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The Principal's Daughter


The Principal's Daughter: A Monologue

She left when I was seventeen. I didn't know how, or why. I just called and she was gone. Her mom said that she got this babysitting job in the city and she wasn't coming back.

She and I met when we were in high school, I was in grade eleven. She was seventeen and I was sixteen. I loved her from the beginning. Cha, she was the prettiest girl on the Rez and the Principal's Daughter. She wore this brown coat and waited at my bus stop. Y'see we both went to school in town and our parents wanted us to take the bus with the white kids so we would make friends. It never turned out that way, though, and we found ourselves always sitting together. She would tell me stories about her favorite movies, books and how strict her father was. And I… I would just sit and listen, all the way to school.

She was beautiful. She had this long brown hair, thin face and she had this smile. I would think up jokes and practice them the night before just to see it. What I really wanted to tell her was that I loved her, and she should be with me and not her stupid fancy-dance pow-wow boyfriend.

I found out that she liked acting, so I tried out for the school musical with her. It was the Wizard of Oz and she was given the part of the Good Witch Glenda while I… I was given the part of the munchkin! Cha, how was I supposed to impress her being the munchkin? The munchkin had no swordfights, the munchkin had no superpowers, the munchkin didn't wrestle anyone to the floor! This sucked! I did it, though, and went to every rehearsal. Cha, she was choked. The last part of the show I saw that she was looking at me, not at Dorothy or the tin man or the lighting guy, but me, the Munchkin.

She kissed me that final night, during the bows. People must have been wondering why the Good Witch and the World's Best Munchkin didn't come out for curtain call, but I didn't care. I did want another one, though, so I leaned in for another… only to get a mouthful of hair. Cha, but even her hair tasted good…

Everything was different after that. I was dating the principal's daughter and on my Rez that meant power! We were always together laughing and laughing, unless we were at her house downstairs, when we would whisper and kiss. Her father didn't like us sitting together so when he went out she would call me and I would run over. It would be the only chance we would be together outside of school.

Soon we discovered a problem, though. She was graduating in June and was expected to go to college in the city. We decided that she would wait a year and stay behind, that way we could go to school together. We would get a place together and we would stay together. Talking about this made us think of what things would be like then away from her father, living together, buying furniture, buying dishes and who would do the dishes. We talked about where we would sleep, and this got us talking… about sex. I mean we loved each other, and we wanted it to be special… so we decided to try it out. We made a plan.

My mother was going away with her boyfriend on a trip. Here was our chance. She would tell her father that my mother would be home and that she was coming to visit for dinner. I tried to make everything perfect, but I really didn't know what I was doing, so I watched some late night CBC movies to get some pointers. I bought some candles, they always had candles. I bought a French-English dictionary, they always spoke French in those movies. I took the phone off the hook too, because nobody answered the phone in the middle of… well, you know.

She came over and it was amazing. Afterwards I held her and we were warm, free and together.

My mother is a protective kind of woman. My mother is the kind of parent that calls the cops if am twenty minutes late coming home at night and then when I get home makes me phone them to apologize for giving them work to do. My mother calls the check up on me and what happens? She gets a busy signal. She calls again. It's busy. Call. Busy. Call. Busy. What happens? She gets worried. She thinks the house is being robbed and I am being murdered. So what does she do? She calls our closest neighbour, one mile down the road, the principal.

I didn't see her that last month of school at all. Her father, I suppose, kept at home because her grades were high enough to pass anyways. I tried to contact her, I called and she was never available, even on Saturdays, when I knew she practiced singing. I wrote her letters and gave them to friends but they never saw her either.

At the end of June I was cutting the grass and as I worked I saw her van parked at the end of our driveway. She was just sitting there, watching me. I started to walk towards her, and when she saw me, she drove away. I thought that was weird, so I called her house and demanded to speak to her! Her mom came on the phone and told me that she was gone, that she had gotten a babysitting job in the city and she wouldn't be coming back.

That was six years ago.

And today when I went to the mailbox I found this invitation, to her wedding.

Why didn't she tell me why she left?

Why did she leave?

Why did she leave?

And what does she want with me now?

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