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The Phantom


I hated Halloween with a passion. It was such an overdone holiday and every year the candies and decorations arrived on door shelves earlier and earlier. This year I was in the local Target at the end of August and there was the display of orange and black crap. It's ridiculous.

What I hate the most, of course, is that what is supposed to be a fun evening for children to dress up and ask for candy has turned into an adult oriented evening of dressing up in slutty clothes and making excuses as to why you can't go to work the next day. Once again complete idiocy.

So why was I standing in the middle of a house party, dressed up like a slut? I really have no idea but part of me was mad at my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend, for a long and complicated reason. The other part of me just wanted to have fun. If that meant picking up a random guy and having wild intense sex then I could handle that.

I'm not really a slut. I enjoy sex and love my body. I'm short, 5'1 with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. My boobs are pretty big and I know that I've used them to get what I want, a lot.

"You looking fucking amazing!"

I glanced up from my daze to see my best friend Angela walking over. She was wearing this tight black outfit and I have no idea what she was supposed to be. Her red hair was in curls and her dark eye makeup made her look more Goth then sexy.

"Thanks Angela," I said, opening my arms for her routine hug. As I pulled away I saw a figure move just out of my line of vision. I was intrigued and glanced back at Angela.

"This is a great party. Thankfully Doug isn't here." I rolled my eyes, smirking as I made fun of ex. He was a great guy but he just didn't get women.

"Gotta go."

I laughed. I had lost Angela's attention about a minute before when a sexy guy dressed up like Jacob from the Twilight series walked past her. She had a thing for tall sexy guys and this guy was tall, sexy, dark, handsome, and wearing only cut off jeans. Angela had always been assertive and always got what she wanted.

I grabbed a drink from the kitchen and decided to explore the house. Marianne, the host, had just bought this house with her new husband. He was almost twenty years older then she and clearly money was not an issue for her now. The house was three stories and there were two staircases up to the second floor. I found the back staircase and slowly walked up to the second floor.

The vibrations from the music downstairs filled the second floor and soon I was intrigued with the room at the end of the hallway.

At no point did I think I was being rude. I figured if she was going to host a Halloween party with lots of alcohol she should assume people are going to go snooping around. The door of the room was dark mahogany and the doorknob was a bright red. It didn't match the rest of the décor but I wasn't one to ask about decorating choices.

I was just about to reach for the doorknob when I stopped. It felt like a chill ran up my spine. I was scared. Suddenly my mind raced with images and thoughts. Sinister thoughts. I had no idea what was wrong but stepping back away from the door didn't help anything.

"Hey cutie."

I turned around and was face to face with him. His voice sounded like velvet. My brown eyes shifted from his shielded eyes to his mouth, down his torso and back up again. I was transfixed on his costume. He had on an elegant three-piece suit, all in black. His face was covered in a white mask. He was clearly dressed like the phantom from "Phantom of the Opera." He obviously didn't get the memo that this costume was old news but he still look sexy in it.

"Hi." My voice was quiet and timid. I was never this weak around guys but clearly the feeling I had near the door was still resonating within me. I couldn't even think.

"This is such a beautiful house. I am very intrigued with the third floor of course. You do know the history of this place right?"

I shook my head, tucking my blonde hair behind my ear. I suddenly realized how this muscular stranger was staring at my costume. As a competitive swimmer I thought dressing up as a sexy mermaid was appropriate. My skirt was shimmery blue-green and tight to my curves. The slit down the side left a one-inch section to hold the skirt together. My top was low cut with spaghetti straps. My C cup breasts pushed against the top, lifting up enough to show off my tanned flat stomach.

"No I don't." I started to suck on my bottom lip and saw him react slightly. He took a deep breath.

"Family was murdered here a few years ago. Murderer was never found. The bodies were left here for days as no one noticed anything wrong. It was creepy really. The lights went on and off as normal. The mail was picked up. It was only when the children did not attend school for five days that someone began to ask questions."

I shivered from both the creepiness of the story and the fact that the dark stranger had taken a few steps towards me each time he spoke a word. He was now pressed up against me as my back pushed against the dark wood panelling of the hallway. My fingers moved up to play with his hair and I smiled as he moaned.

"You are a very cute mermaid. I bet you are all innocent and naïve. You wouldn't dare go into that room with me. You don't want me bad enough."

I pouted. He was right. After the reaction I got as I went close to the door there was no way I was going into that room. He pointed at the door with a smirk and part of me hated how badly I wanted him but the other part of me was up for the challenge.

"I do. I want you very badly." I leaned up on my tiptoes and did my signature move. I ran the tip of my tongue around his left ear, flicking gently before sucking the lobe into my mouth. I felt him tense up and I knew it was having the desired effect.

"Then come with me my little kitty cat."

I nodded and let him lead me into the room. I was so mesmerized that I didn't even notice he called me my pet name. A pet name that a stranger should not know.

The room was small but decorated in gorgeous burgundies and reds. The bed was a double with pillows all around. The window was large and the moonlight shone into the room. It was cold in the room even though there was candles lit everywhere. I glanced around, trying to take in all that I was seeing, smelling, and feeling.

I knew I was going to get fucked. He looked the type that would fuck me senseless and right now that was what I wanted. I stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me and smirked, again.

"Good little kitty. Now show me how dirty your mouth can get."

He unzipped and pulled out his thick throbbing cock. Without giving me a chance to react he pushed it complete into my mouth and held it there. One of his hands held the base of his cock while the other gripped the back of my head. I was gagging and squirming but he didn't let up. Just as I reached up to pinch his skin to make him stop he pulled out.

"You can do better then that."

I nodded and began to suck his cock. I worked my lips up and down his shaft, tasting his precum. His cock throbbed and I sucked so hard I could feel the veins against my tongue. He was thick and he was long. I loved how his foreskin retracted to reveal a deep purple head. I didn't want to stop. All I wanted was to please him.

He pulled away suddenly and slapped his cock against my face. I looked up in embarrassment. I was being treated like a complete slut and I was ashamed at how wet I was feeling. I was so turned on but I wasn't going to admit it.

"Good girl. On your hands and knees and flip up your skirt. I want to see how good your little pussy really is."

I did exactly as he asked. I knew he'd be staring at my perfectly waxed pussy. I knew he could see my swollen clit poking out from my tight lips. My juices were running down my inner thighs and he probably could smell my arousal. I stayed still, waiting for his next move.

He leaned over and nipped at my earlobe. It hurt a bit but my body reacted to the pain in a very good way.

"Don't cum before me," he hissed.

I didn't even have a chance to answer when he slammed into me. His cock felt even bigger then before. Maybe it was the fact that I haven't been fucked in a few weeks but he felt so thick that it almost hurt. He didn't just slam in once. He pulled back almost all the way and slammed in again. I couldn't handle the speed nor the intensity. I know I was begging for him to stop but my words were muffled by his grunts and groans. Harder and faster he went, each time his fingers dug deeper into my hips. He was holding me up against his cock as he just banged away. His cock swelled and I knew he was close to cumming. It had only been a few minutes of thrusting but my legs were shaking and had he not been holding onto me so tight I would have collapsed on the bed.

"Good little kitty. Good little fucktoy. You never let me fuck you like this when we were together."

In that moment I realized who this masked stranger was. I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me. He exploded deep into my unprotected pussy, filling my love tunnel with hot fertile cum. He pushed against me harder, moaning each time a thick rope of cum entered me.

"Fuck you Jared," was all I could say.

He pulled away and I turned around to face him. He had removed his mask and was tucking his deflated cock back into his dress pants.

"Maybe if you didn't go fucking anything with a cock you would have known it was me. You didn't even try to hide your relationship with Doug. You really think I wasn't going to find out?"

I opened my mouth to speak but then shut it. He was right. I was a shitty wife and he had finally gotten his revenge. I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling his cum ooze out of me. I wasn't thinking clearly and thankfully so as I would have been freaking out about getting pregnant. The room smelled like our juices and the scented candles. It was a strange combination that at this moment was both arousing and revolting.

"I'm sorry," was all I could say.

"You are not. You dressed up like a slutty little mermaid so you could hook up with someone tonight. All I had to do was tell you some spooky horror story and you were willing to do anything for me. You're so not worth it Katie. Here."

I watched as he opened his suit jacket and handed me a thick white envelope. I saw the logo on the top left hand corner. It was from his law office. Divorce papers.

He left the room, leaving me in a puddle of our juices. I watched him exit the room. I didn't want to follow him. I didn't want to do anything but go home and curl up in my own bed. I hated Halloween and now this was just another reason to despise this holiday.

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