tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zn

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zn


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I looked down the side of the path we had climbed but there was still no sign of pursuit. This was becoming very strange. They must know we had escaped by now. Why was nobody following us?

I looked out over the top of the jungle towards the mine site and beyond it the village. There was smoke rising over the town. Perhaps the inhabitants were rebelling against the rebels and that was what was keeping them? Not that I minded why they weren't coming. It was very hard to see who was on whose side in all this. If the rebel cause was so popular then why were the miners working under armed guard? If he was to be the next President why was Roddrego for that matter?

I didn't fully understand what was going on.

Still, whatever the reason we were at the summit. Everybody was lying down taking a breather. I looked at their faces. They all looked the same. Dirty, with cracked lips. We needed some water. There was a lake full of it where the plane was moored. It might not be the cleanest but other than stop to boil it, it would have to do.

"Come on." I urged the others. "We can get a drink at the lake."

"It's too brackish." Grandfather warned. "I told you."

"Just to swill our mouths out." Louise said.

"We all need a drink." Bill joined in.

"If we fly straight its three hours back to the coast." Grandfather pointed out. "It will be cooler up in the air."

"Wait." Roddrego said. "There is always those."

We all looked to where he was pointing. Inside the jungle we could see the tops of trees sticking out of the canopy. There were some small, green fruits on some of them.

"They are nutritious and moist." Roddrego continued.

They looked a long way up. "Somebody would have to climb." Grandfather said.

Everybody was looking at me.

"Go on buddy." Howie said weakly. "You can do it."

"Please." This from Louise.

"Alright." I could do with something myself. "I'll try. Do you want to stay here or make your way to the plane?"

"We'll go to the plane I think." Grandfather said. "It's strange they are not following us."

"They do not have many men." Roddrego explained. "Perhaps only twenty now. The rest are fighting. They have a helicopter. It flies the stones out."

I could see something that looked like a large fly in the distance, hovering over the village.

"It's there now." I pointed it out.

"They may come looking for us in that." Grandfather said. "Let's get on. Don't spend too much time Paul. We will have to make do without."

He seemed to be having difficulty swallowing.

"I'll see you back at the plane." I said judging the direction of the nearest tree.

"I'll come with you." Louise spoke as she got to her feet and adjusted what remained of her blouse to cover her breasts. "Help you carry the fruit."

"Good girl." Grandfather said as he and Roddrego helped Howie to stand.

"See you soon." I waved my hand and ploughed into the undergrowth with Louise close behind.

After a few yards the undergrowth thinned and I could see up at the treetops above. It wasn't going to be easy to get up there. The trunks seemed to go straight up.

"How are you going to get up there?" Louise asked.

"No idea." I said turning to look at her face.

Even dirty and bruised with her hair tangled in knots she looked lovely.

I took her hand in my own.

"I'm sorry." She said suddenly.

"What for?" I asked.

"This morning. After you did it."

"Did what?"

"Made love to me. I said some things."

Was that only this morning? I'd killed two men since then.

"I shouldn't have said them."

The blood from the guard who had raped the girl. There had been so much of it.

"I know you will be going back to Jenny when all this is over."

And the guards head the last time I hit it. It was as soft as a sponge.

"I'm glad it happened."

She wasn't hitting him. What?

"So am I." Pay attention.

"What will happen next time we meet?" She asked, squeezing my hand.

Yes. What would happen?

"I don't know." I replied. "It wouldn't be fair on Jenny or you to keep doing it."

"What about Heather?" Yes. What about Heather? "Will you be seeing her again?"

"I don't know. I'll try not to."

"You are not very good at saying no."

I wasn't. That was true. I didn't mean to.

"Ah." I said pointing to where a tree had half fallen to the ground. "That's what we want."

It stood at a forty-five degree plus angle supported by the trees beside it. I took off my gun-belt and passed it to Louise.

"Look after that." I said and started to climb.

It was easier going than I thought it would be but it was still a long way up. I reached up and pulled myself up into the branches of one of the upright trees and continued to climb. It was getting lighter the higher I climbed. I could feel a breeze. I had reached the fruiting layer.

I picked one and bit into it. The skin was sour but the inside was edible. Just. But it was moist. I sucked the insides out of a further three fruits then started to load the inside of my shirt. The fruits felt cool and rough against my skin.

I heard a grunting sound from close beside me and froze. It came again. I pulled back a branch and stared into the face of a large monkey. I don't know who screamed the loudest. I could hear other noises. More screams. All of them getting closer. Time to go.

I scrambled down the tree a lot faster than I had climbed. Something hit me on the head then the arm. They were throwing fruit at me. More hit me as I reached the fallen tree. I slid down on my ass cheeks using my feet as breaks. I could see Louise below me. She had taken off her blouse and was filling it with fruits that had fallen to the ground. Her bra straps stood out bright white in the gloom.

The monkeys had stopped showering me with fruit by the time I reached the bottom.

Louise straightened and turned to face me. I could see her lips were wet.

"They are a bit sharp." She observed wiping her mouth on a corner of her blouse. "Do you think we have enough?"

"Plenty." I replied looking at her bra-covered breasts.

"Do you think it will shock the others if I come back like this?" She asked looking down.

I could feel my prick hardening inside my trousers.

"I like them." I told her.

"I know." She smiled.

"I didn't think I'd see them again."

"You haven't seen them yet."

I stepped closer and felt one.

"That's not fair. I can't stop you while I'm holding these."

She lifted her fruit filled blouse.

I felt her other breast.

"We should be getting back." She said.

"You're right." I agreed reaching behind her and unhooking her bra.

I pulled the straps forward to her elbows. She lowered her arms. It slid down further looking like a giant pair of handcuffs on her forearms.

I felt her breasts again, one in each hand feeling her nipples hardening. She closed her eyes. I undid her trousers and knelt on one knee pulling them down to the ground. I did the same to her panties then helped her lift her feet clear.

She stood before me, to all intents naked. I kissed her pubic mound. Holding her in place with a hand on either ass cheek.

I could smell her fanny as I kissed her pubic mound again. She opened her legs as I searched for her clit with the tip of my tongue and swivelled her hips forward to give me better access. I heard her gasp as I found it. Then a second and a third time as I licked then sucked upon it.

"Yes." I heard her say.

I helped her to lie down on her back and went back to licking and sucking on her clit. Her blouse full of fruit she placed to one side and ran her fingers through my hair whilst lifting her hips from the ground.

She was grinding her fanny hard against my face as she pulled it towards her. I heard her come but she held my head in place. She was coming again. I pulled myself from her and moved above her almost tearing my prick from my trousers. I could hear the monkeys in the trees above us. I hoped they were getting a good view as I pushed my trousers down and thrust my prick inside her.

The fruit inside my shirt was falling out. Some was getting squashed between our bodies others falling to the floor beside us. I kept moving in and out. I couldn't stop if I had wanted to. I felt her fanny gripping me as she came then relaxing. I kept moving. I was panting. All the feelings in my body were centred on the tip of my prick. She was tightening her fanny around it again. My balls were lifting. I was there.

I moved slowly in and out as my come shot inside her. I looked down at her face and smiled.

"You looked pleased with yourself." She spoke softly, hardly above a whisper.

"I enjoyed it."

"We must go." She said, moving beneath me.

"Yes. Of course."

I pulled my prick from her and sat back on my heels so I could look down at her body. Her hole was still open. The lips puffed up slightly. I could see some of my come leaking out. I rubbed it into the soft skin between her two holes. "This isn't getting us back to the plane."


I dragged my eyes from her fanny and got to my feet pulling up my trousers as I did so. My chest and stomach felt sticky with fruit juice. I could do with a wash.

We gathered up as much of the fruit as was still fit to eat and placed them back inside my shirt. I buckled on my gun-belt and we walked hand in hand through the half-light of the jungle floor in what I hoped was the general direction of the track that led to the plane.

We hadn't walked for more than a couple of minutes when I could hear something ahead. An engine. A loud engine. The noise was coming from above. I saw a dark shape pass over-head, heard the sweeping of its rotor-blades.

"They are looking for us." I said.

"I hope they don't find us." I replied.

We hurried on. I looked at my watch. It was three-thirty. We would need to get away soon or we would be landing in the dark.

The helicopter continued to drone away above us. We reached the track. I couldn't see anything. It was unlikely they would be able to see the plane from above. They would be able when we started to move however. What if we stayed where we were? They might think we had already flown away.

Louise fell as we hurried along the track spilling her blouse full of fruit. I bent to help her to her feet feeling more of the fruits squash inside my shirt. I helped her with her bundle and gave her a re-assuring smile.

We didn't have far to go. We couldn't have.

The helicopter was directly overhead. I looked up. I could see the faces of the pilot and co-pilot. The aircraft was turned sideways on revealing an open rear door with a heavy machine-gun pointing at us.

I pulled Louise from the track as it began firing.

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