The President's Son Ch. 02


Malcolm crossed the room to stand behind James. "You wouldn't be dismissed from the Navy. Your father would see to that."

James whirled around on him, anger sparking in his eyes. "Would you want your father to make an exception for you when hundreds of men and women don't get the same treatment? Would you? Huh?"

Malcolm looked away briefly. "No. I wouldn't." He turned back to look into James's eyes, so he could see his sincerity. "But it's too late. You can't take last night back."

"I know."

"James, if I could go back and keep that picture from being taken, I would. But I can't. Please don't throw this away because of something that we have no power over."

James walked up to Malcolm and wrapped his arms around him, burying his face into his shoulder. "I don't want it to be over. I'm sorry. Please forgive me for being afraid."

Malcolm's arms wrapped around James and he held him close. "Don't. I'm sorry too." He kissed the side of James's head before stepping back. "What happens now?"

"I'm not sure."

"What would you like to have happen?"

James swallowed deeply. "If I'm going to be hanged for last night, I'll be damned if I go to the gallows without actually committing the sin."

Malcolm's pulse skittered into his throat. "What are you saying?"

James reached a shaking hand out to take Malcolm's. "How'd you like to see the Lincoln Bedroom?"

Malcolm's whole body began to tremble. "I need you to be explicitly clear here."

James lowered to nip at Malcolm's earlobe. "I want to take you into my bedroom, and fuck you senseless."

Malcolm shut his eyes as a myriad of sensual images filled his head. Then reality intruded. "I can't."

James stood back, looking shell-shocked. "Why?"

"I came here this morning to invite you to lunch. I'm not exactly prepared for a late morning of heavy loving."

"I don't understand."

Malcolm smiled at the confused, sweet expression on James's face. "Some props are necessary for what you have in mind." At the blank look on James's face, Malcolm continued. "Condoms. Lube. That sort of thing."

James blushed and looked away for a moment. "I didn't think... I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

As Malcolm rose to kiss James, the President reentered the residence, calling out for James. The two men broke apart, but reluctantly. They turned to face John, who had a determined look on him.

"James, the Vice-President is leaving tonight for Australia. He'd be more than glad to drop you off in Hawaii."

James's protest died on his lips as his father held up his hand. "The morning press briefing didn't go well. On base, or better yet on a mission, the press can't follow you. At least until this dies down a bit, it would be best if you were out of Washington."

The President turned to Malcolm. "I'm sorry Malcolm, but I'm afraid you will bear the brunt of this."

"The press has never bothered me before. If I can handle having to grieve for my father while being hounded for being the first openly gay senator, I can handle this."

James felt the situation spiraling out of control. "When does the flight leave?"


James made a decision right then and there. If he were to face the firing squad, he'd at least have today. No matter what happened tomorrow, he would enjoy this day. "I'll be at Andrews at eight." He turned to Malcolm. "Shall we?"

John looked at his son, surprised. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I'll be on that plane, but I'm taking today. No matter what, I'm going to enjoy myself today."

John nodded, thinking quickly. "We'll have to do some creative work to get the two of you out of here." He stepped back to pick up the phone and ask for his chief of staff. "I don't care where you go or what you do, but I'd like to know, just in case."

James looked at Malcolm. "Any ideas?"

"The press already knows I'm here. There is no way to sneak you into my house." Shrugging his shoulders, he looked between James and the President. "It would be easier to stay here, and then I can leave a bit later, and draw the press away before you head over to Andrews."

Nodding at the sound advice, John looked between the two men. "Very well. Madeline is in Baltimore all day today. I'll be in the Oval Office or in meetings until five. You have the run of the residence until then."

He turned on his heels and left, James and Malcolm watching him leave. Once he was gone, James felt shy. "What should we do?"

Malcolm glanced at him, smiling devilishly. "I'd still love to see the Lincoln bedroom."

The blush that exploded across James's face was endearing. "But you said—"

"I know. But that doesn't mean we can't fool around a little."

James held out his hand. "This way."

The door closed behind them, leaving two secret servicemen in the hall. One of them impassive and mildly bored; the other happy for the young man who'd darkened the White House's lonely halls at night. He understood the Captain's loneliness. He'd been there himself.

* * *

As the photos of the Senator and the Captain made their way through the information superhighway, the Society for the Preservation of American Morals had a special session. For once there was now evidence. There was proof. There was ammunition. The leader sat in his chair, smiling broadly at the photos in the file before him. He turned to his second-in-command and clapped him on the back. "Good work."

"Thank you, sir."

"Bring the entire file on Captain James McNeely. Everything. This is too good an opportunity to waste."

After his subordinate left, the leader sat back in his chair, his brilliant mind working fast, running through possibilities and scenarios. Some plans were too simple, others too complicated. The most effective required an inside man. By the time the file was before him, he knew exactly what he was looking for. His laughter echoed through the room when he discovered the exact thing he was looking for.

"Who do we have in Hawaii?"

The answer made him smile as he dialed the phone and relayed his plans to one of their better operatives. James McNeely would soon be in his grasp then the President would suffer. It was turning into a very good new year.

* * *

Alec Masterson sat in his comfortable chair in front of his computer. His wife and kids were out shopping, taking advantage of the last of the after Christmas sales. He took a moment to surf the Internet for some porn, sitting in his chair in his underwear, tented and leaking, as he looked at picture after picture of dark haired, tall, muscular, men with hairy chests; if they happened to look like James so much the better. When he spotted a man who was almost exactly like James, he clicked on the corresponding video and watched as the almost-James fucked a man to orgasm. All the while, Alec stroked his flesh, moaning as the James look-alike moaned. When he pulled out and ripped off the condom, unleashing a huge torrent of cum against the other guy's back, Alec bit his lip as he unloaded his cum in his underwear.

Leaning back in his chair, he clicked the button to stop the film then clicked on his email. When the national news wire came on, he clicked on it to see the latest headlines. While he did a quick search and destroy of all the porn files on his computer, he read through the headlines: unrest in the Middle East, jobless rates in America, and rumors. When he saw James in a photo and the blurb under it, he sat up in his chair, shocked. As he skimmed through the article, anger welled up inside Alec.

Furious, Alec shut down his computer and walked into the bathroom, taking off his sopping briefs. He turned the shower to scalding and stepped under it, rubbing furiously at his skin with the soapy washrag. He couldn't get the image of that kiss out of his head. Damn him! He was gay. How could he do this? Anger, hurt, and confusion swamped Alec as he continued to wash his body. When he went to wash between his legs, he was surprised to see how hard he was. The excitement of knowing that James was gay and possibly available entered his mind. Perhaps. Just perhaps it could happen. If James could want a man then why wasn't he seeking Alec Masterson?

Gripping his shaft, he began to frantically stroke it, moving so fast his hand was a blur. Within seconds, he blasted the walls with a second load of cum. After he was out of the shower and he'd hidden his cum soaked underwear, Alec dressed in a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. The doorbell called him out of his musings. When he answered the door, a man stood before him that he didn't know.

"Lt. Alec Masterson?"


"I have a proposition for you that I think you'll find mutually beneficial."

Inviting him inside, Alec listened to the man talk, outlining a plan that could indeed benefit Alec very much. By the time the man left, Alec was hard and aching again. He'd barely shut the door on the man when he dropped his shorts and began stroking his cock again. Forcing himself to calm down and take this one slow, Alec walked down his hall to the bedroom. Slipping off his clothes, he crouched beneath the bed and opened a case he kept locked. Taking out his treasure, he lay back on the bed and sniffed at the cloth in his hands, remembering the scent that used to be in the cloth. Feeling his cock lurch in his hands, he took the cloth and wrapped it around his shaft, letting the soft cotton rub his cock as he stroked slowly. As his body quickened and his mind filled with all the possibilities that the stranger had told him, Alec quickly came, dribbling cum on his hand and the prized cloth. After his breathing calmed, Alec looked over at the clock and cursed because his wife would be home soon. Redressing, Alec sniffed once more at his prized possession, liking the mingling scents of his cum and the older, fainter smell of the previous owner. With a demented grin, Alec locked away a stolen pair of James McNeely's underwear under the bed.

* * *

James and Malcolm lay on the sprawling expanse of Abraham Lincoln's bed, their arms entwined. James's shirt off, Malcolm's unbuttoned, the two men had spent several hours alternating between kissing and talking. Either way, they both lay in a way they could touch each other completely. Looking to the bedside table, seeing the late hour of the day, James sighed.

"It's getting late."

"I know."

James kissed Malcolm's hair, sniffing deeply, taking in the scent of his shampoo. "I'm going to miss you."

Malcolm sat up straighter, bracing on his elbow. "I will too." He leaned down and brushed his lips against James's. "Will you be able to call me at least?"

"I don't know. But I'll try."

James drew Malcolm down into a deep kiss, rolling them over so he could lie mostly on top of Malcolm. His kisses grew bolder, deeper as his hands trailed over Malcolm's body. His fingers trailed through the smattering of chest hair, brushed over an erect nipple, and then trailed and teased his navel. Moving down to kiss Malcolm's jaw, his hand moved lower over his belt, defining and caressing the hard ridge of Malcolm's erection. As his hand closed over the heavy bulge, Malcolm cried out and grabbed James's wrist.

"What are you doing?"

James's voice was husky and his eyes were cloudy with lust. "I want to give you what you gave me last night."

With a deep groan, Malcolm grabbed James by the back of his head and kissed him deeply while letting James's wrist loose to do what he wanted. James kept feeling Malcolm, learning him, learning what he liked, what made him squirm and what made his breath catch. When Malcolm bit into his bottom lip and his body tensed beneath James, he knew a moment of extreme jubilation as he brought Malcolm to the edge, and then tripped him over it. With throaty cries, Malcolm released his pent up lust into his trousers, kissing James senseless. When the last tremors of his orgasm subsided, James lay back against the bed, drawing Malcolm's trembling body with him.

After a few minutes in which both men cuddled through the trembling they felt, Malcolm rose up to look into James's eyes. "Thank God I wore black."

James burst out laughing, practically snorting. At least it broke the heavy, sad mood. With a regretful sigh, James stood and put his shirt on. Malcolm followed suit, buttoning up his shirt and slipping on his shoes. When they were both dressed, they left the privacy of the bedroom to find Madeline sitting in the main hall. When she saw them she rose and crossed to them.

"Malcolm, John Stanton is downstairs ready whenever you are."

"Thank you Mrs. McNeely."

She rolled her eyes. "Still a charmer." She patted James's cheek before moving off. "James, I'll see you in the dining room for dinner whenever you're ready."

When she was gone, James turned to Malcolm, regret and sorrow in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Malcolm. I feel like a coward for leaving you to face the press alone."

Malcolm scoffed. "I can handle the press. No worries there. I wish I could be with you for whatever you'll face when you get to Hawaii."

James shrugged. "It'll probably be ugly. But I can handle it."

Leaning in to kiss one last time, James wrapped his arms around Malcolm when their lips met. When they broke apart, John Stanton was standing at the top of the stairs. James looked deeply into Malcolm's eyes. "I'll see you as soon as I can. You'll get a call before I get back. I promise."

James watched Malcolm leave before joining his mother and father for dinner. After the meal, he left for Andrews Air Force Base, boarded Air Force Two, and then spent the majority of the flight in seclusion, asleep. Whatever he would face once back on base, he was prepared to be strong.

* * *

Malcolm left the White House, his heart heavy with melancholy. As he arrived at his Georgetown home, he groaned at the throngs of press on the street. The thing he liked most about the old house he now hated, because the house had no garage. He couldn't dodge the hounds of hell. Stepping out of the White House aide's vehicle, he nodded his thanks then turned to face the mob.

"Senator! What is the nature of your relationship to James McNeely?"

"Sources say you were at the White House the entire day. Any comments on Captain McNeely's future with the Navy?"

Malcolm rolled his eyes as the questions came at him in a blinding barrage. He and James had discussed the types of questions he'd be asked. For the amount of education these people had, their questions were very unoriginal. "No comment." He didn't agree with hiding, but he followed the President's recommendations. He'd follow them until the questions inside him were answered as well as James's future in the Navy.

After pushing and shoving his way to his front gate, Malcolm made his way quickly up the stairs, shutting out the noise and flashes from the cameras. Going upstairs to his bedroom, he shucked his clothes and made his way to the shower, scratching his belly as he went. Malcolm hadn't cum in his shorts since he was a teenager making out with his first boyfriend. He'd been nowhere near as hairy as he currently was. Damn cum was like cement.

The shower calmed and soothed his nerves. Malcolm decided to call it an early night and grabbed his briefing notes for tomorrow's meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee. It was going to be a long few days.

* * *

The Society for the Preservation of American Morals worked long into the night, from the moment their sources discovered James McNeely's plan to return to Hawaii and the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. Lt. Alec Masterson stayed up all night, working with his contact in regards to the plans. A simple loading entrance, a van from a local laundry, and a couple of doses of chloroform were all ready to go. A plane stood ready at an airstrip on the north side of Oahu, laden down with extra fuel tanks, providing up to ten hours of uninterrupted flight. The leader of the Society sat in his office, laughing softly as his subordinates reported in, confirming that all steps were complete. Now they waited for James McNeely's plane to arrive at Hickam Air Force Base.

* * *

James woke when Vice President Vince Baldwin shook him. Blinking sleep from his eyes, James stretched and yawned in his seat before speaking. The Vice President waited patiently for the young man to fully wake before giving him the news his father had spoken to him about a few moments before.

"Good Morning, Mr. Vice President."

Smiling at the young man's formality, Vince looked at the son of a good man and a better friend. "James. Your father has arranged a few things for you."

James rolled his eyes then groaned. "I'm afraid to ask."

Vince chuckled. "No worries. The secret service will accompany you to your base housing. The news reports have died down, but the FBI is worried that someone might take advantage of the situation."

"In what way?" James asked.

Sighing, Vince decided to level with the Captain. "There are rumors about, but nothing substantiated. Your father is very popular, and when he's that popular, the dissident population gets bold. It's just a precaution."

Nodding, James pondered what he'd been told. "It can't have been easy. Admiral Benson doesn't like my notoriety as it is. He's going to hate the secret service."

"Being President, your father ordered the Admiral and all of ComSubPac to allow it."

"Great. One more thing to worry about." Muttering under his breath, James voiced his displeasure. "Can't anything be easy?"

Chuckling deeply, Vince figured the boy could use some honesty. "Never. Life isn't easy. If it were, we'd be bored silly." Pulling the man's chin up, Vince continued. "My brother was gay. He didn't have an easy time of it at all. My parents threw him out of the house. You have the full support of your entire family." Vince handed James a telegram. "That's from your brother Sam."

Standing, Vince looked at the young captain, smiling for once. "We'll be landing in an hour. It's four in the morning. The press shouldn't be bothering you for the rest of the night. I'd suggest you get back to your place and sleep."

Thanking the Vice President, James tore open the telegram. Reading the words, James's eyes filled with tears. "Dear Bro, It's about damn time someone else did something to attract the press. By the way, great kiss. I love you. No matter what. Martine and I would like it if you'd stop by sometime when you get leave. Bring the Senator if you want. Love, Sam."

As the plane's captain announced their arrival, James wiped away the tears in his eyes, grabbed his bag and waited for their arrival in Hawaii. Once the plane had set down and taxied to the loading platform, James and his two escorts from the secret service left the aircraft and walked to a waiting car. The drive to his on base house was less than ten minutes, but James sat in the back like he was supposed to. Once at his house, he waited in the car until the secret service had secured his house. Going into his bedroom and shucking his clothes, James fell face first onto his bed and slept as soon as he set his alarm.

When the alarm went off, James rolled out of bed then took a long, soothing shower. Once done and dressed, he made coffee and offered some to the Secret Servicemen outside. While finishing up his second cup and after reading the newspaper, a knock at the door brought him out of his musings.

"Captain? There's a Lt. Masterson to see you."

"Thank you, Jason. Let him in."

James watched as Alec entered his house. This would be the first of many tests. James stood and faced his lieutenant, waiting for his response. Alec stood before him for several minutes before walking up to him and shaking his hand. "Damn James. Can't you do anything the easy way?"

Relieved laughter escaped James's lips before he smiled. "Hell no. How do you think I got this far?"

James offered Alec some coffee before sitting down to discuss the upcoming mission when another knock at the door broke in. "Excuse me, Captain. A messenger from the Admiral's office sent this over."

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