tagFetishThe Petticoat Bonus Payment

The Petticoat Bonus Payment


Having introduced the KBG in The Bride's Revenge perhaps I should now give further insight regarding this organisation as I describe how I received my introduction to the power of the petticoat

As one of only two paid employees of the Kinky Brides Group I and the proprietress of a city centre bridalwear outlet were the only people to receive money.

Many others, the members, gave generously to ensure that their secret pastime had continued over the years.

Three types of membership were available, Enforced, Encouraged and Enjoyment.

The enforced member was usually being punished for some misdemeanour so eventually they found their way to Tulle Towers. Most were men ranging in age from late teens to early fifties and who were punished by becoming clitlickers. As a clitlicker they had to be ready to lick clean both the bride and her groom as they confirmed their marriage to their viewing guests. With most, or all of the members being bi-sexual, the stud was not adverse to having his shaft cleaned by a barely clothed transvestite, especially if he had just finished shafting the partner of the clitlicker. A few girls in their late teens, early twenties were also enforced members but most of the gorgeous girls were encouraged members. A clitlicker had to carry out one hundred missions before being encouraged to become a stud or petticoat girl.

An encouraged member was usually the partner or partners of an enjoyment member, a sugar daddy, who enjoyed watching his partner, usually younger than he, being involved in a bridal orgy. The girls, with so much to lose if they refused, took little encouragement and, with few exceptions, seemed to thrive on the tasks they were given. Three of the most beautiful of the encouraged membership were shemales from South America with two others from Germany and Scotland. Even in the skimpiest of petticoats they all looked like gorgeous women until they slipped them off to reveal their little secrets.

The enjoyment members were the financial backbone of the KBG, and came from all walks of life. Some were very prominent members of society but their secret was well guarded by the KBG and their weekly financial input was welcomed by all involved in the organisation. Of the 53 in this category during my time, twelve were married couples who loved to indulge in the sexy fun. Others, the long standing members especially, were content to watch their girlfriend with a young stud or two as a pretty clitlicker did the business for them on the other side of the two-way mirror.

As I said the identity of the enjoyment members was well guarded and when a former clitlicker was refused as a stud he left the organisation and threatened to expose a sugar daddy he claimed to recognise. The blackmail squad moved into action and I drove them to the home of the former clitlicker. No violence was threatened, but the piles of pictures of the man in question in compromising positions, quickly changed his mind as we gathered the addresses of his relatives and neighbours.

Other clitlickers have arrived and departed during the four years but this was the only time I remember a visit being made.

As well as being paid as a driver I also had to look after the walled garden where most of the ceremonies took place in summer. It was, as I worked away, one Tuesday afternoon, that I learned I was to receive a bonus every two months for loyalty and devotion. Wearing only my shorts I was tending to the roses when Madame Margaret arrived. Immediately I stopped to admire her as she approached in a pink gingham dress filled with pink petticoats. We talked a little about the garden and how I seemed to have settled into my driving job so well with such confidentiality shown to all members, something she considered of the utmost importance. Madame was about to leave when she asked me to unzip her dress and backed up to me. "You will have noticed, apart from bridal gowns, how important petticoats are to our organisation. In fact the petticoat rules. We love all of our girls to fill whichever gown they are wearing with masses of petticoats, be it bridal, ballroom dancing, fifties rock n roll dancing, ballet dancing or tiny mini dress. Petticoats are a turn on, whether being viewed by a passer by on the street or against the naked body of a petticoat admirer, stud, or clitlicker - even drivers."

At that she placed her hand on the bulge which had appeared in the front of my shorts as she pushed her petticoats against my bare legs. She kept her hand there as she turned to face me.

"Drop your shorts driver, it's time for your loyalty bonus."

I was a bit mesmerised by all this. Here I was being seduced by my boss who now had her hands in the waistband of my shorts because of my slow reactions. Then they were off and my erection sprung into view. I looked around to see we were quite alone.

"Hey big boy you could be a stud if you really wanted to and have some of our gorgeous girls as your kinky bride, Madame enthused. "But first I want you to pay homage to the petticoat and understand why our members are so dedicated to kinky weddings."

Madame stepped back a few paces and then quickly moved towards me again, turning as she did so, so that her dress rose up and her petticoats wrapped around me as she grabbed and held me against her. My naked cock was engulfed by the huge quantity of tulle and, as she held me with her right hand, her left caressed my naked body with a handful of the sexy material. I could feel the sensation that so many enjoyed as she looked me in the face.

"Enjoying yourself driver?" I just nodded and she let me go.

"Drop to your knees on the grass."

I did so and watched from my low level vantage point as she spun around so that all her petticoats raised to her waist and I caught the sight of her pantyless and shaven pussy.

"Your bonus this time is to burrow under my petticoats and bring me off with your tongue to show how much you appreciate working here and how much you now adore petticoats."

Madame edged towards me again and watched as I slipped my hands up under her petticoats. I lifted them over my head and felt the lace edging tickle my shoulder blades as I pushed deeper into this pink paradise. There was a beautiful scent about her as my tongue tasted my boss for the first time. Eager to impress as well as enjoy this unexpected pleasure, I lapped at her hairless cunny, teasing her lips apart with my tongue, gradually tasting her juices as I eased deeper into her. She responded by requesting me to lie down on the grass. I remained inside her petticoats as we did so and then received instructions to move around into a 69 position. I felt her tongue touch the tip of my cock and gradually suck a few inches of me into her mouth. All around me was a mass of pink tulle as I repositioned myself and exposed her hot love hole to the sunshine. I could feel my orgasm building but Madame kept taking me from her mouth for a few seconds at a time . I knew she too was close to orgasm as she bucked her body up into my face. I had found her weakest point and concentrated on it, my cock no longer in her mouth as she gasped for air and then I tasted her hot love juices even more as Madame finally came off loudly and energetically as I managed to maintain my head between her thrashing legs.

I rolled over onto the grass to rest and moments later the still fully clothed Madame was standing above me adjusting those petticoats again as she lowered herself onto my still erect shaft. Petticoats gradually covered my face the more she took of my cock until I could no longer see her. Then they moved and Madame kissed me full on the lips.

"I think you are going to love having a petticoat bonus every two months because I see you are no different from the others who adore this wonderful garment."

As she spoke, she stroked my face with the lace edging and then began to ride me, taking me up and then down, controlling me as she continued to talk, as she did so, about the virtues of petticoats.

"Who knows, next time I might dress as a bride and have you fuck me in the limo in a secluded lay-by."

The picture which developed in my mind as she said that was too much for me and I ejaculated into her immediately.

It was a fantastic first bonus I had just received.

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