tagRomanceThe Pianist Ch. 04

The Pianist Ch. 04


The following days flew by for Allie. She was consumed with trying to rework the Nature Spring campaign, and she was teetering dangerously close to the brink of exhaustion. Nic had barely crosses her mind until he called her Saturday night to confirm their dinner date. He hadn't told her where they were going, only that she just need to dress casually, and he would pick her up at 5:30.

That night, when she was finally able to lay back and think, she kept thinking about the softness of Nic's lips, and how she would relish in the feel of them all over her body. The dance and kiss had her feeling an excitement she had never known before, and while it alarmed her to a degree, she kept telling herself she was not going to overanalyze it. She always analyzed everything to death, and this time, she was just going to give in and see what happens.

During this conversation in her head, her hand had absently fallen down to her right breast, and she lightly began stroking her right nipple in a circular motion through her shirt. Allie closed her eyes and fell into a deep and well deserved sleep, a smile plastered across her face.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The doorbell rang before Allie was ready. Her bare feet quickly shuffled across the floor to open the door. Oh god she looks great she thought, as she got her first glance of Nic in a well worn pair of jeans, black button down shirt, and black leather jacket.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi, c'mon in. I'll be ready in a couple of minutes. Make yourself at home," she said before she turned and shuttled back across the room into her bedroom.

Nic smiled as she ran across the room, leaving him in the open door way, her sundress fluttering as she moved. He closed the door, and surveyed the apartment. While the furniture was new, it was obvious that Allie chose comfort over trendiness, as he eyed the oversized couch. Her apartment was decorated in beach tones, something that surprised him. He wondered around, examining various photos she had around.

She emerged from the bedroom. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine," He reached out for her hands, holding them in his. "You look lovely."

Lovely? Although she loved the description and thought it to be quaint, she wondered what kind of rock star musician used words like lovely. "Thanks."

"Shall we?" he asked, offering his arm to her, as he did their previous meeting.

They rode the elevator in silence, just glancing towards each other, smiling. He thought she looked stunning, not lovely. She had left her auburn locks wavy, almost messy, and right now he wanted nothing more than to tangle his hands in her hair and be intoxicated by the scent of her shampoo.

They walked out of her building to his motorcycle, where he handed her a helmet.

"What's this?" she questioned warily.

"Uh, a helmet. It's kind of a requirement in this state to ride a bike."

"B-but, I'm not dressed to go for a ride," she pleaded looking down at her dress.

"I told you, you look lovely. Relax, you'll be fine. Just hold on."

She looked up at him as he stood there waiting for her to put the helmet on. She had never been on a bike before, and had kind of hoped to keep it that way, but seeing the look on his face, she realized that this was a battle she was not going to win. She reluctantly put the helmet on, and Nic helped her straddle the bike, in her sundress and heels. He's a musician; of course he'd have a motorcycle she thought to herself. He sat in front of her, revved the engine, and again reminded her to hold on. Hold on, she snickered. She wasn't going to let go, if her life depended on it. Allie clasped her hands around his waist, as he slowly took off.

The ride only took about 10 minutes, as they headed towards Chinatown, but Allie found herself loving every minute of it. Even with the warm evening air, she let out a slight shudder, but was it from the evening air, the rush of arousal she got from the ride, and the fact that she got to hold onto Nic's hard body, she wondered.

Nic knew the bike was a great idea as he felt her breasts pressing into his back. He only wished that he lived farther away. He slowed the bike to a stop in front of his apartment and hoped off, removing his helmet.

Allie unstrapped hers as well. "Wow that was great, I mean, I've never been on a bike before, but it was exhilarating. She hadn't really paid attention as he drove, lost in the moment, so when she looked around, and did not see a restaurant, she again began to contemplate the situation. Nic held his hands out to help her off the bike. Once she was settled she asked him the obvious question, "Where are we?"

"My place," he stated. She looked at him, still obviously confused as to why they were at his apartment. "You know...dinner...c'mon," giving her his arm again.

Allie looked at him questioningly, and again took his arm, as they headed inside.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Once inside, Nic told her to make herself comfortable, as he headed back to the kitchen. Born Italian, the boy knew how to cook, his mother had taught him from an early age, and he surprisingly enjoyed it, finding it relaxing.

Allie inspected his apartment in much the same way he had done to her. She found it to be tidy, again a surprise. It was a loft, so it was very open and airy. Like herself, he obviously enjoyed comfort in a home, but he had taste as well. She saw the piano in the corner of the living room, along with some guitars. She walked over and brushed her fingers across the ivory keys.

Nic emerged with two glasses of wine in his hands. "Hope you like white."

"I love it, thank you," as she graciously accepted the glass.

Nic gave her the obligatory tour of his place, pointing out family members in photos. He showed her his bedroom and his large king size bed. Allie had blushed a bit at the sight, thinking that it was plenty large to roll around on. They returned back to the kitchen and dining area, where she saw his table set with two plates, candles lit in the middle, and a bouquet of red long stem roses, sitting on the table next to one of the plates.

"Are those for me?" she asked, taken aback at the gesture.

"Oh those, no they're for my next date," he teased. "Of course they're for you."

Allie walked over and smelled the bouquet, highlighted with baby's breath. This guy is an enigma she thought, a true romantic. She was truly touched by the act-the whole short evening thus far. He had obviously put a lot of thought and care into their date. Nic had no idea the sight of her face in the flowers would arouse him. He was even more taken aback when she walked over to him, looked at him dead on, placed a light kiss on his lips, and with all the sincerity in the world, simply said thank you. He had always made an attempt to make his dates or girlfriends feel special, but none ever seemed to show him the simple appreciation or affection Allie just had in that simple communication. Nic realized that that point that he was immediately falling in love with her.

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