tagBDSMThe Playdate

The Playdate


All characters are consenting and over the age of 18.


I woke to the sounds of leaves rustling against one another, moving with the easy force of the wind. The breeze crept through my bedroom window; the crisp, cool sheets soothing the warmth created by my body below. I had been teasing myself all morning. I loved touching my body. Holding one hand gently against my throat and the other exploring the mounds on my body, I imagined my Tiger was watching. I imagined him holding his thick cock in his hand, eyes fixed on my young body, desperate to touch. We we're going to play soon.

He was Tiger to me and only a few others, for not everyone would be so lucky to see him at his most primal. I had been waiting for his rough touch for far too long, and finally we agreed to play out one of my fantasies in real life. I had always dreamed of giving Tiger complete and utter control over me; pushing the boundaries with my dirty desires of non-consent roleplaying and age play. I needed a forcefully dominant play mate, someone big and strong to take advantage of me. I knew he could play the part.

It would drive me mad every time I met with his thick cock. It would awaken the darkest, most depraved self in me. My eyes would roll into the back of my head in disbelief of his incredible size, unable to take any more but begging for it to never end; I needed him to take me. I knew he was ravenous for me too, and I knew he would be willing to push the limits with me this time. Simultaneously he would worship me and destroy me; take control of my shaking body in his big, rough hands and take every inch of me as he pleased.

We met outside his empty home, both prepared to play the characters so essential for my desired roleplay. I jumped onto my tippy toes and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my little body against him as I gave him a tight hug. He held me tight around my waist, groping the sides of my body before moving his touch to the trim of my skirt. "Someone's frisky today." He was always playful, his face flush with an endearing grin and a charm that left me enticed every time. A voice so sure and strong it would leave me weak. Tiger greeted me, alluring me into his home. He was dark haired, dark skinned and handsome. I adored the way he could steal the room with his rumbling voice and his calm demeanour.

I dressed in my navy sport skirt and a tight white T-shirt with my hair pulled to the sides in pigtails — every time I dressed myself it wasn't long until I was tugging at my hair and groping my own throat; desperate for someone to play with me. Age-play is so wonderful. It allows me to be taken by a playmate with the most perverted intentions, to refuse some touches while welcoming others. I represent all that is timid and unknowing.

We walked through the front door and his hand crept up my skirt as he walked me through the hall, testing the control and power he was about to be entitled to. His finger pushed through the space between my thighs and against the moistened fabric clutching my ever-growing clit. "I'm sorry, I just can't help myself," he said. I stopped in my tracks and bounced up and down, my brows twitching as I squirmed through the sensation. He had this wonderful natural dominance, something I knew would surface to its entirety when given an opportunity like this.

He walked me through his bedroom doorway as he closed us in, forcing me against the door with his motion. His large hand grasped my throat as he said firmly into my ear, "you're mine now, little girl." Holding my hands above my head, he took two cable ties and continued to tie one of them around my hands and one around the door-hook, forcing my wrists in place and leaving me unable to stop his advances.

"Are you ready to play?" he asked kindly. To hear the cable ties fastening was thrilling. The familiar sound triggered me into a state of delirium as my body became aware of the control I had just lost. He pulled my T-shirt above my neck and left it strained above my nose, blinding me from his inevitable exploration. The rush of his touch on my unsuspecting body was exhilarating as he began brushing his hands across my full chest.

He gently played with my nipples, using one finger to flick the hardened buds up and down before sending me into shock, pinching them hard. The painful sensation sent electric waves through my body and made me squirm back and forth. He worked his way down my stomach firmly with his finger. Scared by his touch, I jolted with every movement, prepared for another shock attack to my body. He lifted my skirt only to admire my mound as he stroked the inside of my thighs, letting only his presence touch my pussy.

I could feel the heat of his breath so close to my engorged sex, teasing me just as I had dreamed. He placed a finger underneath me and pushed upwards as he stood to my level. He pressed harder and my juices leaked against the already soaked mess that was my underwear. He groaned at my intoxicated reaction, my mouth opened and I let out a non-compliant whine. "You are my little sex toy. I can do anything I want with you, can't I?" he said, affirming his power as he pulled my shirt up to my wrists.

The terrifying look on his face made me shudder with pleasure; I felt my underwear grow wetter. He took my throat in his hand and forced his tongue towards me, raping the mouth of his playmate. Whiney moans of rejection escaped from my open mouth as his grip pressed me against the door, strengthening his dominance as he stood tall and strong before me. I could feel his choke sending me into oblivion; the elated state of seeing nothing but stars, feeling nothing but pure pleasure. His grip tightened on the sides of my neck, pushing perfectly against my carotid arteries which sent me deeper and deeper into the addictive darkness. I had well and truly wet myself.

He released me from the clutches of his powerful grip and my body hunched, the after shocks of his abuse had left me dumbfounded. He hiked my pleated skirt up to my chest revealing my destroyed underwear. "You naughty girl!" He was mocking me. "Did you make a mess in your pants?" My God, he's perfect, I thought to myself. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," I said, squirming away from him. I tried to close my legs to the unwanted touching but I couldn't stand straight, still convulsing from the attack on my neck. "Let me see what you've done," he said. He parted my legs and admired my mess.

He took his finger and slid it under the seam of my underwear, peeling the fabric away from my glistening sex. The fresh air caressed my sensitive bud and all I could feel was the negative space between my pussy and everything else. Tiger took in a deep breath from my sweet, soaked pussy and looked to me ravenously. He looked so proud of what he had done to me. He took his finger and ran it up and down the dampened gusset, and as if by accident his knuckles slid ever so slightly against my wetness. He gently let go of the soaked fabric and smoothened it back into place.

He began rubbing me near my opening, the wet fabric that was clutching onto my clit teased me with every movement. I wanted to ask for more but I couldn't break; after all, he was 'touching me against my will'. "Please don't touch me there," I said, whimpering and cowering away. He retaliated to my rejection by pressing his naked body against me, nothing was holding him back now. Tiger held his lips to my neck and growled, licking up my neck all the way past my jaw bone.

"But you it feels nice, doesn't it?" I shook my head in response but moaned at his perverted actions. He continued to ravish me with his tongue, forcing it once again in my mouth and fucking my tongue with his. I tried to plead for him to stop but there was no way, my rejections were muffled by the attacks from his wet, forceful tongue. He now had completely taken my body for his own use as he worked his hand past the hair on my mound and into my dripping mess.

I held my knees and thighs together as tight as I could in an attempt to stop the fondling, but his force was far too strong. He separated my legs and let his finger touch my sensitive, now over-sized clit. I whimpered, trying to gain some control to stop his advances. Oh God, what is he doing now? Fed up with my complaining he removed my soaked underwear, held my jaw open and happily shoved the wadded mess in my mouth. Oh, what a good boy!

He shut my gagged mouth with his two hands and looked into my fearful eyes. "I wonder how much we'll have to stretch you?" he said madly. All of a sudden I felt something far too big trying to fit into my poor pussy. I looked down to see him slowly easing the tip of his gorgeous, thick, monstrosity of a cock against my opening. Despite my muffled screams he pushed half of himself inside my tight hole; his violation elated me. "Looks like we're going to have to stretch you right open if we're going to fit this inside you," he taunted. Tiger unlocked my wrists from the clutches of the door hook and into the control of his hands.

Powerfully he dragged me across the room and forced me onto his bed. I pressed my legs together as tight as I possibly could, but it was useless as I felt Tiger stroking the outside of my lips. "Try and get away as much as you like," he said, "you're still mine, little girl." I was overwhelmed by the sexual deviant I had helped to create. I was screaming with pleasure into my gag and writhing on the bed without control.

He stroked up from my ass, taking a pool of my juices with his touch as he pushed a finger inside me. Still thumping from the previous attack on my insides, I could feel the walls of my vagina contracting around his finger. "Oh no, this just won't do," he said, examining my young pussy. "There's no way I can fit all of myself inside your tiny slit." He pushed hard into me again and retreated slowly, resting his fingertips against me and teasing my opening. "Unless we stretch you open, of course," he said. Tiger forced more fingers inside me.

He was gaining momentum now, pounding at me mechanically with his fingers. I screamed through his unwanted advances, though my protest was obstructed by my soaked underwear. "Let's see if you've made any progress, shall we?" he said, carefully removing his fingers from my tight hole. He used a finger from each hand to open me up and inspect me, stroking the outside of my lips and lubricating all of my sex with my juices. He used my wetness to ease his fingertips into my ass, letting one finger slide inside me. Fuck, yes! Boy, you are too good to me! I was heaving with every inappropriate touch.

He worked his other fingers inside my tight pussy, I was an object and he was playing with me. I let out a cry as he began probing my holes intermittently, using his hands to feel my hot, wet insides. He hooked his fingers and stretched me open, gaping my little pussy just enough for another finger to push inside me. "What a good girl, stretching for me," he said, "and you like it, don't you?" I convulsed at his tortuous words, satisfied with the deviant I had in front of me.

With his fingers still hooked inside of me, I felt a massive entity trying to push through my small opening. Ahhhh what the fuck... My body arched at the sight of him forcing his enormous cock through the space between his fingers, I was lost in agonising pleasure. He let his fingers sneak out as his gorgeous uncut cock forced its way a little further inside of me. "Dirty little girl likes it rough!" he declared, smacking my pubic mound and edging his way closer inside of me. My head sunk deep into the pillow and I jolted back and forth, desperate for more abuse from my playmate.

He opened my mouth and removed my wadded underwear, but before I could scream for even a second I was stunned by a hard smack across the face. I instantly melted at his abuse as a rush powered through my entire body. He sent me into the darkness with his powerful attack and I was uncontrollably whimpering, possessed by his aggression. "Don't say a fucking word," he said, commanding me to keep my mouth shut. Tiger pushed my face down with his palm, it felt like he was bruising my cheek. "I hate you," I cried out.

Amused, he continued to push through my tight hole. He growled like an animal with every inch closer to entering me fully. I could feel his strong throbs pounding against my reluctant walls. He had worked his enormous dick halfway through my soaking wet opening, but I resisted any more of him being forced inside me by clenching my pussy tight. "Let me have you!" he said, grabbing at my body and sinking his nails into my skin.

My clit started to throb and my body was buzzing, I was so close and it was getting harder and harder to prevent my orgasm. He stroked my cheek delicately with the back of his fingers. "I hate you!" I screamed again, spitting in his face. "Excuse me! Say sorry!" he demanded, smacking me harder across the face. Electricity charged through every inch of my body and I could see spots. Perfect, fucking perfect. I felt the heat rushing to my cheek, I was wetting myself on him.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, my own words fuelling my dirty fantasies. He grasped his hand around my throat and held my head down as he growled. "What was that?!" he said, pumping hard as he dug his fingers into my skin. I arched my back, screaming for him as my orgasm began. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I cried, letting him fully penetrate my soaking wet pussy. I screamed and screamed as his ridiculous size filled me completely. "That's my girl!" I could feel him filling me with each thrust.

He held all of himself inside me as he continued to throb. Tiger ran his fingers over my body, gently groping my hips before holding my head in his hands. He gave me a kiss on the nose and I licked him back, giddy from my incredible release. He rolled beside me and weaved his legs between mine. With his hands still cradling my head, he kissed me all over my face and stroked my hairline with his thumbs. "Now what do you say?" he asked. I snuggled against his big frame, my body fitting perfectly with his. I closed my eyes, purring with adoration. "Thank you."

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I need that I wanna be dominated completely as I beg your fantasies are so hot

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Fuckin perfect

This was one hell of a story. Mind blowing looking forward to more!!!

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