tagNonHumanThe Pixie at the Party

The Pixie at the Party


"So, you're Taniel?" she asked. I didn't know who this pixie was, but I was glad to meet her.

Her blue cocktail dress complemented her purple skin very well. I found the combination almost as fascinating as her tits, which showed off about half of themselves facing upward, and her wings; two gossamer attachments that shimmered in the club's lighting with a quiet strength and dignity.

I let my gaze rest on those wings for a bit before I turned my gaze back to her almond-shaped green eyes. "I'm glad to see you found my eyes," she remarked wryly.

"I noticed them earlier," I countered, "but I wanted to give you time to acclimate. My other girlfriends have told me I have a very piercing gaze. I didn't want to overwhelm you with it too quickly."

"Talila mentioned you've got a bit of wit," she giggled. "If she's right about that, I hope she's right about the other things she mentioned," she continued sultrily.

"Oh? What other things did she say about me?" I could probably guess. Talila was an elf I used to ... date. She and I hit it off pretty well; we had fun going out and a lot more fun in bed.

Which was probably why this pretty pixie was talking to me, if her hungry gaze was any indicator. "Its good to meet another friend of Talila's miss ...?"

"Pepper." She explained simply, her gaze focused on mine.

"Do you have any proof you're a friend of Talila's? I need to be careful." If a long adventuring career had taught me anything, it was that the enemies I acquired would come up with a variety of ways to take me down.

Thankfully, she didn't mind. Pepper just let her lips come to my ear and whispered, "she told me about the incident with the pool, the unicorn, and the rooster."

I was frozen stiff for a second as memories of that incident made my manhood hard as stone. At least this told me Pepper was a friend of Talila's and not an enemy. Talila must have trusted her to tell her about that incident; besides that, my enemies could do a lot more damage with knowledge of that incident.

Pepper didn't notice any of these thoughts. All she noticed was the sudden growth showing through my slacks. She placed a delicate hand on it, starting from the head and moving up from there.

"Nope," she said to herself in wonder, "she definitely wasn't kidding about you." She turned that gaze on me suddenly with ferocity. "How would you like to try fucking a pixie tonight?"

There was only one obvious response. "Of course," I growled with a nod, showing off my own hunger for her. I wanted my gaze to complement what I needed to say. "I hope you know I don't fuck gently." Some girls had been surprised by that for.

"I know," she replied quietly. "Talila warned me about that already. Now lets get in my car, get back to my place, and get in my bedroom."

Things progressed quickly from there. One short car ride later, we walked into her apartment's bedroom. While noticing the bit of ass that showed past her dress's hemline, she sauntered up to her king-sized four post bed.

I only had to enough time to notice the bed's wooden frame before she slipped out of her dress with ease. I took in the new swathes of purple skin which were now revealed, under a soft glow that made her pixie wings sparkle even brighter, with the last pieces hidden beneath some lacy pink lingerie.

One of us approached the other, I don't know who since it didn't matter at that point. I wrapped one hand around her waist, which caressed the smooth muscle I felt there, while the other deftly unlatched the bra string.

I was glad it was one of those band bras, which act like a strip over the breasts, because I didn't need to make too much of a fuss as I tossed it aside in one smooth motion. Now that it didn't have a bra to remove, I let my free hand caress one of her perky purple tits while I let my kisses caressed her neck softly.

I felt her excitement rise in my palm, which brought my own confidence up. I led her to the bed by the waist, which I gripped with a firm and gentle force. Once we reached the edge of the bed, I embraced her in a kiss.

As my tongue met hers, I tasted something indescribably sweet. It was honey and fruit put together in a smooth blend, smoother than the tongue and tits I already felt.

It made me eager to taste more of her.

I deposited her on the bed, telling her to wait while I got my clothes off. I may have been a bit gruff with her, but the eagerness to be free of my clothes and taste her was strong. I quickly removed my clothes, letting my skin enjoy being free to feel the cool air this pixie's apartment had.

I grinned with a bit of pride when I heard the pixie gasp, her eyes focused on my now free fuckstick. I had been with enough women to know that my size was substantial; with a thickness greater than its noticeable length.

One old girlfriend described it as a "eight-inch soda can", which brought a bit of a chuckle every time I thought of it.

I didn't get into her immediately. I still wanted to find out how she tasted.

I kneeled down and pulled her closer to me. I took more notice of the fact that it was hairless than that it was purple before I sunk my face into her pussy.

I let my tongue glide in and around her pussy, bringing sensation to every part it reached. I flew around the edges, slowly pushing my way in with my tongue. Once it was partially inside, I let the tongue move slowly upward a few times.

Then I really got into it. I let my tongue move faster and more freely, exploring the area around her clit in a flurry. I let it rub between my tongue and my teeth, providing some stimulation that made this pixie gasp of pleasure.

I don't know if it was that gasp, or just boredom, that made me decide to move to the main course. I stood up, rising up in a careful rush.

Seeing me stand up, Pepper grabbed onto my cock; letting her slim fingers wrap around my iron-hard length. "Oh, that was so good. Let me return the favor for a bit." As good as that sounds, I had to let my head answer no and pin her hands to the bed with a strong grip.

A bad experience with a vampire had pretty much ruined blowjobs for me, which was part of the reason. The other was that being in control was a turn-on I didn't normally admit to. Pinning her hands down while I spread her legs with my own made me ready.

I just had to be sure she was. "Are you ready for this?" I asked.

She answered with a feral grin and a sultry twirl of her tongue on her lips. "Of course."

With that I pushed the head of my cock inside her.

I moved carefully at first, partly to give her time to adjust, while also savoring her tight pussy. It had that same tightness that elven pussies seemed to have, but had a strange texture to it.

Instinctively, I began speeding up. Not too fast, but not too slow. I thrust myself into a steady rhythm; the sort where I could fuck her like this all day.

That would be too boring, so I spiced things up a bit.

I pulled myself back a bit to get myself off the bed to stand. Then, I pulled her to me, bringing our chests together in a passionate embrace. As I began to pull her down onto my dick, I couldn't help but notice two things: how light she was in my arms and how sweet her lips tasted.

From there, I continued to let her ride me; taking care to lift her in what was a light workout for my arms. Suddenly, she bit into my shoulder, complementing the sudden wetness I could feel from her letting me know she came.

Feeling feral, I decided to return the favor. At that moment, I realized it had actually been a long time since I had such fun. For a brief moment, it felt like my dick was being milked dry. When I was done, I dropped Pepper back onto the bed and let myself down next to her.

She snuggled up next to me with a contented growl. To that, I could only reply with an arm that wrapped around and enjoyed the purple pixie skin I felt.

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