tagNovels and NovellasThe Pirate and The Thief Ch. 11

The Pirate and The Thief Ch. 11


The sun was just thinking about rising when Molly awoke from her slumber. She regretted sleeping in her hammock. She'd forgotten about the snores and snorts and grunts of the other pirates. Still, she'd had a good few hours kip and felt much better. She arose, stretched and pulled on some cleaner clothing. When she arrived on deck, it was a scene of calm working. James was standing at his place on the quarterdeck, talking with John and Mahoney. A quick wave at her sent her striding to the small gathering.

"Good morning," James said. There was no trace of smile on his face, "I trust you slept well."

"Thank you, I did."

"We've come to a decision," Mahoney said. His tone wasn't one that Molly liked but she waited silently for further information.

"We're going to aid Bess with her ship, I've sent Matthew over to look at the damage already and he says it should be done after the better part of two days. We'll find the information she has and weigh our decision from there." James said. Molly nodded slowly.

"How much will we see of her?" she asked. It sounded petty in her ears so she didn't like to think what the lads thought.

"Too much," James spat. "I'd not want to help her but the papers she's stolen could relate to a friend of ours," he said. Molly swallowed.

"Its two days, I'm sure you'll be able to cope," John said. "What could she have done?" There was a deep frown on John's face and dark sags under his usually jovial eyes.

"Time to get back to running this ship," James said, "Not you Molly, I'd like a word." He added as she turned to find her usual location on the forecastle. "Come with me." She fell in step behind James, pausing to admire his butt as they headed into his cabin. "Shut the door," he said. The door clicked into place and James let out a sigh as he sank into his chair, "This is going to sound shit," he said.


"Bess cannot know about what we're doing," he said.

"God's no!" Molly said nodding.

"I thought you'd be annoyed," James said. The smile on his face told her everything.

"Bess will use any advantage she can to mess around with us," Molly flicked her eyes to the floor and took a deep breath, "There's something you should know." She said, knowing the time had come to tell him. James looked up and Molly wiped her hands on her knees. "I should have said something sooner but, well, I couldn't risk... never mind that. Bess thinks I came here under her orders. She asked me to come here, get close to you and take something she wanted. She claimed it was hers but I have doubts to that now."

"What was it?" James asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It was the gold paperweight of this ship," Molly said pointing at it on the desk. James let out a laugh that held no mirth and shook his head. "What is it?"

"Time for some answers to questions it seems." James said standing once more. "What did she tell you about me?"

"That you're a lying, cheating, thieving scoundrel who she was once married to." Molly said. James paced up and down before answering

"Her lies are no surprise. I do cheat, I do steal and I have been known as a scoundrel before. I've told my share of mistruths too but I never married that woman. I wanted to once, I almost did but she left me waiting with the priests one day. I spent the night with several bottles of wine and ended up in the nearest Cat-house. Bess found me there in the arms of a woman I'd hardly touched. I left for sea that morning and spoke not a word to her since," he said. When he stopped speaking he resumed his place in his chair. Molly looked down at her hands and sighed.

"Why does she want that paperweight?" she asked.

"This ship was hers." James said, "I won her in a game of cards the night we met. Bess has wanted the Sea Witch back ever since that night and I've never given her the chance. This is the best ship in these waters, why she gambled her in the first place is anyone's guess. So what did she tell you?"

"I can't repeat that," Molly said. The thought brought a flush to her cheek.

"Come on now," he said, every ounce of charm in his voice, "There's nothing you can say that will surprise me."

"Don't make me."

"I am." He drummed his long elegant fingers on the table.

"She wanted me to..." why was this so awkward anyway? It wasn't as if she'd not done the act in question a thousand times before! "She wanted me to... well... she said. 'You'll have to learn as you go, just suck his cock a few times and he'll tell you everything'," Molly looked down at the desk and bumped the tips of her fingers against the fine grain of wood.

"You didn't even have to do that," James said. The laugh that followed was genuine and Molly looked up.

"You're not mad?"

"Why would I be?" he pushed his hand through his thick black hair and shrugged, "You came here by your own will and I believe our, shall we call it attraction, started before you even knew who I was. I only have one thought."


"Why in Maylan's name did I tell you all that for free if you were going to suck me off to get it," he said. Molly looked outraged for the briefest of moments before a shower of giggles erupted from her.

"But I thought we we're meant to be hiding what we're doing," she said with a shrug. James shot her a black look before sliding his hand under the table. Molly's stomach fluttered as she watched his expression change. "Stop."


"Because if you don't I'm going to end up fucking you and someone'll hear that!" Molly said. He raised an eyebrow but not his hand, "Then this chat will have been for nothing. Bess will know."

"At the moment I am inclined to forget about that," he said, "Besides, you've no idea what I'm doing, it's your mind that made that conclusion."

Molly kicked up from her chair and leaned over the table. His hand was exactly where she thought it was; on the distorted apex of his crotch. "Oh, my mind is it?" she said looking into his grinning face.

"It's barely sunrise. Bess won't be awake for another four hours at least. Gives us more than enough time," James said. His hand left his pants and her mouth found his. Gripping her shoulders, he pulled her forward, across the table and onto his lap. His tongue thrust into her mouth, a hand caressed her breast. Not content to sit there, she shifted herself so she straddled him on the chair. Molly could feel his hard cock through the fabric of their combined pants, "Get your pants off," he whispered, his voice a hoarse growl. Molly's lips left his for a moment as she struggled out of her pants. They fell to the floor with a neglected sigh as she renewed the onslaught of his mouth. He tasted divine and his lavender scent hadn't worn on her at all. It was as delightful now as it had been that first time. She breathed him in as she ran her tongue along his throat.

Two hands cupped her buttocks and gently pulled her panties to one side. Long fingers that she'd come to appreciate delved into her wet folds and he sighed into her hair. "How's this, if you need to cry out, do it into my shoulder because I'm going to fuck you now regardless." Molly thrust her hands into his hair, pushing it back from his fine face. She looked into his twinkling blue eyes and gave a serious look. She nodded and he adjusted her position a little. His hand tugged his cock free, he pulled her down onto his length.

Molly tensed for a moment before relaxing, allowing him into her warm core, "Missed you last night," he said. One of his string arms curled around the base of her spine, he bucked his hips, pushing up into her centre. She drew in a quick gasp at the sudden movement before smiling.

"Just you stay where you are," she said. James relaxed into the chair; Molly rested her hands on his shoulders and drove down. He gasped. The grip on her back tightened. She rocked forward and down, forward and down. His breath was soft on her cheek; it came in short puffs as she bounced on his cock.

"God's woman, if you keep this up," he panted. He swallowed a groan and buried his head in the soft fabric of her shirt. His teeth grazed one of her nipples sending waves of fire to her crotch. Her breath stuck in her throat, she supressed a cough and poured her energy into him. Every downward thrust sent sparks up through her spine. The wave of pleasure that she'd had the joy of experiencing most nights this week was just on the horizon and she swam towards it with all her strength. "Oh no you don't," James growled in her ear. Before she could stop him, he'd picked her up and taken back the lead. He staggered to the bulkhead, supporting her as he moved. Her back crashed into the wooden wall. Her ankles locked on his hips and he drove into her.

The sparks running up her spine turning into bolts; her back arched. Molly dug her fingertips into his back and shoved his shoulder in her mouth to keep from crying out. His renewed thrusts did nothing to stop the lightening and before she could think of anything else, the wave claimed her once more. She clenched, unclenched and felt his explosion deep within her. He was hers in that moment; always was. His fire mixed with her own, intensified by the inability to scream to the entire ocean.

Molly drew a searing breath and her legs sagged. "Careful," James said, catching hold of her trembling form. Gently, he lowered her to the deck once more. He stepped away and Molly leaned against the bulkhead for a moment. "Ah sweet. I do so love the glow you get in your cheeks after a good fuck," he said.

Molly stammered, "Thanks." She couldn't keep a grin from her face.

"And that grin, I missed it yesterday. I love picturing it on your face every time I see you."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yes." Molly scampered across deck and pulled her pants back on over her hips. James fixed himself and pulled on his frock jacket. "You might want to vanish to the nest today. We can't give ourselves away if we're not together."

"I'll do that," Molly said with a nod. James crossed the deck and pulled her into a deep kiss. His lavender scent now had the under smell of sweat and sex. She loved it even more and fire grew once more in her belly. No, she had to let him go, it was bad enough as it was. His mouth really was wonderful, the way he did that thing when his tongue when it found hers. He broke the kiss and brushed a lock of her hair back from her cheek.

"You should go." Molly nodded, "And try not to stare at me too much from the nest, you're a look out remember."

"Hey!" Molly said, disentangling herself from his arms. She knew it would be a tough job but as she walked away, she knew his eyes were staring right at her butt. She put a wiggle in it as she walked before the door closed behind her.

The deck was still quiet and the sun hadn't fully risen yet. Mahoney gave her a nod and a wink; she gave a quick shake of her head before hauling herself into the shrouds and climbing to the top.

The view always took her breath, the breeze up here was delightful and the dark blue of the sea was something to behold. Molly settled down in the nest and watched the horizon. The brilliant red of the sun poked over the sea, setting it a brilliant fiery red. Her mind was clear of thought at the sun began its slow ascent into the sky. Yellow replaced the red, which in turn was replaced by the natural azure of the sky. There was not a single cloud in the vast expanse above her and she couldn't keep a smile from creeping onto her face. Maybe Bess being here wasn't going to be so bad after all...

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