tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Price Of Victory Ch. 04

The Price Of Victory Ch. 04


HER captors had not been gone long but Victory was already beginning to feel the effects of the drugs subsiding. Victory sat bound in her chair pulling uselessly against the ropes. The room was in shambles after her escape attempt and the captive heroine glanced around desperate for anything, debris, a broken vial, something that might help her to get free. Nothing seemed to present itself and realizing there would be no way for her to reach such an item anyway, Victory settled for some more futile yanking and tugging at her bonds. She felt more helpless than ever, weakened from her ordeal, lost her powerbelt and bracelets, as well as control of her own body, and now once again helplessly bound. There must be a way to escape but she could not see it. Shortly she ceased her struggles and sunk into her seat dejectedly.

"Don't stop on my account."

Victory looked up, it was the thug named Diego. He had somehow returned without her noticing. He leaned against one of the tables left upright, holding a bottle of water. On impulse Victory licked her dry lips looking at the water, suddenly very thirsty.

"Oh you want a taste?" Diego asked.

Victory came back to herself. "Not exactly."

"You look thirsty," the thug chuckled.

"I wouldn't accept anything from you," the heroine spat.

"Well...we'll see about that."

He set the water down on the counter and reached into his pocket. Victory's eyes followed the bottle at first, but quickly shot back to him. He was fidgeting with something but his gaze was locked on the bound heroine, looking at her like she was a piece of meat. Victory remembered that gaze and once again it sent a chill down her spine. She squirmed in her chair, unable to look him in the eyes. This led her gaze down to his hands where she could see that he was fiddling with a bottle of pills.

"What is that?" Victory asked, unable to keep a quiver from her voice.

"It's obvious from the way you dress you're in need of a good fucking," Diego said. "I've been thinking about that since I got to play with your tits at the museum last night..."

Victory felt her cheeks flush with anger and embarrassment. Was that all they had done to her while she was unconscious? "You bastard, why don't you try that while I'm awake!"

"Is that and invitation?"

Tugging at her bonds the heroine realized she was in a bad position to make such bold challenges.

"See I'm about to give you what you want... What all you arrogant sluts need," Diego finally popped open the bottle and dumped two pills into his open palm. "...maybe that'll bring you down a peg or two."

"And just what do you think it is that I need?"

"What all whores...what all women need," Diego said coldly. "...a good hard fucking!"

"I would never!" Victory gasped.

"Puh-lease!" Diego scoffed. "Those tiny little hotpants...that skin tight top...I've seen hookers with more respectable outfits."

"I'm a superheroine, you son of bitch!" Victory growled. "Think what you want, there's no use trying to reason with small minded men like you, who think women are just objects to used at will. Let me tell you, it will never happen!"

"Oh, it's gonna happen," Diego grinned. "And like a good little whore, you're gonna beg for it!"

He advanced on her slowly, each step deliberate. Victory struggled against her bindings desperately as he got near to her. Whatever he had planned she knew it would not be pleasant (or rather feared it might be). She had to get free! The ropes held her firmly and the heroine quickly realized it was hopeless. She was completely trapped at the mercy of this thug.

"Whatever you do to me, I'll nev...ULP!"

Diego cut her off by clamping his open hand over her face! This also popped the two pills into her mouth mid-sentence. Then he ensnared her thick brown mane, jerking her head back and drawing a sharp yelp. He poured some water into her, then quickly clamped his hand back over, this time covering her nose as well. She struggled only a moment. The water was ice cold and felt amazingly refreshing in her hot, dry mouth. Almost involuntarily the captive heroine swallowed the water feeling the two pills rush down her throat as well. Diego stepped back grinning broadly as a wave of defeat swept over the sputtering heroine.

Victory let her head droop and without looking up she asked; "can I at least have some more water?"

Diego laughed and lifted the bottle to her lips. Victory drank every drop eagerly, trying to ignore the man holding the bottle for her. When the bottle was empty he stepped back grinning. Then an intense burning flowed through her, it subsided quickly into an almost pleasant warmth. Victory instantly felt a bit light headed.

"What did you give me?" Victory asked softly.

"See if I raped you, I'm just another scumbag," Diego seemed to ignore her question. "Taking advantage of an unfortunate situation, and trust me without your belt it probably wouldn't even be hard. But then you're just another victim and probably one strong willed enough to get over it."

"You'll be just another scumbag regardless!" Victory's head was spinning but she was also perfectly aware. It was an odd sensation, different from the haze of Dr. Argon's concoction. "And where I'm going to put you...you'll be the one...AH!"

He cut her off with sharp slap! "I maybe a scumbag, but what will that make you when you willingly fuck me?"

"Never gonna happen!" Victory growled.

"You arrogant cunt," Diego laughed then got deathly serious. "I'm gonna have you begging for this dick!"

He said it so surely that Victory was suddenly afraid. It could never happen...could it?

"What did you give me?" Victory asked again mustering all the authority she had left.

"Ecstasy," Diego replied smoothly.

Victory blinked and shook her head; it made perfect sense with the sensations she was having. Ecstasy had been part of the cocktail Dr. Argon had injected her with before. Who knew what further effect it would have on her now. She began to struggle even more desperately against her bonds! Diego tucked the bottle back in his pocket and smiled. The way he watched her struggle, Victory could tell he enjoyed the show. At last she slumped back on the chair, breathing heavy. Her firm breasts heaved up and down and her arms went slack. She was beginning to feel warm and tingly all over. The familiarity of this sensation was unpleasant even if the feeling itself wasn't totally. Though she tried to repress, the feeling of an unsatisfied orgasm reared in the back of her mind, her chest and face growing warm once more. The drugs worked fast.

"Look at you," Diego said. "Already flushed and breathing hard, you are a sexy little thing!"

He came towards her. Fear washed over Victory and she made a few final weak tugs against the rope. Then he was behind her. Rough hands gripped her shoulders firmly and then slid down her slender arms. Victory could not pull away from his touch and it sent a chill running all through her body. When he reached around her waist she inhaled sharply as his fingers ran over her exposed belly. Already the drug was taking hold and that simple touch was far more pleasant than she wanted it to be! A surprised gasp escaped her lips as he suddenly cupped her firm breasts! Victory squirmed as he began to squeeze. His sure grip sent a wave of pleasure washing over her.

"Damn they're firm!" Diego whispered in her ear. "Are they real?"

"Take your hands off me!" Victory stammered as he continued to fondle her over her halter.

"These tits are a little small for my tastes," he went on. "My opinion? A woman's not a real woman if she ain't working with a nice set of double-Ds...But damn these're firm, like ripe oranges, sorry... grapefruits!"

Victory groaned indignantly. "You can't do this to me, let me go!"

Beneath the purple top her nipples hardened yet again, standing out clearly under the skintight Lycra. This made Diego double his efforts. Each big hand covered an entire breast, groping and squeezing with authority. He pushed them together, jiggled them roughly, and drew an uncomfortable moan from the heroine. He worked his fingers over her nipples sending a wave of pleasure with each deliberate flick. Victory resisted but the drug coursing through her veins was stronger than her already weakened will power. She chewed her lower lip trying to resist but Diego worked her tits like he owned them! Her breathing sped up, falling in rhythm with each squeeze and consequent wave of pleasure. Finally, despite herself, Victory let a soft moan escape her lips. At this sound Diego increased the intensity further, drawing another moan, then another louder moan! He quickly figured out exactly how to play her and Victory found herself gasping and moaning with each squeeze, flick and twist of her supple breasts!

The pleasure was intense but the humiliation more so, the mighty Victory at the mercy of this man. He stepped back suddenly. Victory was breathing hard now and she slumped in the chair, letting her head loll back to gaze up at him. Beneath the top her nipples stood erect, as if wanting more. They did want more! Her stomach churned at the thought of this man touching her but her body was beginning to betray her. Unlike with Dr. Argon, which had been aimless lust, Diego was bringing her to a boil with his touch and it was him her body was beginning to crave.

Diego stepped in front of her and leaned in close. Again he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head backwards, slowly this time. Like everything else he did, gently but with authority. Victory could not keep her head straight and so let him expose her soft neck and throat. He leaned in and kissed it. Her body instantly broke out in goose-bumps and she began trembling. Then she felt his tongue on her skin. It was course and wide, but the drugs made it seem velvety. He licked from her collarbone to chin, and back down. Victory whimpered as he did. Then he began to suck on her neck, right at the base. Another wave of pleasure washed over her.

"Ohhhhhh gawd," Victory moaned. "Don't..."

Diego ignored her. He sucked and licked at her neck, biting sometimes, all the while holding her firmly in place by her hair. She could not help it as her body shuddered with pleasure. Though she fought them, every moan that escaped her pouty lips was like its own defeat. Diego did not slow or pause or even loosen his grip on her hair as he reached inside her halter and grabbed one of her firm breasts! He groped and flicked the nipple and a cascade of pleasure tumbled down her torso, pooling wetly between her thighs. Humiliation burned through the heroine even more as she yelped in surprise and arousal, feeling her pussy again growing wet.

"That's more like it," Diego gloated stepping back.

Victory was flushed and gasping. She lifted her eyes to his in defeat.

"Please, no more," she begged.

"Listen up sexy," Diego snarled. "We're just getting started."

"I'm going to make you regret every moment of this, you pervert," Victory forced some steel into her voice.

He quickly untied her wrists but rebound them in front. Without her belt the heroine did not have the strength to resist. Then he untied her ankles. Victory made a meager dash but the thug held onto her easily. She was yanked roughly back to the chair where Diego first sat down himself. She tried to pull away but it was a meek attempt at best. No stronger than any normal girl now, Victory was easily forced to lay face down across his lap. He put one hand firmly on the back of her neck to hold her in place. Then she felt his other hand caressing her ass. His touch sent tingles running the length of her spine. He rubbed and squeezed each cheek. The heroine braced for another spanking with a dreadful whimper.

"Now this is perfect," he grumbled. "Ass like a peach! Anyone ever tell you that? Perfect!"

He continued to grope her ass but slowly moved downwards. Soon Victory felt a hand run down the smooth back of her leg, then back up her inner thigh where it rubbed her pussy! She had been silent up to that point but now she squealed in unwelcome pleasure as chills danced over her entire body! Diego worked his fingers nimbly over her shorts, rubbing her soft cunt with an even tempo sending wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. "Oh... oh... oh... ohohoh," Victory moaned unable to resist.

"That's right bitch," Diego said. "Give in. The stronger the drugs, stronger the pleasure...but the stronger the pleasure the stronger the drugs! There's no hope!"

Victory barely heard him. He was working her pussy so well she could barely breath, taking short gasps between each moan. Her arousal was building to a crescendo! Even though she knew she was only being molested by some scumbag thug, she could no longer resist the drugs. Despite herself, Victory spread her legs and arched her back so he could get a better angle. Which Diego did! Immediately he slipped his fingers under the thin strip of cloth covering her soft spot. His rough fingers plunged into the dripping flesh of her pussy lips and instantly resumed the building tempo!

"Ooooohhhhh...aaaaaahhhhh," Victory cried out as the most intense wave of pleasure yet crashed over her. Her hips began to rock in rhythm with his hand. She tried to stop but was helpless against it. Suddenly he stopped and pushed her off his lap. Victory fell to the floor with a grunt and looked up at him in confusion. She was almost panting. Every inch of her body wanted this scumbag and she could not keep that longing out of her eyes.

"Ready yet?" he asked.

"N-never," Victory stammered coming back to herself.

Diego reached down and pulled her forward. Victory came to him willingly, she could not believe it but she could not stop it. He spun her around and pulled her back onto his lap, sitting this time. His big hands encircled her slim waist and then slid upwards. They slipped right under her lycra halter and roughly grabbed her breasts. Victory could not stifle a shuddery moan as his fingertips again found her nipples. He was rougher this time, kneading and groping her pert tits, twisting harder and Victory played even easier. She squealed and moaned, leaning to arch her back pushing her plump C-cups more into his firm grasp! The shame and humiliation of becoming this man's plaything swept through her but Victory was helpless under the effects of the ecstasy. The heroine began rolling her hips, pressing her "perfect" ass against his crotch, feeling the stiffness of his own arousal. One of his big hands reached down and slid under the waistband of her shorts. His fingers slid over the smooth shaven skin and again found her moist pussy. Overwhelmed Victory spread her legs and rocked her hips hard against his hand moaning breathlessly! Her heart pounded, she could not think straight, somewhere at the back of her mind she knew she did not want this man, but her body screamed for MORE!!!

"Ooooohhh, untie me," Victory moaned. "Please... aaaahhhhhh... pleeeaaaaaahhhhssss...."

Diego did it quickly, freeing her wrists. Then his hands went back to their work. Victory was helpless in his grasp, her body shook and shuddered with unwanted pleasure. She could not even do anything with her freed hands except hold onto his burly arms as he played her body like an instrument. She cried out, moaning at his every touch. Suddenly, Diego stopped again. Victory was so hot she felt on fire, she was gasping and panting. It was time. Despite herself the heroine knew she could not resist any longer. He pushed her off his lap and she stood there shivering, fighting what she knew was to come.

Diego stayed silent.

Victory wrapped her slender arms around her trembling body and tried to calm herself. She could not. Whether it was the drugs or the man, she had been brought too far to control herself.

"Please," she whispered in a quiet whimper.

"What?" Diego asked smugly. "Couldn't hear that."

"Don't stop," she said a little louder. "Please."

"Now, on your knees," he ordered.

Victory sank to her knees with her back still to him. She was trembling. Then she felt his hands on her, lightly. Teasing. Each little prod made her moan and sent a ping of pleasure racing over her body. He started to pull on her halter and Victory lifted her arms so he could pull it completely off. Her pert breast bounced into the cool air. Suddenly he seized the heroine by her tangled brown locks and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing just right. She yelped in surprise, leaning against him. She felt his hot breath on her ear and he tugged her long brown hair. He twisted her breast, flicking the nipple slightly drawing a shuddery moan from the heroine.

"Show me that ass, bitch," Diego ordered.

Victory hesitated a moment, then hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her lycra shorts. They were soaked, both from her sweat and her crotch. She slid them down her shapely thighs. She knew her firm round ass would be glistening with sweat. Shame burned in the pit of her stomach, how could the once proud heroine give herself to this? She was overwhelmed with desire, whether it was left over from her session with Dr. Argon or simply the effect of the ecstasy, the heroine could think of nothing else.

"Say it," he whispered to her.

Victory resisted, grasping for her last bit of pride. Her body craved it but more, she had begun to think she would think more clearly with some release. All she had to do was give herself over, but how could she? Diego worked her breast with one hand and had her trembling in his grasp. He knew all too well how to play her by now, breaking her will in a way no torture or threat of death could have!

"I can do this all night," he whispered to her. "Teasing, bringing you right to the verge and then stopping. I own you, now say it you little slut!" His hand continued its work.

"Ah ah ah," Victory moaned. "Oooohhh please! Please!"

"Please what?" Diego said with a perfectly timed twist.

"Aaahh...f- fuck me...pleeeaahhss fuuh-uck me," Victory begged. "Oohh gawd, please fuck me... ah ah aaahhh!"

With a triumphant howl Diego shoved her forward. Victory fell onto her hands, bent over before him. Her head drooped in shame but the rest of her body quivered in anticipation. She heard his pants unzip. She sensed more than felt his erection bobbing between her legs now, inches from her trembling cunt. He slapped her naked ass hard and Victory cried out in an inseparable mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Say it again!" he demanded and gave her another vicious spanking.

No hesitation this time. "Please fuck me! Oh please, just...just do it..." Victory gasped, shame and humiliation were gone. She was nothing but his fucktoy now. "Please oh gawd, please fuck me! Fuck me!" she pleaded pathetically.

She felt his hands grab her hips roughly and then his cock penetrated her! Victory screamed at that first thrust, he was bigger than she expected. The sensation washed over her but did not subside this time. The waves of pleasure surged up her body then back down with each of his powerful thrusts! Victory could not help herself, she bucked against him desperate for more! Diego raised his tempo.

"Gaaaaawwwwd... ah ah ah...yeeeaaasss...." Victory cried out. "Fuuhh-uuuuuuhhhh-uck me... oooohhhhoohhohohohohoh..."

Victory's body rocked as she climaxed! She bucked and screamed but Diego kept pounding her! He held her slim hips in his iron grip and did not even slow his tempo. Victory gasped now with each thrust, unable to buck or match his tempo! A second orgasm rushed through her. Diego slowed suddenly, then pulled completely out. Victory glanced back at him. He flipped her onto her back with ease. She pushed her long brown hair out of her face, her plump C-cups heaving with her every breath, and she looked up at him. Victory spread her long legs opening herself for him as he leaned over her.

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