tagLesbian SexThe Principal

The Principal


I was sitting quietly in the principal's office, waiting for Ms. Victoria to come in after speaking with Ms. Horne, the school's science teacher. Beside me was Brianna. We never got along, mostly because Brianna was so obnoxious, and being placed as lab partners only fanned the flames.

Brianna had just moved here from Detroit. I don't know much about her, but I know she doesn't seem to get along with anybody here. Her family's pretty poor, but Brianna was always dressed well. Probably stole the clothes she's wearing right now. Although she had beautifully tanned skin, long blonde hair, large breasts, and a very cute "bubble butt" her demeanor scared away most boys she liked.

I'm a typical mild-mannered eighteen year old girl from the suburbs; this being the first time called into the principal's office. I'm pretty popular with most of the boys at the school due to my vibrant curly red hair, fair white skin, and boobs that frequently threaten to pop out of my bra.

When the office door opened, we both turned our heads toward Ms. Victoria. Being one of the youngest principals in Midvale history, she was quite a beauty and received much attention from the male student body.

"Girls," Ms. Victoria said while closing the door. "After talking with Ms. Horne, I realize that there is a problem between you two. I'd like to settle this today, once and for all."

I was pretty nervous to see what might happen, as the principal at Midvale High had a reputation for demanding complete control over her students. She moved behind her desk and sat down, never looking away from either Brianna or myself.

"Who wants to tell me what happened first?" Ms. Victoria questioned.

Brianna stood upright. "She started this whole thing, Ms. Victoria. Alisha won't stop messing with me!"

"That's not true! You had a problem with me from the very beginning, and I did nothing to deserve it."

"Bullshit, you little bitch! This whole-" Brianna continued, but was suddenly cut off by Ms. Victoria pounding her fist on her desk.

"Sit down, Brianna. And shut up!" Ms. Victoria yelled. I was not used to seeing her so fiery. "That goes for you too, Alisha. I don't want to hear a peep from either of you unless I ask you a question. Is that clear?"

"Yes." We both said, submissively.

"Good. Now, you two are going to do exactly as I say. We are going to resolve this right now." Ms. Victoria stood up, and moved to the front of her desk, where we were sitting, and sat on the edge of it.

"The first thing I want you two to do is position your chairs so that you are facing each other. By the time we're done with our little meeting here, I'm sure you two will be more than friends."

I didn't know how to take her use of the term "more than friends", but I complied, as did Brianna.

"Closer, girls. And move your chairs closer to me, while you're at it."

By now our chairs were so close that our knees were touching. I began to feel uncomfortable with such proximity to this girl I barely knew, despite the long jeans I was wearing. Brianna saw this discomfort, and seeing an opportunity to get under my skin more, moved both legs between my knees, spreading them slightly.

"Good girls. Now, Alisha, take Brianna's hand in yours and tell her you want to be friends."

"You want me to do what?" I asked, surprised.

"You heard me, Alisha. Or would you rather me call your parents?"

Wanting to get this whole ordeal over with, I took Brianna's hand. "Can we be friends, Brianna?"

"Hell no!" Brianna replied immediately, taking back her hand forcefully.

SLAP! Principal Victoria smacked her hand on her desk.

"Brianna! I'm tired of your attitude, young lady. Do as I say and I won't be forced to call your father. Do I make myself clear?"

After Brianna submitted to Ms. Victoria's demand, I again took her hand and asked if we could be friends.

"Whatever..." Brianna said dismissively.

"Alright, Brianna. Now take Alisha's face in your hands, and give her a friendly kiss. On the lips"

Now I was panicked, and could see in Brianna's face she shared this feeling. Seeing that neither of us was going to cooperate, Ms. Victoria grabbed the hair on the back of our heads and forced me to kiss Brianna. I had never even thought about kissing another eighteen-year-old girl before, and closed my eyes in disgust. Brianna whimpered a bit as Principal Victoria mashed my lip-gloss covered mouth with Brianna's soft, pink lips for what seemed to be forever. Finally, after minutes of having another girl's mouth all over mine, she relented.

"Now kiss each other." The 35-year old woman demanded. She was beginning to unbutton her business jacket, revealing a white silk blouse hugging her large tits. "And I want you two to mean it."

I began to wonder where this was leading, but didn't have time to finish my thought as Brianna planted her sweet, wet lips on mine. Because our principal wasn't physically forcing us, this kiss was nicer but still grossed me out. Brianna took the initiative and slipped her tongue over my fruit-flavored lips. With closed eyes, she nervously licked and sucked on my bottom lip.

"That's a good start, girls, but I have a feeling we're going to be in here for a while."

We both noticed that while we were kissing, Ms. Victoria had removed her business jacket, and her skirt was now around her waist. She was leaning on the edge of her desk, within inches of Brianna and me, sitting in our chairs in front of her, squeezing her braless nipples through her blouse.

"Stick out your tongues, girls, like you're about to take a lick from an ice cream cone."

We both timidly looked from Ms. Victoria to each other but submissively stuck our tongues out. Again, without warning, our principal forced our heads together, causing our wet tongues to first touch, then rub together.

Again, I closed my eyes and waited for this to be over, but Brianna seemed to like the soft texture and sweet taste of another girl's tongue, even if she disliked me. I opened my eyes in alarm as Brianna sucked my young feminine tongue into her own wet mouth. I was surprised at how aggressive Brianna was making out with me, wondering if the young trouble maker was enjoying this.

After a few minutes of deep kissing, I noticed my own strawberry lip gloss all over the other girl's face, and realized that I probably had her candy-flavored girl-spit all over mine. I told myself that I was only doing this because I was being forced to, and began kissing Brianna will full force. Ms. Victoria was probably pleased with the sight of two young girls shoving their soft pink tongues down each other's throats. Hopefully this would end soon, I thought.

"Very good." She panted. I could tell she was getting excited, as she was now lightly rubbing the crotch of her panties. "Alisha, Brianna, take off your shirts. Now!"

Startled by the blazing tone in her voice, Brianna began taking off her black t-shirt revealing a tight plain bra. Her body was actually very pretty, but still I wanted out of there, and badly.

"This is crazy! I'm not going to do this!" I exclaimed.

"You're not leaving here, Alisha, until I'm convinced there won't be any more problems between you two. We can stay all night if that is what it takes"

Seemingly defeated, I obediently removed my blue blouse, unleashing my large breasts. First, I noticed Brianna staring at my perfectly pink nipples surrounded by white, creamy, soft girl-flesh. Then, I saw Brianna's white panties under her spread mini-skirt, and noticed how wet and tight they clung to her pussy. To say the least, Brianna seemed confused by these reactions her body had.

"It's not fair that Alisha's breasts are exposed and yours aren't, is it Brianna?" She implied, as her own blouse and black lacy bra were being removed. She was now dressed only in her black lacy panties and stockings in front of two of her female students.

Brianna was in a trance. Her white cotton panties were now being flooded by her pussy juice. She compliantly took her bra off, showing me and our principal a set of tanned, perky tits.

Without any instruction, Brianna gently squeezed my breast. At this, Ms. Victoria smiled at Brianna, and began feeling my other tit while rubbing her own clit underneath her panties.

I felt like crying. I hated the feeling of these female hands all over my boobs, but most of all I hated my own body's betrayal as my nipples both hardened and my pink, lacy panties began to get wet.

"Please, Ms. Victoria..." I whimpered.

"Shhh. Just listen to me. Look at what I'm doing under my panties." She panted as her fingers were playing with her swollen clitoris. "I want you to do the same."

Devastated by the lack of responsibility the attractive 35-year old was displaying, I obeyed. I first lifted my butt up in order to pull my jeans down to my knees, and dejectedly obeyed. I slipped my hand under my pink panties, and pretended to move it around, hoping Ms. Victoria wouldn't notice. She didn't, but Brianna did.

"Ma'am," Brianna spoke softly. "I don't think she's doing what you're doing"

Angered at my defiance, but pleased with Brianna's surprising obedience, she ordered me to remove my panties. When I failed to follow her instructions, Ms. Victoria turned to the other senior high school girl.

"Take them off for her," she commanded, while removing her own panties. "And use your mouth."

I couldn't believe it when Brianna eagerly got on her knees in front of me and slid my pants all the way off. Placing her hands on my soft, smooth thighs, she bent her head down to my panty-covered crotch and bit the top of my pink panties. Embarrassed by my own wet spot over my panty-covered pussy, I closed my eyes, afraid to cry. I could hear Brianna breathe in my scent deeply, as she used her teeth and hands to remove my last line of defense. Finally, after seeing no other choice, I relented and was soon sitting, legs closed, in nothing but my cute white socks, revealing a small patch of red pubic hair.

"Now, do exactly as I do to your own cute pussy, Alisha, and soon you'll be able to leave."

Ms. Victoria began by stroking her pussy, up and down, stopping to circle her clit every now and then. I watched and mirrored her actions, massaging my swollen clit. Although this was a terrible situation for me to be in, I began to realize my wet cunt was dripping juice down my crotch. This turned into a flood once Brianna, now kneeling beside me, placed her hot mouth over my hard nipple and sucked like a baby on her mommy's titty.

When Ms. Victoria inserted first one finger, then two into her own wet, waiting love hole, I followed suit. Soon, I knew I would cum if Ms. Victoria wanted me to continue like this.

"Brianna, this next part is important. I want you to kneel in front of your new friend."

Brianna obeyed, although she seemed very nervous in this position. She did nothing but watch my hands furiously fucking myself. Although she never seemed like a dyke before, Brianna desperately wanted to taste my wet pussy.

"Open your mouth, Brianna. Good. Now Alisha, stick your wet fingers into her mouth."

Principal Victoria was in heaven. As she was on the verge of giving herself an orgasm, seeing the attractive blonde girl sucking on my glistening fingers pushed her over the edge. I watched our principal cum, flooding her own crotch and desk, as Brianna seductively sucked and licked my fingers clean of my intimate juices. I hoped this had satisfied the principal enough to let me leave, but it did not.

After regaining composure, Ms. Victoria was pleased to see my fingers were still in Brianna's mouth. "Sit up here, where I am." The weak-kneed woman instructed me. As Ms. Victoria stood up, she pointed to the wet spot she had just made on her desk.

I complied, knowing my protests would go ignored. As I sat on my principal's desk, I could feel the slightly warm liquid my principal had left for me all over my pussy and ass, knowing it was mixing with my own pussy fluids. I was utterly disgusted, both by where I was sitting and my own apparent horniness. I couldn't believe my body was reacting this way. I didn't even like girls!

"Alisha looks a bit scared, doesn't she Brianna? Maybe if you kissed your way up her legs, it might make her feel more relaxed"

Brianna didn't need any further encouragement. I could see she was so fucking horny; she'd probably do anything the Principal asked. She began by kneeling in front of me again, and gently kissing my knees. She then slid her wet, soft tongue up from my inner knees, tickling me. Soon, the young teen was moving up my thighs, and finally started lightly kissing my sweet honey pot, all while staring into my alarmed eyes.

Ms. Victoria stood to the side of me, and forced Brianna's head into my hot crotch. Brianna started licking and sucking on my young clit, while Ms. Victoria kissed me deeply.

"Please!" I sniveled through my principal's kisses. "I'm going to cum soon! Please stop, I'm not a lesbian!"

Brianna penetrated my cunt with her tongue, burying her nose into my clit. As Ms. Victoria shoved her wet tongue into my open mouth, my tight little body began to stiffen.

"Don't... make me... fucking cuummmm!!!" I moaned into the older woman's mouth, as I had my first body-shaking orgasm at the hands, or better put, mouth of another girl. "Ohhh. Ahhh.... Uggh!!"

Brianna continued licking all my juices as my thighs relaxed around her head. Finally looking up at me, Brianna slithered up my body, making sure to lick sensuously around my navel, then my tits. When she reached my face, I was much too tired to protest Brianna's tongue against my mouth and allowed the blonde to kiss me passionately. I was a bit surprised by the pleasant taste of my own pussy on the lips of the young blonde, as well as the pleasing sensation of my young boobs against another girl's bare tits.

"Now it's your turn to please Brianna" Ms. Victoria told me.

She instructed Brianna to bend over the desk so that her tanned tummy and breasts were flat against the oak furniture. She then forced me to my knees, causing my face to come within inches of Brianna's little pink asshole. Brianna spread her legs wide in anticipation of my warm tongue on her wet pussy, but was surprised to learn Ms. Victoria had something else in mind.

Again, she grabbed my head. Feeling the resistance I was putting up, she forcefully pushed my face into Brianna's round ass. I was in a daze from my incredible orgasm! Without even thinking about it, I began licking the young girl's surprisingly sweet-smelling asshole, up and down in long tongue strokes. Every time Brianna squealed or whimpered with delight, I could feel it in my face as her knees would buckle or her butt cheeks would tighten then relax again.

I was surprised to notice, after a few minutes of licking the asshole of a girl I didn't even like, that Principal Victoria no longer had a grip on my hair. I was now eating a girl's ass on my own free will. The older woman was sitting in the chair I was just sitting at, furiously masturbating, as she watched me service another girl's ass. At this point, I didn't care about anything but making Brianna cum all over my face. I moved down to her dripping pussy and gave a quick lick. Shocked that I actually liked the taste of another teenager's cunt, I dove in greedily as I reached down to my own velvety love hole.

"Oh, god. You're gonna make me cum, Alisha" Brianna barely panted as I had my tongue inside her pink pussy.

Her hips were now bucking wildly, thrashing her pussy and asshole against my face. I grabbed her hips with both hands, and shoved my tongue inside her as far as I could. My waiting mouth was met by a flood of Brianna's cum juices. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but my face and neck were still drenched by this young girl's most private goo.

Brianna turned over, glowing from her first orgasm from a girl, and tried to get up. I felt exhausted, but I couldn't help myself as I fell on Brianna's soft body, pressing our young tits together again, pushing her down on Principal Victoria's desk. I kissed Brianna voluntarily for the first time, letting her taste her own pussy. We both moaned into each other's mouths as our cute pink tongues danced together tirelessly.

"Almost done, girls." Ms. Victoria gasped through breaths. "Come here."

She didn't need to say anything more. Brianna and I got up from her desk and kneeled in front of our administrator, both anxious to tongue-fuck our attractive administrator. Once she stopped fucking herself with three of her own fingers, I watched as Brianna bent her head down and licked Ms. Victoria's wet gash. She then watched me do the same. Soon we were both licking her sweet pussy at the same time, causing our young tongues to massage and caress each other.

I moved up to her face, and thrust my candy-flavored tongue into Ms. Victoria's mouth, watching Brianna's little mouth and tongue furiously working the older woman's pussy. As she came, squirting herself into Brianna's wet mouth and squealing through my lips as she felt my swollen tits, I knew I'd be hooked on pussy forever.

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