tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zm

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zm


Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 39.


I lifted my head and through the window into the room in front of me. I could still hear my grandfather and Roddrego arguing over something but there voices were now lowered. I could see Louise's head on a level with mine and beyond her Bill sitting on a chair. My grandfather and Roddrego were standing off to one side facing each other.

I couldn't see anybody else. I took a risk and tapped gently on the window.

My grandfather and Roddrego continued their discussion and Bill continued to sit staring out into space but Louise's head jerked upright. I tapped again, louder this time.

Louise's head turned to face me. I could see there was a swelling about one of her eyes as if somebody had punched her. Her good eye opened wide when she saw me and a weak smile touched her lips. She had been crying. The bastards, what had they been doing to her?

She stood up and I could see that the front of her blouse had been torn open exposing her bra. There were scratch marks on one of her breasts.

She reached up for one of the window catches when I heard voices at the front of the building. I dropped off the barrel and hurried to the rear of the building.

"What about the woman?" I heard one man ask in Spanish.

"When we are in charge you can have any woman you want. But not now. We still need him for the moment. Later she can be yours."

I tried to peer around the end of the building but the oil barrel was in the way and blocked most of my view. One thing I did see was my blanket and the basket containing my trousers. They must see them as well.

I could see a man, climbing into the short-wheel based Land rover. He was followed by a second in the front and a third who climbed into the back.

"I do not think we have anything to fear from those. The old man Wagstaffe must have flown a plane. We will find it on the lake when we look. We do not have the men to spare to look for it today. Keep a close eye on them for now and I will send somebody up to relieve you soon. Then you can have one of the village woman."

The Land-Rover engine was started drowning out whatever final conversation there was. I fought to prevent myself bursting out in a coughing fit as the fumes from the exhaust hit me. I turned my head and tried to fill my lungs with the fresher air from behind the building. I drew the revolver from its holster and peered back around the corner. One of the Land rovers was gone. I could hear its engine re-ceding into the distance.

I crept back to the oil-barrel and peeped over the top. There was nobody in sight. I climbed back onto the barrel and looked into Louise's face. She motioned towards the window fastenings. I took it that from her gestures she couldn't unfasten them.

What was I to do?

If I smashed enough of the windows for them to climb out it was sure to arouse the guard. I needed some distraction. Something so that I could get behind him and either over power him or hold him up with my revolver.


I hated even suggesting it to her. I showed her my revolver. Then I pointed out of the room. I could see the others crowding behind her watching me. I kissed my hand and pointed out of the room again. Then I held up my revolver and brought it down on an imaginary head.

My grandfather was saying something to her. She looked shocked then frightened. A large hand came up from below the level of the window and rested on her shoulder. I recognised it as Howie's.

My grandfather came closer to the window and pointed to a small hut at the rear of the building. I went over to it and looked inside. Here was an old metal bucket sitting on the floor with just enough room to crouch over it with the door closed behind you. It stank in there and there were a lot of flies. You would really need to go to want to use that.

I came back to the window and looked inside. Louise and Bill were standing in the doorway whilst my grandfather was talking to who I supposed was the guard. He didn't look very friendly. He carried an automatic rifle similar to the one the guard I had killed earlier had been carrying. He also carried a weapon in a holster at his hip. He wore a uniform jacket with gold stars on his shoulder epaulettes his trousers looked as if they had come from somebody's pin-stripped three-piece suit.

He pointed his weapon and grandfather stepped away from the doorway. The guard stood aside and allowed Louise to leave the room, shutting the door in Bill's face. He must be going to take them one at a time.

I hurried back to the outhouse and hid behind it. It stank even worse back here. Their idea of sanitation appeared to be to use the bucket then throw its contents out back of the outhouse.

I saw them approaching. Louise leading with the guard following close behind. I didn't like the way his eyes were fixed on Louise's ass cheeks. I knew what the effect of watching them had begun to have on me earlier that morning.

They stopped in front of the entrance and I looked through one of the many gaps in the wooden walls of the outhouse. The guard indicated she should use the bucket keeping his hand on the door to hold it open. Louise hesitated then backed into position above the bucket and began to slowly undo her trousers. I watched as she eased them down over her ass cheeks at the rear with her panties then crouch. She held her panties and trousers up at the front to hide her fanny from but her ass cheeks opened wonderfully for me. I could see her tight, brown hole clearly and some stray wisps of hair further in between her legs. The guard made his annoyance at not being able to see clearly known with a mouthful of Spanish swearwords and a threat.

I didn't think Louise's Spanish was good enough to understand every word he said, there were a couple I hadn't heard before, but his meaning was obvious. He was moving towards her. He placed his rifle against the entrance post and began to undo his trousers.

It was now or never. I hurried to the front of the building and slammed the door against his back pushing him into the hut. Louise called out. I pulled open the door with my revolver held as a club.

Louise was on her backside in a corner her legs open and her fanny lips showing. The guard was struggling to stand, draw his weapon and put his prick away at the same time while the contents of the bucket sloshed about the floor. I leapt onto the guards back pushing him down on top of Louise

I hit him on the back of his head two, three times. He still struggled so I hit him again and again. Why was it that in all the films I'd ever seen the bad guy only ever needed hitting once? I hit him a final time. His skull felt soft beneath my blow this time.

He stopped struggling. He'd stopped everything.

I helped Louise stand to her feet and watched as she pulled up her panties and trousers. Then I unbuckled the guards holster and took out his pistol and a small bunch of door keys from a hook. I shoved the pistol into my gun belt and picked up his rifle. I looked down at my hands. They were shaking.

Louise was standing in front of me. She held me tight for a few seconds then pushed me away.

"You stink of shit." She said.

"So do you." I replied.

"Come on. Let's go. What's your plan?"

Now would be a good time to have one of those.

"We take the Land-Rover. In four wheel drive it should get us quite a way back to the falls."

It was the first thing to come into my head. It should as well. It would be a bumpy ride but we could make it.

She nodded.

"Why are you wearing a skirt?" She asked.


"It's not very good."

"It worked."

We reached the window. Grandfather and Roddrego were looking out at me. I went to the Land Rover. Thankfully the keys were inside. I don't think I could have faced going back into that toilet to search his pockets for them.

"Go inside and let them out." I told Louise, handing her the bunch of door keys. "Tell them to come out one at a time and come to the Land Rover. How bad is Howie?"

"He was shot in the shoulder when he tried to stop them pawing me about. It's only a flesh wound really but Howie likes to make a big thing out of these things."

I could tell she was worried so I gave her a hug. She did smell of shit.

"Hurry." I said. "We don't know when the others will be back."

"Not tonight." She replied. "They are going to a meeting. The government wants peace. Roddrego told us they have a helicopter."

"Ok." I patted her on the backside as she turned away from me.

I wiped my hand on the side of my skirt. That was a thought. I took it off and pulled on my trousers again as Louise and Bill led the others back around the corner. I shoved my cock back inside the fly hole of my underpants and fastened my trousers. Both the women watched me as I did it. Both had smiles on their faces.

I re-fastened the gun belt and handed the pistol and rifle to grandfather and Roddrego. Howie lay on his back in the well of the rear of the Land-Rover with his knees bent. The others sat on either side of him as I climbed behind the steering wheel.

I switched on the engine and placed the vehicle into gear.



I pulled into the small car park behind the block of apartments Paul owned in London at half-past six. I had just about convinced myself I'd imagined the face at the window. I'd stopped over briefly in Bristol to collect my suitcase, some fresh clothes and my passport. I'd received another phone call from Carole telling me that I could pick up my tickets at the airport and that she was really looking forward to seeing me.

Hudson's door was closed so I rang the bell. I could hear movement behind it and the sound of voices and I saw the little spy hole change colour as he opened it up inside to see who was there.

He opened the door a little.

"Ah Jenny." He said. "I wasn't expecting you so soon."

He was only wearing a towel about his waist. I'd never thought of him as being a very well built man before. He certainly was. A barrel of a chest, covered in hairs. A flat, well-muscled stomach and well defined shoulders and biceps.

"I'll get you the spare keys." He said, turning away from me and heading into his kitchen where he kept his key-press.

He had a well-muscled back as well. It was broad at the top and tapered down to his hips.

I could see into his living room at the back of his sofa. A head appeared briefly over it. It was the face of a young man. By the naked shoulder I imagined he was in the nude. Hudson came back, saw where I was looking and waved his hand at the young man. The head and shoulder disappeared.

"Here are the keys." He said, handing me a small bunch. "Will you be needing anything?"

"No thanks." I replied. "I'll go to restaurant to eat and then have an early night."

"I'll drive you to the airport in the morning."

"That's very kind of you."

The sound of movement behind him caught both our attentions. He looked over his shoulder and I craned mine to see around him.

The young man was standing up and stretching. He certainly was nude. I could see his ribs. And his prick. It must have been semi-hard. If not then when it was fully-grown it would make Ron's appear small.

Hudson turned back towards me obscuring my vision.

"Will there be anything else?" He asked.

He seemed in a hurry to get rid of me. "No. I'll see you in the morning. Thank you."

"Bye Jenny." He said, closing the door.

I remained standing where I was for a few seconds.

"Oh Mike." I heard the young man's voice clearly. "Who was your friend?"

It was high pitched and nasal. It made my skin creep. Hudson's reply was deeper and unintelligible.

I walked across the hall and took the lift to the top floor. The doors opened and I stepped out into the short corridor. The door to Paul's apartment was on my right and I walked to it and let myself in. I think I'd only meet the people in the other apartment once. He was American I seemed to recall and she had written a book. That was all I knew about them. I'd have to ask Paul if he knew any more.

I hung up my coat then, after placing my suitcase on the bed in the master bedroom I went into the bathroom and used the toilet. I could see that the top of the dirty linen basket wasn't on straight so I lifted it up to straighten it. Inside I could see one of Paul's shirts. I lifted it out. There was a towel underneath it and a pair of his underpants and socks.

I lifted them all out. They smelt damp and musty but they were comforting in a way. I replaced the other things but kept Paul's shirt with me. It still smelled slightly of his underarm deodorant.

I went back into the bedroom and opened my suitcase. I picked up his shirt again and held it to my nose.

Did I want another bath or shower before I went out? I'd showered twice already that day after all.

I decided not to bother. I'd do as I was. Just change my jeans for a skirt and some tights. That would do.

I took off my jeans and panties and quickly dressed. I hadn't had a proper meal all day I suddenly realised. It was a pity Hudson was occupied. He could have gone with me. I did hate going into bars and restaurants by myself. I could imagine people's conversations in low voices. 'What's wrong with her that she hasn't got a date on a Saturday night?'

Let them talk. I knew the reason. That was good enough.

I had never really thought about Hudson being gay before. I suppose all the signs were there if you took the time to look for them. Middle aged. Never married or been known to have a girlfriend. Couple to that the fact that he was a good-looking man with an impressive body. It was legal now so good luck to him.

I finished dressing and, taking my coat and my handbag went back downstairs to the entrance. Should I visit the Admiral and his wife? No. With luck they wouldn't know I had been there and we could always see them on the way back home.

The front door was on its time lock so only people with keys could get in. I checked I had mine and let myself out. It was just past seven o'clock. It would be around two in the afternoon in South America. I wondered if Paul was having a siesta.



I drove quickly across the open ground towards where the men were sorting their rocks. For a long time the guard didn't react then suddenly I saw him raise his rifle. I saw the man I had spoken to before move behind him and bring a large rock down onto his head.

Somebody was firing the rifle in the back of the Land Rover. Something passed close to my head making me duck. There was more firing from the back of the vehicle.

The entrance to the track was just ahead. We bounced into it and I pulled up.

"Why have you stopped?" Grandfather asked angrily as I climbed out and retrieved the rifle I had stashed earlier.

I looked up into faces of the young girl and the other woman as I straightened. I tried to smile reassuringly at them. I wasn't certain it worked.

"Good man." My grandfather said as I handed it into the back. He looked more alive then I had seen him in months.

I reached into my basket and took out the girl's skirt. It seemed important that I should give it back. I handed it to her and resumed my seat behind the steering wheel.

"Your grandfather shot the guard above the tunnel entrance." Louise said excitedly. "Even with us bouncing up and down."

"He flew fighter aeroplanes in the first world war." I shouted back to her over the noise of the engine. "He's used to it."

We started moving again.

"Keep your heads down." I called.

It was good advice. I wished I could take it as well.

The Land Rover ploughed through the ground cover with ease at first leaving us in the exposed top to be hit from all sides by the new undergrowth above.

We bounced up as we passed over a bump. I looked in the one side mirror and saw the body of the guard. We must have run over him. My stomach turned.

The engine screamed as I kept it in as low a gear as possible with all four wheels engaged so that I was using maximum power. We bounced from side to side. Twice we were dragged to a halt by the undergrowth wrapping itself around the axels. Each time it seemed to take an age to clear and every second I expected to hear the sound of pursuit. But then we were moving again and we were covering the ground many times faster than we could have on foot.

Eventually we could go no further in the Land Rover. The track ahead was particularly clogged with undergrowth. I revved the engine trying to push my way through but it was no good. It would need an hours work with machetes to clear the trail. We had neither the hour or the machetes.

"Time to walk." I said, switching off the engine.

From what I remembered of the journey the following evening we were only about fifteen minutes walk from the base of the waterfall. We had covered better ground in less time than I had thought we could have.

I led the way with Howie resting his arm on my shoulder. We would have to go at his pace.

At the foot of the mule trail by the side of the falls we stopped to gather our breath and listen for signs of pursuit but it was impossible to hear much over the sound of the water. I didn't think pursuit would be too far behind us. They had Land Rovers and the path we had cleared would make it easier and faster for them to follow us.

Then there was of course the possibility that, having silenced the outside guards they others might not realise we had gone if the men sorting rocks didn't tell them for a while.

"Let's go." I said to the others. "We might get back to the plane before they star searching for us if we hurry."

Roddrego stood up importantly.

"I will stay here." He spoke as if he were addressing a large meeting. "You go. They only need me. I don't think they will follow you if they have me."

He could have said that before we left.

"You don't want to live as they would have you live." My grandfather said. "They will give you the title but nothing else. You would be President in name only."

"It's what I've always wanted."

"It would be nothing. It wouldn't be real."

They looked at each other. I knew something of Roddrego's history. How his father had been the countries president until deposed in a revolution in the early nineteen-twenties. How his sister had been raped and murdered and how he had been forced to live in exile for over thirty years. How he had fathered an illegitimate daughter who had produced two daughters of her own, both of whom I had fucked. There had been a reconciliation between Roddrego and the leaders of the country after his father had died after the second world war and the Ruby mine had been part of the reconciliation process.

"Come with us Roddrego." My grandfather urged. "Please."

"For you I will do it." He proclaimed.

We started the climb. It was only some six hundred feet or so but there was two one hundred and eighty degree turns with a total distance to cover of about a mile. Uphill all the way and it was the hottest time of the day. We had no water and there was precious little shade. It was going to be difficult. I was glad they were not following us.

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