tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Perils of Pauline: Pauline Templeton

The Perils of Pauline: Pauline Templeton

bykayce 69©

He was staring at the old brown clock hanging on the wall opposite, it read 11.20pm, he was thinking, thank god only 40 minutes to go, when the phone rang, he leaned across the desk and picked the receiver up, “Hello, Samaritans, can I help”?

A male voice started whining on about how he couldn’t face life because of his massive debts, he had so many money problems, what was he to do”? Dudley listened interjecting his moaning with, “Oh dear, yes I understand, Oh that’s terrible”. Finally he gave him two phone numbers for financial assistant, reassured him it wasn’t all that bad and hung up, thinking to himself, what a prick.

The clock read 11.35, the phone rang again, “Hello, Samaritans, can I help”?

I quiet female voice sounded startled, “Oh, eerrr yes hello, I don’t know why I’m ringing, I don’t want to waste your time but I must talk to someone”.

He spoke calmly to her, “Then take your time and tell me what you want, it won’t be a waste of time”.

She cleared her throat, “I don’t know what to do, I’m so depressed, I have no friends, I’ve driven everybody I knew away, I just want to kill myself”.

Dudley grabbed a note pad and pen, “Can you give me a name to talk to”?

“Pauline Temp, eerrr Smithson”, he wrote Temple-----? “Well Pauline Smithson, would you like to tell me what has caused all this misery”?

He heard a little sob in her voice, “My wonderful husband was killed in a car crash and I can’t get over it”, he asked if they had been married long, he thought to himself, she sounds quite young, “Only four years, he was the only man in my life, I just want to die and be with him”.

“Oh no, you mustn’t say that, is it money problems”?

She quickly said, “Oh no, not at all, the insurance paid everything, no, no that’s not a problem it’s that I’m so lonely, people have tried to be so nice but I only want him, I can’t get on with other men, their just not him”.

Dudley pressed on, “Have you spoken to anybody else”.

She was really sobbing, “Yes I’ve told all my friends I just want to die, I want to kill myself, I bore everybody”, she sobbed, “Now they have stopped speaking to me”.

Dudley calmed her, “Now don’t say that, have you got a phone number”?

She told him, “01795 552381”.

He asked, “Is that a local number”,

She carried on, “Yes, why”?

Her wrote it on the pad, “I will get a special councillor to ring you tomorrow, is ten alright”?

She quietly said, “Yes, I’ll be in”.

As he put the phone down he quickly reached for the phone book, Temple, no nothing, Templeford, no nothing, Templeton, yes, the phone number matched, he wrote, 48 Cedar Grove, Ashley, he picked the phone up and dialled, a male voice answered, “Yes”, Dudley whispered, “Smith this is Williams, you and Jones need to be at 48 Cedar Grove, Ashley at ten tomorrow, her name is Pauline Templeton, money, husband dead, has told people she wants to die, really depressed, anyway you know what to do, good luck”, he replaced the handset, picked up his jacket and left.

She sat on the chair, adjusting her pleated navy skirt and nervously straitening her sleeveless white blouse. Her eyes went from the clock to the phone then to a picture of her late husband that adorned the sideboard, smiling at him and saying, “ Well Dave do I look all-right or am I being stupid putting make-up on to answer the phone”, she got up and walked towards it”.

As she picked up the picture she was startled by a knock on the back door, she replaced the picture and went to the door. Through the glass she could see two men. One was large and a bit untidy; the other was smaller with a weasely thin face.

“Yes what is it”, the larger one came close to the glass, “Mrs Templeton, we have come with regards to your call to Samaritans last night”.

This confused her, “But I thought you were going to phone, how did you know my name I, I”?

The other smiled, “We were very concurred at the report and thought a home visit most important, may we come in”?

She opened the door and pointed to the lounge. They wiped their feet, smiled at her and went through to the lounge, she followed and asked them to sit; she sat opposite.

The larger man spoke first, “My name is Smith and this is Mr Jones, we were told that you don’t want to live anymore, that seems very strange for such a beautiful woman to contemplate”.

The other man nodded, “That’s very true Mr Smith, a very beautiful woman should never feel like that”.

She fidgeted as the men complemented her and gave a quiet, “Thank you”, before telling them of the car accident and how she had tried to date but it was no use. The two men sat quietly as she went in to detail on how she had annoyed people by continually talking about David and how she wanted to end it all.

The two men looked at each other, “Well Mr Jones what a sad story”.

“Yes Mr Smith, it would be such a sad waste of life, but what do you suggest”.

Smith looked at Pauline, “Mrs Templeton, show me what you would write to the world if you were to leave it”, Jones took a half used writing pad from an old battered brown case and past it, with a pen, to Pauline.

Pauline looked at them, Jones sat back down, “Come along Mrs Templeton, do as Mr Smith asked, remember we are here to help you”.

“Quite right Mr Jones, we are here to help”.

Pauline wrote and pasted it back to Jones, who put it back in the case, she looked surprised, “I thought you wanted to read it”?

Smith shook his head, “Oh no we just need you to realize what you are thinking, now how would you do it, how would you leave this world, have you thought”?

“I don’t know, I suppose the car”.

Jones said, “Not the exhorts pipe, oh no, shouldn’t use that people could stop you”,

“Quite right Mr Jones, she needs privacy, in the home, doors locked”.

“Do you think so Mr Smith, you mean hanging, and of course there’s no going back from hanging”.

Pauline looked at the two men, “What do you mean no going back”.

Smith looked at her, “I think a demonstration is in order don’t you Mr Jones”,

“If you think so, Mr Smith, I have a rope, Mrs Templeton have you a strong ceiling fitting”?

Pauline now a bit flustered, “I don’t understand what your saying, what do you mean, hanging”?

Jones pulled a length of rope from his bag, “ What don’t you understand, you want to join David, don’t you”?

“You see Mrs Templeton, Mr Jones is right you are wasting peoples time and annoying people if your only pretending”.

“ That’s right Mr Smith, she doesn’t mean it, all this nonsense about her loving husband”.

Pauline looked at them defiantly, “I just wanted to talk about it, I need to talk and don’t you dare talk about my David”.

Jones stood up, “You should know what it’s like to be on the edge of life then you wouldn’t treat it so lightly, I would be surprised if David treated things as a joke”.

“Mr Jones is right, just show us a strong ceiling fix and you will understand”.

Still with her defiant look, “I can assure you that I don’t treat this as a joke, there’s a beam in the bedroom all right”.

“Right Mr Jones lets go to the room”, the three of them went to the bedroom.

Smith took the bedroom chair and placed it under the beam, Jones threw the rope over, he looked at Pauline, “Mrs Templeton will you step up on the chair and place the rope around you neck, then and only then you will understand”.

Pauline slipped her shoes off, stood on the chair and placed the rope around her neck, “There, satisfied, now what”?

Jones pulled the rope until it held tight around her neck.

She immediately put her hands to her throat, “Now, now Mrs Templeton, it’s not that easy, a little more Mr Jones”.

Jones pulled up, “Is that enough Mr Smith”?

Smith looked at the struggling woman, “Put your hands down and Mr Jones will stop”, she did, as she did Smith took a pair of padded cuffs from the bag, held her wrist’s behind her and clicked them together.

Pauline groaned and her strangled voice asked, “What are you doing? Stop please stop”.

Smith looked around the room, “Ah Mr Jones you can tie the rope off by going around that radiator”, it was soon done and both men looked at the helpless woman.

“So what do you think Mr Jones? Does our Mrs Templeton look as though she wants to die”?

“I think my answer is no Mr Smith, she looks very pretty but very frightened and for her to die would be a waste of a beautiful body”.

“Well said Mr Jones, your right, indeed a waste of a beautiful body, have you noticed the way her breasts rise and fall while she panics for life”.

“Indeed I have Mr Smith and standing this close I have also noticed she has very nice legs”.

Pauline felt hands stroking her legs, she could just see the top of their heads, but she knew what they were going to do, she kicked out but they were expecting that and dodged, she lost her footing, the rope tightened, her eyes bulged as she tried to scream Smith pushed her foot back on the chair, “Be careful Mrs Templeton, you could hurt yourself”.

“Now Mr Jones were where we, ahh yes discussing Mrs Templeton’s beauty, I can’t see how any man could resist her”.

“This is true Mr Smith maybe she has defects we can’t see, should we investigate after all we are here to help”.

Pauline squirmed trying to avoid the searching hands, she felt the hem of her skirt move, now almost chocking on the rope she begged them, “No”.

She knew she was wasting her time as she heard Jones say, “Fine thighs”.

“Oh yes Mr Jones and look, could that be the problem, white plain snug fitting panties or as we used to call them, Passion Killers”.

Another straggled “No” as she felt fingers tracing the out line of her pussy lips.

“Doesn’t feel as though it’s been used to much, what do you think Mr Smith”?

“Seeing is believing Mr Jones”, Pauline felt fingers curl in to the waistband of her pants and pull downward, “Now what do you think Mr Jones”?

“I do believe this cunt has not had a cock stuffed in it for a while, it looks tight and very, very desirable, I wonder how much it has been used, I suggest we ask Mrs Templeton”.

“Splendid idea Mr Jones, if you will do the honours and undo the rope we will have her down and ask her a few questions”.

Jones slackened the rope and Pauline almost collapsed in to Smith’s arm, he let her fall to the floor, he sat on the bed, Jones pulled the chair round and sat behind her, Smith pulled her head up, “Mr Jones has had an idea that if you answered a few of our questions, we may be able to find out why you can’t bring yourself to be with another male, but first we must approach the delicate matter of money”.

Jones held her hair, “What my friend Mr Smith is saying is, where do you keep your cash? It would be easier if you just tell me”

Pauline just wanted them out, without putting up a fight she whispered, “The bottom draw, a black jewellery box”.

Jones put a pair of gloves on and looked in to the box, “My, my, such a lot of cash, and a few nice trinkets, Mr Smith the delicate matter is concluded”, he emptied the contents in to his bag, took a few other cheaper jewels from the dressing table and put them in the case before returning it to the draw, he sat behind her again.

Smith still held her, “There that wasn’t difficult was it, now we have sorted out your finance’s lets get on to your sex life”.

After Jones removed the gloves he pulled her hair, “Mr Smith I believe you mean, lack of it”.

Smith smiled, “Well Mrs Templeton, how was your sex life, did you fuck a lot and how adventures were you”.

Pauline tried to pull her head away but he held firm, her defiance returned, “No never, I don’t degauss things like that”.

Smith looked at Jones who immediately put his arm around her neck and squeezed, “If Mr Smith asks a question you answer, it will be easier in this position rather then back on the chair”, he squeezed hard making Pauline gag and chock, “Do you remember the chair”?

He released his grip, Pauline gasped in air, “I don’t know why you’re doing this, please stop, don’t put me back on the chair”.

Jones kept the grip firm, “What do you think Mr Smith, the chair or”?

“Or what Mr Jones, I think that’s up to Mrs Templeton, is she going to answer all my questions”?

Jones tightened his grip, Pauline spluttered, “I’ll answer, stop, please anything, stop, I’ll answer”.

“That’s better Mrs Templeton, now where was I”?

“Did you fuck a lot and how adventurous were you? I believe Mr Smith”.

“Thank you Mr Jones, well Mrs Templeton”.

“We had sex like any other loving couple, we would make love three, four times a week and”.

“Just stop there Mrs Templeton, I have found the first reason you are not getting on with other men, did you notice Mr Jones”?

“I think I did, Mr Smith, was it words”?

“Exactly Mr Jones”.

“You see how helpful we are being Mrs Templeton, now the word sex is a no, no the word is fuck, you fuck each other, he fucks your cunt you take his cock up your cunt, he fucks your ass, you suck his cock, he plays with your tit’s, you understand how you should talk, and that’s how you will excite your men-friends, understand”?

“Please I don’t, I can’t”, the grip on her neck tightened.

“Do you like being fucked, do you get wet, do you cum with a scream”?

Choking back tears, Pauline forced a swallow past the gripping arm of Jones, “We used to fuck about three or four times a week”.

“I think she’s beginning to understand, well done Mr Smith”.

“Thank you Mr Jones, now Mrs Templeton, how often did he fuck your ass”?

Pauline tried to shake her head, “He didn’t, he would never expect me to do a thing like that”.

“Oh come now Mrs Templeton, every man likes to fuck an ass and from what I saw as you climbed up those stairs you have a beauty, just think he could have been fucking your ass rather than in that car”.

Pauline sobbed, “No not my David”.

“If you want to replace your David you will have to learn to take it up your ass, what do you say Mr Jones”?

“I couldn’t agree more, Mr Smith and while we are on the subject of pleasure, does she swallow”?

Smith ran his finger over her lips, “Do you take it all the way down your long throat and swallow”?

“I only ever play with his eerrrr cock as foreplay, he wouldn’t use it like that”.

“Seems to be her problem Mr Jones, she needs to be a little more adventurous to create interest in suitors”.

“I agree Mr Smith”.

Smith grabbed a handful of Pauline’s hair and held tight, “I’m sure she has as fuckable a mouth as she has ass and cunt”.

Jones let go his grip, placed his hands on the back of her head and turned her left, he put the fingers of his left hand to her lips, “Come now Mrs Templeton, open those lovely lips, or it will be Mr Smiths turn to hurt you, and we don’t want that to happen do we”?

A forceful shake of Pauline’s head had the desired effect and her mouth opened, Jones pushed two fingers across her tongue, “Smooth as velvet a lovely tongue”, he pushed further, sliding in to her throat, “She seems not to want to open her throat Mr Smith”.

Smith’s right hand clenched round her throat and squeezed, “Relax your throat Mrs Templeton, come on your going to have to sooner or later, come on try, it’s easy, is that any better Mr Jones”?

Jones pressed in to her throat pushing past the muscle, “So tight Mr Smith so tight but so nice”.

Pauline gagged and tried to move as the fingers pushed in to her, her eyes looking, pleading as she open her mouth wide and swallowed more and more of the invading digits, “Mr Smith I’m delighted to say I’m in as far as I can reach”.

“Well done Mrs Templeton, thanks to Mr Jones you’re learning more”.

Jones pulled his hand away and Smith let her fall back to the floor, Jones stepped over the sobbing Pauline, “What next Mr Smith”?

“Well Mr Jones, it’s time to see if this beautiful body needs to be educated in to the art of enjoying sex, it has all the right moving parts so lets see how they move”.

Both men bent and picked Pauline up, a quick movement found her propelled on to the bed, as they took their jackets off Pauline pleaded, “Why are you doing this to me, you are supposed to help, what have I ever done to you”?

Smith loosened his tie, “We are here to help, help you to find your problem and cure it. Am I not right Mr Jones”?

“Indeed Mr Smith, shall I continue with the examination”?

Smith nodded and Jones took a long scalpel like blade from his case, Pauline squealed as she tried to shuffle back from the clasping hand, she didn’t get far. Jones grabbed the collar on the blouse and pulled until all the buttons tore off.

The blade did the rest as her blouse was shredded. One slice cut her skirt from waist to hem, she rolled on the bed in just her bra and pants, three more slices and she was just in her pants, she rolled on to her front, hiding her ample firm breasts from her hateful tormentors.

Smith, now naked, walked to the other side of the bed, pulled the handcuffs up to the small of her back, then with the other hand he slid his fingers in to the waistband of her white pants and pulled upwards, “Fine, round and firm, a lovely delicate pink in colour Mr Jones”.

Pauline looked to the side at the skinny naked frame of Jones, she watched him lift the case and put it behind her at the bottom of the bed.

Pauline sobbed in to the pillow as she felt their hands push under the waistband and stroke her naked ass, she shuddered as Jones said, “Fine and smooth, just like a babies only a lot more fun, a Mr Smith”.

“A waste to be unused, Mr Jones, a pure waste”.

Pauline shook, “No, no please leave me alone”.

“Can’t do that Mrs Templeton, not until we have solved all your problems, wouldn’t be right would it Mr Smith”.

“No Mr Jones, we have checked the receptacles now lets see how much movement this body has got, and I leave that to your expert knowledge”.

Pauline tried to squirm from under Smith’s grip as she felt Jones pull her pants down her legs, then oily fingers pushed around her cunt then ass. A slippery fingers pushed hard into her ass-hole the more she wriggled to escape the digit the further it pushed in, again and again ever time covered in more oil.

She went rigid as she felt the finger touch her vagina, “No, no stop”, but all she heard was Jones voice.

“A little up this hole”?

“It’s up to you Mr Jones, it won’t hurt to get some slip up there, be better for Mrs Templeton”.

The words, “Oh god stop, stop, stop”, came out in jerky bursts as Jones pushed his fingers in and out of Pauline’s cunt, suddenly he stopped, she felt nothing, until her legs were forcefully pushed apart as Jones got on the bed between them.

Smith’s hand pressed firmly in to her back holding her down, only her head could look from side to side but she could see nether of them. She kicked with her legs, they flayed around until Jones put his weight on them, she knew she was helpless.

Something wet and hard pressed between her ass cheeks, she tried to let out a loud scream but Smiths other hand held her head in to the pillow, muffling her. Even as Jones pushed past the slippery entrance her scream was only a pathetic moan.

She tried to move, anything to escape the invading object, she may have been held tight but she could still hear, “Lovely sight Mr Smith, a wiggling full ass”.

“Lovely Mr Jones, now lets see the other hole filled and wiggling”.

Pauline continued her moaning as she felt something pushing up her cunt, it was huge, she felt herself being torn open, it had been over four months since anything had been up her now both her holes were being invaded. She jumped, the one up her ass moved, then vibrated, the same thing started up her cunt.

Jones moved from between her legs, her pants were pulled up trapping the vibrators securely in to her, Smith let her go.

Pauline immediately curled up in the middle of the bed, sobbing, “Please take them out, you can’t do this, oh god no, please no it’s horrorable”.

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