tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zb

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zb


Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

(All characters are fictitious. No resemblance to anyone alive or dead is intended).

Rubies are Red. Part 28.


It was fully dark as the wheels of my VW Beetle crunched over the short gravel drive that led to the front of Paul's grandfather's house. I glanced at my wristwatch under the courtesy light as I opened the door of the car.

It was five forty-five.

I had agreed to meet Ron at six. I could put the kettle on and have a cup of tea. Not that I really wanted one. My stomach had been tied up in knots all day. Worry about Paul, then my exam the following day and then having to end an affair on top of it.

There had been no word about him. The British Consol had left the capitol and was in a neighbouring country as were most diplomats.

There had been reports of a United States Naval Task Force off the coast. But they didn't seem to be doing anything.

I closed the car door, locked it and hurried up to the front door. It was starting to spit with rain. I took the keys from my coat pocket and opened the door to let myself in. It was cold and dark inside.

I stood still for a moment almost expecting Paul's old dog Millie to come bounding up to greet me. That would never happen again.

I turned on the lights, used the control panel to turn off the alarms, hung up my coat and walked down the short corridor beside the staircase to the kitchen. I opened the door and turned on the lights. It looked very empty.

Probably it would be no use making tea anyway. There wasn't likely to be any milk fit for use in the fridge.

I shivered. It was cold in the house. There was no point in lighting a fire in the front room. I wasn't intending being there long enough for it to take effect. I could switch the central heating on. If only for half an hour. It would take the chill off the air.

I went back into the corridor and stood in front of the large panel in front beside the kitchen door. Alarm controls on the top. Heating below that. I could never get the hang of how this thing worked. It could be set to come on three times a day if you knew how to do it. Start dials, stop dials. I turned one until I heard the water pump in the airing cupboard at the top of the stairs spring into life. The boiler for the central heating was in the cellar. I did know that.

I placed my hands on the radiator in the hallway. It vibrated slightly but didn't feel any warmer. I adjusted its setting to maximum. I could feel something.

There were footsteps outside. I could see the shape of a tall man through the frosted glass panel in the front door. Ron. There was a knock.

I opened the door and we stood for a second looking at each other.

Now was the time to tell him. Before he gets inside.

"Hello Ron." I said.

The phone rang.

I remained where I was, blocking his path.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" He asked. "It might be important."

I might be. Shirley knew I was here. Nobody else did.

It might be important.

I turned away from the door and went to the hall table and picked up the phone.

What if it were Mary? Suppose somebody had seen me driving through the village and had phoned her.

"Hello." I hardly spoke above a whisper.

I heard the front door close behind me and the sound of Ron removing his coat.

"Jenny? Is that you?"

Shirley's voice filled my ear.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Is it Paul?"

"It is Paul. But nothings wrong."

"What's happening."

"I just had Mary on the phone."


Ron was very close behind me his hands were on my hips.

"The foreign office received notification from the United States authorities that Paul and the other's are safe under the protection of the United States Navy."

A wave of relief washed over me. I found myself leaning back against Ron's body. His hands were moving onto my stomach, then onto my breasts.

I wanted to cry.

He was pulling up my jumper. His fingers were on the buttons of my blouse.

"Are you still there?" Shirley asked. "It's great news."

"Yes. I'm here. I'm just having trouble taking it in."

"Is Ron there?"


"I'll leave you to it. Bye."

My blouse was open. He was lifting my bra.

"Paul's safe." I gasped as his fingers touched my bare flesh.

"I know." I could feel my nipples responding. "Mary told me. She had tried to get hold of you earlier."

I wanted him. Inside me. Now.

"Let's go upstairs." I said and pulled his hands gently from inside my clothing.

I took him by the hand and led the way to the master bedroom and turned on the light. The bed was still made.

"Close the curtains please." I asked, reaching down for the bottom of my jumper and pulling it off over my head.

He stood across the room from me and watched as I undressed. He didn't move until I was standing in front of him, naked. Then he crossed the room to me, took me in his arms and kissed me.

I opened my mouth to his tongue. Feeling it exploring my teeth and gums then pushing hard against my own.

I helped him pull his arms from his jacket and waistcoat as we continued to kiss. Then I pulled back from him as he removed his dog collar and started unbuttoning his shirt.

While he was doing that I undid his belt and unfastened his trousers. I dropped to my knees in front of him and undid the laces of his shoes and held each one as he lifted his feet from them. I looked at the front of his trousers, conscious of the large bulge beneath them. I pulled them down, pulling his underpants with them. His prick sprung up before me. It looked so big from this position. There was a little drop of liquid forming in the little hole at the end. I stuck out my tongue and licked it off.

I heard him sigh.

I took hold of his prick with one hand, pulled back his foreskin and guided the head between my lips. His hands went straight to the back of my head. For a second I panicked then forced myself to relax. He wasn't the Roger's family.

His hips started moving and his prick moved in and out of my mouth. I tightened my lips about it. He groaned. His hips moved faster. I held the base of his prick with one hand and felt his well-muscled buttocks with the other.


I heard him say.

"This feels so good."

Suddenly his entire body stiffened and I felt his prick begin to twitch then jerk from side to side inside my mouth. My head was knocked backwards by the force of his first ejaculation. And again with the next two.

I swallowed twice. Then a third time.

He breathed out heavily.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled.

I looked up at him, running the tip of my tongue around my lips.

"What for?" I asked rising to my feet.

He hugged me.

"For doing that." He looked embarrassed. "In your mouth."

"That's all right." I smiled at him and kissed his chin. "I didn't mind."


"I didn't mind." I assured him. "Let's go to bed."

I pulled back the covers and lay down on the bed. The bottom sheet was cold so I hurriedly pulled the covers back over me. Ron lay on his side looking down at my then his hand moved to my breast.

I let my hand slide down between us until I could take hold of his prick and I started to slowly wank it.

He smiled.

"That feels nice." He said, smiling.

"That's not too bad yourself."

He released my breast and used his hand to pull the bedclothes down far enough so that he could see them. My eyes followed his. They weren't the biggest in the world by any stretch of the imagination but they were full and firm. The nipples were little fingered sized. Paul liked them. He loved to suck them.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked, his hand returning to my breast.

"Nothing really." I lied.

"Alright." He leaned over me and kissed my forehead.

I placed my spare hand on the back of his head and pushed his mouth down towards my nipples. I had to release his prick as he moved down the bed.

His tongue touched one nipple. I lifted my back from the bed hoping he would take the hint. He licked it again.

Suck it. I wanted to scream.

He licked again the closed his lips around it. He suckled like a baby.

"Move your head." I panted. "Take it in and out."

He was catching on. He was sucking it now as if it were a little prick. I held my second nipple towards his mouth and he moved his lips to it.

That was nice. I arched my back. I was becoming very wet. I wanted him to touch me but he continued to suck moving from nipple to nipple.

I lifted myself from the bed and rubbed my pubic mound against his hip.

Please touch me.

I couldn't take it any longer and placed both of my hands against the top of his head and pushed.

He lifted his mouth from my breast and looked up at me.

"Please. Don't tease."

He moved down the bed and between my thighs. I opened them wide and pulled my knees up to my chest.

I could feel his warm breath against the lips of my fanny. Then I felt the first tentative touch of his tongue. It was like an electric shock through my body. Hardly had I settled down from it and his tongue touched me again.

"Oh." I sighed.

He licked again and again. Keeping to the outside. He needed help so I reached down and held my lips apart for him. This time his tongue was inside me. Touching my inner walls. I was in flood. I pulled at his head trying to direct his tongue at my clit but he moved away from me. He kissed my navel. Then he moved up the bed until he loomed above me.

I reached down for his prick. It was hard and I could feel it throbbing. I held myself open with one hand and guided him inside me with the other. He filled me with a thrust. I almost cried out with the shock. He was stretching me so much. Then he pulled back and filled me again.

I could feel it building with each movement of his prick. The tension was mounting inside me. Building. Building. He was moving faster. I wrapped my arms and legs about him. He was still moving. I was coming. I was there.

He thrust deep inside me and I cried out loud. Then I felt him come.

We stayed joined for a few seconds. His sweating face looking down at me. Then he smiled and pulled his prick from me.

Something wet was running down towards my anus.

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