tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Prince Ch. 05

The Prince Ch. 05


A reunion between two people in love is always filled with a fiery and explosive amount of passion. The Prince's return to Amber is an example of how that reunion can feel and how it can change our perceptions and make us realize something new about ourselves. A reunion can remove the doubt of whether love exists and tell you what that person really means to you. I have no doubts about how I feel for my love, but I cannot help enjoying the additional confirmation as much as she does.

She felt his hands on her. She could not help but whimper as they familiarized themselves with her body again. His touches felt better than she had remembered. Warmth and pleasure trailed just behind his touches; the touches themselves were overpowering. Her body felt weak and out of her control.

He stood behind her groping her breasts and kissing her neck as she stood there. She could feel his hard cock pressed up rigidly against her. The epicenter of pleasure that was his hand slid over her ass and down her leg, lifting her skirt up on the return journey. He ran his hands over her panties, rubbing her lips through them, as he said, "You have disobeyed me."

The feeling of pleasure was electrifying and she was cooing with pleasuring uncontrollably as he spoke. He stopped moving hands and pulled her whole body tighter against his when she did not respond quickly enough. He repeated, "You have disobeyed me," as he ground his fingers against her covered pussy again.

She screamed as he did this and her breathing came rapidly as she finally managed to say, "How? How have I disobeyed you, master?"

"Have you already forgotten the rules that I gave you my whore?" he punctuated the sentence by slapping her hard on the ass.

She cried out again feeling his every touch all too keenly and unable to experience anything but pleasure no matter how violent he was with her and her body. It was a battle to maintain her focus and to answer his questions. She made herself say, "No, no I have not forgotten your rules," as she squirmed against him.

"Then what is this?" he asked as he grabbed her panties and pulled on them so that they dug into her hot wet pussy.

Her body convulsed against his and she managed to say, "They're panties."

"And what did I say about wearing panties my dirty little slut?"

"That it's forbidden, master."

"And what did I say would happen if you disobeyed me?"

Her body kept writhing against him.

"That you would punish me."

She could not see him smile as she said this. It was a wicked grin that had shown that he had been looking forward to this.

"Yes, that's right, my pet. And I know exactly how to punish you. I am not going to let you take those panties off for the rest of the day, but that's not all," he started tugging on her nipple as he said this. He kissed along her neck again, leaving a trail of small marks at the base of her neck. He stopped for a moment to tell her, "I am going to show you why you never want to be trapped in those panties again."

His fingers started to grind against the soaked cloth again as he continued to massage her breast. She could not move, she could not stand, her body could only exist to feel the pleasure that he overwhelmed her with. Her body was his once again and she felt like a slut. She realized that she had been waiting for him to do this to her since the day he had left. She realized that she wanted to feel him stick his cock inside of her and fuck her without end.

He carried her over to a couch and bent her over it so that her ass was sticking up in the air. He bent over her and whispered into her ear, "Don't move."

She likely couldn't have if she had tried, but she waited expectantly for his return. Her level of arousal already far past anything that she had felt before. She was so wet that she could feel her juices starting to run down the inside of her thigh. It seemed that she would go mad before he could return. Nothing had ever made her feel the way that she did now, even the times when he had taken her before. Everything that was happening felt so much more immediate and intense.

It was not long until she heard him approaching and felt him pressed up against her again. He leaned over her, placing his mouth at her ear and saying, "This is to be your punishment," he showed her a glass rod that was no more than a few inches long and rounded at one of the ends.

She did not understand what he meant by that statement. He moved the rod so that the rounded end was pressing against her slightly parted lips. "Open your mouth and suck on it as though it were my cock."

Her mind did not process the request, her body simply reacted. Her body craved to have his cock inside of her and would do anything to achieve that end. She grabbed the rod from him and sucked it as ardently as she wanted to suck his cock right then. She took as much of it in as she could and she only released her grip on it as he took it away from her.

He then slid down her panties slightly and pressed the glass rod against her throbbing pussy. Her entrance gave way and she felt the wonderful sensation of being filled as the rod entered her. She moaned uncontrollably as he moved it further inside of her. He then pulled up her panties leaving the rod trapped within her. It was only then that she began to understand what his punishment would entail.

"You will go about the rest of your work like this and only when you finish with everything will I end the torment that you are about to endure. I will not have you forgetting and wearing undergarments ever again. Is this not fair?" he asked coldly

"Oh yes, master. Oh yes, master it is. I will never where panties again."

"Good, now there is something else I want you to suck on before you get back to work."

He let go of her body and she slowly moved herself off of the arm of the couch to see him standing before her with his cock openly exposed. She could not help but think that she would never want or see a more attractive man. Looking at his cock left her both weak and full of desire. She wanted to serve him completely.

As she slowly moved toward him, she feeling the rod shifting inside of her. It was impossible for her to do anything other than let out soft moans of pleasure. She walked on her knees, shifting her legs as little as possible to approach him. It was difficult to keep herself from falling over and giving into the sensation between her legs, but she wanted to obey him. She wanted to fulfill his every wish.

She gingerly took a hold of his cock and started kissing and licking along the length of it. She lubed the entirety of it up as they both groaned in pleasure. As she took him into her mouth, the rod shifted inside of her and caused her to moan and vibrate her mouth against his cock.

A blow job had never been so pleasurable for either of them. He had decided that he would make it difficult for her and that he would not cum until she forced him to. However, that did not feel as if it would take long as she swirled her tongue and hummed in pleasure as she sucked on him.

She managed to take more and more of him into her mouth as she was lost to all sensations other than the pleasure that the rod was giving her every time that she moved. He felt a pressure building along the length of his hard shaft and as he came that pressure exploded throughout the rest of his body. She sucked and swallowed nearly all of the tremendous amount of cum that spurted out of him. She hungrily gobbled it up in her frenzied state.

Her eyes turned from his cock to his face. A little of his cum had run out the side of her mouth and down her cheek. He bent down over her and ran thumb along it, scooping it up and moving it closer to her slightly open mouth. She licked his thumb clean.

He then moved his hand along her jaw, it settled wrapped around the back of her neck, his thumb placed at the base of her ear. She was helpless before him. His hand was firm on her and she knew that the power that was supporting her could just as easily destroy her. She felt fragile with him touching her.

He moved himself lower to the ground and used the hand supporting her to pull her in for a fierce kiss. Raw passion and an intense energy filled her. She could not think or see or hear as he kissed her. She could only feel. She could only feel his tongue in her mouth and the warmth of having him close to her. Her body was a vessel of sensation.

She could feel how badly he wanted her; how much strength it took to restrain himself. The tension within him spread to her through the kiss. The tension only served to heighten her senses and to cause her to rock her hips and move the rod inside of her. She was moaning throughout the kiss and was brought to an explosive orgasm as her body moved upon its own accord.

He did not allow her body rest or the chance to recover. He scooped her up as he continued to kiss her and moved them so that she was resting in his arms as he sat on the couch. Her body was held up by his and she was left reveling in an increasingly feeble position. She was his. Everything about her belonged to him and she knew it.

The kiss ended reluctantly. Her body continued to twitch and she was left constantly on the edge of orgasm or in the pleasure of diving into one. There was no reprieve for her.

They looked at each other. His face was one of divine happiness, hers was one of exquisite and pleasurable torture. She wanted more. The rod inside of her would let her thinking of nothing else but having him fuck her unrelentingly.

He smiled cruelly as he said, "Back to work."

A pained and helpless expression came across her face. She could not imagine standing, let alone working in this state. It was not possible. She could hardly feel her legs as the numbness caused by her orgasm had set in.

She looked at him pleadingly. Her face begging him to give her the release she needed. Her eyes begging him to fuck her.

He smiled all the more wickedly seeing the state that he had reduced her to. He placed her on her feet and helped to keep her steady. Her body felt like jello and the slightest shift of the rod weakened her further, but as time passed with him keeping her from collapsing, she gained strength.

It was a slow and agonizing process, but her body steadied. He supported her less and less as her strength returned. His hands never left her entirely and she knew that they would keep her from collapsing.

She tried to take her first step. The movement of her legs and the rod within her weakened her again. He caught her and waited patiently. It was difficult to tell how much time passed, but she slowly learned how to walk again. She was the infant that needed to be taught to walk and he was the parent that kept her from being injured.

After she started to walk more steadily he moved his hands off of her, but stayed close. He did not need to at this point, but it was comforting to know that he could and would catch her if she needed to be caught.

He moved away from her when he was certain that she no longer needed him. He sat on the couch that they had kissed on. She knew that she would need to begin cleaning again and that even though her strength had returned to an extent, the rest of the afternoon would be agonizing torture.

The Prince sat proud of his plan and how effective he knew it would be. As he watched her move, he could see her body still convulsing uncontrollably. She would never forget the lesson that he was teaching her today.

He had expected her to be wearing her panties today. That her mind had been clouded on the day he had explained the new rules of her employment, had been clear. Even if she had remembered the rule, he had doubted that she would have followed it in his apparent absence. No one had heard of his approach and no one had seen him enter the grounds. He had more than one way of acting as an apparition and no one had caught him yet, when he did not wish to be caught.

The punishment that he had promised her, should she disobey him, had been made real. He did not want her to forget the things that he could do to her and that it was he that held the power. He was glad that she had given him the opportunity to demonstrate that power. The rules that he had set up made it so that he could skew them so as reward and punishment were no longer separate entities. If she behaved, he would fuck her; if she misbehaved, he would fuck her. He would reward her with orgasms and he would punish her with orgasms.

He had used the time away to think of how he would control her. He wanted to turn her into a mindless depraved animal that thought of nothing but his cock. He would remove the power that she had exhibited over him by doing this. His goal was to make her beg to have him fuck her and for him to refuse. If he could accomplish that, her power over him would be removed and he could know that he was the sole master of his own domain once again. He needed to break her and the sooner he did, the better.

He continued watching her move about the room. She was performing his request. It was clear to see that she struggled mightily at times to maintain focus on her task, but she did not waiver. She did not look at him as she worked.

She did not moan aloud, but her breathing was labored. It was difficult to move and hard to focus. She kept her mind on the task that she had to perform to the best of her ability and with every ounce of her strength and her resolve. If he wished for her to serve him this way, she would do so without fail.

The sensations that rod inside of her gave her were incredibly strong and she was nearly lost in the blissful abyss that they drew her toward more than once. Luckily, learning to deal and work with the spreading warmth between her thighs had prepared her for this task to a certain extent. This was much harder than learning to deal with that, but she remembered how she had dealt with the spreading warmth and followed that practice once again.

She moved slowly, taking her time with every action and not forcing herself to go any faster than she was able to. She thought only of one step at a time and focused all of her will power into taking that next step and that next step only. She did this every time that she walked, every time that she scrubbed, every time that she bent over. Her mind only focused on the move she needed to complete right then because otherwise she would be overwhelmed and lose the strength that she had so painstakingly accumulated.

Every task that she performed was done slowly. Watching her was driving him mad. He could not believe that she was able to continue. He had thought that she would break right at the start. He remembered the look that she had given him when he had announced the task assigned to her and had thought that she would break right then.

The Prince wanted to grab her and take her with an increasing tenacity as every second that she did not break passed by, but he did not. It became a torture for him to sit there waiting and watching her, but he did not leave and he did not take his eyes from her. He would outlast her. This time it would be her that broke.

Amber did not know how much time had passed. She only knew that she had finally finished. It was then, and only then, that she turned to look upon the Prince. Her face had a slight look of defiance and pride as she looked at him.

He stood slowly and walked towards her, his eyes boring into hers as he closed the distance. Neither of them spoke and as he closed the final step, he grabbed onto her hips and threw her over his shoulder.

She realized how exhausted she was as he carried her and wondered how she had been standing only a few moments before. She could not protest him and did not want to. Amber knew that she had done well that day and that the Prince would be proud of her. It had been a long and hard day filled with the greatest trial of determination that she had yet faced and she had succeeded.

He gently lowered her off his shoulder and into his bed. His body was positioned lightly on top of hers, his head resting on his hand as he looked down upon her and asked, "Have you learned your lesson?"

She looked up at him and nodded. His voice had had a touch of tenderness and it had brought Amber to the verge of tears because, somehow, she knew that he was very happy with her. The knowledge of his pride in her was possibly more overwhelming to her than any of the things that he had done to her that day.

She felt his pride in the kiss that he gave her. It was a long slow kiss that melted away the rest of the world. For a moment, it was as if only the two of them existed or ever could exist. She did not want that kiss to end and neither did he. They were both lost in it and consumed by it.

After it ended, they both laid there looking into each others eyes. He wanted to take her then, but knew that her body had already endured much more than it could normally in a day. So, instead, he removed her panties and very slowly pulled the rod out of her. He heard her wince and gave her his hand to hold onto as he took it out of her.

Amber had never thought that you could ache and feel sore in the way and the place that she did now. The rod had felt good inside of her the entire time that she had worked, but her body had not been able to produce enough juices to last her all that time. It was inevitable that it would come out reluctantly after having been in her for so long.

She felt him move back atop of her after he had gotten it out. He wiped away the residue of the few tears that had escaped her and then began gently stroking her hair as he looked at her. They stayed like this for some time until the Prince broke the silence by saying, "You have done well again today, my pet. You have forced me to give you another reward. You shall stay here and rest until you recover."

With that, he undressed her body and then wrapped her tightly into the sheets of his bed and lay down next to her. He gently caressed her until she drifted off into sleep.

He knew that the day had not gone as he had planned. She had been stronger than he had thought she would be. He was glad though for two reasons. He was happy that he himself had not broken and that he had managed to last throughout the entire ordeal as well. The fact that he had found a worthy adversary also made him happy.

If she had broken in a single day, he would have been ashamed of himself for having ever been influenced by her in the first place. The fact that she had made it through today intact told him that a mighty force flowed through her as well. She was strong, as strong as anyone that he had met, but he was still sure that he was stronger.

He would outlast her no matter what it took. His dominance over her would be completed. She could not stop him from his pursuit, no one could. No one had ever stopped him, no one would ever stop him. Conquering her body was not enough, he would conquer every fiber of her being and she would not only obey him but she would live to serve him in every way imaginable.

Amber was to be the crowning gemstone of the dominance that he was capable of. She was the prize that he would seek after and he would inevitably win.

He turned and looked at the peace that had come back over her face. Looking at her, a peace fell over him as well. The battle of today was over and in some ways they had both been victorious. This battle was the beginning of the war that they would wage on and within each other.

He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek as she slept. She was clinging onto him as she always had seemed to after falling asleep. He could not help but to enjoy the feeling of her dependence on him. He thought that it was a sign of his dominance and control.

That thought made him relax and lay back as well. He knew that he would likely have to sneak her into the palace again as he had done that first night. The thought of doing so brought a smile to his face. He enjoyed every challenge that crossed his path and sneaking her back without anyone noticing was another chance for him to triumph.

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