tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18p

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18p


(Copyright 2003)

(All characters are fictitious. No similarity with anybody is intended).


I allowed Heather to leave my arms and accepted Mary Belle in her place. She felt nice.

She's changed out of her stage dress and was wearing a thin cream coloured dress that ended mid thigh.

"I'm not supposed to do this." She said, pressing her pubic mound against my still hard prick.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at me.

"What?" I coughed.

"Dance with the customers."

She rubbed herself against me. It was never going to go down like this.


She felt nice. Her body felt firmer than both Louise and Heather's. She was warm. But then I suppose she had a right to be having just sung her heart out for thirty minutes.

"Are you on again tonight?" I asked.

"No." She rested her head against my chest. "Only once tonight. You can come back to my place."

"Hmm. Hmm." I stumbled for an answer.

"I want to talk to you." She moved her head and looked up at me. "Don't worry. Maurice will be there later. He's playing piano. My husband."

"Wow." I couldn't help myself.

"Did you think I wanted you for something else?" She rubbed herself against me again. "Did you ever marry that girl."

"Jenny? Yes. She's in England."

"Oh. Are you with Howie's sister then?"

"Not really."

"The other one?"

"Both. I suppose."

"You could give Howie lessons. No. On second thoughts you couldn't."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Come with me."

"What about Maurice?"

He looked quite big. He was a bit older than Mary Belle was I could tell that from where I stood. But he was big. Certainly a lot bigger than I was.

"I've recorded an LP." She said ignoring my question. "Two in fact. We are just putting the finishing touches to the second. It will be released in April."

"Yes." At least talking like this my prick was going down.

"If it does as well as we hope I get to do the third album in England next summer."

She moved against my prick again causing it to stiffen. She smiled in satisfaction.

"Yes. Hmm."

Through a gap in the dancers I could see Howie still standing up talking to the man in the dark suit.

Mary -Belle took my hand at the end of the tune and we joined the dancers leaving the floor.

"Mitch." She said leading me up to the man in the dark suit. "This is the piano player I was telling you about."

"Pleased to meet you." Mitch said holding out his hand and looking me up and down.

He was probably eyeing me as a potential client.

"Let's go to my place and discuss everything." Mary-Belle suggested.

"Sure thing." Howie agreed. "Coming girls."

They did not seem overly keen. Either one of them. But they rose together collecting their things from the tabletop.

Why did we have to go to Mary-Belles and discuss things anyway? What things?

I walked between Louise and Heather to a large black car that stood in one of the reserved bays opposite the entrance to the hotel. Howie and Mitch climbed into the front leaving the four of us to fit ourselves into the back. I ended up with Louise on one side of me and Mary-Belle the other with Heather looking decidedly unhappy beyond her.

I kept my legs tightly closed with my hands on my knees too frightened to move in case somebody assumed I wanted to have sex with them.

"It won't be long. We have a place by the coast." Mary-Belle said reaching up and pressing a button in a small panel in the roof that caused a small section of it to slide open. I could see the stars.

Mary-Belle's breast rubbed hard against my arm as she settled back in the seat.

The air was suddenly fresher.

"Stand up." Mary-Belle suddenly said, brushing her breast against my arm again as she climbed to her feet and stood with her head and shoulders out of the car roof. "It's great."

I climbed to my feet helping Louise to hers and the three of us stood pressed closely together as the wind rushed through our hair.

Mary-Belle was right. It was great. I thought of Heather on her own below and was about to let her take my place when I felt a hand on one of my ass cheeks. I looked around, counting the hands on view. It had to be Heather. Her fingers were pushing the material of my trousers between my ass cheeks up against my anus. I opened my legs as her fingers moved between them and onto my balls. I felt the outside of my thighs pushing against the thighs of Louise and Mary-Belle and felt both of them respond.

"Here we are." Mary-Belle suddenly said pointing to a house on the landward side of the road.

I could see the breakers crashing onto some rocks out to sea but all I could see on that side of the road was a seemingly endless stretch of beach. We turned right and climbed up a short drive and pulled to a halt beside a split-level home. Heather released my balls as first Louise slid then Mary-Belle slithered down my body and back inside the car. I hadn't realised that women had so many places they could touch you with at the same time.

The doors were open and Louise had climbed out by the time I was back inside.

"Enjoy the ride?" Heather asked, a smile on her lips.

"Fine." I replied, clearing my throat.

I followed her ass out of the car and gave it a squeeze as Mary-Belle unlocked the door and turned off the alarms.

Louise dropped back and linked her arm with mine as we followed Mary-Belle into the house. He turned on lights in an entrance hall and then in a main living room. There were French windows running the length of one wall leading to a swimming pool. She operated some switches in a wall panel and lights came on in the pool and above it. She opened a double door and stepped outside. You could smell the sea and hear the breakers. Now and again a vehicle would pass on the road below.

"Get some drinks Mitch." She said leading the way back into the house with us all dutifully following.

There was a baby grand piano sitting in one corner of the room and a drinks bar in the opposite. On the walls behind the piano were press cuttings in frames and what looked like a silver LP stuck to a board. One picture frame contained what looked to be a hit parade listing. I looked for Mary's name.

"Our highest position on the national charts." Mary-Belle was standing very close to me. "It got to number nine. We got a silver disc for it."

Mitch pressed a tumbler containing a light brown liquid poured over half a dozen ice cubes into my hand. I took a sip. Bourbon.

"Play me something Paul." Mary-Belle said moving to the piano.

"What do you want to hear?"

"Surprise me."

I hate it when people say that. I had been learning the Paul Simon song Bridge over Troubled Water so I started to play that.

"Stop." Mary-Belle ordered. "Play it again."

I played the intro then into the first verse. Mary-Belle suddenly broke into song. She did have a good voice. Crystal clear. I made a fair stab at the piano solo in the middle while Mary-Belle sipped from my whisky glass and tried to build to a crescendo when it was due.

I gave an extra little flourish at the end.

There was some clapping. Some well dones and a top up of my glass.

"See what I mean?" Mary-Belle said to Mitch.

I picked out some notes at random.

"How long did it take you to learn to play like that?" Heather asked, sliding one ass cheek onto the piano stool before Louise could reach it.

"I had lessons for ten years." I replied picking out the notes of Yesterday.

Immediately Mary-Belle was singing again. When we had finished I started on Swan Lake. No words to that. Mary-Belle pouted.

"My great uncle was a concert pianist." I said to the room in general. "Before the First World War. Lost a hand."

The Bourbon had left a warm glow in my stomach. I felt good. I started to play one of the tunes Mary-Belle had sung earlier in the evening. She started singing again. I was getting into the mood. We must have played and sung for an hour.

"You've convinced me." Leading Louise back to her seat after dancing with her.

"What about?" I asked.

Somebody was slurring their words. It was me.

Too much whisky. Howie was sitting on the large settee with an arm around Heather.

"Don't forget our deal?" He said.

He was feeling one of Heather's tits. She was letting him.

I stood up, supporting myself on the edge of the piano. It was very hot in here. I needed some air.

"I need some air." I told the room and walked outside to stand beside the pool.

That was better. The night air was cool and crisp. The sound of breakers had died away. There wasn't any sound to be heard. Somebody had put a record on. I recognised Mary-Belle after the second word. She was very good. I'd have to buy a copy.

I heard a foot-step behind me and turned my head. Louise was standing there. She looked a little glum so I placed my arm around her shoulder. She lifted her arm and my hand slid onto her back.

"Mitch had to go." She said, leaning her head against mine.

Maybe that was why she looked upset?

"Sad." I replied.

"What is?"

"Mitch having to go."

"Why? Did you like him?"

"I don't know."

I had agreed to do something the following summer. It can't be important.

"You play very well."

"Hmm." I nuzzled her hair with my nose in agreement.

She smelt very nice.

"Howie's mixing some cocktails."

Oh. I'd drunk some of his cocktails before.

"That would be nice." I managed to say.

My prick was getting hard. I pushed my hand down the front of her dress and felt one of her breasts. She stiffened for a moment then relaxed so I felt the other one. Her nipples were very hard. I pulled the breast free of her dress and looked at it. It was a very nice nipple. It looked as if it needed a good suck. I lowered my head and closed my lips around it and sucked gently.

"No." She said, pushing my head away. "Not here. They'll see."

I lifted my head and looked down at her nipple. It was wet. I kept my hand on her breast and gave it a squeeze.

My prick was very hard. I placed one of her hands upon it. I heard her gasp then her fingers moved along its length.

That felt nice.

"Let's go over here." Louise said, removing her hand from my prick and my hand from her breast.

On either side of the pool there were some sun-loungers and she led me to the one furthest from the house. She lay down oh her back on it and held up her arms to me. Taking a quick look around to see if anyone was watching I squeezed onto the lounger beside her. She pulled my head down to her own and we kissed. Mouths closed at first then open. Our tongues fenced and pushed against each other. Then her lips closed around my tongue and she sucked it. I fumbled for her breasts pulling them free from the top of her dress then taking my mouth from hers slid down the lounger until I could suck on them.

She arched her back as I took the first one into my mouth so I took the opportunity to unzip her dress. That was better. I could really get to them now. I heard her moan. I sucked again then flicked the nipple with the tip of my tongue.

"Paul what are you doing?"

Louise sat up stuffing her breasts back into her dress and I fell onto the floor.

"I brought you these." Heather was standing at the foot of the lounger in her bra and knickers with a tumbler full of deep red liquid in either hand.

I stood up, swayed a little and took them from her.

"We are playing strip poker and smoking." She continued her eyes wide open and a smile on her face. "I've never played poker before. Howie says I'm a natural."

"Are you winning?" I asked.

"I don't know." She replied after a few seconds thought. "Come on in and join the fun."

"In a minute."

I handed down a drink to Louise and sipped at the other. Wow. That certainly took your breath away.

Louise spluttered below me.

"Don't be long." She waved and skipped back towards the house.

I took another sip of my drink and looked down at Louise. She had just taken a sip of her own drink and when she saw me looking down at her placed it on the ground and lay back. She was smiling.

"Don't be long, Heather said." She said bending her knees and lifting her ass from the lounger.

I sat on the foot of the lounger and help her take off her knickers. I looked down at the slit between her legs then reached out my hand and pushed a finger inside her. I pulled it out then pushed it back inside. It fitted so well.

"Hmm." She moaned. "That's nice."

I pushed a second finger inside her. She was becoming very wet. I opened her lips with the fingers of my other hand. It was very pink inside there. I could see her clit. Like a little pea. It looked lonely so I rubbed it with my thumb.

You'd have thought she had just been shot the way she jumped but she settled back down again so I continued to rub it.

She was moaning and groaning about something. Her thighs were twitching and she kept on lifting her ass from the lounger. I could smell her. My cock was getting hard again.

She seemed disappointed when I stopped rubbing and stood up. Her eyes lit up when I dropped my underpants and trousers and climbed between her thighs.

I guided my prick against her slit and pushed. There was the same resistance as before. I pushed again.

"I can't get it in." I panted.

"Please." She panted back. "Again. Please."

I pushed. Hard. She was opening. I pulled back and pushed again. Ah.

She cried out as I entered her. Her fingernails dug into my back. Her thighs gripped my hips.

I started pumping in and out.

I could feel her tightening around my prick. I pumped faster. She was coming. I could feel it and hear it. I could also hear a car pulling up. I kept moving in and out. This was good. I could hear somebody shouting inside the house. I was nearly there. Just a few more seconds.

"Paul." I heard Heather calling. "Come on."

I looked up. She was running towards me pulling her dress on. Just two more strokes. Louise was moving beneath me. Don't move.

"Paul." Heather called again.

I pulled out and rolled onto the floor pulling up my underpants and trousers and stuffing my wet and throbbing prick inside them.

"What the..." I started.

"Maurice is here." She said, looking at Louise as she stood up and pulled the hem of her dress down. "We have to go."

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