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The Princess


We arrived at the restaurant at nine, half an hour before she was secluded to arrive. Who is she you ask? Well, I can't give away any specific details, but we were going to be dining with royalty, a princess to be precise.

My business isn't quite as successful as I might like, but apparently the princess was a bit of a fan of my designs, and her people had called me to make arrangements for a meeting. Supposedly she would be able to recognise my wife and I in person, but as the whole deal was set up in advance I'd have no chance to test this. Not that I would argue against this trivia; I'm kind of quiet and don't shake a lot of hands, but my wife is always a hit and has many close friends in high places.

The restaurant is right in the center of the cultural heart of the city, (which city is another detail I will keep to myself) and despite its location is not well known to those of lesser privilege, so thankfully there were no photographers or insane fans. Our table was located near the back of the building, not anywhere near the kitchen or bathrooms mind you, and we took our seats and enjoyed some light conversation.

My wife is a very attractive woman (I felt I chose well), she is a few inches shorter than myself, her legs are long and toned and her breasts are small but firm, that night she was wearing a long black dress with a plunging neckline, and her shoulder length cherry red hair was carefully arranged to complement her angelic features.

"I've never told you this, but I'm a huge fan," she said to me.


"Oh yes, I've always imagined what it would be like to be royalty, and whenever I see her on the television my knees go weak. I just hope I don't do anything to embarrass myself."

"I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't overindulge on wine tonight."

Just as we were just approaching a lull in our conversation the limousine arrived in front, and the unnamed princess was carefully escorted into the building. "Unnamed princess" is a bit of a mouthful, so lets call her Princess Amy. She was expertly maneuvered to our table without getting close to the other patrons.

I love my wife very much and I am very attracted to her, but I had to admit to myself that this woman completely demolished my concept of beauty. The princess is a good foot taller than Susan, taller than I would usually find attractive, she is a natural blond for sure and her that night her long hair was practically sparking under the dim lights. She was wearing a similar dress to that of my wife, though certainly a good deal more expensive I'd guess, and her breasts were just as exposed; truly a sight to behold.

Princess Amy took a seat opposite myself then sent away her bodyguard to some out of sight corner. Once it was just the three of us she seemed to relax, and so we ordered our meals.

"Princess Amy," my wife said, "It is such an honor to meet you, I'm your biggest fan!"

"If you say so dear," the princess replied with a slight smile, "And please, just call me Amy."

"Excuse my wife," I said, gently patting Susan's knee, "She tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve."

"No need to apologise," Amy said while looking at my wife, "I'm always pleased to meet a fan, perhaps you will be able to show me just how you feel as the evening progresses."

The food was excellent of course, but as I wasn't paying my wife ignored my advice and drank a great deal more than she normally would. By the time the majority of the meal was over with she was definitely a tad tipsy, but I had been enjoying myself immensely so I decided not to comment.

As we were enjoying our dessert the conversation returned to Susan's admiration of Amy.

"So," the princess began, "You say you are my biggest fan?"

"Certainly," Susan answered, "I follow your every move, I own everything with your face on it, I think I'd do just about anything for you-"

"No need to say something like that," I interrupted before thing got embarrassing, "I'm sure Amy believes your little story."

Princess Amy grinned nonchalantly and placed her spoon down on the tablecloth, "I wouldn't be so sure of that, I'm very famous and frequently converse with my fans, you would be surprised just how fanatic some people can be."

"What my wife says must be the truth," I said with a bit of an edge, "She isn't crazy but I've known her a long time and she is quite passionate."

"Passionate?" Princess Amy said slyly, "Perhaps she would like the chance to prove herself."

"Anything," said Susan, "No limit."

"Just be reasonable," I added.

The princess pushed her plate forward, put her hands down flat on either side of it and said, "How about you show me a tit?"

I was taken aback completely. Never had I heard such language from someone so well groomed (at least not in such a public location). I felt the need to interrupt but Susan didn't miss a beat. She pulled the left shoulder of her dress down, adjusted her bra and exposed her breast to the room. I had expected a hasty excuse, but instead got something incredibly horrifying.

"Very nice," said the princess while leering my wife, "Perhaps you could be my number one fan . . . ."

I was relieved that it was over, despite the slight bulge emerging in my underwear.

"However," she continued, "You can't just rest on your laurels. What one person is willing to do another is willing to do better."

"Please," Susan begged, "Just say the word. I can beat anyone."

"Very well. First, show me the other one."

In a flash it too was out.

"Good. Now for the real test. I want you to do exactly as I order," she paused for effect, "Get out of your chair, climb down underneath the table, spread my legs, and eat out my sweet little pussy."

My earlier shock was nothing compared to that moment. Susan was obviously surprised herself, and she looked at me questioningly. I quickly shook my head, in order to dissuade her from making a fool out of us again.

"Please," I said to them both, "Haven't things gone far enough already? This is rediculous"

Susan wrapped her hand around mine for just a second, and I was relieved, but then she pushed her chair back and slid beneath the table as ordered.

Princess Amy looked at me and said, "Are you enjoying this? You realise that your wife is between my legs right now."

"Don't make her do this!" I pleaded, "We're married for Gods sake!"

"I don't really care."

From where I was sitting I could see the tablecloth rise as my wife's head emerged from beneath, then a pair or hands lifted the expensive dress. Princess Amy raised her backside from the seat for just a second, then placed a set of intricately decorated panties next to her plate.

"Your wife is touching me. She is stroking my thighs and kissing me."

I could feel myself turning slightly red with anger.

"Oh! Your wife must not be new to this, her tongue is so agile, such accuracy."

"Now she is inside me, she is holding me open while she devours me with her pretty little mouth."

She silently moved one hand onto her breast while the other rested on Susan's head.

"Oh, oh wow. She is quite talented, your wife, she knows just what to do to me . . . oh yes!"

Princess Amy's head tilted back and her mouth stayed slightly open. The hand on her breast brushed aside the dress and began softly rubbing the nipple beneath.

"OH! Oh yes. That tongue is amazing. GOD!"

"Oh, it seems that she... she had found my little clit . . . Oh my God! YES! YES!"

She began to writhe in her seat as Susan worked her magic from below. I was very, very angry, but also incredibly aroused. As I watched the beautiful princess sit there and enjoy herself I discretely began to rub myself through my pants.


Princess Amy arched her back in a fit of ecstasy and let out a soft prolonged moan through her gritted teeth. She seemed to sink back into herself, and the telltale bulge in her dress shrank down. A moment later Susan rose back up from beneath the table and dropped into her chair.

Her carefully arranged hair was now a mess, her makeup was smeared and her face was glistening with womanly nectar. She reached across and gave my member a playful squeeze, winking at me.

"Well," she said, "It will take one hell of a fan to top that."

"Indeed," Princess Amy said as she recovered. "I think that we may have to arrange another meeting in the near future."

The two women leaned over the table and shared a passionate kiss, then Princess Amy rose.

"I'll be leaving now. How about you show your husband that you still care."

As the princess left Susan unzipped me and slid below the table once more...

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