tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Penis Inspectors Ch. 02

The Penis Inspectors Ch. 02


I felt like instead of having my manhood in my hands, I had taken my very life in them. Somehow, I regressed to being a little child, as I slightly chuckled and said, "Sorry...little harder than I thought it would be."

Esther gave me a few words, "Right now, we're just going to focus on showing us what you have. It's ok, this is perfectly natural. Like I said before, I'm used to guy's bodies and you don't have anything I haven't seen before, so why don't you just drop your hands and get this over with.

Suddenly Monica took control: "Turn around Robert," continuing in a medium tone, "Ok, hands at your sides."

For some reason this worked on me. This slightly authoritative but still feminine and vaguely parental tone, like a determined babysitter getting a child to eat his vegetables, was working on me. And yes, it turned me on in a strange way. I felt a tinge of even more embarrassment and just a little of deeper attraction to Monica. I dropped my hands at my sides.

"Good work." I heard Esther say gently.

"And I got to the see that butt again," Monica added to further my humiliation.

And that was it. I knew it would get worse, but something inside of me snapped and I became resigned to my fate, that they would know what I kept only for myself and a few girlfriends in the past. They would get to see and judge my secret places.

"Ok, Robert, turn around."

I heard Esther's words, hesitated for just one second, and then quickly turned around. As I did I felt the blood rush to my face (and away from my lower body!), my hands clam up and my stomach turn. The looks on their faces would have been priceless, in a Super Bowl commercial or a sitcom. Monica's lips pursed, her head looked down while her eyes stayed glued on my crotch. A look of almost hollow disappointment took over her hot cute Asian face. Esther, on the other hand, was busy biting her upper lip. It didn't take me long to realize to my horror: The nicer girl of the two, who I expected to treat me reasonably well, was busy trying to bury her laughter.

I'll never forget what happened next. Esther lost her war and burst out laughing, with Monica, looking directly at her, suddenly doing the same. Mercifully it lasted only about 10 seconds before they regained their composure.

"I'm really sorry, Robert. That won't happen again. I promise. Now, we're going to do what I said...ahem...we're gonna get you used to being naked around us, and having us in control. This will be helpful, as we might have to have follow-ups soon. Then of course there are future inspections, according to the law. I mean, you do know you have to submit to totally nude inspection every five years?" Esther informed me. Gulp. No, actually, I didn't. "Aah" barely got out of my mouth as Monica took over.

"Well you know now," she mused sarcastically.

What came up next was the "worse" part I had been fearing.

"By the way, Robert, which word do you prefer? Esther just said Nude inspection. That seems almost like we're going to be doing a portrait. You know, like tasteful art. But Dr. Van Zanter prefers to say NAKED Inspection. Oh, it's not to make it sexual, it's to be honest with what we're doing here, to face what it really is, to be clinical and realistic. Also, if men could behave, which they obviously can't, we wouldn't have to do this. After the rape in the Whitehouse, ...the Whitehouse of all places. And all the misbehavior adds up, you know, Robert? This is a public health issue, as serious as global warming, pig flue, or rising crime. We have to nip it in the bud. And we can't always be sensitive, you know? " After a slight pause, "Well? Which word do you think is more fitting?"

And then came the question that changed me more than I could ever know. It set me on a path that I could never return from.

She dropped the bomb, "Which do you think you are right now? Do you feel Nude, or do you feel NAKED?"

Something incredible came over me. It was like a feeling of wanting to give myself up, to commit suicide.

"Well, Monica. I feel...No. I AM totally and completely, bare-assed BUTT NAKED FOR YOU."

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