tagGay MaleThe Perfect Prefect

The Perfect Prefect


Years ago, when I was in high school, I had been having a smoke in the pump house behind the swimming pool. It was a very secluded place and I had hardly ever encountered anyone there yet suddenly the door opened. In a panic I threw my cigarette down on the rough concrete floor, crushed it out and prepared to run but an arm grabbed hold of me and held tight. It was Gerard, who was the deputy head prefect. My heart was pounding in my ears as I waited for the mouthful I was certain I was going to get. Instead he spoke softly and gently, which was very unlike him.

'Hey, don't panic.' he said. 'I've only come to have a smoke too. Would you like one of mine?'

I wondered if this was some sort of silly trap, did he need to actually catch me exhaling to punish me?

'I'm not supposed to smoke.' I replied.

'Neither am I.' he chuckled. 'Go on, have one.'

Nervously I accepted the cigarette. I stuck a match and held it out to him. He leaned in close to the flame and cupped his hands around mine. A bolt of electricity shot through me. His hands felt warm, soft and slightly moist. He was just the biggest rugby jock in the whole school and I did not expect his hands to feel like that. I was shaking from the excitement of his touch and the absurdity of little old me having an illicit smoke with the deputy head boy in the pump house. 'Relax.' he commanded as he gave me a warm smile.

Relax! How could I when he was standing so close to me. I had idly fantasised about him so many times. In a school where there were so many sports heroes he was one of the best known. But the only thing we had in common was that, at close to nineteen, we were the two oldest boys in the upper sixth form. He, because he was so thick, and I because I had missed a year of school after a car accident. In my nervousness I smoked too fast and inhaled too deeply. My head felt giddy. And then he lazily unzipped his flies and pulled out an impossibly thick, incredibly short, uncircumcised cock. He lets loose a heavy stream of yellow piss into the corner of the rough cement walls. I couldn't take my eyes off of his cock; it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. He noticed my staring and did not seem to mind. Instead he fished his balls out of his underpants and let them sway free. They were incredibly large, almost the size of goose eggs with a few stray hairs on the wrinkly pink skin. As I watched he peeled his foreskin back revealing a shiny red knob.

My mouth was numb, my fingers trembled as I crushed out the cigarette. He flashed me a smile, all teeth and rosy skin and big boned blondeness. Suddenly he turned around and lowered the khaki shorts which were our school uniform. I couldn't believe what he had done; couldn't believe what I was looking at. Never had I seen such a lust inducing sight. Not only were his well muscled legs covered in heavy dark hair, to within an inch of the crease of his buttocks, but it grew right up into the crack of his hefty pale arse. His cheeks were almost totally hairless and looked satiny smooth . The dark, furry valley between them looked so incredibly rude!

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and jammed it between his cheeks. I was amazed at how warm it was in there and how the soft, yielding texture of his arsehole contrasted with the coarseness of that wild jungle of hair. Clenching my hand in a vice like grip he asked me if I liked what I was feeling. 'Yes!' I croaked. He withdrew my hand and held it under his nose and then sniffed my fingers. I have to admit I was somewhat shocked at this. Then he held my fingers under my own nose. The sweaty, musky stench of him inflamed my lust so much that I did not protest when he slid them into my mouth.

'Kiss my bum.' he whispered in my ear.

It sounded shocking and thrilling at the same time. Without think about it further I got down on my knees as he spread his cheeks for me. Anxious for this new experience I bored into him with my tongue. An unfamiliar metallic tang came into my mouth and with revulsion I realised that I was tasting something that I ought not to be. But the taste soon passed and I found that I was thoroughly enjoying this new sensation . With an eagerness I had not displayed for anything else in my young life up until then I wetted down the long silky hairs until the pink wrinkle of his anus was clearly in my view. Hungrily I explored every crease and fold while my hands held back the sheer heft of his meaty cheeks, lest they prevent me access.

He pulled away from me and turned slowly so as not to trip; his shorts and underpants were still around his ankles. I found myself face to face with his erect penis. If anything it had grown even thicker but was still very short, a little under four inches I would say. The wild profusion of hair at his crotch and on his belly did nothing to make it look any longer. Gently he held my face and guided his cock into my mouth. He groaned as he felt the warmth of my lips close around him. The cock in my mouth was so thick it was making my jaws ache. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do with it but he had ideas of his own and started thrusting into me. Deciding that this wasn't so much fun I put my hands on his thighs to push away from him; but he mistook this signal and guided my hands into his crack once more. His vigorous thrusting was hurting me and I was beginning to feel panicked because he held my head so firmly in his strong hands. Feeling this was the only option open to me I vigorously rammed my middle finger into his anus. I heard him yell out and curse me but at the same time my mouth was flooded with a warm salty sweetness. To keep from gagging I had to swallow it and though I had often dreamed of tasting cum it I wasn't too sure right then that I liked it.

Gerard pulled away from me abruptly so that some of his cum dribbled down my chin. I had to wipe it away with my handkerchief. He took the handkerchief from me and dried off his cock. I realised that my ramming my finger up his bum only achieved what I had intended in a roundabout way. Smiling he handed the handkerchief back to me. I didn't want it back but stuffed it in my pocket anyway. I was a jumble of emotions.

'Thanks man, that was great.' he said.

'You were hurting me.' I mumbled.

'I'm sorry, it was my first time.' Then he pulled me to him and kissed me full on the lips. Despite wanting to be angry I melted into him as his tongue explored my mouth. Finally he pulled away.

'Wow!' he grinned. 'I've always wondered what it tastes like. 'We'd better go. Our little secret huh?'

'Yes.' I agreed.

'Catch you later.' he said as he led the way out of the pump house.


Copyright 2003 Daniel Blue

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