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My other How To article discussed how to add realism to your stories when making a character become pregnant. I have been asked to extend this topic and discuss how to make stories more believable when you have a pregnant character.

Readers like to have realistic stories when it comes to the details of specific things. The sex can be over the top, but if you make a mistake on certain details, it ruins the story for some readers. Adding a pregnant character can be difficult if you have never been pregnant yourself or have never been around someone who is pregnant. Pregnant characters can occur in romance and erotic couplings stories, especially in situations where a one night stand results in an 'oops'. Stories revolving around the breeding fetish are also common and when you are writing novel length stories, you might decide to make one of your characters pregnant to further your plot.

First Trimester

A woman will find out she is pregnant by either a blood or urine test. You can buy a urine test at the drug store, but a doctor's office may also test for pregnancy in that way. A blood test can also tell if a woman is pregnant, but that can only occur at a doctor's office. The urine test shows a positive right away, however a blood test can take a few days.

Once a woman knows she is pregnant, she might realize that she has signs and symptoms. The list of signs and symptoms of being pregnant is long and detailed. During the first trimester a woman may have swollen breasts, high sex drive, nausea (not just in the morning), heart burn, and have a lack of energy.

Sex during the first trimester can occur and there should be no changes unless she is having a high-risk pregnancy. Miscarriage does not happen with rough sex and since a woman rarely looks pregnant at this stage, all the wild sex positions are fine.

Second Trimester

During this trimester, the signs and symptoms are the same, but the woman's belly will begin to become rounder. Sex can still occur and once again, there is no risk of hurting the baby. A woman might have more energy during this time and her sex drive might increase even more. It is during this trimester that most women will have an ultrasound to make sure everything is fine. This is the time that the baby's sex can be determined.

Third Trimester

During pregnancy a woman's breast size can increase up to two to three cup sizes. She will have a very round belly and her nipples might be darker than normal. Unless she is at risk, sex can still occur, but some positions will not be possible. Imagine a woman who has a large basketball in front her belly. Man on top positions will not work too well since the weigh of the uterus on the woman's body can be uncomfortable. Doggie style and woman on top is best.

It is true that certain activities can help a woman go into labor and doctors agree that sexual intercourse, orgasms, and nipple stimulation, are all good ways to help a woman go into labor.

Labor and Delivery

Although I don't see anything erotic and romantic about giving birth to a baby, I have read stories where this occurs. Most times, it occurs as part of the storyline and thankfully, I have yet to read a story where this is sexy. In any case, some points need to be considered if you are adding this part to you story.

The first thing is that women rarely give birth quickly. Maybe if it is her fourth or fifth child, but even then the process of labor and delivery is long. You can write stories about quick deliveries, but that is not the norm. Labor and delivery is painful and always very messy. Some women will give birth in the hospital, but some can deliver at home.

Multiple Births

I have seen this recurring theme, specifically in incest and taboo stories. It seems common for women to become pregnant with twins or triplets. With fertility drugs, there is a higher chance of having multiples and twins and triplets can be genetic. Still they are not as common as you might think. A woman who is pregnant with multiples will have a larger belly, but the rest of the signs and symptoms of a pregnancy will remain the same.

I know there is a lot more information I could put into his article, but I wanted to make it as easy and realistic for new authors that want to add this element to their stories.

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