tagFetishThe Pleasure Seeking Stalker

The Pleasure Seeking Stalker

bymad hatter31©

The stalker searches for girls and women that live alone, with few friends or family and appear easy targets. Using large stores, libraries and other public areas he is unnoticed observing the females in their daily routines. He selects and stalks his prey for several days, memorizing their routes and patterns, security measures, learning their habits, weaknesses and about any animals that they may have. These females usually live in quiet neighbourhoods, semi-detached houses with secluded backyards.

He chooses his women carefully, considering their; femininity, quiet non aggressive demur, usually wholesome figures but not fitness buffs, long flowing hair, wardrobe including use of scarves, minimum application of perfume, and the way they carry themselves. His choices of victim’s nationality, culture, height, age are quite varied.

Hours before they usually arrive home, he enters the house from a rear door and takes the time to familiarize himself with the layout and contents of the house. Going through her closets and drawers he examines and makes a mental note of the types of clothing that she has that turns him on. He locates a carry-on travel bag in the closet, and wondering through the house he uses it to collect items that will be used for tonight’s ordeal.

The intruder waits in a main closet that she uses regularly and springs on her with a dampened chloroform bandanna that he presses strategically over her face, forcing her to inhale the potent knockout drug. As she struggles, he wraps his left arm securely around her waist, pinning her left arm by her side while holding onto her right arm, he spreads his legs for leverage, which also minimizes her chance to kick him. She wrestles hopelessly, eventually succumbing to the chloroform, as her body goes limp in his arms he carries her into the living room laying her on the plush carpet.

He dims the lights, closes the window curtains for privacy, then goes into her bedroom, and takes his time selecting just the right outfits and scarves for the evening pleasure.

Returning to the living room with the medley of dainty lingerie and a multitude of colourful silk scarves hanging out of the crammed full travel bag, he carefully plans his next steps and enjoys the thrill of the capture.

The stalker opens the travel bag and meticulous takes out the items and neatly spreads them on the carpet around her. Picking up a video camera, he puts it on the arm of the sofa overlooking his victim, focusing it he starts to film his evening of pleasure.

He removes all his clothes except for the surgical gloves and a stocking over his head that has a slit cut out, exposing his lips. Picking out a pair of her silky emerald green panties, he pleasurably pulls them on, while twisting around to appreciate the smooth silky feel against his naked body.

While undoing and removing all of her clothing, he gently fondles her silken well-developed breasts, and pleasurably kisses her furry crotch. He piles her discarded clothing on the sofa and brings the chosen lingerie and scarves close beside her.

Picking up the silky black mesh petite panties, he buries his face into them, enjoying her scent and the sensation. He feels his swelling pecker pleasurably restrained by the underwear he is wearing. Bending down and slipping the black panties up her legs, he then enjoys liberties stroking her firm velvety thighs.

Holding up a frilly-laced gold floral patterned bra, he slides her arms through, then rolling the sleeping body onto her side he clips it up behind.

Selecting a unique elegant animal patterned Hermes silk scarf, he folds it up and loosely wraps it around her neck like a large choker, knotting it twice and letting the ends fall between her breasts.

As he stands to admire her scantily clad body in his choice of sexy lingerie, her long dark flowing hair drapes around her accentuating the silk scarf, he whistles, then murmurs how pretty she looks for him.

Her captor begins stuffing her mouth with two bandannas, then rolling up a large silk scarf, he ties several knots in the centre and places the knots over the bandannas, pulling the scarf firmly behind her head and securing it, he carefully ensures that her beautiful long hair freely fans-out above her.

Pulling her arms above the head, he takes a scarf and securely wraps it several times around then between her wrists, knotting it twice. He rolls up two long scarves and cinches them to the wrist scarf, then pulls her bound wrists down behind her back, securing the scarves to her thighs. This position forces her elbows to point above her, and pushes her chest forward accentuating the breasts even more.

He studies his victim’s breathing and notices she is slowly awakening from her drug-induced sleep.

Taking a scarf, he folds it triangularly, then positioning it over her eyes, he ties it loosely behind her head.

He gets a broom handle from behind the sofa that he stored there earlier and places it on the floor underneath her legs. Spreading her legs wide over top of it, he uses duct tape and firmly ties her ankles to the handle, like a spreader.

He stands and gazes at his beautiful captive who is now becoming more alert and struggling to test her newfound prison in horror. She twists and shouts but the restraints hold her securely, meek muffled sounds are all the cloth gag allows.

He kneels down, kissing her affectionately on the scarf-covered lips and slowly removing the blindfold, she panics at the feel of his touch then assertively tries to kick while wrenching her body and trying to scream. Faint sounds and useless gestures are all that her imprisonment will allow her to muster. As her eyes adjust from the darkness, she stares indignantly at the sight of this stranger that entraps her; he just looks intently and smiles at her futile attempts.

He sensuously strokes her face with the elegant scarf while tenderly saying her name, but she quickly turns her head to resist, so casually, mockingly he licks then nibbles on her neck.

Seeing the intruder reach for a pair of scissors, she cries hysterically!

With the sharp weapon by his side, he leans over continuing to lick and kiss her while working his way down her exposed chest, suddenly his tongue darts into her enchanting cleavage. Her body shudders.

Sliding a hand under the embroidered laced bra, he aggressively fondles Rosalee’s throbbing gorgeous breast. Kneading, squeezing, kissing this luscious mound he begins to arouse her.

As her body arches, he quickly lifts up the point of the lace bra, skilfully cutting apiece off; the shear panic is clear on her face. As he lets go of the material, her stimulated brown areola and pink nipple push through the new opening. While watching her tense expressions, he assertively squeezes the exposed flesh.

As he kisses and tugs on the nipple with his teeth, his hand reaches for the other breast.

While squeezing the breast through the bra, he bunches the material and carefully snips off a portion of the feminine lingerie, letting go, he teasingly grabs the nipple as it peeks through.

Yelling and twisting her body, she tries to knee him, but the broom handle minimises her leg movement, while the bandannas silence her demand. Her captor just shakes his head and tells her to be a good girl.

He crawls around above her head, and meticulously fans out her beautiful long hair like a peacock’s tail.

Picking up the video camera, the stalker stands and expertly films his terrified, sensuous looking captive. Cheekily he asks her to pose and smile for him.

After filming her from various angles, he bends down and pulls her panties to her ankles, exposing her curly pussy hairs, then putting the camera between her legs, he directs and focus’ it on her crotch.

Telling her to lay perfectly still, the stranger displays a shaver, and without any water or cream, begins to shave her bushy pubic hair. Rosalee is in shear hysteria, but he whispers teasingly that it is ok, as he is very practised in shaving. Her body trembles a little as she whimpers and strains to observe her captor’s movements. Doing the task swiftly but carefully, he makes certain not nick or harm her skin, especially her labia. Brushing away the loose trimmed dark hair, he admires her lips perfectly framed in a diamond shape pattern of fur.

Rubbing his scared captive’s clitoris between his fingers to stimulate her, he gently pulls on the sensitive nub trying to heighten the sensation.

Seeing her unresponsive or aroused, he spits some saliva onto two gloved fingers and slides them into the shallow area of her opening, while firmly continuing to stroke her with his other hand. He studies her expressions and body language, as she tries desperately not to allow her body to give in to his touch. With both hands stroking her rhythmically, he feels her muscles relaxing, so he pushes his fingers deep into her pussy and vigorously finger fucks her into a forced orgasm.

As she lays there moaning, eyes glazed, her drained moist body quivering from the exhilarated experience, the stalker kneels over his captive and revels at all of his handy work, then releases his sexual urge into his panties.

Moments later he reaches over and removes two sofa cushions, then lifting up her hips, he slides the cushions under her waist. Rosalee’s hips are now raised off the floor, causing her body to arch and expose her asshole.

The intruder then picks up a vibrator, lubricates it and ably guides the device into her rear, encouraging it deeper. Playfully grinning, he pulls the silky panties just above her knees, leaving her diamond shaped pussy hairs exposed, he then turns the vibrator on high and intently watches her face screw-up from the humiliation.

Picking up the camera he continues to film Rosalee, while obsessively circling her and explicitly capturing her poignant expressions and the beautiful assemblage of silk scarves and lingerie next to her sexy naked body and long dark flowing hair.

Returning the camera to the sofa arm, he just stands there for several minutes admiring the beautiful visual image lying vulnerably on the floor.

Kneeling down, he caresses her cheek while removing the scarf gag, but leaves the bandannas still packed in her mouth, then he unties the scarves from her thighs and affectionately strokes her arms to help get the blood flowing. While lifting her bound wrists above her, he gently drags her closer to the sofa, then using a scarf, he ties her bound wrists to the sofa leg. He then carefully holds her legs down, and uses the scissors to cut the duct tape, freeing her legs from the broom handle.

Removing the emerald green panties he’s been wearing, that is now stained with his cum, he lays them beside her face for a memento, then gives her a passionate kiss and whispers, “Thanks, and have a good evening!”

She gently squirms at his touch and show signs of appreciation at the increased freedom provided her.

Collecting his clothes, he gets dressed, then methodically he goes through the house, ensuring that the scene is clean of anything-traceable back to him, except for the stained panties.

The video has caught everything on tape, so he takes the tape as a prize, edits out any incriminating shots of himself, and sends it to us.

“Detective, looking at the collection of video tapes sent in, what we have here is a pleasure seeking serial stalker on our hands.”

The end.

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