tagLoving WivesThe Phone Call

The Phone Call


Although it was perfectly innocent, Diana was still nervous as she dialled the number. She hadn't seen him for over 3 months and he had never been anything but her daughter's boyfriend, but perhaps it was the thoughts that she had enjoyed...the thoughts about his young, powerful black body, the thoughts about his flashing, warm eyes and, most of all, the thoughts about his manhood that often created a wonderful, thick bulge in his jeans.

These thoughts had all been hidden away in Diana's mind, never mentioned to another soul, so why should she be nervous over an innocent phone call.

'Hello.' The deep voice on the other end of the line immediately had Diana shivering and almost tongue tied. What should she say? Oh my God.

'Hello...is that Cole? This is Diana...remember me?'

'Mrs S?' There was suddenly excitement in the young man's voice. 'Of course I remember you....how could I forget you, Mrs S?' and his voice gave a little sexy chuckle. Diana's heart was thumping in her chest as now she was talking one-to-one with her daughter's ex boyfriend who she had admired and, embarrassingly, fantasised about during his visits to the family home.

She was 40 but still had a fabulous figure, like a woman half her age, and she knew that Cole had often admired her on numerous occasions when he visited. Her daughter had also remarked on how Cole had wanted to talk about her mother.....asking leading questions and commenting on how Mrs S was one hell of an attractive woman. But the relationship was now over and Diana just couldn't get him out of her mind. Hence the phone call. She didn't know what she was going to say, she just knew she had to do it.

But the words just flowed naturally and soon Cole and Diana were chatting about all sorts of topics...his basketball, his time at college, did he have a new girlfriend, her son's baseball games....anything and everything, just to keep the conversation flowing. All the time, Diana could feel that deep masculine voice playing havoc with her senses, his sexy laughter making her shiver inside and making her feel light on air.....such a long time since that had happened, especially at home. Then she went for broke.

'It would be great to have a coffee together at Starbuck's, or even some lunch, Cole. Or would you be frightened about being seen with an older woman like me,' she giggled, trying to be light hearted about the offer.

'Frightened of being seen with you, Mrs S? You're kidding me. It would be great, I'd love it. You say where and when, and I'll be there.' Diana could tell that he really wanted to be there, and she almost shouted with excitement.

'How about Tuesday lunchtime? Say about 12.30? I could meet you there from work,' and her voice was in a bit of a fluster at what was happening. Cole almost bit off her hand.

'I'll be there, Mrs S. I'll definitely be there......and I really look forward to it......oh, and please don't say anything to your daughter or she'll only start shouting her mouth off and telling everybody what is going on......I wouldn't want that, Mrs S.'

'Absolutely Cole.....I wouldn't want that either. So, not a word to anyone. Wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea would we?' and she laughed again. The call finished moments later and they were both floating on air. Diana had spent days plucking up the courage to make the call and it had come out perfectly, and Cole couldn't believe that this sexy MILF had actually called him and suggested a coffee date. Wow!!


Diana's heart was all of a flutter over the next 3 days while she thought of what she was getting herself into. Yet it might be perfectly innocent with just a friendly conversation over the Starbuck table with a nice young man who would give her something else to think about. She loved her family dearly but her days of excitement and personal attention seemed to be well behind her. Here was a bit of excitement, so she thought she would try and make the most of it.

She managed to get Tuesday afternoon off, so she left work at noon and drove her car home to change. She was in a rush as she only had a half hour to change and return to Starbucks down-town. But she wanted to make sure that she looked good. If a young 19 year old hunky, black guy was happy to have lunch with her, the least she could do was make sure she looked stunning......and she did!

She knew the bra would be perfect.......as she clipped it into place, it lifted and held her wonderful breasts beautifully, but was cut low enough to allow the stunning flesh to almost reveal the hard nipples. Over the bra, Diana wore a thin, tight jumper that really melded into the contours of her body. It was high necked but the bra was holding her tits firmly in place and it seemed to push her breasts out, stretching the jumper for any onlooker to admire.

Her shoes were high, stripper heels and, together with the short tight black skirt that she slipped on, her legs looked absolutely amazing. As she walked to her car, she could feel her sexy ass swaying with the clip-clop of the heels, and she knew she looked good. She had refreshed her make-up, her eyes were dark with eye-liner and mascara and her shoulder length blonde hair was brushed to perfection. Diana felt good about herself and set off in the car.


As she pulled into the car park at Starbucks, she could see him straight away. Cole was waiting outside and casually strolled over to her car. He opened the door and she could see him casting his eye over her gorgeous thighs as she slipped from her seat, her legs sliding open briefly. She also noticed Cole drilling his eyes into her magnificent tits, fighting to stretch the thin jumper to breaking point.

'Hi, Mrs S. Great to see you,' and his arm went round her waist as he gave her a warm kiss on her cheek. He could smell the subtle perfume and she his cologne....so masculine, she thought. His huge frame towered over her as they entered the restaurant together, and immediately, all eyes were on this handsome couple, roaming up and down Diana's fabulous body and the girls giving the handsome basketball player plenty of eye.

They sat opposite each other at a quiet table, had some light snacks and more than one coffee. The talk was easy and there was plenty of laughter. Diana knew that Cole was admiring her breasts with regular furtive looks, but there was no flesh on view and Diana felt quite relaxed, becoming quite turned on at the thought of this gorgeous hunk looking at her body. By 1.30, they were more than relaxed when Cole suddenly asked,

'I suppose you have to rush back to work, Mrs S?' She smiled at him, and tried to reply innocently.

'No, Cole.....and please call me Diana. I took the afternoon off, but if you have to go off somewhere, I understand.....I have plenty of housework to do at home,' and she managed to laugh now. Cole's eyes lit up again and he almost coughed the words out.

'Well, that's great, Mrs.....sorry, Diana. I've got nothing to do until this evening, so how about a ride in the Cadillac?' Diana's insides fluttered again.

'Are you sure, Cole. I don't want to keep................' He grabbed her hand and they stood up together.

'I'm sure, lady. I'll get the bill and then we'll go back to the car.' They left Diana's car in the car park and soon she was sitting beside the big black boy as he manoeuvred his Cadillac onto the highway. Cole had immediately noticed the sensuous, sexy thighs sat next to him as Diana's tight black skirt had slid up her legs when she got into the car. All of her thighs were on view and the material only just stopped before showing off her little pink panties. She looked fabulous, and it wasn't lost on Cole.

'You're looking great today, Diana. It's a pity I don't get to come over any more.....I really looked forward to seeing you,' and one of his hands slid over onto Diana's nearest thigh, his huge black hand playing with her skin gently and, yet, holding her like a vice. A bolt of excitement shot through Diana's body yet, as if by instinct, her hand went down to cover Cole's hand on her thigh. Cole was driving with one hand while his other toyed with the silky thigh, and Diana didn't really want to raise an objection.

'Why, thank you, Cole. I miss you coming over to the house as well. It was always good to have you around, to laugh and pay me compliments. Did my ego the world of good. Are you sure you want to do this, Cole?' and her hand rubbed gently over his fingers playing on her thigh. 'By the way, where are we going?'

They had been driving for about 15 minutes and Diana was virtually lost. 'Oh, just a little quiet place I know. Don't worry, Diana. I won't get you lost,' and he laughed once more, his hand still caressing the wonderful thigh. Suddenly, he pulled off the highway and the car ended up winding down some country roads and then into an even smaller lane. Diana asked again.

'Are you really sure you want to do this, Cole? I feel a bit embarrassed, you know, but I feel so good as well,' and her fingers went once more over Cole's hand on her thigh and then she removed her hand....only to reach over and place her own hand on Cole's thick, muscular thigh. He just looked at her and smiled.

'You know I want to, don't you, Mrs S? I've wanted some alone time with you for ages. You are one hell of a sexy woman and I think we both understand what we both want,' and his hand slipped that little bit higher up her thigh and Diana suddenly felt a hard finger slide over the front of her panties.

'Oh God,' she moaned, and her own hand gently moved up Cole's leg and over his crotch. He wasn't fully hard but there was enough for Diana to know that he was becoming aroused. Her eyes closed as she caressed the cock in his jeans.

Within another 5 minutes, Cole had driven into some woods and eventually parked the car in a thicket of trees where they were completely isolated.

'Oh God, Cole, are you sure we should be here like this....are you really sure? You can just take me home if you want to, if you feel embarrassed or anything like t..........' He didn't let her finish!!!


His hand was up between her legs and all over her little panties as their mouths mashed together, their tongues fighting and Diana gasping for breath. She was wet, oh so wet and this erotic feeling was the most exciting for months if not years. She had hoped that the phone call would lead to something exciting but she had thought that nothing in a million years was likely to happen like this.

'In the back, baby,' Cole suddenly said, and the two were quickly embracing in the roomier back seat. The tongues were fighting again as Cole's arm embraced her body, while his other hand was back between her legs. Diana opened her thighs while her own hand searched out the monster in Cole's jeans and she could feel his fingers inside her pants now. He was sliding her moist cunt apart, delving into her body, sending shivers of lust into her heart. But she did so want to feel that cock. Her hand went to the zip on the jeans while Cole began to tug at her jumper.

She gave in and let him take off the thin top and then she felt him unclip the bra. Soon she was topless, his hands mauling all over her huge breasts. Then her hand was on the zip again. While she felt her breasts being squeezed, her nipples being pinched, Diana managed to extricate Cole's staggering cock from his jeans. Her fingers tried to encircle it, she pulled it free from the zip opening and then she just rubbed it up and down, feeling its wonderful length.

Never before had Diana had the power of such a huge cock in her grasp. Cole was grinning as she began to explore the mighty weapon.

'Play with it, baby. Let me watch you worship it, Diana.' As her head lowered in the seat, his hands were under her body, grasping the almighty tits and just lifting them and enjoying them. He felt her mouth slip over the head of his cock, her tongue licking at the skin as her lips went up and down the shaft. She was sucking like a kid with candy. She wanted to be good for him, she wanted to be so good!

In her efforts, Diana wanted to give him so much pleasure, so she opened her gullet into her throat. Now, with each suck, she tried to ease more and more of this wonderful specimen into her mouth. She wanted to get his cock so far in that she could feel his pubic hair on her chin. She sucked and gulped, eased it out and then tried again. Her mouth eased the cock deeper, sliding her gullet open so that some of his throbbing meat slid right into her throat. She felt his hairs and balls against her chin and she just held him there. It felt like nothing on earth.

Her tits felt on fire as Cole increased the pressure while he played with them. He squeezed and pulled on the nipples, really pushing them and pulling them out of shape, and then one of his hands slid down over the back of the little skirt to pull it up. Soon the little skirt was bunched around Diana's waist and Cole was in her panties again, this time from the back.

His big fingers were sliding down her ass cheeks until he found the wetness of the aching cunt. The finger slid in and he was going backwards and forwards in her body, sending Diana into raptures.

'My turn, little baby,' Cole instructed her and Diana knew from his movements what was happening.

His huge hands moved her over against the back of the seat and then he was kneeling between her knees. Cole slid off her wet panties, pushed back her legs so that Diana had to hold her knees with her own hands, and then his mouth went straight onto her open cunt.

'Ohhhhhhhh, Jeeeesus,' she moaned as his tongue hit her clit immediately. His long tongue began to play tunes between her legs, licking and sucking on her cunt lips, licking and gently biting her clit, and then pushing in to get his tongue as far into her open cunt as possible. Her breathing was fast, her naked tits heaved up and down as Cole attacked her hot pussy and he was like a man possessed. He'd never had a woman as mature as Diana, and Cole was determined to make the best of it.

He held her thighs apart and ran his mouth all over her body, always returning to her open cunt. It was like nectar. His cock was throbbing between his legs, but he just kept slurping, licking and sucking at the mature bitch who had just completely given in to her needs. She was moaning, she was sighing, she was almost screaming, and then passing out from the sexual lust that had built in her body. To have this gorgeous hunk licking her cunt was heaven and Diana just wanted it to go on and on.

Suddenly, Cole lifted his head and his fingers, at least three, went into the soaking cunt. Diana moaned again with satisfaction, but Cole wanted the best now.

'Outside, Diana, baby. More room.' He didn't wait for an answer but opened the door and just slid Diana's body to the edge so that she almost fell out of the door. 'Up against the car, baby. Put your hands on the roof.' She did just that, her hands on the roof, waiting for that wonderful inevitable. Her skirt was round her waist, she moved her legs apart and her body was shaking. They were in the open air of the woods, Diana was almost completely naked, with just her heels and skirt on, and she could feel Cole behind her. If anyone had been close by in the woods, they would have enjoyed a spectacular show.

Cole's arm went around her waist, his hand caressing her stunning ass, and then she felt that God almighty weapon nudging against her body. His hand directed his cock into her waiting cunt and then..........

'Jeeeeeeeses Christ,' she almost screamed. Cole lunged in all the way with his first stroke, and it nearly cut Diana in half. She'd never had a cock so far up inside her. Then he did it again. He pulled almost out and then..........slammmmmm...........he went right into the depths of her cunt once more. She clung on to the roof of the car, and her feet almost lifted off the ground. She thought his enormous cock was going to come up through her throat.

'Whhhhhhhhelp,' but Diana was ecstatic. Cole put one hand on her shoulders while the other still held her waist and then he went into a nice easy rhythm of fucking this stunning, sexy, blonde woman that he had wanted ever since he set eyes upon her.

'Come on, baby, you fuck really good, Diana. Let me get right inside you.' And he did. He then held the cheeks of her ass as he lunged his mammoth cock back and forth, back and forth, harder and harder into this luscious cunt. Christ, she was the best fuck that any man could have, and he wanted lots of her.

'Jesus, Diana, you are the best fuck ever. God, you're so good!' She was in the rhythm now, sliding her body back to meet each thrust, feeling Cole's cock slam into her body and loving every God damn minute. She felt his hand move up to maul her tits again and his other hand went down to rub her clit. She almost fainted with lust and pleasure.

On and on Cole went, a young man in peak fitness, just fucking the best body he'd ever enjoyed, just holding her in his big hands and slamming his pride and joy into her body like there was no tomorrow. He moved his angle a little so that he was coming up into her cunt, still slamming his whole length into that waiting body, still trying to push Diana's body apart with each thrust.

She was almost breathless, holding the car as tightly as possible so that she wouldn't fall over, but the feelings whizzing around her body were just out of this world. This truly was the most exciting, the most amazing, the hardest and most enjoyable fuck that she'd ever been pleasured with. She could feel her juices rising, she could feel her body start to shake, and her own fingers went to her clit to enhance the magical waves of lust that were enveloping her body.

'Christ, Cole. Oh, Jeeeeeesus Christ. Just fuck me harder, just a bit longer...please!' She was begging, she didn't want it to end....but she was getting closer and closer.

For the last few seconds, he lifted her little body off the ground by her thighs. He held her as his big black cock continued to thrust into the fabulous body. Up inside her cunt he went, harder, harder, deeper, deeper, almost pushing through her tight skin and into her stomach. Diana was like a rag doll as the black boy thrashed at her body, fucking, fucking, fucking while she just hung on for her life.

'Holyyyyyy shitttttt,' she moaned, almost screaming again as the most intense and beautiful, lust enhanced feeling started to wash over her. She was cummming like never before, but Cole still hammered into her, lifting her body with each stroke, his fitness allowing him just to have this dirty MILF for as long as he wanted.

Still the orgasm splashed all through her body, and then Cole felt his own juices rising. Like the strong, fit man he was, he didn't let up as his cum fired from his body. Splash, splash, splash.....the ropes of thick cum just fired up into her cunt, she could feel them washing her insides and filling her up. On and on he went, this youth enjoying each erotic moment as his fluids fired deep inside the luscious body.

Eventually, Cole was spent but he was still holding her body. The movement slowed and his cock lay buried deep inside her. He was kissing her shoulders, holding her thighs but they were both descending from the crescendo and he gently eased her legs back onto the ground.

Diana's breathing was heavy and she just leant her head against the car. If that was how Cole fucked every time, then, Jesus Christ, she wanted more of it.

She turned, bent down, and took him into her mouth. He was still rock hard and she wanted to lick his wet cock and pleasure him for just a few moments in order to thank the handsome youth for giving her the best fuck she'd ever had. Again, she took him down into her throat, feeling the gagging, but still trying to get all of Cole down inside her. She was still on cloud nine.

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