconds and I was moving in and out with short sharp movements. Five seconds more and I was coming.

I pulled her back towards me by her hips and thrust my prick as far inside her as it would go as I came.

I pulled back and looked down at her fanny then at my prick, shining with her juices and my come. I lay down on the bed with a sigh and she lay on her side beside me guiding my arm around her shoulders and laying her head on mine.

I breathed deeply.

"Are you alright?" She asked, her fingers on my balls.

"Fine thanks." I replied.

I knew I was smiling.

"You look pleased."

"I enjoyed it."

She picked up my flaccid prick and considered it for a few seconds.

"Did you?" I continued.

"It was alright as far as it went."

"I put it in as far as I could."

"I know." She said wistfully. "It's just not as big as Howie's."

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