tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Princess's Quest

The Princess's Quest


Princess Lucy stood and admired her image in the large mirror. Her best friend and maid Anne Marie sat watching from a chair.

"Do you think my breasts are too large?" questioned Lucy, turning this way and that appraising the full, round exquisite globes.

"Oh no!" gasped Anne Marie "They are perfect, I wish that mine were so beautiful, if my fiancé Jack ever saw yours I think he would just faint!"

Lucy smiled, her breasts had started blossoming when she was 16 and over the last 3 years had filled out till they were two large ripe mounds, they were very firm with hardly a hint of sag, sitting high and proud on her chest. And they were perfectly crowned with long thick nipples, at the moment these nipples were standing to attention before the cool breeze that was blowing softly through her open window high in the tallest tower of her fathers Palace.

Anne Marie admired her friend, her breasts were indeed perfect but they were not the only assets that Lucy's possessed, she had always been destined to be the most beautiful woman in the land, her mother, Queen Ingrid had been the daughter of a great Northern king and had the high cheekbones and blonde hair of her people. Lucy had inherited her mother's facial features; beside her long golden hair she had full pouting red lips and deep blue eyes, perfect white teeth and a cute little nose. All in all, she possessed the stunning face of an angel.

At a little over average height her legs were long and athletic, toned from riding in her father's forests and fields, atop her long legs her pert, tight bottom was firm and rounded, soft as silk and without a blemish or flaw. Her pussy was covered with a sparse forest of blonde hair making it look almost bald while her stomach was slim and toned.

There was not a man in her father's kingdom that would not, having gazed upon her beauty, have given his soul to have her hand in marriage. But the king was not ready yet to give away his daughter; he loved her deeply and wanted her to enjoy her youth for a little while yet before he looked for a suitable husband.

Princess Lucy was unsure if she was ready to marry, she had sat and talked with Anne Marie for many an hour about Anne Marie's fiancé Jack, she knew all about how they would meet at midnight by the lake to make love once or twice a week, she had heard about Jack's mighty cock and the pleasure it gave her friend and about how he would pull out of her before he spent over her ass or belly so that she would not become pregnant. Lucy wondered what it would be like to be taken by a handsome man with a large throbbing prick, but she knew that such things were not for her, at least until after she was married. Her maids and servants may well have enjoyed many a romp outside of wedlock but it would never do for a Princess, the eldest daughter of the Great King George no less, to be taken by a lake like a common slut!

Lucy smiled at her friend, she was so pretty and sweet, and she knew she would miss her when she was married and left to have children. Together they went to her dressing room and Anne Marie carefully dressed her Princess in her gown for that night's ball. Her ball dress was long and puffed out into silks and lace, all as white as snow, beneath her gown a tight corset pinched her waist, emphasising her bust which though not greatly revealed by the modest neckline strained against the material, leaving no man lucky enough to gaze upon her in any doubt that there were glorious fruits beneath the silken front.

That night Lucy danced with a dozen different suitors; they all gazed into her eyes and wished that they could be the ones to have her hand in marriage. Many of her dance partners gained large erections as they danced with the Princess, and such was the unbearable pleasure of her closeness that one young Prince got so excited that he came in his pants and had to quickly leave the ballroom to clean up his mess.

As the night was coming to a close there was suddenly a loud commotion, a man dressed all in black burst into the hall. Guards who rushed to stop him were sent crashing across the ball at a gesture from his hand. He came and stood before the King and threw back his hood to reveal the face of the Evil Sorcerer Damon.

"What are you doing Damon" Shouted the King "How dare you enter my castle like this".

Damon laughed, "Your threats are useless old man! I have come to claim the hand of your daughter in marriage. With me as your son in law no-one, not even The Pirate King who is threatening to invade your shores, will dare stand against us!"

The King was furious "Never!!" he boomed, filled with rage "if you got my daughters hand you would turn my land into a pit of decay like your own filthy castle and my daughters life would be one of misery!"

Anne Marie rushed into the room and ran to her friend, the two girls hugged each other in fear as they watched the events unfolding before them

"I will give you one last chance" threatened Damon "But be warned, if I cannot have your daughter then you will never see her again."

"Damn you Damon" shrieked King George "Guards!! Kill him!"

A dozen men rushed forwards, but as they approached Damon turned and pointing his staff at the Princess and Anne Marie uttered some words from an ancient language that was painful to hear.

There was a flash of light that blinded the onlookers, and then when they could see again Princess Lucy and Anne Marie had disappeared.

The next that Lucy knew she was woke to the sound of birds and could feel the warm sun on her face, opening her eyes she looked about, she was in a forest, by a stream and beside her was the sleeping figure of Anne Marie. Waking her friend they hugged each other, happy to still be alive. Then they stood, brushed off the leaves and twigs from their clothes and set off to try and figure out where they were. As the two girls struggled through the forest they had no idea where they were, they could see no landmark that either recognised and they were both full of dread.

They came upon a cottage and knocked ready to explain their predicament.

A slight middle-aged man opened the door; the two girls tearfully explained who they were and their awful situation. He gasped at their tale as they sat and sobbed. When they had finished though he regretfully informed them that he had never heard of their kingdom or of King George. However they were willing to stay the night and in the morning they could leave for the city 30 miles away, his son Mark would guide them and protect them.

In the morning he gave them some clothes that would be more suitable for walking than their dresses, Princess Lucy found herself clad in brown breaches and a green shirt, the breaches were tight around her rounded bottom while the mans shirt stretched under the strain of her breasts which were no longer bound by the corset. She needed a tight leather belt as the trouser were far too big for her trim little waist, with her long her flowing down her back she looked quite a sight and David stared lustily at her.

By that night they had travelled more than half way to the city and camped beneath the stars, David had brought blankets which they had carried in their packs and meat and vegetables which Anne Marie gladly cooked after David had made a fire, they ate happily, chatting merrily as they had for the whole day, the girls had greatly enjoyed David's tales of the land they walked through and had found him very entertaining. David's heart had melted as he had seen Lucy laugh and smile as he told her his tales and sang a couple of bawdy songs that he had learnt in the village tavern. Lucy had blushed deep red when she realised what the songs were about but she had shown no offence.

But David's cock was throbbing in his pants, he had walked behind the Princess all afternoon and his eyes had often been fixed on her beautiful ass as it swayed to and fro while they strolled along the path. The trousers she wore were tight and the material clung like a second skin to the sexy round globes of her perfect derriere. He was a decent and good man of 25 years but he needed some release or he would burst.

Anne Marie saw his predicament and the large bulge in his trousers and giggled, Lucy wanted to know what was so funny and to David's embarrassment she explained to the Princess what was making him so uncomfortable.

"Well is there nothing he can do to relieve himself?" Lucy asked innocently. "There is your highness but it is not usual to do it in public" laughed Anne Marie.

Lucy was feeling daring and excited, "No please, you have been so kind David, do what you must, we will not mind!"

David was embarrassed but incredibly excited, another look at Lucy's eager face and at Anne Marie's bright smile and he unbuttoned his breaches, stood and pulled out his hard cock, it was a nice size, he started to stroke himself slowly, gazing at the princess, she admired the large tool, the first she had seen in all her 19 years. She stared at the large swollen head and the tiny hole in the middle, the large hairy sacks that hung heavy beneath the shaft and the long thick shaft as his hand gripped it and started to slide up and down. He licked his hand and wet the shaft, adding moisture so his hand could easily slide up and down, shutting his eyes as he pictured Lucy's tight ass in his mind.

Anne Marie slid her hand into her trousers and started to rub her own slit, aroused by the sight of David's lewd display. Lucy too was turned on, her breasts swollen and nipples hard, her pussy moistening and her mouth slightly open. She gazed transfixed at his big fist stroking up and down, gazing at her servant she was shocked at Anne Marie's blatant display but secretly longed to let down her guard and join her in self pleasure, but she dared not though her pussy longed to be touched beneath her tight, hot trousers.

She glanced up at David's face and their eyes met, Lucy's tongue slipped out to moisten her lips and David was pushed over the edge, the sight of her stunningly beautiful, aroused face was too much as his face contorted and staring into the Princesses eyes he spurted a stream of semen onto the floor. Lucy gasped as she witnessed his orgasm, noting the long arc as the seed sprayed from the end of his cock, then a second much weaker release as his eyes shut and his head lolled back. David sank to his knees exhausted; his spending had taken so much out of him. For a long moment there was silence as they were all too tired or excited to speak then Anne Marie giggled "Do you feel better now David?" she teased.

David was silent then laughed and soon all three were laughing. David pulled up his trousers and went into the woods to wash in a stream while the two girls sat and giggled about what they had just seen.

That night the princess could not sleep, lying awake she thought of her first sight of a mans cock, she knew from talking to Anne Marie that sex involved a mans prick going into a woman's wet and open pussy but she wondered how such a thing could possibly fit into her little hole. Her hand strayed to the buttons of her trousers as she thought and undoing a couple of buttons she slipped her hand inside to stroke her aching mound.

Hearing a noise she glanced over to Anne Marie, her friend had slipped out from under her blanket and, naked in the moonlight was making her way over to David's lying form. Lucy saw David turn as Anne Marie approached; clearly all three of them were too aroused to get any sleep.

Lucy watched as David's blanket was thrown back while Anne Marie quickly disrobed him. As the two lovers kissed, David's cock throbbed to attention and Anne Marie, panting with lust straddled his thighs and easily slid it into her welcoming sheath. She began to ride his cock, slowly at first then building up in tempo, her breasts bouncing as she rose and sank on his stiff shaft.

Lucy dipped two fingers into her pussy as she watched her friends making love only yards away, her fingers slip in and out of the slippery hole as she panted in excitement. She could feel a strange sensation building within her belly.

Suddenly Anne Marie moaned and froze rigid over David. Her back arched and her eyes tightly shut, she froze in ecstasy, her pussy fluttering as she enjoyed her orgasm then slowly rose up and down on his hard cock, savouring the last moments of her release. Sliding off his cock she grasped it in her tiny fist and lowering her head sucked him into her mouth. Lucy stared wide-eyed as her friends head bobbed furiously up and down, her eyes shut. David gave a moan and arched his back as Anne Marie sucked the seed from his balls. Lucy gasped as an orgasm overcame her, her fingers ploughing in and out of her juicy pussy.

Finally satisfied the three fell into an exhausted sleep.

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