tagRomanceThe Perfect Valentines Present

The Perfect Valentines Present


It's coming up to valentines day and I don't have a clue what gift to buy for my fiancé this year, I want it to be something extra special. A shopping trip is definitely in order. As I wonder around the high street looking at teddy bears and balloons I realise none of this stuff is good enough. After spending the whole afternoon looking all I have bought is a big card, but no present. In a last attempt I decide to trawl through the net looking for saucy ideas.

For a giggle I decided to look through all the sexy, kinky, little dressing up outfits, briefly considering the nurse and the French maids uniform, although this is getting closer to a good present I decide that they are a little to cliché. Then I remember that we discussed fantasies a little while ago and I have a plan.

He told me that he would really like me to dress up as his secretary; short black skirt tight white low cut shirt, knee high boots, glasses that sort of thing. Doing this will be the perfect present and much better than an old plastic rose.

I go about collecting the exact items I need for my outfit. The see through white shirt, the very short tight black skirt, the fish net stockings, black leather knee high boots, the perfect black mesh see through bra and thong and of course the cute little glasses.

I get quite excited thinking about how special this present will be. Now that the outfit is sorted I need to plan how the rest of the seduction will happen. I want this to be so perfect to show him how much I love him, it needs a lot of thought.

As the days before Valentines Day pass quickly the plan is all in my head, I cant wait for the day as it draws closer and closer. Finally the day is here and while he is at work it's my chance to get everything prepared for the time he comes home.

I spend the afternoon in a nice hot bath, thinking about what I'm going to do when he comes home. About how I am going to seduce him and make love to him all evening. I start to get very turned on as I am thinking this, feeling my pussy getting hot and wet. My hand covered in slippery shower gel slides down my body and in between my legs. Rubbing my clit very softly I daydream about the evening to come. My fingers start to circle my clit a little harder, a little faster, 2 fingers slide inside my pussy. My nipples are hard and begging for attention as I lift one up towards my mouth and flick out my tongue the way he does to me. Moaning softly I feel my orgasm starting to build, my fingers working harder and faster as my body starts to shake as I cum.

I get out of the bath and dry myself off, time to start getting ready. I walk into my bedroom, choosing the nicest, most expensive perfume and spraying myself with it, then getting dressed into my secretary outfit, pulling my long hair back into a bun, putting on bright red lipstick. I look in the mirror. Perfect!

I have decided that when he comes home I will be in the office sitting at the desk working on the computer, but I need to make sure that when he comes home he comes straight to this room which he wouldn't usually do. The best way to do this I feel is to leave a trail of red rose petals from the front door to the office, so I go about scattering them on the floor. They make the whole place look and smell romantic.

Going back upstairs I put on some soft slushy love songs very quietly so that they are just in the background and I start to type up some old college notes just so that it looks like I'm busy working away when he comes in.

When he comes home he follows the petals up to where I am, poking his head around the door to ask what I'm up to. When he sees me and what I am wearing he grins and I notice that already he is starting to get an erection. "Good evening Mr Knight, is there anything I can do for you?" I ask, trying quite unsuccessfully not to giggle.

He just grins and says "yes how about a kiss?" So I slowly stand up and walk over to him, putting my hands either side of his face and very softly kissing his lips. The passion in the kiss builds and soon we are exploring each other's mouths with our tongues and kissing so passionately. He leans me back so that I'm laying over the desk as he pulls up my skirt and starts to stroke my already wet pussy through my thong, then pulling it down he kneels between my legs, lifting them onto his shoulders. As his tongue darts in and out of my pussy I grab his head and pull him in closer. His tongue lapping at my clit as he slides 2 long fingers inside me. Pulling them apart and back together deep inside my tingling pussy.

He unzips his trousers and pulls them down along with his boxer shorts and his big cock springs free, he is so hard, I grab his cock and feel it throbbing in my hand. Guiding him towards my pussy as he gently thrusts it deep inside me, putting my legs back up onto his shoulders.

We make love slowly and gently, tenderly to begin with, slowly his cock slides in and out of me while he licks and sucks my nipples. I squeeze his big cock inside me. Gradually we build up speed, as we start to fuck harder and faster both of us moaning loudly with such pleasure. He makes me cum over and over before his own climax begins. His body starts to shake as he shoots streams of hot sticky cum deep into my pussy. Way lay there for a few minutes, his cock still inside my pussy. Then he says that we have to get up because he is taking his secretary out to dinner. I tell him to wait while I get changed but I am told that I have to go in the outfit I'm wearing. As I do my hair and make up he whispers to me that that was the best valentines present he ever had.

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