The Pool Boy


Soraia and Amy usually got together about three times a week, ever since they both moved to France to "follow their dream." They would update each other's love lives, catch up with the local news and gossip, and eventually, admit that neither one of them was any closer to tracking down the cunning Jean Val Jean.

This meeting took place on an unusually warm mid-July afternoon. Amy showed up a bit late at Soraia's secluded villa, but she made up for it by bringing an extra bottle of cabernet. Since the day was so warm, she dressed lightly in a wrap skirt and a floral print bikini top. She gave Soraia a quick hug of greeting at the door, as they always did. Did she just imagine it, or did her girlfriend's embrace seem just a little more intimate? Did her hand linger a bit longer on the bare flesh of her lower back?

The two smiled and made small talk on the way out to the shaded wooden table by the pool where they liked to talk on warm days. Soraia was dressed in a gauzy blue t-shirt and men's boxer shorts. Her dark areola and perky nipples were clearly visible beneath the semi-sheer fabric, and Amy thought she caught a glimpse of bare flesh up the leg of her friend's boxers as she positioned the first wine bottle between her thighs to screw out the cork. But it was Soraia's own private backyard, Amy reasoned, who would care of notice if they both went completely naked?

Amy had just poured the last of the first bottle into their glassed when Soraia went to the kitchen to retrieve a snack of grapes, brie and crackers.

Amy relaxed with her eyes closed in the big cypress deck chair, and in a moment of reverie, didn't hear Soraia pad quietly up behind her with the snack.

"That looks yummy, Ames, thanks for sharing." Soraia said quietly as she reached over to place the food on the table.

Amy opened her eyes. "Hmmm?" She looked up, not knowing what Soraia was referring to, until she looked back down and noticed her own left breast had sneaked out of her bikini top and was almost completely exposed.

She waved Soraia off and put her boob back in its place.

"You don't need to be so modest, sweetie." Soraia said, flopping back down in her chair. "You could catch some rays out here in the buff if you want. I certainly wouldn't mind. You have a lovely body and I'd enjoy seeing more of it."

"Maybe...but I'll have to have more wine first," Amy giggled, blushing.

"Drink up. And maybe this will help get you in the mood. I found some new pics of our elusive target today." Soraia opened the laptop computer on the table and tapped a few keys, then turned the screen toward her friend. "Some nice close-ups in this batch!"

Amy scrolled through the photographs of Jean Val Jean in various stages of undress in a slideshow of pictures with women who clearly didn't deserve or properly appreciate him, and cooed in appreciation over the series of solo poses of his rock hard abs and impressive package in various stages of tumescence. At some point Soraia came and perched herself on the arm of the chair next to Amy, enjoying both the view on the screen and her friend's reactions.

Both ladies were startled by the sound of the door chime.

Soraia hopped up "Who could that be? I'll get rid of them. You can check out the rest...I've already seen them," she laughed as she trotted toward the door.

Amy snuck a finger down between her legs as she viewed the next photos of the actor's rock hard cock. She pressed against her clit through the fabric of her bikini bottoms. Touching herself lightly, she felt a flush of desire. She quickly pulled her hand away when she heard Soraia walking back onto the pool deck.

"I completely forgot I had put out an ad for a handyman!" Soraia chirped as she led a young man onto the pool deck. "I have a problem with one of the return pipes on the pool...I think it's leaking and I posted for a man to fix it." She took the hand of the young man and attempted to recall the right way to pronounce his name. "This is Armand."

The man nodded, and repeated the didn't sound exactly like 'Armand,' but it was close.

"Amy, Armand. Armand, Amy." Amy lifted her hand to shake his and he took it gently and softly kissed the back, keeping his deep brown eyes fixed on hers the whole time.

"How's your French, Ames?"

Amy shrugged, "Not so good."

"Mine either. I don't think his is so good either. Maybe Algerian?"

"I don't know any Algerian, for sure!"

Soraia turned to look at the young man and noticed that his eyes were focused on the slideshow Amy had left running on the laptop, still showing pictures of Jean Val Jean in various erotic poses with naked actresses. "Oh, geez Ames! Shut that off!" Soraia laughed as Amy quickly closed the lid.

Armand looked quizzically at the two friends. Soraia led him to the near edge of the pool where the bubbling pipe was located. She tried to pantomime what she wanted done, and use what broken French she knew to try to communicate with the young man. Finally she nodded with a questioning look. He nodded back, looked over at Amy and knelt down to take off his sandals. Soraia figured he was going to climb down into the pool to look at the pipes, and headed back to chat with her friend.

As Soraia relaxed onto the arm of the big cypress deck chair next to her friend, Amy's eyes opened wide and she gasped out an excited whisper. "Soraia...I don't think he understood!"

Soraia turned to see Armand standing next to the pool, facing the two ladies and smiling broadly, pushing his shorts down past his knees. Though the fabric of his t-shirt hung down to cover the view between his legs, it was clear that he was naked below the waist.

Amy started to interrupt him, but Soraia shushed her. "I want to see this, Ames...don't you?"

As Armand's shorts dropped to his ankles, he coyly pulled down the front of his t-shirt with both hands to continue to obscure his object of desire. Still smiling broadly, he kicked the shorts toward the table and turned away, revealing his perfectly toned, firm naked ass. He looked back over his shoulder and grinned wickedly as he moved his hands smoothly and rhythmically in front of him.

"What do you think he's doing?" Amy whispered.

"I have no idea! But I think we're going to find out."

A few moments later the young Algerian slowly began to turn around, one hand on his hip, the other on his crotch. No longer holding the front of his t-short to cover himself, the ladies were amazed when his erect member began to come into view. 'Large' wasn't a big enough term. Armand's cock, now in full view, and apparently not yet fully erect, was simply huge. With one hand wrapped tightly around the base, there was still length for another hand, with some left over.

Both women sighed hungrily at the sight of the young man, half naked and gently stroking his still growing member. He reached down tugged at his descending scrotum as he shook his boner toward the girls. He looked up and smiled, nodding his head upward and saying something neither woman understood in a hopeful tone. He repeated it, and then said "oui?" in an equally hopeful way.

Amy finally spoke in an excited, breathy hush. "I don't understand a word, but this is making me so hot. How about you, Soraia?"

Soraia said nothing. She simply rose to her feet, hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her boxers, and dropped them to her ankles, kicking them over toward the young man's shorts. Now she, like her handyman, was naked from the waist down, exposing her moist, hairless pussy to his hungry eyes. He quickly achieved full, impressive erection and a glistening droplet formed at the tip.

In this position, Amy's face was level with and less than a foot away from her friend's beautiful naked ass. In the gap between Soraia's legs, Amy had a clear view of her engorged labia. As the delicious aroma of Soraia's sex reached her, Amy was caught in a surge of animal desire and suddenly insatiable curiosity. Slowly, deliberately she reached forward with her right hand, placed it on the inside of Soraia's thigh, and slowly moved it up, up to her waiting sex. Her left hand slid down the front of her own bikini, and at the same moment, the middle fingers of both hands slipped delicately into the women's moistened folds.

Soraia reached down with both hands and pressed Amy hard into her, forcing her finger as far as it would go. The two women shuddered together in orgasms unlike any they had ever had, driven not so much by the stimulation, by more by the sudden, unexpected eroticism of the moment, and by the wonderful surprise of the impetuous act of intimacy that consummated months of erotic tension between the two.

Soraia, unable to stand through her shaking, trembling climax, knelt slowly down and collapsed back with her shoulders against the sill of the French door behind her. She looked up at the young man with a wanton, lusty stare and brazenly opened her legs, pushing the hem of her t-shirt up to expose her perfect breasts. Amy rose silently and pulled the straps of her bikini down to bare her own lovely bosom. She untied her wrap and dropped it along with her her bikini bottoms onto the growing pile of clothes.

Amy placed her left hand back between her lower lips, touching herself softly as she lay down next to her friend. She reached between Soraia's legs with her right hand and displayed her to the intent gaze of the young man.

He approached cautiously; somehow still unsure of what the women might want, wagging the head of his heavy cock as he closed the distance. The women smiled and welcomed him with their eyes. He knelt quietly and placed the tip next to Soraia's entrance. She anticipated his penetration, but instead of sliding himself inside, he slapped the tip of his massive tool repeatedly against Soraia's throbbing clit as Amy stroked it.

Soraia climaxed again, but this time it was a laughing, joyful orgasm that came bubbling forth in waves from her whole body.

When she was composed enough to talk, Soraia giggled, "Ames, do you think we could remember what I said to him? I want to see if this works on any other Algerians!"

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