tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Power Rangers of Hedonia Ep. 05

The Power Rangers of Hedonia Ep. 05

bySean Renaud©

Last time on Power Rangers of Hedonia! King Phallon made his first move against the Power Rangers using his powers to create the mighty Cybertaur. Mighty though it might have been the creature was no match for the Power Rangers of Hedonia! After saving Stacy from the Cybertaur James decided to stay behind for some "special" thanks when King Phallon turned Stacy into the G.E.M. (Green Eyed Monster) in another attempt to destroy the Rangers. How will they defeat this monster without destroying the innocent girl within?

The Rangers frowned and exchanged worried glances around the room slowly looking from one to the next until they all found themselves gazing up at the giant penis known as Felation again. "We can't just give up, we're Rangers." James replied weakly hoping to get a response from the team.

Before any of them could respond though there a blaring alarm started going off. The Rangers all ran to one side of the room staring at a holographic projector. Amanda giggled slightly as she stared at the dome shaped device, she always thought it looked a lot like a tit. It was a bit of an unspoken joke amongst the group drawing a few smiles before the image appeared before them.

G.E.M. (Green Eyed Monster) was attacking the Sunridge mall. Just from the few seconds they'd been watching it was obvious that the police were no match for the monster. She'd slain two of them while they watched. "Where is he?! I'll make that Red Ranger pay!" She shrieked as she dove through the front window of lingerie store.

"Cuh-can I help you?" A saleslady asked as she tried to inch closer to the door. G.E.M. slowly cut her emerald gaze toward the woman watching as she wilted to the floor before turning away. One by one she started tossing lingerie from the racks to the floor ripping them from the shelves at the same time.

"What is she doing?" Daniel asked quirking a brow. "Shouldn't she be destroying the mall to draw us there?"

A slight smirk crossed over the Green Eyed Monster's lips as she found something, a pink bra with matching stockings. The blue-skinned beauty wriggled out of her shorts kicking them aside and removed her shirt just as quickly to get into the new outfit. "Something is missing." She purred returning to destroying the store inch by inch until she found a pair of fuzzy pink slippers and a matching mask. Donning both she moved over to a mirror posing. "Now I'll be irresistible." G.E.M. puckered up making kissy faces at the mirror for a few seconds. Her eyes narrowed into a sneer and the mirror shattered hitting the floor.

"I'll get that Red Ranger." She strode out of the lingerie store. "Just gotta get his attention."

The Rangers looked on in horror as the Green Eyed Monster resumed her rampage tearing through store after store. Most of the people had already escaped but the few who hadn't been able to flee weren't going to last long. "I know what has to be done." James sighed putting his helmet and gripping his communicator. "This one is all mine."

"You can't! James you'll be killed!" Kaylie shouted gripping his gloved hand in hers.

"No, let him try Kaylie. King Phallon used that girl's jealousy to create the Green Eyed Monster. Perhaps if James can change her feelings it will break his hold over her." Felation erected himself. "Go James."

The Red Ranger nodded in response and teleported back into the mall only a dozen feet from G.E.M. "You." She sneered pointing a razor sharp but well painted nail toward him. "Off getting some from your harlot Kaylie no doubt!" There was a blur of motion before her pendulum like blades screamed towards James.

In an equally impressive display of speed the Red Ranger caught her braids, one in each hand and held tight. "No Stacy wait! Listen to me!" He released her hair. "I just want to talk to you."

"Talk!" G.E.M. erupted into a fit of laughter before rushing forward and griping the Ranger by the throat lifting him into the air. "About what?"

"Us." He forced out of his nearly crushed larynx.

She dropped him to the floor with a thud. "What about us?"

One hand was held to his chest as he looked up at her. "How much I want you. You're right I did go back with Kaylie." He slowly stood up carefully watching her eyes from behind his visor. "And every time she touched me I could only think of you and how fantastic you felt." James reached forward wrapping his arms around her. One hand moved down to grip her ass squeezing lightly as the other moved behind her shoulders pulling her close as if to kiss her. "And seeing you now." He forced a deep breath into his chest sighing heavily. "Like this." He moved his hand from her back down over her arm to her own hand and drew it over his uniform.

G.E.M.'s fingers sped over the spandex covering his chest feeling the individual ripples of his abs as he led her lower on his anatomy. She traced the giant buckle that served as his Morpher down onto his package. "That is because of you." He purred unfastening his belt and pulling his tights down bunching them around his ankles. "Don't make me wait, please."

The Green Eyed Monster's jade hued eyes shot open at the sight of The Ranger's erection falling back to her knees and slurping noisily over his cock. He could hear her sucking on his cock as his reached down gripping her braids. "I want to fuck you." He pulled her slowly off his dick. James hooked his finger into the band of her

He lowered her gently to the floor spreading her legs as he did. James smiled as the flame headed beauty beckoned him forward with one finger letting her legs spread farther and farther apart so he could see her glistening folds part. The Red Ranger leaned forward between pressing his chest against hers as he glided into her. Both of them moaned at once as he started thrusting against her. "Oh Stacy." He moaned into her ear. He almost didn't notice her reaching around and gripping his shoulders until the fabric of his uniform started to tear.

The uniform wasn't important; it would be repaired the next time he morphed anyway. What was important was the tight fit of her cunt gripping his shaft and the look of rapture in her eyes. Her face twisted with pleasure when James gripped her bra and just tore it away from her body tossing it aside to play with her tits.

"Mmmm it feels good. Sooo good, don't stop!" G.E.M. screamed arching her back and pressing her breasts against his hands as an orgasm rocked through her body sending shivers up her spine. James winced as her nails dug into the flesh of his shoulders leaving bright red crescents over his shoulders.

James kept thrusting, bouncing his hips off hers and driving towards his climax. Inside his helmet his eyes were shut and his lips were pinched between his teeth stifling a cry. Beneath him G.E.M. was gasping for air. Her head snapped back and ear piercing shriek burst from her lips as a blinding light engulfed them both.

On the moon King Phallon slammed his fist into the railing of the observatory bending the metal downward. He snarled in disgust then turned away stalking down the halls of the Moon Fortress.

"I told you they were tough Daddy." Princess Orgasma teased.

"Not a single word from you young lady!" Phallon roared without even turning to face her. "Next time I'll crush those miserable teenagers!"

Well this the last story that I have penned at this time. Depending on what kind of response I get I have plans for several more stories. I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have as much fun reading it. Don't forget to vote and fill my mailbox with responses!

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