tagIncest/TabooThe Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot


My name is Jason and I'm in a senior in high school. I live with my parents and older sister in the suburbs of metro Detroit. I used to be a skinny guy but recently started working out and have bulked up considerably. I guess I'm a bit of a late bloomer as my mom has said. As a result, I haven't had much sexual experience other than watching a few pornos on the internet and jacking off. Girls used to ignore me, but lately they have been really starting to pay attention and have noticed my new physique. Despite my newfound muscles, I still think of myself as skinny and still lack self-esteem. I'm still too painfully shy to even think of asking a girl out on a date.

One day last week, after a workout at the gym, I ran home to take a shower and change for work. When I got home I heard my sister talking on the phone in her room, which was certainly nothing new for her. I got ready to hop in the shower when I noticed her digital camera on the bathroom countertop. She was usually pretty possessive about her camera and would never let me borrow it, so I was surprised that she would have so casually left it there for anyone, especially me, to find. I decided to take a peak and see what was in the camera's memory. There were typical pictures of her and her friends at a party, some pictures of her cat, and some pictures she took of herself in the mirror modeling clothes. The photos started to get more interesting and more revealing as she took several pictures of herself in the mirror in just her bra and panties. I caught my breath as I saw several pictures of her fully naked. I knew my older sister was hot, but since she was my sister, it's not something I thought about on a regular basis, though I had once or twice tried to picture what she would like without any clothes on.

Looking at those photos of my sister flaunting her nudity for the camera in an overtly sexual manner, instantly made me hard. I proceed to stroke my hard cock while looking at the pictures when she suddenly opened the bathroom door and saw what I was doing.

"Oh my god Jason, what the hell are you doing?"

Her mouth seemed to drop at the unexpected sight of her fully naked brother stroking his cock while looking at nude pictures of her.

"Jason, what the fuck?" she screamed. "Give me my camera. Now! Pervert!"

She tried to grab the camera from my hand but I quickly pulled it away.

"Not so fast Jen. I'm not done looking at your pictures." I teased.

"It's my camera and those are my private pictures Jason. Give it to me," she cried. "Or I'll tell mom," she added.

"Hold on a sec Jen," I said, "You're gonna tell mom that I was looking at naked pictures of you that you took of yourself? I don't think mom will be too happy about that Jen." I was enjoying teasing her since she usually teased me mercilessly.

"Look Jason...," she paused and realized that I was standing before her buck naked with a waning erection. Her eyes seemed to linger for some time on my cock as if she were suddenly mesmerized by the sight. "Uhhh... you should probably get dressed and we can talk about this."

She didn't move. She continued to stare down at my cock, which slowly made it become hard again. It was throbbing, and was pulsing up and down.

"God Jason, I didn't realize my little brother was so... big. I had no idea. I mean, wow, you've really been working out!" She paused to think about what she just said. "Look, can I please have my camera back, I'm obviously not gonna tell mom about this."

"Sure, her you go," I said as I handed her back her camera.

"So I take it you liked my pictures?" she giggled as she looked down again at my throbbing erection. As she asked that question her whole demeanor now seemed to change. She was talking to me like a guy instead of her little brother.

"Well, as you can see..." I too looked down at my pulsing cock that stuck out seven inches closer to my sister than the rest of me.

Suddenly, my sister aimed her camera at me and started to take pictures of me standing there naked, with what was becoming an impatient erection.

"What are you doing?" I shouted.

"Little brother, you spend a lot of time working out and you look hot. Don't be ashamed by your body. Let me just take a couple more." She reasoned.

Jokingly, I started doing some silly muscleman poses.

"That's what I'm talking about." She looked at me directly in the eye, "Let me get a few shots of you stroking your cock, it looks like it could use a little relief."

I couldn't resist her suggestion and started tugging on my cock. She took picture after picture of me and my cock from every angle, close ups and full body shots, as I massaged my cock.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna come..." I said as I suddenly shot a load of cum out onto the bathroom floor.

Suddenly, we both heard the door slam downstairs and realized our mom just got home from work. Jen ran to her bedroom and closed the door while I quickly cleaned up my mess from the floor and started my shower.

Later that night when I got back from work, I went to my room and started up my computer and checked my e-mail. There was an e-mail message with an attachment from Jen. It read, "For your eyes only." I opened the attachment and there were the pictures Jen had taken of me nude and jacking off in front of her. There were also several nude pictures of her. Some were the ones I had seen earlier and some were pictures of her masturbating that she had obviously taken after our impromptu "photo shoot" in the bathroom.

After I shot a load while looking a Jen's pictures I e-mailed her back thanking her for the photos and asking when our next photo shoot was going to be.

I got an e-mail back from her almost immediately. It read, "As soon as mom and dad are asleep."

That's another story for another time.... my sister is calling me.

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