tagErotic CouplingsThe Pool Sitter Ch. 02

The Pool Sitter Ch. 02


"I told my friend Diana this was a great place for a wild party," said Alyssa as she nuzzled against me.

We were lying on the deck next to my hot tub, and although I should have been spent from the mind-numbing orgasm Alyssa had given me with her mouth, hands, and silky bikini top, my cock perked up as she said those words.

I had been wiping cum from her breasts with my forefinger, Alyssa licked the dabs and smiled, her palm resting on my penis

"Am I going to wake up and find this was a dream?" I asked.

Alyssa pinched my thigh. "You're not dreaming, silly. "Want me to tell you about her?" She leaned up on an elbow as I caressed her left nipple between my fingers.

"No," I said. "I want to be as surprised tomorrow as I was today."

"Mmmm," giggled Alyssa, "Feels like you are surprised and excited." She tugged on my rod, coaxing it as she leaned down to kiss me. Our tongues met, she pulled harder while her nipple stiffened.

"Did you think I was done with you yet?" I asked as I broke our long kiss.

"I hope not," answered Alyssa, her fingers stretching up and down the shaft. "I want to feel this cock inside me before I share it with anyone."

Alyssa stood up, cum still on her breasts and neck, then pulled me back to the tub. I sat down and she climbed into my lap, purring as she wrapped her arms over my shoulders. Our kisses were first quick, then longer as she began to writhe over my rock hard cock. She pulled away from my mouth, now nearly squealing in delight as her hips rose and fell over my pole.

She stood up, her fingers pulled at a string holding her bikini bottoms on. I stopped her. "Please leave them on, it drives me wild," I told her. Then I parted her bottoms and slipped my finger inside her.

"Oh baby, that is hot," she said, sliding back into my lap. She used one hand to part her bikini as I pulled out my finger out of her pussy and held her hips. Her other hand guided my shaft until her silky slit engulfed me. She settled slowly over my cock, her tight pussy pulling it in deeper. For second, I felt the jets spraying between us, then they were blocked as Alyssa settled on the base of my cock.

As she rose again, the satin of her bottoms also stroked my shaft, almost as soft and wet as the inside of her hot pussy.

The grip of her hand had been thrilling. Her bikini top and tongue had been heavenly. The tight pussy caressing my dick made me throw my head back "OhhhhhhhhAlyssa,yesssbaby," was all I could say as she found her rhythm and began bouncing on my cock. Her breasts bobbed up and down, and she began groaning and grunting as I filled her pussy. She reached beyond my shoulders and held the edge of the tub, writhing and gasping.

"How is it baby? Do you like fucking my cock?"

"I love your cock, Warren," cried Alyssa. "I love it filling me."

Reaching into the water, I grasped her ass and positioned her ever so slightly to catch the jet spray as she pistoned her hips over my cock. We kissed more, and I reached down to stroke her clit with my thumb.

"Let me fuck you from behind," I called out, and Alyssa slowed her rocking. She stood up in the tub, her wet pussy exposed to my face, then turned towards the jets.

"Fuck me, Warren," said Alyssa looking back over her shoulder. "Fuck me and fill me with your cum." My cock plunged deep inside her wet tight warmth, as she gasped. Alyssa angled herself to the jet spray, and I could feel it as my cock rammed deep inside her. First I held her hips, pulling her back on me, then leaned forward to take a breast in each hand. I leaned over her neck, whispering in her ear, kissing her shoulders.

"Do you like my hard cock, baby?"

"Unnnnnnnnnnnhhhhyessssss," moaned Alyssa, rocking on my shaft. She bucked back against my cock even as I held her in place.

"Your pussy is so hot," I said as my cock slipped so deep my ball slapped her ass.

"Fuck it, fuck it hard," said Alyssa, but I had a different idea in mind. I slowed my penetration, pulling back so only the head of my cock creased her soaked tight pussy lips. The cum was raging inside me, and Alyssa was right on the verge of an orgasm herself, but I patiently worked only the lips of her tight hole.

As quickly as I stopped, then I rammed my cock home.

"OhhhhhhhhfuckkmeWarrenfuckmeWarrenfuckmefuckmefuckme," called Alyssa as her pussy quivered and clenched my cock. The rest seemed a babble as she pushed back against every thrust I made. Suddenly it felt like my cock was melting, molten streams of cum erupted from me so deeply that I stopped my movement and let them take over. Alyssa bucked against my throbbing cock, draining it until we both held still, gripping the edges of the tub. Alyssa leaned back for one more kiss, then my cock slid from her with a small plop.

She leaned forward for her top, and tied it on as I continued to cup her precious breasts. "I hate to break this up, but it is getting late," said Alyssa. She kissed me quickly. "I have never ever cum like that in my life."

"Mmmmm baby, that was sensational," I said, feeling a hazy smile on my face as she stood up and straightened her bikini.

"Just wait until tomorrow," said Alyssa. "I'll call Diana tonight, and then I'll think about your cock filling me up."

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