tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18o

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18o


(All characters are fictitious. No similarity with anybody is intended).

Part 15.


I held open the door to the taxi for Heather to climb out and held her hand as we walked up the steps into the hotel.

I was wearing my suit. That was a mistake. Even after nine in the evening it was hot. I could feel the sweat running down my spine.

I looked around the foyer for Howie and Louise but they were nowhere in site so I led Heather across to the entrance to the restaurant. Or followed the crowd more accurately.

There was a large poster on a stand by the doorway. I didn't recognise the name of the artist appearing but the face looked familiar. A large man in a white tuxedo approached.

"Yes sir." He said in a slow drawl. "You have a reservation?"

"We don't." I replied.

"We are fully booked, sir."

"We are guests of the Wolfensteins." I said quickly, having the feeling we were about to be evicted.

He looked at a list of names on the board he was carrying then looked around the room.

"Howard and Louise Wolfenstein." I continued.

"Table eight."

A waiter appeared as if by magic from behind his back as we followed him through the lines of tables to the front of the restaurant where the dance floor separated the diners from a low stage. Howie rose to his feet as we approached and held out the chair next to him for Heather. I took the forth seat with Louise between us.

She smiled at me and squeezed my leg underneath the tablecloth. I could feel my prick stirring. Painfully. It badly needed a good night's rest. I placed my hand upon hers and moved it back onto her own leg.

"I've already ordered." Howie was saying. "The cabaret starts at ten."

"Who is it?" Heather asked.

"An old friend of Paul's." Howie answered.


"You don't mean?" I started.

"Mary Belle." There was a look in Howie's eyes. "She's getting to be quite a star in these parts. Made a record or two. Did well in the charts."

"I liked Mary Belle. She was fun." Louise joined in. "She was always very patient with me when we lived in Jamaica."

"Mary Carver." I mused. "I wonder how she came up with that name?"

"We might get a chance to ask her later." Howie waved to a waiter. "Champagne alright for everyone."

I'd have preferred a nice cold beer.

"Oh Champagne." Heather was almost bouncing up and down in her seat. "Let's drink lots."

The water appeared with the first course and was given an order for a second bottle. It was going to be a long night.

Louise was squeezing my hand beneath the table so I moved it onto her thigh and ran my fingers up towards her crotch beneath her dress. Her legs opened slightly and I pushed my finger against her fanny. I felt it open slightly through the twin layers of her tights and panties.

A waiter was moving around behind us pouring the Champagne into our glasses. I pulled my hand away from Louise's hole and picking up a wafer thin piece of toast forked some smoked salmon onto it.

I looked around the table. Everybody seemed happy.

The toast crunched in my mouth. It was very good.

I liked Mary Belle as well. She had been one of the receptionists at the hotel in Jamaica where Howie had been the deputy manager to learn the ropes of hotel management. His father had made him work in four or five hotels since leaving university. It was how that he had learned and it hadn't done him any harm, I heard him say more than once. Not that I think Howie had minded. An endless stream of hotel gusts for him to fuck, not to mention the staff.

He had been fucking Mary Belle when we had gone down to Jamaica for his and Carole's wedding. I knew that, I'd seen him. Twice. Although I think Martha thought it was me fucking her when they had caught me and Mary Belle in some bushes with her naked and trying to take my shirt off.

That had been on Howie's stag night.

"So you played the piano for her?" Heather asked.

"What? Who?" She was talking to me. "Yes. By accident. Her usual player hadn't turned up."

"Don't be shy Paul." Howie said. "He also played in the largest night club on the Island with her."

"Oh. I'd like to have heard that."

"He was wonderful." Louise smiled placing her hand upon my thigh.

I drank some Champagne.

"If it hadn't been for you she probably wouldn't be here now." Howie was smiling.

He was up to something.

"Does she know we are here?" I asked.

Louise was moving her hand.

I drank some more Champagne.

Two waiters arrived to remove our plates and cutlery. Howie topped up everybody's glass and ordered another bottle.

Heather giggled at something Howie whispered into her ear. She looked down towards his lap then smiled at him.

Our main course arrived.

Louise's little finger was touching my balls. Just its tip. Pushing against one ball then the other. Then back to the first.

I took a mouthful of food followed by some more Champagne. Louise smiled at me and removed her hand to start on her own meal.

Heather laughed out loud and something Howie had said. She rested her head against his shoulder for a second. If I didn't know better I would have sworn they were lovers. Come to think of it I didn't know better. Howie had seen her back to her room the previous night and this morning she had known that his prick was bigger than mine was.

Louise was leaning towards me. Two could play at that game. I lifted her hair to expose her ear.

"No." She snapped pulling away.

Damn. I had to touch the side with the scars.

I leaned towards her.

"I'm sorry." I spoke softly into her hair. "I forgot."

She turned her face towards me and I could see a single tear.

"It's just me." Her bottom lip was trembling. "You know better than anyone what is there. Eat your dinner before it gets cold."

I smiled weakly and returned to my plate. Once I looked up to see Heather studying me and once more when I felt Louise's eyes on me.

I finished eating and pushed my plate away. I'd hardly tasted it. I looked at Louise's plate. It was hardly touched.

The waiters appeared to collect the plates and returned almost immediately with a large platter on which was a selection of cheeses and fruits. I looked around and noticed that most of the tables seemed to be getting the same. Must be some kind of house speciality.

Howie topped up everybody's glass and asked for another bottle. I was glad he was paying.

The lights in the rear of the restaurant were slowly dimming as the four members of the band took their places. A guitar, double bass, piano and drums. They started into a set of gentle swing numbers. Each musician held the lead spot for a short time then they started into the chords of a more upbeat number. The audience broke into a round of applause as Mary Belle stepped forward and started to sing.

I'd heard that song before on the radio. I hadn't realised it had been her. Or perhaps it was by somebody else and she was copying it.

There were three steps at either end of the stage and she stepped down one onto the dance area and walked along the front tables greeting the diners with a wave of her hand or a smile whilst continuing her song.

She stopped when she reached Howie and for a second stumbled over a line. Then she saw me and her face seemed to light up. She moved close enough for me to feel the heat from her body and, finishing the verse leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I could feel two pairs of eyes boring into me. She ran her fingers through my hair as she straightened. There was applause from all sides. She seemed to hurry back to the stage and rush to the end of her song.

She bowed to acknowledge the applause then raised her hand for silence.

"Ladies and gentlemen." She said, her voice was slightly deeper then I remembered, sexier in some way. "This is going to be a wonderful night."

She was looking straight at me.

She turned her back and said something to the piano player. Her ass was bigger than I remembered. When I'd last seen it she'd been bouncing up and down on Howie's prick after singing in the hotel where we had gone for drinks on his stag night. Her dress was white, the cut at the back showing nearly all of her backbone. The material contrasting yet enhancing the light chocolate colour of her skin.

She turned back to the audience and went into a song I remembered accompanying her on in that night club in Jamaica. People were clapping along so I joined in. Three more songs followed before she finished and took her final bow.

Most of the room was standing to applaud her as she left so I stood and joined them. She was very good.

"She's good." I told Louise as I sat down.

"Yes." Louise didn't seem sure. "She was I suppose."

"I'm seeing her manager later." Howie said. "I'm going to try to get her for a season in our hotels."

The band was playing some danceable music.

"Let's dance." Louise said standing up and taking me by the hand.

I followed her into the crush on the dance floor and held her close as we swayed to the music. She pressed her pubic mound against my prick and balls. I could feel myself becoming hard. She kissed my ear.

"I enjoyed last night." She spoke softly but I could hear every word.

"Hmm." I made a noise I hoped she recognise as agreement in return.

"I'm sorry about this morning." She continued. "If only Daddy hadn't rung then. Did it upset you too much?"

I placed my mouth against her good ear and said. "No."

"I know now that you want me." She moved her pubic mound along my hardening prick.

I could hardly say I didn't want her. Not when she could feel it hard like that.

I briefly saw Howie and Heather. He was resting his chin on top of her head. I couldn't see her face.

"You can have me tonight."

My prick jerked. It hurt. I was sure Heather had worn it out.

I couldn't say no but I didn't want to say yes. But if I didn't then I was certain Heather would be wanting more when we got back to our rooms. Perhaps if Howie had her. No, I didn't want that. Anyway I imagine he would be going after Mary Belle later.

"I said, you could have me tonight."

"Let's sit down." I suggested.

She looked disappointed but led the way back to our table. We sat down and I held her hand beneath the tablecloth. She smiled contentedly. I wished my prick would go down.

"Aren't you going to dance with me, Paul." Heather asked from beside me.

Howie was standing on the far side of the table talking to a man in a dark suit.

"Excuse me." I said to Louise and followed Heather onto the dance floor.

Her pubic mound clamped tight against my still semi-hard prick. I let my hand run down her back until I could feel her suspender belt. I thought it would be nice to see Louise in a suspender belt.

"What's this." She rubbed herself against my prick. "Pleased to see me? Or is it from Louise?"

"It's all yours."

"I should hope so."

"Who's Howie talking to?"

"A man from the company which manages Louise. He phoned them earlier. He says he's sorry she was so good tonight. It means she'll cost more."

"It's like she's a piece of meat to be sold to the highest bidder."

"They used to do that to them."

"A long time ago."

"What shall we do tonight? When we get back?"

"It's a bit sore."

"It feels fine."

"It doesn't understand."

"I'll take it in hand and give it a good talking to. Don't worry. I'll be gentle."

She looked up into my face.

"I could always get Howie to take me home. He'd like to do that."

"I'm sure he would."

"Then you would be free to stay with Louise."

"I don't want Louise."

"Come off it. The way that you look at each other and touch each other under the table."


"Are you sure you didn't sleep with her last night."

"Well." Now what would be the right way to put this?


"I did sleep with her. But I didn't do it."


"We fooled around a bit."

"Is this a ladies excuse me?"

There was a hand on my shoulder and I turned my head to look into Louise's eyes.

I wished Jenny were here to protect me.



I turned onto my side and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was three o'clock in the morning.

The bedsprings started to squeak again in the spare bedroom. That must be the forth time he'd had her.

I reached for a tissue from the box beside the alarm clock and blew my nose noisily. I hoped they'd hear. Although at least while he was fucking her there wasn't the never-ending low mumble of conversation punctured by the occasional burst of giggling.

I turned onto my back and waited. Here it was. The sighs and groans of Shirley coming. I think I must have heard them more tonight than in all the time we shared a flat during our first year in university. He must be good. It sounded like she was coming again. I couldn't really get upset. She hadn't had in for a while and I did push them together.

I opened my legs and pulled up my nightie until it was above my waist. If everybody else was coming I didn't see why I shouldn't.

I massaged the lips of my fanny for a few seconds then let my middle finger slid in between them. How was I going to get a message to Ron to tell him not to come? Perhaps he would have had a change of mind himself and stand me up? It would be awkward if Matt were here when he arrived. That would take some explaining. At least we wouldn't be able to do anything.

I pulled my finger out and felt for my clit. That felt nice. I rubbed to one side of it then to the other. I could feel it grow. I touched it. I sighed out loud. That was nice.

I wonder what he would be like. Not that I was going to let him have it. No.

I rubbed faster. Picturing his face above me.

What would it be like to feel him inside me? Thrusting hard and fast. Holding me tight. Feeling his prick getting bigger and bigger. Filling me. And then his come. Shooting inside me. Bringing me off as my finger was now.

I pulled down my nightie and breathed in deeply. I'd enjoyed that. Short and sharp and to the point. They didn't have to last for hours.

It was quiet in the spare room. No voices. No giggling.

I hope Paul isn't worrying too much about his grandfather's disappearance.

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