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The Pool Boy


I have been married to a great woman for 25 years now. Katie is my high school sweetheart and we spent 7 years together before we got married. She teaches 12th grade at the local high school and I am a self employed contractor.

Katie looks very good for a 48 year old woman. Dark hair and eyes, 5'-1" tall, 130 pounds, full 34B cup boobs with the right amount of sag, voluptuous curves and just the right amount of age lines. She tries to stay fit and does regular cardio workouts. That also helps for the marathon sexcapades we have. She fills out her bikinis quite well and has done so ever since the kids were little. She is not a beauty queen, but she oozes sexiness. While she is not out there flaunting her stuff on purpose, I'm sure she enjoys the attention. After all, isn't that why women dress to impress to begin with?

Katie and I have had a very outgoing sex life. We have engaged in some swinging, swapping, role playing, using toys, interracial and voyeurism stuff. Neither of us have had any hang-ups with anything we've done so far and we both have agreed to all of it. If we don't BOTH want it, then we won't do it.

We have in-ground pool in our back yard and it has been our primary source of fun during the summers when our kids were growing up. Now, our kids are grown and out of the house but we still make the most of it.

Some of our kid's friends were such regulars at the pool, they were like kids of our own and we treated them that way. Even through college, we maintained good relationships with them. Although, in the college years, their hormones were running wild and we noticed it quite easily. We caught a few of the guys really checking her out while she was sunbathing. They didn't realize that they were staring and drooling, but we noticed and had a good laugh.

Although recently, Katie has mentioned that a couple of the guys had turned into very handsome and well built men. She never really said anything specific, but I think she may have been turned on by 2 of them, both of whom were 22 and 23 at the time. Every now and then, I would get a little extra enthusiasm in bed and it was usually on days when those 2 were around the pool. Again, nothing was said or acted upon, just a hunch that I had.

A few months back, one of the neighborhood moms and Katie got together for lunch. She told Katie that they were tied for 2nd and Katie asked what that meant. She said that when both of our sons played basketball in 9th grade they had a team sleep over at her house. That night the guys rated all the moms of the 3 high school teams. Out of 40 moms, Katie and our neighbor were tied for 2nd. That was several years ago and they both look back at that now and have a good laugh. However........

One day, a young guy in his early 20's was walking the neighborhood passing out flyers for his new pool cleaning business. I hate cleaning the pool and now the job is mine since the kids have moved out. I did not hesitate to hire him on the spot. Teddy's first visit would be on Monday. I told him to let himself in the side gate and there would be some cold drinks in the cooler on the patio. Problem was, I forgot to tell Katie about it.

Monday came and it was incredibly hot. Katie put on one of her skimpiest string bikinis that had the ties on the side and the triangle slide tops that strained to hold her full boobs inside. This was not a suit that she would wear with anybody else around. This was a private suit that only gets seen by me. She was lying out and just sweating away when the pool boy showed up. He around onto the patio to see my hot wife barely covered up by her tiny bikini. She was stunned at his arrival and quickly tried to cover up.

"Oh shit, I am so sorry ma'am, I didn't know there would be somebody here."

"It's ok, I guess my husband forgot to tell me you were coming. I will let you do your work and just stay over here out of the way."

Katie stayed out of the way and continued sunning herself. At first she seemed a little shy with wearing the extra skimpy suit, but after a short bit, she just relaxed and returned to her lounge chair. It only took her a short time before she was uncovering again and tanning. Teddy did his work in about an hour, grabbed a drink from the cooler and left.

Later on that day, she gave me a boat load of shit...

"Thanks for telling me a pool boy was coming, I might not have worn something so revealing."

"Sorry Hun, I forgot. Which suit did you have on by the way?"

"The new bright green one that barely holds everything in."

"Do you think he noticed?"

"Let's just say that he had a boner the whole time he cleaned. I don't think he did a good job of cleaning, because his eyes were on me most of the time and not his work." She giggles.

Again, that night there was a little extra something in the sex. Maybe she does like younger guys after all. Or maybe she just liked being watched. Either way, I started to thinking about it and it sort of turned me on a little. I figured I will let things play out and see where it goes.

Neither of us said anything about the pool boy during the week. Monday came around again and he showed up as scheduled. Katie had already taken her position on the lounge chair and was already sweating like crazy in the burning hot sunshine. Katie and Teddy said hi to each other and he went right into doing his work. I looked through the blinds that cover the big window facing the pool. Teddy did manage to get some work done before Katie started messing with him. She took a very brief dip in the pool and then got out. She used the towel and dried herself off in the slutty seductive way. She made sure to swing her hips and full boobs for Teddy's benefit.

After plopping back down on the lounge, she began to oil herself up. Again, the seductiveness she used was just like in the porn movies. It took everything he had just for Teddy not to fall over from excitement. He grabbed a drink from the cooler and sat at the table and took a break. He sat hunched over as if he were trying to hide his erection, which was quite obvious through his gym shorts.

Eventually Katie went to the cooler and got a drink too. She took a seat next to Teddy and they talked for a while. He was obviously trying to look away as every time he faced her, his eyes would go straight to her tits. Katie is a very genuine person and uses a lot of hand gestures and touching. I'm sure he was getting an eyeful as every time her hands would fly, her boobs would jiggle.

After a while, Teddy left and Katie came in to change. Later that night, she gave me an earful. Seems as though Teddy has very little experience with girls. And, like any other 20 year old guy, would bang anything he could get his hands on, but the opportunities never come about. He says all the girls go for the jocks and the pretty boys, and the average guys like him get left in the cold. Katie actually felt kinda sorry for him and that's where the good part comes in.

She proceeded to ask if she could help him gain some experience.

"Maybe I could just give him a blowjob or hand job. He could feel me up a little and it might help him gain some confidence. Remember honey, you were just like him when we met, except, we had each other and used each other to learn from."

I thought about it a little as she gave me more scoop on his life. I wasn't really absorbing what she was saying as I was trying to picture what the 2 of them would look like together. Sure enough, like the good husband I am, I said yes. The only stipulation was, I get to watch. Again, I received an extra effort in the bed tonight.

She was giddy all week long thinking about next Monday. We even had more sex that week than normal, but who am I to complain. Monday couldn't get here soon enough and she was getting anxious. Two times, I caught her checking herself out in the mirror while wearing her bikini. It appeared as if she were making sure everything was ok in preparation for her seduction.

Like clockwork, Teddy showed up to clean the pool. However, he never even got to start as Katie corralled him to the table. They talked for quite sometime and I could sense that she was telling him about her willingness to do some stuff with him. He kept squirming and adjusting himself which just assured that he was getting excited. His facial expressions were worth millions.

They got up and Katie took him by the hand to the family room. As he walked by, we made eye contact and he looked nervous as shit. I just told him to relax and enjoy himself and to follow Katie's lead.

They plopped down on the overstuffed couch and looked each other in the eye. Katie took off his shirt and began to caress his chest. His body was tense and she was just trying to get him to relax. She even had to physically push him back into the couch as he was not sure how to interpret what was happening. But it didn't really take him long as nature took it's course and the fun began.

Katie will not kiss anybody but me on the mouth, so she began elsewhere. She is very good at knowing all the right spots. She began to kiss Teddy's neck on the side and moved to the front with his head tilted back. Her hand traced lines all over his stomach and chest. She moved her tongue to his ear and licked it which put a little smile on his face and tension in his body.

As her hand moved to the bulge in his crotch, her mouth moved to his nipples. He looked down to watch her lick and suck each nipple and he moaned in appreciation. She grabbed his rigid member through his gym shorts and began to stroke him lightly. She kept kissing, licking and sucking his nipples which just mesmorized him. I guess he has never had that done before.

He put his arm around her and massaged her back very gently. Again, you could see the hesitation in his movements due to his lack of experience, but he was certainly enjoying it all. Katie released her grip on his cock and made him lift his butt off the couch. They each grabbed a side of his shorts and tugged them off. Katie gasped at the sight of his cock and something that was new to her.

Teddy's dick was easily 9 inches long and extremely veiny and thick. What really got her attention was the fact that he was uncircumcised, which covered his plum sized dick head. Her eyes were glazed over as she was very intrigued by the whole package. At first, she seemed a little unsure how to handle the foreskin, but it didn't take her long to learn.

She bent down and dragged her tongue along the entire length of his shaft, from the hidden tip to his balls. Teddy just about jumped up from the chair as she did this. His fingers must have gotten tangled in the stings of her bikini top, because as his hand flew up, the string came untied. Her boobs did not come loose just yet as she was still bent over with her face in his lap. I had to grab my raging hard on and began to rub myself just enough to make it stop aching.

Katie twirled her tongue all over his erection and Teddy kept trying to bend over to get a glimpse of what was happening. His hand was still all over her back and shoulders and his hips began to rise hoping she would move to the next step. Katie knew it was time and lifted his dick so it was pointing straight.

His cock was big enough as it was, but Katie's small hands did not even make it all the way around. That just made his dick look even larger. She pulled back his foreskin and took his huge plum sized head into her mouth. She slurped and sucked with slutty sounds and was really getting into it. She took him deep a few times, but could not take the whole thing into her little mouth.

"I want you to come in my mouth Teddy."

"It won't take long, Mrs. C, I am almost there already."

"It's ok, just don't try to hold it back. Let it go."

Katie resumed with the sucking and stroking. She used one had to jerk him while the other played with his dangling ball sack, which were also huge. She would lift her head up and twirl her tongue around his swollen head as she massaged his big balls. Again, she made sure to make good slutty sounds with the slurps and sucks. Good thing I am not a jealous guy or I might stop her right now.

Within a minute or two, Teddy's body began to spasm very violently. I don't think he ever had a blowjob quite like this. With one hand still on her back, the other pushed her head down deep onto his pulsing tool. He blasted shot after shot of cum deep into her throat and Katie just swallowed without missing a drop. Katie came up for air as Teddy's body dropped back onto the couch in a heap.

"Damn that was good, I have never had that happen to me before."

"Well Teddy, we are just getting started. I wanted you to cum so you could fuck me for more than a minute or two. Now you might have some staying power."

"Wow Mrs. C, you think of everything."

Now that Katie had sat upright, her top fell down from the neck, exposing her pendulous boobs. Teddy's dick never did get soft and even hardened up a little more at the sight of her gorgeous tits. Katie lay back and arched her chest out to make sure he got a good view. Teddy's eyes got wide with excitement as he reached down for his first feel. At first, he was wildly rubbing them as he got a little carried away with excitement. But after a moment, he realized that he needed to take his time and savor the activity.

He caressed her tits with one hand while the other was wrapped around her neck. Katie scooted her ass to the edge of the couch and was now really reclined still with her back arched deeply. Teddy bent over and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Katie let out a little groan and moved her hand to rub thick erect tool. His mouth attacked her milky white breasts as he licked and sucked them all over.

She spread her legs wide which proved instant access to her very eager pussy. I could see a patch of moisture on the thin material that covered her honey pie. Katie moved his hand down to her covered pussy and Teddy almost shit himself. Again, his body tensed in response to something that was so new and unexpected. But, just like that, he fell right back into the swing of things.

While his tongue continued to explore her tits, his free hand began to get the feeling of a MILF's pussy mound. He used the flat of his hand and fingers to rub her pussy every so easily. She let out a few moans and groans and fidgeted around with each stroke of his hand. I could see she was dying to untie her bottoms as her hands kept going to the side strings, but it was not working.

Teddy stopped long enough to remove her bikini top completely. Katie used that moment to rip the bottoms off also, revealing her sopping wet snatch. Her pussy is almost naturally bald with some very little extremely dark wisps of fuzzy hair. Her full thick clit is pierced with a barbell type piercing and her labia lips are the small roast beef style flaps. Her gorgeous tummy is accentuated with a belly button piercing which has a dangling charm.

Teddy seemed to be on cloud 9 as he looked at her fully naked. He unknowingly had a half smile on his face, with the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Katie reached over and grabbed a handful of his man meat and began to stroke away. Teddy responded by using his fingers to flick her cunt flaps around and make her pussy juice up even more. He buried 2 fingers deep into her moist hole and Katie cried out in bliss and inhaled deeply. Her hips poked out to meet his thrust as she tried to help him get his fingers deeper into her.

Her little hand was giving his immense cock a good workout. His balls would bounce around as she was using quite a bit of force in jerking him off. Just like that, she stopped and stood up and faced him.

"Time for some fuckin." She proclaimed.

Teddy had a huge smile on his face and reached out to pull her over. She moved forward and mounted him by straddling his body and kneeling down on the couch. She used her pussy lips to rub his shaft up and down, spreading her juices all over his ready cock.

He grabbed her curvy hips and followed her pace, by helping her stay down with their parts rubbing each other very firmly. His mouth found her pendulous boobs again and he made sure to suck and slurp on her nipples very loudly. He twirled his tongue all over her thick erect nipples and even bit them every so slightly. Katie threw her head back in ecstasy as he ravaged her awesome titties.

"That's good Teddy, suck my tits."

Teddy made some 'mmmmm' noises while he sucked and it just kinda made me chuckle a little.

Apparently, her pussy was wet and open enough that his cock just slid right in. They both gasped in response and then got right into a rhythm of fucking. She wasn't able to take his full length and the thickness of his cock made it look as if he pussy was going to split open.

Now Teddy really went wild. He grabbed her little waist and began to bounce her up and down very briskly. All her sweet curves were jiggling as he was pounding her pussy from below. She put her hands on the back of the couch and rode his big cock like a true slut. All the while, his mouth moved from boob to boob. I couldn't hold on any longer. I moved to behind the couch and engaged Katie in a very deep heavy kiss.

She never put quite that much effort into a kiss before. Don't get me wrong, we kiss a lot, with plenty of aggressiveness and passion. But having this kid's cock deep in her willing pussy, just put her into orbit. She bit my lip and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. I'm not sure which one of us was having more fun, her or me.

Teddy was lasting much longer than I expected. Katie suddenly threw out her first orgasm.

"Oh god, I'm Cumming. Keep fucking me Teddy."

That made Teddy fuck her even harder which made her cum even harder. I saw her body tense up and her ass cheeks squinched tightly. Her leg muscles began to quiver and her head thrown back in passion. Her whole body then convulsed a gush of pussy juice all over Teddy's cock and balls.

Katie sat there for a moment and caught her breath, with her pussy still impaled by Teddy's cock. Then she hopped off and dropped down on her knees. She spread his legs and began to lick and slurp up all her own pussy juice from Teddy's still erect tool. Teddy's dick was coated in her warm slick pussy milk and she loved sucking it up. She even got down really low under his ass and sucked his big balls into her little mouth, one at a time. That was the sight that made me move around to her side of the couch.

I dropped my shorts and knelt down behind her. I rubbed my cock all over her loose pussy lips. Her hips began to gyrate in order to get me to enter her. However, fucking her pussy was not on my agenda. I continued to dick rub her cunt flaps while my thumb rubbed her asshole. At first, she flinched in surprise, but then relaxed. Her anal ring began to relax and was softening up preparing for my entry.

I spit a glob directly on to her sphincter ring and pushed it deep into her anal cavity with my thumb. She pushed her hips back which made my thumb go even deeper. She groaned in response and I also heard Teddy respond.

"Damn, this is even better than I thought."

I grabbed my aching hard on and guided my head to her puckered little butthole. I pushed my knob past her pulsing anal ring and just held it in place allowing her to loosen up. Katie only let's me fuck her ass on very special occasions and I kinda sensed that this was one of them. The fact that she allowed me to start, showed me that I was right.

I slowly inched my meat into her tight bung hole as she continued to suck Teddy off again. She sucked his balls very loudly and Teddy was really eating it up. I finally got my full length into her ass.

"Fuck my ass honey, fuck my ass really hard. Make me cum again."

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