tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 17

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 17


Chapter 17 – Lovers and Temptations

As soon as the swearing-in ceremony for the Tri-Alpha pledges ended and the benches and speaker’s podium were safely loaded on the pickup truck for transport back to the fraternity, President Alexandra turned the six male aspirants over to the sorority’s pledges.

Lisa, as usual, realized that ultimately she was in charge of the evening’s clean-up. Her three companions accepted that she would tell them what to do and they would pass her orders along to the males. She took it for granted that her fellow pledges would obey whatever she told them to do, and the males in turn would obey the women. Lisa would be giving orders to a total of nine people, five of whom she did not know.

She began by assigning two male pledges to each of her three companions. She assigned Ken to work under Bernadette, realizing that to have him work under Kathleen would create a very tense situation. Once her three teams were organized, Lisa quickly drew up a duty roster for each group. Kathleen and her two pledges would clean the kitchen; Cherine’s group would take all the bathrooms; and Bernadette’s group would clean the public areas of the sorority house and then move to the pool area. Lisa would supervise all three teams and be responsible for taking out the trash.

Lisa ordered the males to kneel facing the wall. They were not to speak until given permission. Meanwhile, she took her three fellow pledges to the back room containing the discipline implements. She passed out three leather paddles and took a heavy leather strap for herself. She then addressed her group:

“I want you to keep these paddles with you at all times. If those guys give you any attitude whatsoever, I expect you to paddle them. If they slow down or get tired, a couple of good swats will wake ‘em up. If you think there’s a real discipline problem…” Lisa held up her strap, “…just let me know and I’ll handle it.”

Lisa looked at each of her three companions and continued: “Those guys are responsible for doing what you tell them to do. But if your area’s not up to inspection standard when I do the walk-through, I am holding you, not the guys, responsible. It’s their job to obey you, but it’s your job to make sure things are done right. If you let me down, I will deal with you directly. If any of you has a problem with that, you’re more than welcome to take it up with Pledge Mistress Tracy.”

The three wide-eyed pledges glanced at each other, then back at Lisa. Her expression and the sinister-looking strap in her hand made them realize the implement was not just for the Tri-Alpha pledges. If they failed to meet their companion’s expectations they would be punished as well. They knew there was no point in trying to appeal to Tracy if Lisa decided to strap them. They sensed that Lisa would not be threatening them unless she already had a prior understanding with the Pledge Mistress.

There was indeed an agreement between Lisa and Tracy, but it was somewhat different from what the three freshmen thought had happened. The understanding between the two women was unspoken and implied, never formally discussed. Tracy had accepted Lisa as the de facto leader of the pledge group and had no problem with her giving commands to the others. However, with Lisa’s power also came a huge responsibility. Another part of the understanding was that it was Lisa who would be held accountable for the success or failure of her group. Any time Lisa failed to get the other pledges to do what Tracy wanted them to do; the Pledge Mistress had the right, and the duty, to punish her. Lisa knew that ultimately she was the person responsible for making sure the house was properly cleaned. She would do what was necessary to motivate her companions, not only so the group would succeed and pass another pledge test, but also to save her own backside from a severe strapping the following morning.


With inspection manuals in each of their hands, Lisa’s companions ordered their pledges to stand up and collect cleaning supplies. As the cleaning progressed, Lisa walked around with a trashcan collecting used paper towels and other discarded items from the three teams. She had assigned herself trash collection because that duty gave her the opportunity to constantly monitor the progress of the cleaning and correct any problems as they were taking place. She noted with satisfaction the increasing redness and paddle marks on the bottoms of the six male pledges as the night went on. It turned out that all three of her companions had no problem using their paddles to motivate their subjects.

At midnight Heather showed up in a Four-Beta jogging outfit. In her hands she was carrying a pair of men’s running shoes and a riding crop.

Oh yeah…that’s right…she had said that she was going to take that fat guy out running.

The male pledge’s eyes widened upon seeing the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms with a pair of running shoes in her hand. He had hoped that she had been joking about the mid-night workout; even though deep down he knew the run was indeed going to happen. Heather, her voice ringing with cheerful sarcasm, addressed him:

“Hi, Sweetie!”

The trembling naked pledge got on his knees.

“Good…Good evening, ma’am.”

“So, you ready to take a break from all this nasty cleaning and go for a run with me?”

“I…I mean…yes, ma’am.”

“OK, let’s stretch out and have some fun!”

With that Heather and the pledge went out to the patio to stretch and get ready to move out. His departure left Cherine with only one male under her command and presumably would slow down her portion of the clean-up. However, Lisa had anticipated that the freshman would object to having to keep up the pace of her clean-up with only one assistant. She knew that expecting Cherine to manage with only one helper wasn’t fair, and also how she would settle the matter.

Lisa went to the closet in the entryway, took off her clothes, and hung them up along with her strap and notebook. She returned upstairs and announced to a very shocked Cherine that she would replace the fat guy while he was away. Until he came back, Lisa would be taking orders and submit to discipline from Cherine. To drive home that point she knelt and waited to be issued an order. In an instant Lisa went from being in charge of Cherine to being her subordinate. It took a couple of minutes for Cherine to regain her composure, but finally she instructed Lisa to get up and start scrubbing the floor of a bathroom.

Lisa replied, “yes, Pledge Cherine,” and started working on the floor.

As Lisa was finishing her assigned floor, Bernadette passed by with her two male subjects. She was surprised to see Lisa naked in the bathroom, on her hands and knees performing a task assigned to the male pledges. Cherine nervously explained that one of her pledges had been taken away by Heather and Lisa had volunteered to replace him until he came back.

Seeing Lisa working on her hands and knees under Cherine’s orders had a profound effect on Bernadette. Of the three freshmen in the pledge group Bernadette had been the one most likely to question Lisa’s role as the leader of the group. She most certainly resented seeing Lisa a couple of hours earlier with a strap in her hand and threatening to punish her if her work performance was substandard. She had resolved to confront Lisa the following day, but now had to deal with the sight of the sophomore on her hands and knees in the bathroom, taking orders instead of issuing them. Seeing Lisa cleaning the bathroom floor, especially working as a subordinate and in the nude, made Bernadette realize that she was behaving the way she did simply because she wanted to “get the job done” with as little trouble as possible. She wanted everyone working at maximum efficiency and was perfectly willing to apply that same standard to herself. Cherine had temporarily lost her assistant, so without any hesitation Lisa changed her own role in the cleaning operation. It was not a question of pride or humility, but one of expediency.

Bernadette no longer could claim Lisa in any way had set herself above the others. She now knew how Lisa would respond if confronted. Lisa would simply ask her if she thought she could better lead the group and organize its tasks. If Bernadette were convinced she was best suited to lead the group, Lisa would gladly step aside. Then it would be up to Bernadette to settle matters with Tracy and the other pledges.

Ken looked at Lisa in amazement, only to receive a couple of savage paddle swats on his already sore bottom. Bernadette snapped at him to mind his own business and keep moving.


An hour after they left, Heather and her unhappy companion returned to the sorority house. He was not a pretty sight: his bottom and thighs were totally covered with welts from the riding crop; his body was saturated with sweat, and his face was red from fright and absolute exhaustion.

The pledges expected that Heather would turn her running companion back over to Cherine upon getting back, but she still wanted to have some fun with him. She took him downstairs into the pledge shower, ordered him to take off his shoes, and immobilized his wrists in the cuffs that still were hanging from the pledges’ earlier episode of shaving and waxing. She ordered him to close his eyes and shampooed his hair. Then she gently massaged his welt-covered body with soap and rinsed him off. Finally she softly touched his penis and tickled his testicles. Sure enough, within a minute she got what she wanted, an erection. Heather toweled off the pledge, un-cuffed him, and ordered him to immediately follow her upstairs. He still was quite erect when the Sergeant-at-Arms returned him to his duty cleaning the sorority house. She led him to the other pledges and humiliated him by pointing out his hard-on to the rest of the group. He became even more erect upon seeing Lisa’s attractive body in its entirety, given that she had not yet had the chance to get dressed.

Heather was a bit surprised to see Lisa out of her uniform and cleaning alongside Cherine’s other pledge. For a moment she wondered if Lisa had done something wrong and the other pledges were punishing her. However, as soon as Lisa saw Cherine’s missing pledge return to duty, she went downstairs to put on her uniform and returned carrying her strap and notebook. She knelt in front of Heather, and asked her if she would mind conducting a preliminary walk-through. The sorority officer obliged and picked out a few violations that Lisa and her companions had overlooked. Bernadette and Kathleen responded by landing some additional swats on the bare bottoms of their pledges and ordered them to correct the problems.

Lisa knew that she and the others could not stay up all night because they had to attend classes the following day. At 2:00 a.m. she surprised her companions by telling them to stop cleaning. She decided to document their adventure by having each member of her group pose with her two pledges before ordering everyone to go to bed. One by one Cherine, Bernadette, and Kathleen posed with the males assigned to her. The women stood dressed in their uniforms while the males remained completely naked. Lisa ordered the male pledges to kneel next to the females, then stand up and face away from her so that their well-paddled red bottoms were on display for the benefit of the camera. Lisa then ordered the males to pose together as a group, first facing the camera and then facing away. Two of the males, her ex-boyfriend Ken and Heather’s overweight running companion, had erections. Lisa decided to have them pose together with their erections pointing at each other. Suddenly, on very cruel inspiration, she ordered the two men to put their arms around each other’s shoulders and grab each other’s penises. It seemed that Ken didn’t mind, but she could tell the other guy was mortified.

Perfect, though Lisa to herself. Now I’ve got something to hold over his head if he ever gives me any attitude.


Lisa told the guys to brush their teeth and take cots out of the basement to sleep on. They would have to sleep in the sitting room and could only expect about four hours of rest. Still, that was better than nothing and the guys gratefully grabbed their cots and took them upstairs.

In spite of her resolve to try to comfort Lisa after the clean-up was completed, Kathleen was too tired to keep that promise to herself. She collapsed on her cot and promptly went to sleep, along with Bernadette and Cherine. Incredibly, Lisa realized she could not get to sleep. She had heard the expression “too tired to sleep”, but had never experienced such a feeling before. She realized what her problem was; she was sexually aroused. She needed to have an orgasm and would not be able to sleep until she could take care of that physical need.

She didn’t want to risk having one of her fellow pledges wake up and see her masturbating, so Lisa decided to go to the pool area and relax on one of the deck chairs. It would be sort of fun, to lie out under the clear night and enjoy her body in tranquility. She quietly sneaked outside and settled in the chair farthest away from the back door. It was a lovely night, just a bit chilly for a person with no clothes on. However, Lisa knew that once she started stimulating herself her body would heat up and she would not notice the cold.

Lisa had just started caressing her stomach and breasts with her fingertips when she heard the back door open. Shit! She should have known that some bitch would want to go for a midnight swim and having the pool area to herself was unrealistic. However, as she caught a glimpse of the person’s silhouette against the pool lighting, she realized the figure was not female, but male.

Lisa jumped up, ready to put that guy in his place. The males were not supposed to be wandering freely around the sorority house. Lisa was quite annoyed; to the point that she had forgotten that she was not wearing anything. As she got closer, she realized the lone figure was Ken. She also realized that he had an erection. It was likely that his erection from earlier in the night had never really gone away, not would it until he had the opportunity either to have sex or masturbate. Lisa realized that he probably had come out to the pool area for the exact same reason she had, to relieve himself in peace.

Seeing her boyfriend with a hard-on while being alone with him in the pool area was too much for Lisa. She forgot about her earlier humiliation and set aside her resentment, because at that moment she wanted only one thing, to have him inside her. Lisa’s instincts and old habits took over as she quickly walked up to him. She took his penis in her hand and kissed him…

“You’d better get on your knees real fast, fucking little bitch-boy.”

Ken, his own brain and sexual responses conditioned by the last five months of rough sex with Lisa, quickly complied. He sank to his knees. Suddenly everything that had transpired in Lisa’s life over the past week momentarily vanished. She was with Ken, his body back in her life and ready to fulfill its duty of giving her pleasure.

There was no talk, no arguing, no hesitation. The only thing that mattered at that moment was sex. Lisa pushed Ken on his back, gave the skin on his chest a couple of vicious pinches, and stroked his penis to make sure it was perfectly hard. She straddled him and guided him inside. The couple groaned as Lisa rocked back and forth, feeling him pulsate inside her.

Fearful of being caught, the couple finished as quickly as possible and separated. They jumped in the pool to wash away the evidence and cool off. As their bodies calmed down and their thoughts returned to normal, Lisa and Ken stood next to each other in uncomfortable silence. Finally Lisa noted:

“You know, we both got to get to bed. As it is we’re only going to get three hours of sleep.”

Ken was silent for a moment. He didn’t want to go to bed. He was with his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, a woman who he deeply cared for but had badly deceived. He felt that he…that he needed to somehow explain. As Lisa made her way to the steps to exit the pool, he knew his tiny opportunity to talk to her was running out. He needed to say something…

“Lisa, I ‘spose you’re kinda mad at me.”

“Not kinda, Ken. Not just kinda. You’ve really pissed me off! You have no idea…”

Lisa paused and took a deep breath as she tried to control the mounting feeling of disgust she felt for both him and herself at that moment:

“And now on top of everything else, thanks to you, I’m pissed at myself! Now I don’t even have my self-respect! It’s like I can’t control anything about my life or what I do! The moment I see you all I can think about is fucking your stupid little fag ass…”

“Please don’t use that term, Lisa…”

“Then what term am I supposed to use on you? It’s what you are, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s what I gotta figure out.”

A surge of conflicting emotion swept over Lisa and silenced anything more she might have wanted to say to him. She abruptly continued out of the pool and opened the back door to the house.


“Look, just go to bed, you stupid pervert! Go to bed and get out of my sight!”


Lisa returned to her cot, sexually satisfied and more tired than ever. However, she knew there would be no sleep that night, none at all. Her thoughts were too much in turmoil. She sat up, for a long time staring ahead in the dimly-lit room. Every so often she glanced at Kathleen’s thin body and listened to her quiet breathing as her lover slept.

As she looked at Kathleen and thought about Ken, Lisa was forced, once again, to confront her own hypocrisy. She had made love to Kathleen without ever talking to Ken about the future of their relationship. Less than a week later, she had turned on Kathleen without any hesitation, with the satisfaction of her body the only thought on her mind as she was briefly reunited with Ken.

Lisa’s thoughts wandered through the strange labyrinth of her emotional and sexual needs as the pre-dawn slowly passed by. She glanced at the clock. 5:45 a.m. Fifteen minutes until wake-up. SHIT! She really was destined not to get any sleep that night


A few minutes later the four female pledges, standing in their pledge uniforms, and the six male pledge pledges, kneeling naked in front, waited in the sitting room while Tracy and Alexandra performed the walk-through inspection. The two officers only found five violations, which was the best record of any pledge group for that particular task. The female pledges had proven themselves able to direct others, and the male pledges had proven themselves capable of following orders. Alexandra instructed Tracy to ignore the five violations because they were minor, and gave everyone a passing score. Tracy nodded, pleased that her group had passed yet another test.

The males left a few minutes later, filing into the driveway and into a waiting van. Some early risers in neighboring sororities cheered and whistled at the sight of six naked guys standing in the driveway. The driver of the van seemed to have difficulty getting the key into the van’s side door, prolonging the pledges’ exposure. Not that it mattered, because the Tri-Alpha pledges could expect to be seen in the nude by plenty of people throughout the summer. Constant exposure in public settings was the reality of being a Tri-Alpha pledge.

Meanwhile, the Four-Beta pledges had to contend with morning PT, breakfast, and getting ready for their second day of classes. Tracy and a sophomore escorted the pledges to the university. The group separated as the three freshmen and their escort went to class, while Tracy took Lisa to Burnside’s office.

Lisa sighed as Tracy led her into the Economics Building, envious that her three companions, after having enjoyed four hours of sleep, now were quietly sitting in a class taking notes. Lisa on the other hand, had not enjoyed any sleep at all and faced a day of solid work under her difficult economics professor. Burnside drove home that point when she told Tracy not to come back for Lisa until 6:00 p.m. that night.

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