tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zl

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zl


Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

All events and characters are fictitious.

Rubies are Red. Part 38.


Mandy hates me.

She'd thank me for it one day. I wouldn't be much of a big sister if I left her to spend the rest of the day and night with Steve. It was too late to prevent him having her. He'd already done that. But if they were shagging all day and night then accidents could happen and no man could be trusted to pull out at the right moment every time. What would my mother say if I left her behind and she became pregnant? It was better this way.

I finished packing my bag.

"Why can't I stay with Steve?" She asked again from her position perched on the edge of the bed.

"I didn't think you could see anything in him." I replied.

"That was before I knew him."

Or he you.

"What would Mum say?"

"You don't have to tell her. Tell her I ran away again."

"I've already told her I'm bringing you home with me."

"Let Steve take me then."


"You know what I mean."

"I know exactly what you mean."

Her bottom lip stuck out in a sulk.

"You are coming with me. Now help me strip the bed." She stood up as I pulled back the bed-covers. I looked down at the bottom sheet. The stain from when Ron had had me was still visible. I looked at Mandy. She was looking at the stain, then at me.

I pulled the sheet from the bed and screwed it up into a ball. The pillowcases and top sheet followed. All the while I was conscious of Mandy's eyes watching me. I carried the bed linen downstairs to the kitchen and placed it inside the washing machine. Mandy brought down our bags behind me.

"I want Steve to take me home." She suddenly demanded.

What could I say? I knew that if I argued further then the stain on the sheet would come up in conversation. But what if she told Steve? And then he told Len? Then Len told Steph?

But if I made her come home with me and then she told all my sisters. She might even tell my mother.

"Alright." I gave in. "You ring Mum and tell her. When will you be going back?"


"Where will you stay tonight?"

"That's up to Steve. He has a flat."

Mostly bed and very little sit that I remembered from the one time I went there with Paul to pick him up when we were going out for an evening together. Paul seemed envious of him for some reason. I thought it was cramped and untidy.

"Alright. Make your phone calls. Tell Mum you are staying in the Pub with Stephanie. She liked Steph when she met her at the wedding. Say that there is a party going on and you have been invited. I won't tell her any different."

"Alright. Thanks."

I cleaned up in the kitchen and poured the remains of the milk bottle into the sink. I could hear her talking on the phone. Should I make her promise not to say anything herself? But to do that I would have to admit to having an affair. She might think I'd had. The only evidence she had to go on would be a stain on a sheet.

She was still talking. But not on the phone this time. Had Steve come back?

The kitchen door opened and Ron walked in. He closed the door behind him and walked towards me.

"I'm sorry." He said stopping a yard in front of me. "For this morning. I shouldn't have acted like that. Did I hurt you?"

"A little." I confirmed. "It doesn't matter." "Of course it matters. I shouldn't have used you like that."

He reached out a hand and touched my shoulder.

"Are we still friends?" He continued.

"Friends, yes. Nothing more. Not any more."

He was moving closer. Both hands were on my shoulders. I was moving to meet him.

"I don't want to do it again."

I placed my hands on his chest and pushed at him. It was like trying to push a mountain over.

He pulled me closer still, lowering his head, searching for my lips with his. They touched. I pulled him close. No. Not again. I didn't want this.

I couldn't stop my lips from opening to his tongue. It filled my mouth. He pulled it out as his hands closed on my ass cheeks.

Don't Please. I willed him to stop but was unable to do anything to prevent him. He could take me where I stood. I knew that. I think he did to. His prick certainly did.

He released my ass cheeks and stood back from me.

"What am I going to do with you?" He asked.

Leave me alone part of me cried. Take me now the rest of my being urged.

He felt one of my breasts through my bra and jumper. I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers moving.

"Jenny." Mandy called. "Steve's here."

Ron removed his hand and I opened my eyes. I took a deep breath followed by another one.

"I think you had better go." I said.

"I'll come back." He said. "In an hour."

"No." I snapped.

My clit was throbbing. I wanted to rub it. But mostly I wanted to be alone.

"Please go." I said in a low voice as I opened the kitchen door.

Steve and Mandy pulled apart as we walked into the hallway. They both looked flushed. I hoped I didn't.

"Hello Steve." Ron said reaching for his coat. "How is your mother?"

"Oh. Hello Ron." Steve replied. "She's fine thanks. I just left her."

So that was how he got here so quickly.

"I was just asking if there was any news about Paul and Roland." Roland explained.

"I'm flying to America tomorrow." I told him. "I'll be staying in London tonight."

He frowned. Steve's face looked bright. I suppose he was somebody Paul could envy. He was still single. He had a good well-paid job, his own flat and lots of success with the girls. I wondered if Paul ever felt he was missing out living with me. Having just the one woman in his life. Well, I was going to be a good woman for him.

"Ron was just leaving. He has guests." I continued. "He mustn't be late. Good-by Ron. We'll see you when we get back."

Ron hesitated at the door as Steve helped Mandy into her coat.

"Right." Ron said. "I'll see you when you get back. Good-bye."

Steve and Mandy followed him through the door saying their good-byes, Steve carrying Mandy's bag.

I heard them drive away.

I was alone. At last. I leaned back against the wall and felt my fanny lips through my jeans. It felt nice but I knew what would feel better.

I looked about myself for somewhere to sit. The hall chair wasn't really suitable so I walked into the kitchen my hand still on my fanny. I looked at the large old oak table. You could seat ten around it in comfort. You could also be fucked lying on your back on top of it or bending over it. Paul had had me in both positions on it more than once.

I wanted something inside me. I looked around for something to use. I opened the cupboards and drawers but I could see nothing suitable. Then my eyes alighted on the paper towel stand. I removed the roll of kitchen towel and picked it up. It was made of wood with a round base. A good two fingers wide and twelve inches long. I wouldn't be using all of it. The pole screwed into the base. I unscrewed it and went to the table. I kicked off my shoes and removed my jeans and knickers before lying down on the tabletop. The wood was cold for a second against my bare buttocks and I shivered slightly.

I bent my knees and rubbed at my fanny lips with the fingers of one hand. Then I pulled them apart and held the rounded end of the pole to my opening. I pushed twice, felt myself open and it was inside. I was feeling really wanton. Lying there with a wooden pole up my hole. I pulled it nearly completely out then pushed it slowly back inside. I wasn't wet enough to take it easily so I worked it slowly in and out feeling my lubricant increasing, feeling the pole move more freely with every second.

I lifted my hips from the table and squeezed the pole hard. It felt really nice now. It was sliding in and out easily. It wasn't big enough to really stretch me but wide enough that I could feel it. I thought how it would feel inside my other hole. It was slippery. It was smooth.

I pulled it out of my fanny and turned onto my side. I lifted my top leg as I did when Paul was going to take me in an early morning fuck and placed the tip of the pole against my anus. I pushed. My sphincter tightened automatically to prevent its entry. Perhaps it wasn't wet enough?

I moved it back to my fanny and pushed it back inside me. My clit was starting to throb again so I turned onto my back with pole still inside me and started to rub my clit. The pole was slipping out so I reached down with my other hand to hold it in place. I lifted my hips as I pushed it back inside keeping the contact with my clit as I did so.

It felt really nice. I very seldom put anything inside myself. If it were going to feel like this then I would be doing it more often in the future.

I pulled the pole nearly out and pushed it back inside. Then again. Oh yes. I could feel the pressure building inside and moved my finger faster. I moved the pole faster. It was building. More. Even more. I was there.

I relaxed back onto the table letting the ripples of pleasure run through my body. I closed my eyes. I was going to see Paul. I really did miss him. He wasn't going off on his own again if I could help it.

The pole was still inside my hole so I pulled it slowly from me. I looked down at it. It was coated here and there with a frothy white foam. I lifted the pole to my nose and sniffed. It could be my own juices worked into a lather or even some of Ron's come. I could smell myself and something else. Did I want to taste it?

No. I decided. I'd had enough of Ron's come.

I looked down over the swellings beneath my jumper over my pubic mound with its covering of black hairs and through the 'v' created by my thighs and into a face staring at me through the kitchen window.

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